4chan Problems

When the 4chan website temporarily goes offline it will be down due to many reasons, although this can involve DDOS more often than not thanks to changes in recent attacks. If you see the 4chan website down today, or any other problems, then you will normally see a status update on the homepage.

4chan.org has included a temporarily offline message in the past, but this would be a standard problem page with further news and information being found at their blog or twitter.com/4chan account. Again, in the past we have seen these areas late to deliver information about any downtime.

Users of 4chan post messages in bulletin board format with images, but they are well known by mainstream media for including leaked photos. If you have any problems getting on to the website, then leave a status update below. Remember to leave locations, as 4chan might be down in select cities or even countries thanks to regional issues.

4chan Status insight for Wednesday 27th of May 2020

If 4chan is down today, then reports will be found below.

4chan Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Zaurah

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  • Elon

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  • Anonchama

    Down for 6 hours here, it appears. I’m sure you can thank /pol/ those racist, misogynist, homophobic fucktards. Thank those autists for getting us all shut out!

  • Not Sam Hyde

    Has been down over here for about 5 hours now.

  • ciknay

    down for me. /v/s posting is frozen, and I can’t even see anything on /g/

  • Chase

    Is 4Chan down for anyone else or is it an issue my end?

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  • Mark

    4chan was down for me last night but seems to be all running ok now. Must have been something to do with John Oliver again lol.

  • Brian

    I am having issues opening certain pages, what is all this about 4chan carice van houten fappening?

  • Gilly

    The 4chan Ariel winter page was leaked but for some reason it will not open for me, well it does sometimes then other times it doesn’t.

  • Bobby

    4Chan login is down for me, not been working for like 30 minutes now.

  • David

    Is 4Chan down for anyone else today? Not able to get anything working other than the homepage.

  • shua

    Sorry guys I posted about the S.A.A.L.M. group and they shut it down.

  • Jessica

    Is 4Chan down for you or is it just me in Bristol UK?

  • Toby

    4Chan is down, it comes up with a message saying that you are basically looking at a snapshot of the page because it is unavailable right now.

  • Kuane

    The 4Chan website is not opening at all, all I get is the spinning circle and nothing more.

  • MIke

    Is 4chan down? It is down in safari, firefox, ie and chrome etc.

  • Caroline

    I cannot seem to open 4Chan website in any browser. I have tried Chrome, Safari, IE and Firefox and still nothing. Servers must be completely down.

  • Toby

    4Chan is down and not opening. Please tell me this is a server error and not a site being taken down.

  • Bee

    I am not able to login to my account.

  • Fin

    Is 4chan offline or has my account been deleted?

  • noname available

    /b/ seems to have some problems, it took years to post and the only thing i get is a gateway timeout :/

  • Martin

    Whe I am visiting 4Chan it has a message saying it is currently offline. But not to worry because its always online thanks to CloudFlare. So basically even though it looks like its online no new updates will be added until its comes back online for real.

  • Craig

    4Chan is down – The web server is returning an error.

  • Kyle

    Is 4Chan going to be closed down? I keep hearing this and then Jake below mentions it, so if anyone has any answers please do comment below.

  • Jake

    I heard 4Chan will be closing forever due to the large amount of illegal activity that takes place there.

  • Lucy

    Is anyone having any issues opening up the website? Is 4Chan actually still going?

  • SK

    4chan is run through cloudflare. In order for them to be DDOSed, Lizard Squad would have to hit Cloudflare, talking a healthy chunk of the internet with it. You know, if they were even able to take down something that well protected. Not likely. 4chan had announced server maintenance a few days ago, and it seems like Moot keeps screwing with new features and the like. They probably just spawned more bugs than they could handle with the changes and are rushing to salvage the new features.

  • Darren

    The homepage loads really slowly, then I get the offline page. I wonder if some people can get on, but they limit connections to their servers. Anyone getting on at all today?

  • Sol

    It’s down for 3rd time with month, London.

  • Dan

    Once again 4chan is down. They have to be under attack from one of these DDOS groups, or hackers, but I can’t understand why the official Twitter page isn’t given feedback. Nothing, just the problem with servers messiah and temporarily offline page.

  • Kerry

    Nothing on the blog, or their Twitter. An update would be nice 4chan, why are you down again today?

  • Tony

    Down again, here in Chicago.

  • Mike

    4Chan is being hit by Lizard Squad’s DDoS tool they rent out.

  • Dan

    The website come back up earlier, but now I see the same temporarily offline page again for 4chan. This is getting silly, I guess they are still under attack.

  • ron

    It’s back up online right now, New York.

  • Rob

    4Chan has been down for over 5 hours, UK.

  • Sin


  • Mike

    4chan is down for me in SF, USA.

  • Billy

    I see the temporarily offline message in London, UK.

  • Billy

    Lizard Squad just mentioned the server problems, I wonder if they are behind this?

4chan Reports

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