FIFA 20 Problems

FIFA 20 is powered by EA servers and majority of fans were very happy indeed with its release. But new games especially ones as popular as this can go down under heavy demand, or run into other problems in certain situations. When the EA servers are not working, it could lead to a total outage hurting many other games and not only FIFA 20.

The FIFA 20 web apps started running into problems from the moment it went live with a gateway timeout in browsers so how is number 20 going to fair? Although at launch they always have teething problems due to demand and issues are a cause for concern, which is why this page is right here for you to report any such problem. Main downtime will take place through planned maintenance or even unscheduled on occasions, game crashing, lag, not being able to open matches etc.

You can access support with the FIFA 20 UT web app on the right of this page through official channels. You can also see status reports from the FIFA community below, or leave problems you are having today to share with others.

John Lewis & Partners Problems

John Lewis & Partners is one of the most common stores within the UK and with thousands of customers a day, you can imagine that there’s a lot of traffic on their website, meaning you are going to get problems here and there at some point. With that being said, in the past users have mention some issues in the past.

The most problems which occur are customers are unable to load the main John Lewis & Partners Website, meaning all they are seeing is a blank white screen, or they’re struggling to log into their account.

So therefore, if you’re someone who’s witnessing these issues we’ve just mentioned, or you are finding other problems, then feel free to let us know in the comment section below and by doing so our readers and also writers will be able to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening until your troubles have been resolved.

Sky Sports Problems

Sky Sports, as many of you know, is the best place to catch up or watch live your favourite team, whether it’s to do with football, cricket or even Formula 1. However, if you’ve scheduled your day around the fun packed action and you suddenly find that there’s an issue with either the Official Sky Sports website, or the app, then you can imagine customers becoming very annoyed.

With that being said, Sky are very good with keeping everything running smoothly, especially with the amount of people tuning in, whether they’re at home or on the go. Although, just like anything, there could well be complications every now and again.

So therefore, if you’re witness some issues and are having problems when signing into your account or with your live stream, then comment in the section below with your troubles and our writers and also readers will be able to help you along the way until this specific problem’s resolved.