iPad Mail Problems

iPad Mail problems can be down to many reasons, with the main culprit being down to Apple server issues. It has been known for iOS updates playing havoc with services, as well as bugs in system and the app not loading contacts etc.

Other common issues with iPad Mail could be sending and receiving of emails, complaints have come in on social media sites as well as within the Apple communities to do with syncing email accounts with the likes of iCloud, Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Outlook.

No matter what reason of iPad problem, leave your status update right here with your location. Is your Apple Mail working properly? Are you seeing Apple servers down today? If anything is wrong then please do share with Down Today and our readers.

Fox Now Problems

Fox Now and on demand problems can consist of streaming quality, apps not downloading, other issues could relate to sign in or no shows playing at all. But the major issue is when Fox Now and on demand problems encounter an outage leaving services completely down with no viewing at all.

You can watch Fox Now shows after they have aired on Fox.com, the iPad, iPhone, Android devices, as well as Apple TV, Roku, Windows 8, Xbox, Kindle and Samsung TVs.

Recent complaints were to do with viewers trying to watch Empire and American Idol; they said they were not too happy about the amount of ad pop-ups during the shows. Fox Now also on demand also airs Gotham, Red Band Society, So You Think You Can Dance, and may more.

If you are having any kind of Fox Now and on demand problems right now, please do leave your status report below. Please leave your problem along with your location and what device your Fox Now is on, thank you.

ooVoo Problems

If ooVoo is down today then you’ll know about it from up-to-date status updates from our readers. The video call, text and voice service has been compared to the likes of Skype because of its similarities. But, when ooVoo call and text problems arise they are normally down to signing up, connections issues, not opening or exiting the way it should.

OoVoo works on many platforms such as iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Windows Phone; you can even access the service via Facebook if you have a HD camera. So many problems can arise, and if they do please leave your location and device you are using please.

Other ooVoo issues can be related to the apps server connection, problems sending or receiving text or voice messages. What is your ooVoo status report today?

Office Depot Problems

OfficeDepot.com is a huge website with millions of products for sale, from office supplies, furniture, laptops, accessories and so much more. It does occur when Office Depot website problems crop up, and if they do customers can report them here.

Office Depot website issues can consist of the servers being down where no pages at all show up, the shopping cart is not listing your product you selected, payments are not going through or being excepted. Product pages can be very slow showing up, but of course the worst possible time for an online customer is when the website is totally down.

The office supply retailing company is now combined with OfficeMax and has been since 2013, the company employs over 66,000 people and operates in more than 59 countries.

If you are having any Office Depot website problems please use Down Today as your service status update page.

LittleBigPlanet 3 Problems

Check up or share LittleBigPlanet 3 servers and problems right here, if the servers go down you can either report about it here or find out information from other Down Today followers. The puzzle platform game by Sumo Digital released for the PS3 and PS4 has been a huge success, but problems do occur and here you can share your troubles if you have any.

When LBP3 was released it gained positive reviews, but some critics then came forward and slated the game for many technical issues. The gameplay is amazing as so are the characters, but this game does not come without its problems and individuals since release have had their fair share of them.

Some of the main issues most noticeable include the LittleBigPlanet 3 server status, when down it has a huge impact on online gameplay. Others have had in-game glitches where they have fallen through floors, DLC content does not install properly and so much more.

If you have any LittleBigPlanet 3 problems please scroll down a little and share them with the community our of course us.

Game of War Problems

Game of War Fire Age connection problems and login issues are the two main occurrences when it comes to gamers complaining about this game, but now and then other players experience the app not loading properly on their mobile devices.

When you join Game of War you enter an action packed game that will allow you to build your perfect empire, if you think this game is easy think again, but then you already know this don’t you? This strategy game does come with a few problems, even though the issues above can happen, it has been known in the past where downloading the app to mobile devices doesn-t work.

Other complaints with the game include training one load of troops at a time, and heroes energy not being refunded when you don’t hit a monster. If you have any complaints about Game of War Fire Age please do let Down Today and its community know about them.

Zillow Problems

The Zillow.com website is known for being a leading real estate destination, but problems start when the maintenance page reveals itself and visitors cannot see parts of the website they’d like. This has happened in the past, also we have seen the Zillow website go down for maintenance already in 2015.

Important details about homes are not available when an outage takes place, although you can visit their Facebook page to communicate when Zillow’s servers are out. You can also use Down Today to report status updates, problems with the website or services in general, and to see you’re not alone when issues take place.

The status message we have seen in the past when the Zillow website is down normally lacks finer information. You’re asked to check back soon, or to visit the social channels. If you have any details about an outage today, then share with Down Today readers below.

Talk Mobile Problems

Talk Mobile is a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), which is owned by Carphone Warehouse, and in the UK it runs on the Vodafone network. If you have no Talk Mobile signal or have any other problems at all, then let this be your status checker page to see if others are having the same issues.

Some of the main issues include Talk Mobile login problems, weak or loss of signal, data not working or the website being offline. Maybe you are having billing problems, whatever the reason this is the page you want to be on to list or find any inconveniences with the service.

Are you having Talk Mobile login, account, website, coverage, Internet or billing problems? With many different tariff plans on offer some customers may not be happy at all with the service they are being provided. Please read below for recent problems, or add your own if you are having any.

Clash of Kings Problems

Clash of Kings is a fantastic strategy game that thousands of gamers enjoy playing in their spare time. Although with that being said, in the past users have mentioned a few issues, which seem to occur and some of them maybe happening to you right now. There’s been previous problems such as players having trouble logging into their account, in-game glitches and servers suddenly hitting rock bottom and going down. So therefore, no matter what the CoK problems are, you’ve come to the right place to give us the writers a heads up and also other gamers.

Dropbox Problems

Dropbox is available for many mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phones/tablets and the Kindle Fire, as well as Microsoft Windows and OS X. So you can just imagine the users dismay when services come to a halt, it is always handy to have up-to-date Dropbox service status information, and it is you the user that can leave your updates right here.

The free service offers users the ability to have on the move your videos, documents and photos. Once installed onto your computer you can access from anywhere, this means you can access via your desktop or mobile device being it tablet or smartphone. If you lose your device it will always be accessible via the Dropbox website.

Areas of issues include Dropbox not syncing with computer, syncing files taking forever, problems uploading, login not working or the service is down altogether. Are you having Dropbox problems today?

MeetMe Problems

MeetMe was first known as ‘MyYearbook’ when it all started in 2005, but it was in 3 years ago in 2012 when creators decided to call it by the name we all know today. But from time-to-time users will be met with MeetMe Chat app problems, it particularly becomes evidently clear when the servers go down, and when they do online updates are needed.

There are many apps on the market offering its users the ability to meet people, and MeetMe is one of these with a slight difference. This one allows its users to meet others who have the same interests, and then chatting can commence. MeetMe has over 100 million people chatting via the app, which is for all ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

Other than MeetMe server issues there have been cases of problems when trying to login with Facebook, a few new users have had occurrences with mobile registration and downloading the app. What MeetMe Chat app problems are you having?

Google Hangouts Problems

Google Hangouts is perfect for those wishing to use instant messaging for free, not only can you send text messages but also videos as well. Checking your Google Hangouts status could not be simpler, thanks to Down Today’s up-to-date community page where users can list their issues.

A few Google Hangouts problems do occur for both Android and iOS users, and of course on your computer. Total outages do happen with the service where everything goes offline, this could be down to an unknown error or for reasons such as a maintenance or official update. Maybe you are having a nightmare trying to load the Google Hangouts app onto your mobile device, SMS or MMS problems, whatever the reason please do leave your status report below.

Are you having any Google Hangouts issues? If you are we want to hear from you – When the service is up and running smoothly it is a fantastic addition to connect with others.

Samsung TV Smart Hub Problems

The Samsung TV Smart Hub is used worldwide, so it’s a global nightmare when problems occur and even more if the interactive television service goes down completely. We have seen Samsung Smart Hub TVs run into DNS issues in the past and these require a fix to the normal address on occasion, although this is a rare event.

There’s hundreds of apps available through the Samsung TV Smart Hub, so naturally if the server status changes and goes down today, then this will impact many 3rd party services. Through this hub you can load apps like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, and many more that will not be working if the main software cannot load.

If you have problems with the Samsung TV Smart Hub, or find the servers down and not working we want to hear about it. Status updates from the community should be left below, also see reports framer readers to see if you are not alone with certain bugs.

Mortal Kombat X Problems

Mortal Kombat X, XL is the latest game in this franchise on all major platforms and problems already started soon after launch with the PS4 system. While the game is on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and later released on 360 and PS3, issues can on occasion be targeted to select platforms.

The Mortal Kombat X, XL problems can be servers going down, as reported by Down Today readers below, or focused on PSN and Xbox Live services. Sooner after release, we hard about Mortal Kombat X, XL game invite issues and error CE-34878-0 when trying to start the game on PS4.

Like all games, most platforms will run into issues with server and offline glitches. If you have problems with Mortal Kombat today, or see server related outages, then share your status update below. Official updates will also be noted by the community on this page and in our dedicated news section when statements are officially made.

Rogers Problems

Rogers Communications offers many different services such as telephone, cable TV, and wireless communications. But our main focus even though the community welcomes your problems with any of these services, is your Rogers Internet service status.

There are problems that crop up with any of the above Rogers services, but it is the Internet where most of the issues lie according to its customers. You maybe having a Rogers Internet outage or you are not able to login, whatever the reason please leave your comments below.

On the right hand-side you will see support links either to the official Rogers website, Facebook, Twitter etc and of course live tweets. But sometimes these are not quickly updated, and this is where you ‘The Customer’ come in, if you have a problem with Rogers Internet.

Please do remember to leave your location such as Toronto, Ottawa etc, join the community for live Rogers Internet service status.

Bubble Witch Saga Problems

Bubble Witch 3 Saga problems can be a pain, and these can include the game itself not loading online, power ups not working properly and so much more. But instead of sitting around trying to look for answers please let Down Today be your first port of call.

Hopefully without Bubble Witch 3 Saga problems you are having a lot of fun and hopefully busting the bubbles to succeed, the more levels you climb the harder things will get.

This game, by the same makers of Farm Heroes Saga, Candy Crush Saga and of course the first Bubble Witch Saga ‘King’, and the game has seem millions of downloads. Some of the issues that have occurred before include the game itself shutting down, online gameplay with friends not working and not opening via desktop or mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

Are you having Bubble Witch 3 Saga problems? List them below with your location.

WWE 2K18 Problems

WWE 2K18 is a great stress relief game where you enter the world of wrestling, but now and then the simulation game by Visual Concepts and Yuke’s, published by 2K Sports will encounter issues. The worst would be WWE 2K18 server problems, and when this happens it leave gamers wanting to complain somewhere, so welcome to Down Today.

Other issues do occur such as network errors or problems with DLC packs, one user recently had an issue when they purchased the new ‘Moves Pack’ where they are still having a nightmare trying to install it. Of course this hasn’t happened to everyone, but these types of issues will pop up.

This WWE 2K series game was released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows
and we want to know if you are having any WWE 2K18 server problems, DLC, loading, or rendering issues, if you have anything wrong please share on Down Today.

HBO Now Problems

Not much really goes wrong with HBO Now, but when problems occur with the Internet streaming service users are a little dismayed. Some of the main HBO Now problems with on demand can be to do with a service outage, not being able to login or simply down to videos not playing or running too slow.

Getting instant access to HBO Now is very simple indeed, the two options include choosing a participating broadband provider (Optimum) or via your Apple device. But when signing up people have previously had issues and have had to try again, doesn’t happen often but if it does we want to hear from you.

HBO Now offers movies, comedy, shows, sports and many more and makes a perfect standalone service. You do not need a television subscription to use ‘Now’. If you are having any HBO Now problems with on demand then share with the Down Today community.

US Cellular Problems

US Cellular problems with billing, phones or network can put customers in somewhat of a bad mood when things are not running smoothly. And even though we would prefer you to be happy with a great service, we here at Down Today would like you to list any issues you are having no matter how big or small.

United States Cellular Corporation or US Cellular for short is the 5th largest wireless telecommunications network in the United States; they have over 4.8 million customers in 23 US states in 426 markets. As of 2012 US Cellular offered customers its new 4G LTE network, two years later they were a Tier 1 provider of Apple smartphones, which included the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Main US Cellular problems surround network outages, the uscellular.com website going down because of server issues or maintenance updates. Test messages not able to send or receive, calls not coming in or going out, data and Internet not working.

There are a number of things that can go wrong and we are here to provide you a stop off place for your complaints – share to the community your problem and location.

HBO Go Problems

If you are an HBO Go customer you are well aware problems do happen, and most of the time these are quickly fixed. But, when there are HBO Go streaming issues the atmosphere when not able to watch your favorite movie, comedy or documentary will have you complaining, and this is why Down Today is here.

HBO Go can be accessed via multiple devices such as Apple TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Google Chromecast, Samsung Smart TVs, PS3, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, as well as many mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android. It is because of the wide range of tech that can be used to watch HBO Go services why thousands can be left reeling when its streaming goes wrong.

Not only can streaming play up, there could be a total outage where nothing is showing. If you are having any HBO Go streaming issues, website not loading or anything else to do with the service please do share with below.

Tesco Mobile Problems

Tesco Mobile supplies hundreds of thousands of people in the UK with a MVNO service, using operators O2 and Vodafone. Tesco Mobile problems could include login issues, a total network outage leaving customers without data, calls, texts or Internet and many more.

Issues are going to occur and if they do customers can feel happy to complain here on Down Today. This is where you can come to have your say about your service problems. In a way this is the live Tesco mobile status update page, where if something is wrong it can be listed here.

Customer complaints in the past on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook (Links to the right) include signal issues, messages not able to be sent or received, as well as incoming and outgoing calls not working.

Are you having Tesco Mobile problems today?

Walmart Problems

Walmart as you know is great for shopping in store off the high street, but even more known for buying products online from clothing to electronics, games and so much more. It is the online store shoppers that get hit the most when there is a Walmart.com website outage, if this is the case share your troubles.

Shoppers do not like online problems at the best of times, but the worst time is when Walmart Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas deals take place. When Walmart.com is down shoppers feel the hard impact, especially during the busy seasonal periods and doorbuster events.

Walmart.com could simply go down due to a scheduled or unscheduled maintenance update; worst case would be when the servers go down for unknown reasons. Is Walmart down today for you?

If you are having login issues, pages not loading, Walmart search not working, checkout not playing ball or anything else, please do leave your location and issue below.

Far Cry 4 Problems

First-person shooter Far Cry 4 is a stunning world action-adventure video game by Ubisoft Montreal, and is available on the PS3, PS4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. One of the main problems is when Far Cry 4 servers go down, which has a massive impact on gameplay and its gamers.

Other Far Cry 4 problems include loading of the game, new DLC weapons not working properly, updates not installing correctly or taking to long to do so. A few gamers recently had issues with flickering using SLI with patch 1.9.0, but whatever the reason of issue please do share with Down Today.

Released mid-December the game has been a huge success, as of December 31, 2014 over 7 million copies of Far Cry 4 have been sold. This makes this one the fastest selling game in its series – Are you having any Far Cry 4 problems?

The Elder Scrolls Online Problems

The Elder Scrolls Online is a huge game with a massive fan base, but it’s had many server maintenance outages due to either problems, or a schedule that sees ESO servers go down many times on both Xbox One and PS4. We have seen Down Today users report server status updates since the console release, also PC issues have been reported across the web for months. At the moment you can play Legends plus you can sign up for early access to Blades, if you are having issues with either please do let us know.

Many users complained about an active subscription being needed to play the game, but as of March 17, 2015 this is no longer needed to play the game. It has now been renamed to The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, happy faces all round then.

For those already playing they will agree ESO problems do occur and these can consist of installing issues, the login service has failed in some way, the game is showing a lot of lag, and so forth.

The Elder Scrolls Online error codes have annoyed users, which have included errors 11, 103, 200, 209. Maybe you are having problems with the launcher, whatever the reason of complaint please do share with the community if you are having issues with ESO.

LINE app Problems

LINE call and message problems are a common occurrence with this app, and we here at Down Today would like to hear from you. LINE app is all about communication where users who have downloaded can send free messages and make free voice calls 24/7. And when issues happen they need somewhere to complain or get help from other people welcome to the LINE app problem community.

Some of the main LINE app problems that occur include login error where some users cannot gain access with their password etc, some people in the past have had issues with their login being restricted. If you are having any LINE app login issues please do share below.

Other troubles with the application can include downloading issues, apps installing really slowly, calls not going through, LINE app error messages. Other cases consist of LINE app error codes such as 101 or 104.

With over 600 million users worldwide are you the one having any issues with LINE?

Google Play Problems

There are many issues that can occur when trying to access Google’s online store, but the four key Google Play problems that do happen the most include login, downloading, network response and issues with payment.

Google Play was first called the Android Market, which now offers apps, movies, TV, books and so much more. Even though most of the time Google Play runs smoothly, there are troubles now and then like we mentioned above, including issues on particular mobile devices or desktop.

It was on March 6, 2012 Google Play was launched, merging with Google Music, Android Market and Google eBookstore. Putting all under the same roof made sense, the growth is amazing with over 1.4 million apps allowing people to make over 50 billion downloads.

Are you having Google Play problems? Please let us know your location and what device you are using as this will help a lot.