Every year the Eurovision Song Contest takes place with millions taking to the official online website for its live stream. This is great for those behind the site, but not so good when goes down and runs into video streaming problems during a grand final.

While every server has its limits on demand, it’s clear everything will be done to ensure doesn’t go down during each event that takes place. This isn’t always possible to stop considering the music contests popularity, which seems to increase each year and expand to new regions.

If you experience problems with the site, its Android and iOS app, or services connected to the event then we’d love to hear below. You will notice increased status reports below when servers run into problems, so feel free to leave help and see the official social channels for further support.

iCloud Mail Problems

If you are wondering is iCloud Mail down, then you only need to check a couple of sources to confirm any problems today. This starts with looking at this Down Today page for status updates by our readers, then looking at official social and support channels.

The iCloud Mail service supports many products that Apple has released over the years, which include both iPhones and iPads. There’s also millions of Mac desktops and MacBook’s relying on Apple’s mail services in the cloud.

Check the official status page to the right of this page, also leave your mail problems and what device you are having these issues on below.

Support can also be accessed at the Apple forums, but for now, see how many reports have been left on this page by day, month, and this year. Official updates can be accessed from the menu bar and to the right through Appl’s status page.

Find My iPhone Problems

Apple products Find My iPhone and iCloud are very useful services when all running well, but when they falter and go down for some reason iOS users are left in the dark and somewhat angry.

Find My iPhone is on iPad, iPod touch, and Mac and is a fantastic service for those that have misplaced their iOS devices. It is an app, which will connect to your Apple device that protects your data, as well as finds it for you with easy thanks to its location technology. But when Find My iPhone is down this causes a little mayhem and loss of your device if lost of course.

iCloud is a great service where users get online backup and storage; users use this service to store a lot of information including contacts, photos, emails and calendar. There are times when iCloud can go down leaving users unable to access say mail etc.

Users can also synchronize information between many different iOS devices and computers, are you having iCloud Problems.

What is your Find My iPhone and iCloud service status today?