Hearthstone Problems

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is a very addictive game, but when things go wrong such as logging in to your account, servers going down for maintenance etc this is when the frustrations begin.

The free-to-play online game is where players take part in a collectible card game such as collecting Dark Bargain Hearthstone cards thanks to developers and publishers Blizzard Entertainment. If you are a Windows, OS X, Android or iOS user and you are having any issues at all with this game then please do have your say in the comments below.

Many issues can occur with this game, even though sometimes things can be malicious majority of the time is will be due to server / game maintenance to improve the gameplay and fixing of bugs and errors etc.

What is your Hearthstone status right now?

Blade and Soul Problems

Blade and Soul is a multiplayer online role-playing game for Microsoft Windows PC gamers developed by NCSOFT. There are many factors why this game could not work, such as login error 7513 etc. What is your Blade & Soul Server Status?

Other issues that have been reported includes Blade & Soul crashing, not able to install properly, bugs whereby game crashes caused by ASUS and Razor services. Have you ever had BnS Client problems or game delays, lag etc?

If you have had any of the above issues or anything else please to share below, others maybe able to help you fix the problem. In some cases players have come across the ‘Invalid game client file’, has this happened to you?

Coming soon is the new Blade & Soul Silverfrost Mountain; this will come with new zones, quests and more. We have put in place already somewhere for you to come if you have any issues this new game too.

Halo 5 Guardians Problems

Halo 5 Guardians is a great Xbox One game when it is up and running smoothly with no online hiccups, but now and then servers do go down and this is when gaming comes to a halt until the issue has been found and fixed.

The first-person shooter video game by 343 Industries, which is published by Microsoft Studios for the latest Xbox One, does have difficulties staying online sometimes and when this happens gamers like to have their say and this is why this page has been made.

Master Chief leads the Blue Team but can you handle it when problems occur? Maybe you have seen an online message saying, REQ Service Unavailable. An Error occurred while contacting the requisition service. Please try again later,” or other down messages.

Problems with your login, not being able to enter a lobby, whatever problem you are having please do list them below.

Clash Royale Problems

Clash Royale was released in 2016 for both Android and iOS users, it seems the game is very stable majority of the time but no and then problems do occur.

A Clash Royale maintenance break is one of the main reasons for the game to go offline, when this happens it is mainly down to fixing a few bugs and improving the game further.

Other problems do occur such as the app crashing upon opening on mobile devices, Supercell servers going down and mid-game freezing. Just like its borrowed setting from Clash of Clans popular games can have difficulties and when you have yours please do list them below.

If you are having issues with Clash Royale please do comment below with what platform you are using along with your problem.