Evolve Problems

Evolve is a video game that arrived February 10, 2015 released onto Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. When it was in its beta early stage and with so many people being included to play there were problems such as the dreaded black screen in early tests, as well as other issues including server slow downs.

The Evolve video game by 2K Games and developed by Turtle Rock Studios and is a highly competitive and co-op shooter is building quite a large fan base already. If you are having problems with the Evolve video game, then leave your status reports below.

We will also aim to update this page, in the meantime please do send in your Evolve status reports of issues.

Google Drive Problems

Google Drive lives in the cloud and allows users to keep all their files close no matter where they are. Users of Google Drive can access files from their mobile devices and computers, although problems do occur that result in all services not working on occasion.

There’s other Google apps within Drive and that support Drive. When one service goes down, you might also notice Docs, Sheets, and Slides not working. If this is the case, then use the contact information on the right to see current status of these apps, or leave a report detailing your problems below.

Error messages can range from 500 server errors, other connection messages, and some might see services running very slow.

SingStar Problems

The SingStar game is now on PS4 and PS3, although its popularity can either slow or take down the servers completely in busy times. The competitive music game is part of a series releasing new titles with a package of new songs, as well as the ability to download songs through the SingStar Store.

There will also be maintenance scheduled and unplanned at times, so whenever these outages take place you can be sure the large following will wonder what’s going on. SingStar problems can appear on the Mic app, iOS and Android, or with console versions of this title.

We have seen certain error codes and messages appear through PSN when SingStar servers go down. These include the standard E-8200012F error when trying to download something on the PS Store. If you have server issues right now, then leave your reports below or take a look at other people’s reports to see if these match yours.

Bright House Problems

Bright House Networks now Spectrum provides Internet services to a number of locations including central Florida that include Lakeland, Tampa Bay, Daytona Beach, and Orlando. Other than broadband access, they also offer security, cable television and home phone services in the same areas, as well as Bakersfield and west suburban Detroit.

When Bright House Internet or cable TV goes down, it will obviously only be reported in the areas mentioned that fall within their coverage. Problems can range from Internet connection errors to a total blackout, or more complicated issues with other services they provide.

If your Spectrum Internet is down today, or you have other problems then you can share these within the status report section. There’s also official contact information to the right, which allows you to complain directly or reach-out for support.

Apple Pay Problems

The Apple Pay service allows users to purchase at stores with their fingerprint thanks to Touch ID on iPhones and iPads. While Apple Pay aims to leave your wallet at home, it will run into problems and we saw some of these with double payments after the service first launched in USA.

To date, Apple Pay problems haven’t been common other than the double charges at first and lack of certain support at launch. No longer do you need to find the right credit card or prepaid card, you can make a payment with just a touch thanks to most people always having a phone on them.

If you have seen an Apple Pay outage today, or if things are just not working rather than completely down, then leave your status report below about Apple’s contactless payment technology. The security seems tight, but you the user know the real truth and how easy it’s been to use in various locations.

NHTSA Problems

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website aims to keep vehicle owners informed. The NHTSA has a vehicle recalls search that the public can use, a crash test database, research reports, safety snapshots, and offers vehicle owners the ability to file complaints.

When the NHTSA safety website goes down, or runs into problems, then you can count on a lot of upset across the United States when vital information is needed. In fact, we have seen the NHTSA vehicle recall search go down during massive announcements that included the airbag recall.

If you find any element of the nhtsa.gov, or odi.nhtsa.dot.gov website go down with common website errors, then leave a status report below. You can also leave other vehicle problems as well related to safety, which the Down Today community might find useful.

Apple Store and Website Problems

Is the Apple Store down right now, or are you trying to watch a live event and the video stream has problems? Normally, the online retail location for Apple will stop working just before new products release, which come shortly after an Apple event in most circumstances, although on occasion they will run into problems or unplanned maintenance.

In the majority of circumstances, if the Apple Store is down today it’s likely on an event day.

Our readers can leave their status reports for the Apple Store below, or take a look at others with locations where the online store is currently not working in.

You can also access support from Apple via the contact details shared to the right of this page. These sources include social accounts, official product forums, and more. We’d also love to hear about live stream problems in the reports section, especially during an event day when the demand means things might not be working like they should.

DriveClub Problems

DriveClub had been in development for years and the PlayStation 4 allowed for the dream to finally be realized. This is the statement made by PlayStation during the DriveClub PS4 launch, but the server problems starting since release have told a different story.

Sony started by postponing the PS Plus edition after multiplayer server connection problems, and then we saw limitations put on the about of people allowed to play online at once. While things will improve with DriveClub’s multiplayer servers in time, every now and then the PS4 servers will go down again.

The same can be said for the MyDRIVECLUB app on iPhone and Android devices. This might have been pulled from Android and delayed on iOS to start with, but when the servers go down following its launch you can share these status reports below. If there’s currently problems with the DriveClub servers, you’ll find them reported on this page.

Spectrum Problems

Spectrum (was Charter Communications) might experience an Internet outage on occasion, but their services are not limited to just broadband access and also include cable television and home phones. Spectrum looks after customers in around 25 states across the United States.

The Spectrum outage map can be accessed with the contact details on this page and the phone number is found also to the right for desktop users. You can also run tests with a speed test from the customer service section of Spectrum, again follow links on this page.

If you are currently seeing an outage, then leave your location and details about Spectrum down in your area within the status report section.

Cox Communications Problems

Problems with Cox Communications are mainly reported to be an Internet outage, although the company also offer cable television and a phone service for homes. Their coverage includes many states from southern California to Arizona and Massachusetts to Florida.

If it’s not a total blackout, your Cox Cable or Internet outage could be down to local problems and this is why customers leave status reports below. This will help users find out about problems in certain states, or even locally within certain cities.

Use the contact information for Cox Communications on this page, or read about Cox issues and leave details on your problems below and feel free to leave a zip code to reveal patterns within certain areas.