SF BART Problems

BART San Francisco current delays to the set schedule can be seen below with reported status updates by passengers and official news releases. The Bay Area Rapid Transit service in SF has its fair share of station closures each year.

This regional rail service covers most of the San Francisco Bay Area, so you will find the SF BART station route list quite vast. The stations include lines between Richmond, Millbrae, Fremont, Dublin/Pleasanton, and Pittsburg/Bay Point. The schedules are by line and station with quick planners found on the official website.

While the real-time service advisories help passengers find out exactly why a certain BART station closure is taking place, or news on current delays, it’s quicker to find out from Down Today readers in many cases.

If you are currently traveling with the Bay Area Rapid Transit service then leave a status update below, also remember to detail exactly where you are with the nearest station and line. Using the information to the right, you can reach customer service, explore details on BART’s San Francisco map, and find out where each station appears on the line.

AT&T Problems

The status of an AT&T outage across the United States will be felt by landlines, phone service, and even 911 systems if they are down today. In the past, we have seen major AT&T service problems and no signal in San Diego, Austin, Michigan, North Canton, Akron, Ohio, and many other areas that are viewble on the official website map on most occasions.

Issues can result from burst pipes, routing issues, or even networking problems nearer your home. The most common reports we receive relate to mobile Internet, reception and signal bars, or having no AT&T network coverage at all.

If you find issues with your broadband Internet, mobile phone, or even television service then we want to see your status update below. You can view other AT&T outage updates from Down Today readers and spot patterns within local communities.

AT&T service problems? Share your AT&T wireless signal issues with Down Today readers by nearest city:

2K Problems

The 2K server status will impact a number of titles under this publisher and developer of video games. If the 2K servers are down today, then you could see your favorite game offline or receiving certain error codes.

2K games include Evolve, WWE 2K18, NBA 2K18, NHL 2K, XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, BIOSHOCK, and many more popular video games. Not all games take advantage of 2K servers in the same way, so this is why certain titles will run into problems while others will be working fine.

There’s also the possibility of outages taking place in select countries. This means thousands of gamers won’t be able to play in the UK, although those in the USA won’t be reporting problems and vice versa.

It’s good to remember that newer and older games will also use the servers, especially when you consider this company started over 10 years ago. If you got a problem with 2K’s server status, then we’d love to hear about it below along with your local city.

4chan Problems

When the 4chan website temporarily goes offline it will be down due to many reasons, although this can involve DDOS more often than not thanks to changes in recent attacks. If you see the 4chan website down today, or any other problems, then you will normally see a status update on the homepage.

4chan.org has included a temporarily offline message in the past, but this would be a standard problem page with further news and information being found at their blog or twitter.com/4chan account. Again, in the past we have seen these areas late to deliver information about any downtime.

Users of 4chan post messages in bulletin board format with images, but they are well known by mainstream media for including leaked photos. If you have any problems getting on to the website, then leave a status update below. Remember to leave locations, as 4chan might be down in select cities or even countries thanks to regional issues.