Smeco Problems

Are you experiencing a Smeco power outage today? If the answer is yes please do report your status below with issue and location. The Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative provides electricity to around 144,000 customers in southern Maryland and is a nonprofit cooperative and costs get passed to its customer-members without the profit or markup.

It’s always a pain when the Smeco service goes down, especially when there is a total power outage where all electricity fails being it in the home, business or street lights. Other main issues include not being able to login to your account, trying to find the right customer service number but keep getting through to the wrong department or bill payment transactions not working.

If you have any of the above issues or anything else please do share with us and other people that come here. If you have a complaint you can also use one of the links provided to the right of this page.

Arcadia Power Problems

Are you experiencing an Arcadia power outage today? If the answer is yes then here is where you can report your status with the issue and area you live, providing a location allows all to see where the problematic areas are. It is all well and good providing clean energy for free by paying a power bill but when service is down its not a great energy.

Problems do occur and even though some may say its not often its always a good to provide a platform for Arcadia Power complaints. Other issues that can arise include Arcadia Power website not working, not being able to login or bill payments not going through online.

This company provides its customers with renewable energy to businesses and homes from fossil fuels and at the time of posting this over 105,000 acres of US forests have been preserved.

MTA Problems

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) provides its 11 million plus customer base with bus, train, subway and transit services around New York and surrounding areas. But, when there is a power outage or any other delay this can be a cause for concern with passengers, no one likes to be late and if you are delayed we want to hear from you.

If the is an MTA power outage on any line such as the F, R and G etc or trains such as the Q train (just a few examples), with buses or any other MTA service here is where you can place a complaint or read other passengers comments.

What is your current MTA status right now? Please do let us now what transport you are using being it subway or bus etc.

JCPL Problems

This page has been created for those who are experiencing a Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) outage or having login issues. As well all know problems do occur and when they do happen to you as a customer you need a platform where to complain or read about how to resolve the matter in hand.

Here you can ask questions, report an issue you are having with JCPL as well as stay updated with the latest issues as they happen. Main issues can include total power outage, street lights going out, not being able to pay a bill online, website going offline etc.

When you do comment please do remember we have all ages visiting this page, please do report your JCPL status below.

FanDuel Problems

Here is where you can check if there is a FanDuel maintenance break or anything with the service is not working. If there is an outage or you are having login problems etc then this is where you can either read about them or you can report your current troubles.

Some of the main FanDuel problems that have happened its fan base include not being able to login to their accounts, NBA, NHL scores etc now updating, website not working as well as server or verification issues. These are just a few of them to mention but we can assure you other troubles with the service do occur.

The web-based fantasy sports game has been called a game of skill and not gambling, it is a sports base within the daily fantasy sports such as football, baseball, basketball and golf. It is as simple as choosing a contest where you can play for cash or just for fun, then you pick your players and then watch and win. Is Fanduel down for you today? Please do report your FanDuel status in the comments below, thank you.

Google Fiber Problems

Google Fiber is a superb service when all up and running, but when there is an outage this can be a cause for concern. Here is where you can report and discuss your issues you are having with Google Fiber services. It is a great way to chat online, watch videos or play a cool game with speed in mind, but issues do arise and we would love for you to report them right here.

Google Fiber was released in Kansas City then other cities followed soon after such as Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Huntsville, Louisville, Nashville, Orange County, Provo, Salt Lake City, San Antonio and more. It is a Fiber-optic communication service offering broadband Internet, TV and Google Drive online storage.

Some of the main issues include a total outage where all services go down, users have had issues in the past with speeds, not being able to login, download and installation issues as well as very slow speed internet. Maybe you have had a returning to Google Fiber TV message or your online chat is not working. No matter what troubles you are having please do report them below in the comments.

NIPSCO Problems

The Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) serves its customer base with energy such as gas and electric across northern Indiana, and when there is a power outage people need somewhere to have their say and here is where you can do so.

There are over 450,000 electric and 820,000 plus gas customers, which makes NIPSCO the second largest electric distribution company who are part of the NiSource distribution brands.

Some of the main NIPSCO problems that can occur include total power outages, gas not being supplied, websites going down, customers not being able to login to their accounts online or via mobile. In the past those using the service have had troubles paying a bill online or not being able to contact customer service. If you have an issue with any of the above mentioned or something else then please do share your status or any questions you have below.