Rocket League Problems

Rocket League by Psyonix is a great vehicle soccer game based on physics, which was released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC with Linux and OS X set to release. Playing this game in all its glory will have you on the edge of your seat, but it will have you fall of it when there are issues such as servers going down, maintenance etc.

Are the Rocket League servers down for you today? Many issues can arise such as not being able to login and play online, problems with the Rocket League Championship series, game lag, updates not working etc.

Servers will go down when there is a scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, the problem is no one knows how long Rocket League will go down for until it’s announced at the last moment. Other issues can include the Rocket League Twitter page going down, the website not opening etc. Please do let us know what your problem is, your location along with what platform you are using.

Telstra Problems

Telstra offers a great mobile and landline service to its customer in Australia, also offering mobile Internet, broadband and other mobile phone services. But Telstra faults and outages do occur and this can be down to a number of reasons including the Internet being down, maintenance and more.

The company has had a run of issues over the years including customers suffering from NBN and ADSL outages, along with login issues, not being able to access webmail, Footy Pass troubles and the dreaded unplanned service disruption with no explanation.

Is Telstra down for you today? Please do let us know your service status here, faults do occur and now you can share them with us and other Telstra customers.

GitHub Problems

Are you having problems with GitHub? Servers do go down for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, but worse case scenario is when the service goes down with no explanation among other troubles. This is where Down Today can be of service; we are a platform where you can have your say and share your GitHub status.

If you are having problems with the website today then please do let us and other readers know about it. The online service that uses Git revision control system is great for software development projects, but this is rendered useless if you cannot access the website etc.

Other issues include errors such as the Unicorn, error repository not being found, download not working and more. What is your issue?

DOOM Problems

First person shooter game DOOM released May 13, 2016 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC was greatly received by gamers. But since being released by Bethesda players have already experienced problems with the multiplayer servers. Majority of the time the game will be down for server maintenance, but other problems can arise.

What is your DOOM server status today? Maybe you are having issues getting to play the game, or you are not able to download online. Whatever the problem you are having please do share with us and other players.

Leave your DOOM status below and see if anyone else is having the same issue as you. Updates, fixes and anything else can and will be shared right here.

Ragnarok Problems

Ragnarok Online server maintenance can leave the game down for either minutes or hours, for some this is a godsend because they believe it will enhance the game and for others it is a nightmare because they are unable to play. But other problems do arise and this can cause annoyance for its players.

Below you will see updates when the IRO maintenance time commences, when it does you can also have your say in the commenting area provided. Other Ragnarok Online problems do occur such as not being able to download the free to play MMORPG, login issues, the full client download crashing as well as now and then experiencing Ragnarok private server error with 3rd job sprites.

Maybe you are trying to open the online websites such as and, or you have tried to access the Sakray Ragnarok PH website to no avail. Ragnarok Online Servers do go down for maintenance normally once a week and are announced on the official social media channels. What is your Ragnarok status today?

Black Desert Online Problems

Black Desert Online majority of the time will mainly go down when there is a scheduled maintenance, but now and then other issues do occur and this is where you can report your status. The highly popular MMORPG for Microsoft Windows users can be frustrating when problems arise, and we want to hear from you.

Recently released for worldwide use Black Desert by Pearl Abyss is fantastic to play, in Korea, Russia and Japan it is free-to-play, and in North America and Europe it is a game you have to buy.

Some of the main problems that have occurred in the past include Mediah expansion not working, patch issues, the online forum not opening, inventory quests crashing or not working full stop and login errors. Whatever your status is please do report them below with your location.

SoundCloud Problems

As we all know SoundCloud is a superb audio distribution platform that allows its users to record, upload or promote their stunning sounds globally. It is a fantastic way to get recognition and get their masterpiece out there online. But when there are issues this can be a cause for concern, is SoundCloud down for you right now?

So many things have and can go wrong with SoundCloud and this is where you can report your problems. Maybe you are having issues with your account login, seeing a 504 gateway timeout or you are unable to create an account.

Reports have come in via social media channels mentioning that SoundCloud had a problem playing a track in Ubuntu, Firfox, Chrome, IE etc – Has this happened to you?