iFunny Problems

If you are experiencing an iFunny outage or you’re having problems such as website not loading, login is not working etc then you have come to the right place to complain. Even though this is a fantastic place to be for funny pics, memes etc, it can also be frustrating when you cannot put that smile on your face when you so desire.

Is iFunny down for you? You can access iFunny via website by visiting ifunny.mobi or ifunny.co as well as taking a peek on your mobile phone via apps.

Other problems include apps not downloading or crashing, maintenance causing site to go offline, hacks etc. Maybe you are having issues opening iFunny pages such as 999 or askfriskandcompany, whatever the problem please do report them here.

Straight Talk Problems

Are Straight Talk servers up or down today for you? If you are having problems with this service then here is where you can complain, discuss and question. It does happen now and then when the service falters, such as website not opening or login not working.

Straight Talk is run by TracFone Wireless and some of the main issues include not being able to login, online shop not letting you add things to cart, in rare cases but it has happened is when you add to cart but it does not show when you enter to pay.

Other problems include tracking orders whereby you try and it is not working, as well as issues with checking your online balance. Also activation, texting, calling etc not operating the way it should. Are you having any issues with Straight Talk services such as Refill or the Plus Plan or trying to contact customer service? Please report here.

Target Problems

If you are using the Target website or apps you will already know you have the best shopping at your fingertips. But when there is an outage this can cause a little anger with its customers, and if this happens to you here is where you can complain.

Many problems can and have arisen over the years and some of them include server outages, website loading too slow, not being able to login to your Target account, apps crashing or not downloading, maybe you are having issues with your credit card when making transactions, orders are not processing etc.

If you are having any of the above issues or anything else please do share them below with what state / location you live in along with your problem. Major problems with the website and apps can happen during the Target Black Friday sale, if this is the case we want to hear from you.

Discord Problems

Discord is a free app that majority of gamers will only know too well, and being available on Linux, iOS, Android, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows there will be a lot of disgruntled users if there was a server outage or any other problem.

Are you having Discord problems today? Not only does the app work on the above platforms it can also be used via web browsers. Some of the main issues other than the obvious Discord servers being down, users can have issues with not being able to login, apps crashing upon opening or not downloading.

Other issues are you are showing online but your Discord friends are showing offline even though they tell you they are online, not being able to start a chat or not connecting with another user. Maybe your notifications are not working or you are seeing a blank screen or Discord is not picking up the mic.

Whatever Discord problems you are having please do report them below along with your platform you are using, as well as location.

Delta Air Lines Problems

If you’re having any issues with Delta Air Lines services then please do report them here, this is where you can have your say as well as interact with other customers. Two of the main issues is checking a flight status and not being able to login via website or app, has this ever happened to you?

Other issues can include delta.com website not opening, trying to buy a ticket but the process is not fully going through, or maybe your Delta Air Lines ticket is ready but do not know how to obtain it. If you have any problem or question then here is where you can find the answers.

Booking flights has to be easy with no problems at all to make your whole process run smoothly, but issues do occur and if they do here is where you can report them. Please remember to add your location as this helps determine where the problem lies.

Atlantic Broadband Problems

Using the internet, sifting through emails, watching online TV etc all needs one thing and that is an ISP. One of the many out there is Atlantic Broadband with over 250,000 customers providing TV, Internet and phone services in South Carolina, Central Pennsylvania, Maryland / Delaware and Florida. But when there is a Atlantic Broadband outage customers are not best pleased and this is where they can complain.

Is Atlantic Broadband down for you today? Maybe you are having issues with your login, not able to access your emails, no phone service at all but you are getting Internet. If you are having any of these issues above or anything else please do report them below along with your location.

Even if you have questions please do ask them here, maybe you need to discuss something about your bill pay or looking for a customer service number.

PlayStation Vue Problems

If you own a PS gaming console you will know very well that PlayStation Vue is a great way of watching TV, it is a service where you can watch sports, live TV and movies etc. But because it is a streaming service there can be problems now and then, such as PlayStation Vue My Shows not working.

Worst case scenario is when there is a total PlayStation Vue server outage leaving everyone without anything, but now and then servers will go down due to maintenance.

The PS3, PS4 and of course the Pro allows you to watch Vue content, as well as on your mobile device. Other issues that can occur include content that takes ages to stream, crashes mid show or movie, app not opening. If you are having a PlayStation Vue problem please do report them below.

Optimum Problems

Optimum is a service where you can sign in so that you can see what’s on TV, check your emails and voicemail as well as having the ability to pay your bill for services such as cable TV, Home Phone and Internet. But when its services goes down it will leave you a little frustrated, worst case scenario is when there is an outage due to server difficulties.

What is your Optimum server status today? If you are having troubles with your online webmail, not able to play the NFL RedZone Optimum channel, not able to login, app will not download or is crashing when opening then we want to hear from you.

Maybe you just want to find the customer service phone number and if that is the case you can ask here, maybe you would like to ask when the next Optimum maintenance service is. Whatever the crisis, problem or question, here is where you can do it.

Wave Broadband Problems

Are you having Wave Internet problems? If the answer is yes then report your broadband status right here. If you are experiencing a service outage in areas such as San Francisco Bay, California, Washington state, Oregon or Sacramento share your troubles with many other customers.

Main Wave Broadband problems include a total server outage leaving the internet, websites etc down. Other issues include TV not working, speeds are ultra slow, apps not downloading or opening as well as not getting the full Mbps speeds you are paying for.

Maybe you are having troubles with the phone and cable TV services, if you are please do report below your problem along with your location as this helps determine if it more of a widespread issue or location based.

Chase Bank Problems

Banking online is now easier than ever, with website and app logins etc, but when services such as Chase Bank has an outage it can be very hard trying to access chase.com and applications. Is Chase Bank Online down for you today?

Chase Bank is accessible via the web as well as mobile devices such as Android, iOS, Kindle and Windows Phone etc. But if you cannot access then you can report your status right here on this Down Today page, a place for customers to have their say.

Maybe you are having issues trying to open an account, or your Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card is not working for some unknown reason, apps are crashing as soon as you open, website really slowing or not opening at all.

You may have questions such as what are the Chase Bank opening times, or you are trying to make a transaction but its not working – Report or ask away.

CenturyLink Problems

CenturyLink provides communication and data services within 37 states in America offering Internet, phone and TV (DirecTV / Prism TV) as well as home security. But when there is an outage the main result of this majority of the time is to do with servers problems or maintenance. What is your CenturyLink service status?

One of the main CenturyLink problems is the internet being down, other issues are the website not working, not being able to download apps, trying to login but cannot.

If you are having any of the above problems or anything else we would like for you to report them, you can even ask questions and reply to other comments here. This is basically your platform for you to complain or ask questions about CenturyLink difficulties.

Windstream Problems

Customers turn to or are already using Windstream Communications services hoping to get the best Phone, Digital TV and Internet over DSL. But, now and then services are not always running as smooth as they would like. Two of the most common issues include a total Internet outage or email service not working at all.

Of course when either of above or any other Windstream problem occurs this is where you can report them. Others issues include phone network signal loss, website not loading as well as TV not working.

If you have any troubles at all with your service please do share your status below along with your location, as this helps others determine if it is only them or more widespread.

Battlefield 1 Problems

Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter game published by EA and developed by EA Dice, some may find it strange that is has been titled with the number ‘1’ even though it is the 14th installment of the franchise. Anyway, this is your dedicated Battlefield 1 complaints page, where you can report any issues you have with the game such as servers being down or getting booted etc.

When the name was first released it was then followed by an open beta, which ended on 8th September 2016, if you had any issues with the beta then please do share below.

This game for PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows like many other games may crash on you, maybe you will not be able to join others online etc and when this happens this is where you can have your say. If you have any questions about BF1 here is where you can ask them.

RBS Problems

Royal Bank of Scotland or simply known as RBS online banking can have problems, with the major ones being a total outage or Bankline login issues. In rare cases but it does happen the website and mobile apps do not load or crash upon opening. When things like these happen where do you go to complain, ask questions or just vent frustrations?

The answer to the above question is ‘HERE’, this is where you can report any issue you might be having with your RBS service, such as servers going down, issues with FacFlow, not being able to login to your account or maybe you just wish to ask a simple question about RBS servies such as opening times etc.

If you have a current, savings, business account or you have investments with RBS and having troubles please do report your service status right here with Down Today.

Barclays Problems

When you are trying to open up Barclays website or app and they are not, or maybe you’re trying to access your online bank with your login details but having problems. No matter what stresses you are having with your online internet banking this is where you can report, question and reply to others with the same issues as yourself.

Nine times out of ten Barclays online banking is safe and works very well indeed, but there are the odd days where customers have a few troubles trying to access. Being it business or personal login problems, apps keeps shutting down when trying to open, cards not working in ATMs etc we want you to share them here.

Maybe your debit or credit card are not working, transfers are not going through, not able to make bill payments online. Or it could be a simple question you need answers to such as what are Barclays opening times? When you do report a problem please put in the comments what device you are using, location and if you are a business or personal customer.

Halifax Problems

If you are having Halifax internet banking log in problems or any other issues this is where you can report them. When trying to access your online account, making a payment or sorting out transactions you need a platform that runs smoothly, but when things go wrong you need this platform to have your say.

No one likes problems but they do crop up from time to time, some of the main issues customers have with Halifax include not being able to open the website halifax.co.uk, login page not working after entering correct details, apps not opening and when they do they just crash.

Halifax caters for many customers in different areas, such as mortgages, credit cards, loans, savings, investments etc. If you are having issues in any of these areas please do comment below.

Lloyds Bank Problems

The days of walking into a Lloyds Bank branch are now basically being taken over by internet and mobile banking, but these have their issues. Some of these include not being able to access your account via website or app login because there is a server outage or website has gone down.

There are many ways to access your online account and these include desktops, laptops and mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. When there are problems this can cause customers to get very angry indeed, so why not try and get answers from others here by reporting your issue below.

Maybe you are having issues trying to open Lloyds Bank website, not able to pay a bill online because of a fault. If you have a question or problem to report please do so below along with what device you are using as well as your location.

Mediacom Problems

Maybe you live in Iowa City or Waterloo and you are experiencing a Mediacom outage and you wish to find out what is wrong, or you just wish to report an issue. Well, no matter where you live within the 22 states Mediacom operates you can complain right here on Down Today.

Mediacom supplies its customers with an array of services, such as phone service, broadband internet and TV. Worst case is when there is a total outage being it the services mentioned above or its website and apps (MobileCARE or Connect) not being accessible.

Other issues can include not being able to login to accounts, webmail not working and more. If you do wish to ask a question or report an issue please do add your location as this helps others know if it is just them or not.

MetroPCS Problems

MetroPCS is a company that provides its customers mobile internet and phone services, but what happens when there is an outage or you cannot login to your account? Of course this is when you need somewhere to report such troubles and here is where you can do so.

Are you having Metro PCS Network issues? Some of the main causes of disruption include servers going down leaving customers unable to login to their accounts, website or apps not opening as well as texts and calls not going through.

If you are having any of the above issues or have any question you wish to ask then please do so below. This is the place you can provide your service status and location. Maybe you would like to ask a question of some sort, such as Is MetroPCS open on Labor Day? Ask away.

Santander Problems

Santander once called Abbey has been a long growing bank going for many years now, but no matter how popular they are its services do falter now and then. We hope that your service is running well, but when problems do occur such as login not working or the website and app goes down because of server issues customers need a platform to complain / have their say.

Some of the main issues include servers going down, student account not opening, not being able to transfer money and login not working. If this is the case for you then please do use the commenting area below to report your troubles.

Maybe you are having problems with Santander bikes aka the Cycle scheme, your business log on is playing up, trying to contact customer services but waiting far too long or even if you are trying to just find out what the Santander opening times are, report any issues or ask away here.

Frontier Problems

Business and individual customers are well aware that Frontier Communications offer a great service providing digital TV, Internet, home phone and more. But, now and then the service does experience outage and login problems. If this is the case for you then you can report your service status right here.

Is Frontier services down for you today? This could be to do with a total server outage leaving the official website down, emails not working, email, TV or Internet going offline. No matter what the problem please report them below.

Even if you have a question about Frontier Communications ask them here, where others can reply. Maybe you are having issues with your Frontier FiOS service or the Internet is just running too slow.

Neverwinter Problems

Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter is an amazing game to play, but Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will know that when there is an issue with the game this can be a nightmare. Well, this is a dedicated page for this game for those wanting to report any issues.

This is also where you can find out if there is a Neverwinter maintenance update or somewhere to complain when there is a total server outage. What is your Neverwinter server status right now?

Some of the main problems that have occurred in the past include not being able to login, game crashes upon opening, getting stuck on the loading screen or maybe you want to have your say about cheat codes being invalid. Even if you are having troubles getting Vault of the Nine we would love to hear from you, have your say right here about the game you love.

Overwatch Problems

Many problems can occur with Overwatch and when they do occur players are not to best pleased with the situation. In the past gamers have lost connection to the Overwatch game server after error LC-202, has this ever happened to you?

If your server status is down for you today please do report right here on our Down Today Overwatch page, this is where you can list your problems with the game being it not able to login, games crashes all the time or not letting you join an online game.

This first person shooter is playable on both PS4 and Xbox One platforms so please do add in the comments with your problem what one you are playing on, as well as your location. Be sure to bookmark this page because not only can you report issues this is where you can see if there is an Overwatch maintenance taken place.