Battlefield Hardline Problems

This page is ideal for players that what to share Battlefield Hardline server status updates, or to report problems with the game itself in both beta and eventually retail form.

Battlefield Hardline beta problems were expected due to this being a test version, although those taking part didn’t expect the install to stop working on PS4, and Xbox. Thousands also commented on the loading time being very slow with the early version, as such you can confirm if you are also seeing such issues below.

You can expect regular patches to fix problems, although for now we’d love to hear when a server goes down and other issues that help the community get fixes faster.

Battlefield Hardline Status insight for Thursday 4th of June 2020

If Battlefield Hardline is down today, then reports will be found below.

Battlefield Hardline Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Rylee Bruce

    Can’t get on any Battlefield EA server 5-15-19


    Suddenly everytime i try to play heist or hotwire and get sent to the same map by myself. Anyone having the same problems?

  • Leon

    I’ve been playing battlefield Hardline for about a month now and about 4 days ago the map the block stoped working I didn’t mine as it was only 1 map and then yesterday the map growhouse has stoped working the game is like know no scratches or anything so that’s not the problem IV uninstalled the update and that didn’t work can someone help me plz as now it’s doing my heading haveing to leave the game before them maps start up I’m playing on PS3

  • wishmaster_ahm

    My internet goes down immediatly after I login bfh servers, tried other online games with same requirements and there was no problem at all, I investigated it thoroughly and tried different trouble shooting actions to identify the problem, finally I reached a clear conclusion without any doubt its bfh that makes my internet goes down,strange it’s either their servers or my bfh profile either case its bf problem not my router not my isp not the ps4 , other games do just fine, if anyone face the exact strange problem or tried different things to solve this plz help.

  • Jose Espinoza

    I still cant play online please fix

  • Alex Hicks

    I’m still waiting for someone to join tried Deathmatch and hotwire nothing so I’m just patrolling the map

  • Stuart Macdonald

    Still can’t play online… Please fix this

  • Sick Ness

    The only problem I’m having is that there r NO HEIST servers, I can find Conquest Deathmatch Hotwire and blood Money but no Heist

  • michaela “sniper” foxy

    Still no official EA servers on hardline,getting nowhere with EA

  • Don Salieri

    The official servers for the maps that came with the game are not being displayed on the server browser!

  • michaela “sniper” foxy

    Why is all servers down in battlefield hardline,all my saved servers have all gone

  • Ayman Sadiq

    Just downloaded the game and tried many time to play multiplayer and I only receive this message ‘you lost connection to the session’

  • Mighty_Morphin_Blk_Pwr

    I fixed the issue. I simply factory reset my home router, signed out on my xbox one and restarted the console. I launched BF:H and now I’m connected to multiplayer. That was the greatest satisfaction i felt in awhile after having trouble since Thanksgiving 2016.

  • sean

    I’m having same problem. It really sucks.

  • sean

    Someone help mee pls. So I bought this game to play online multiplayer. But when I clicked on multiplayer. It takes a while for it to do anything. Then randomly pops up as EA SERVER not found or something along the lines. Can anyone help me understand how I can get this fixed as I really wanted to play online. And it’s something to do with EA SERVER. My email address is. [email protected]. Someone pls help.

  • Dean9472

    Bought the game yesterday and it downloaded to 48% and it lets me access the episodes but as soon as I start to play it kicks me right off! Every other game I have for the PS4 works fine but this one doesn’t

  • Slaughter_daughter

    whats going with xbox one bf hardline multiplayer?
    error – connectionto ea servers was lost….

  • Nathaniel Brown

    I installed hardline and got to the next to last mission and it’s saying do I own this game or app and won’t let me play and says I need to pay for it again pls fix this and give me my hardline back because this is ridiculous

  • Rob

    Me 2

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