Ryanair Problems

If you’re looking for a great holiday you need to fly to all the best locations around the world, one of the quickest ways is by flying and this is where Ryanair comes into full effect. Ryanair allows you to book direct on the official Ryanair.com website where you can get the best prices on cheap flights. But, sometimes there are issues such as the website going down with glitches or for maintenance.

Some of the main issues with Ryanair other than the odd flight delay includes not being able to access the office website due to either glitches such as not being able to log in, book flights, manage bookings and so forth and of course scheduled maintenance. 

Maybe you would like to ask questions about bookings, live chat or baggage size and luggage allowance. This is your dedicated Ryanair service status page designed just for you.

Bet365 Problems

When you want to make a bet one of the best applications for a smartphone is the Bet365 mobile app, because it offers so many different options to have a little flutter say on football, golf, boxing and more sports. For online sports you cannot beat this app, but! It does come with its issues now and then, such as the app going down and login not working.

When making bets live it can be highly frustrating when the app goes offline when using on Android or iOS devices, this is the case when Bet365 servers go down, if the app does crash on you or you cannot log in please do leave your status report below in the comments.

In the past users have complained of live streaming issues, scores not being accurate or sometimes they are not on time, if you are getting an error message or any of the problems above please let us know.

Anthem Problems

Anthem is a highly popular game that was released February 2019, and is a very addictive online multiplayer action role-playing game by BioWare published by EA.

Even though majority of the time players get to combine 3rd-person shooting and pure action gameplay there are issues now and then, such as the game servers going down for maintenance or other unknown problems.

What is your Anthem server status? We have dedicated this page for Anthem players, call it your live status page if you may! If there is a scheduled maintenance we will of course update this page with information on when and of course times. If there are any other problems you are experience with gameplay, lag, game login, connection issues or anything else please do report your status below.