Status of Companies, Products and Services

2K server status


The 2K server status will impact a number of titles under this publisher and developer of video games.

4chan temporarily offline


When the 4chan website temporarily goes offline it will be down due to many reasons, although this can involve DDOS more often than not thanks to changes in recent attacks.

Amazon, AWS and Video Streaming Problems


Amazon problems and any website outage will depend on the service you are using, especially considering Amazon has a number of services on offer.

AOL email problems


The AOL services includes email, internet, and an online website that all run into problems on occasion with a total outage in the more extreme situations.

Apple Store

Apple Store

Is the Apple Store down right now? Normally, the online retail location for Apple will stop working just before new products release, although on occasion they will run into problems or unplanned maintenance.

Argos website problems


Argos is one of the most well known online shopping destinations in the UK, which first made its success as an offline retailer in the UK and Ireland.

AT&T service problems and no signal


The status of an AT&T outage across the United States will be felt by landlines, phone service, and even 911 systems if the are down today.

Bank of America problems

Bank of America

The Bank of America website and company offer services to businesses and individuals for credit cards, mortgages, savings accounts, and loans, although their services will run into problems on occasion.

BART SF current delays to schedule


BART San Francisco current delays to the set schedule can be seen here with reported status updates by passengers and official news releases.

Battlefield Hardline server problems?

Battlefield Hardline

The Battlefield Hardline game is due to launch this year, but server problems have already started thanks to a beta launching early in 2015.

BBC iPlayer problems

BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer is a well known video streaming platform that can be found online, as an iPhone and iPad app, on Android devices, Smart TVs, and many other devices.

BBM problems


When BlackBerry Messenger problems strike they will come in different forms that impact users in various ways. So, your BBM problems today could be due to the servers going down, or you might not be able to send and add contacts right now.

Best Buy

Best Buy

The Best Buy website won’t normal go down, but during massive events like Black Friday and Thanksgiving you can certainly expect some disruption.

Bright House Internet and Cable TV

Bright House

Bright House Networks provides Internet services to a number of locations including central Florida.

BT email problems

BT email

British Telecom offer a number of services that include phone, broadband, TV, and other internet services. One of the most common problems with their services tends to be BT email problems.

Candy Crush Saga problems

Candy Crush

Candy Crush Saga is one of the latest instalments for this app that can be found on Facebook, Android and iOS devices.

Charter Internet outage

Charter Communications

Charter Communications might experience an Internet outage on occasion, but their services are not limited to just broadband access and also include cable television and home phones.

Comcast Internet outage


Is there a Comcast Internet service outage in your area? If your service is running a little slow, or completely down then you would likely see details within the status reports.

Cox Internet outage

Cox Communications

Problems with Cox Communications are mainly reported to be an Internet outage, although the company also offer cable television and a phone service for homes.

Craigslist website


The Craigslist website is one of the most basic designs you will ever see thanks to the service focusing on local classifieds, or forums, which redirect users to content based on your global location.

Destiny server status and problems


When the Destiny servers are not available you can discover issues in a number of ways, which can be during the sign-in process or with server connection errors.

DriveClub PS4 server problems


DriveClub has been in development for years and the PlayStation 4 allowed for the dream to finally be realized. This is the statement made by PlayStation during the DriveClub PS4 launch.

DVLA website


If the DVLA website is down today, it could be stopping you from doing a multitude of tasks that the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency offers.

eBay sign in problems


The worlds most successful online auction business has to be eBay and as such they run into problems occasionally.

EE network problems and no signal


Everything Everywhere provides services focused on mobile phones and home broadband, so you can gain access to the Internet or make calls at home and while mobile.

Evolve video game


Evolve is a video game arriving in February, 2015, although it is currently in a big Alpha test on Xbox One.

FIFA 18 EA servers and web app


The FIFA 18 web app started running into problems from the moment it went live, although at that time it was not working due to demand.

Google Drive problems

Google Drive

Google Drive lives in the cloud and allows users to keep all their files close no matter where they are.

GTA 5 Online server problems?

Grand Theft Auto 5

The fifth and best Grand Theft Auto game released in September 2013 and brings a number of new features, which include the ability to choose between three playable characters.



If Hulu is down right now then you’ll know about it within status updates from our readers.

iHeartRadio‎ website, or app not working


The iHeartRadio‎ website and app will go down, or run into problems on occasion. When the service is not working, it could upset thousands if iHeartRadio is their music destination of choice.

iMessage not working


Apple’s iMessage has come along way over the past couple of years, but even with all improvements things do run into problems.

Is Facebook down? Status on problems


Is Facebook down today? When there is problems, millions around the world know about it and this is due to the fact that this social network has over one billion mobile users alone.

Is Twitter server down, problems shared?


Twitter created success through a simple approach to online messaging with a very short number of characters, although the success this social network has will lead to Twitter outages on occasion.

Netflix problems


Netflix will run into problems like most video streaming services and this might be due to unexpected demand, server issues, or even planned maintenance.

NHTSA safety website problems


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website aims to keep vehicle owners informed.

OkCupid issues


OkCupid is another popular dating website that can experience issues from time-to-time, which include login and app problems along with OkCupid going down.

Origin and EA status for servers

Origin and EA

When there’s Origin login problems, or the EA servers are not available and go down then you can be sure this status will hit many games.

Outlook and Hotmail problems?


If you are running into Outlook or Hotmail problems, then you might find the service totally down today via their website, Android and iOS apps, or through other services.

PayPal Problems


Paypal is one of the most well known online payment systems that will run into problems in a variety of ways.



One of the biggest photo sharing social networks, if Pinterest went down today it would mean those that share photos across millions of blogs might be very frustrated right now.

Plenty of Fish problems

Plenty of Fish

The Plenty of Fish dating website rarely goes down with such reports hitting headlines a few times a year, although the sites popularity means thousands will want to know when the service is back.

Problems with 3 (Three) UK?


The 3 (Three) UK service operates on both mobile phones and tablets like the iPad. They offer SMS, mobile internet, and voicemail services and Three UK will go down on occasion.

Problems with Apple Pay

Apple Pay

The Apple Pay service allows users to purchase at stores with their fingerprint thanks to Touch ID on iPhones and iPads.

Problems with Call of Duty

Call of Duty

The Call of Duty video game franchise is so big that millions will be impacted all at once when servers go down, or when multiplayer isn’t working for some reason.

Problems with Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a mobile app game for popular platforms like Android and iOS, although they are still backed by servers keeping everything running when playing in multiplayer against other gamers.

Problems with Instagram


When Instagram is down it becomes clear very quickly on social networks and any official channels, so finding out the server status might not need uptime charts.

Problems with iTunes


When problems with iTunes and its store take the service down, it’s obviously going to upset and the popularity of apps along with software updates can only mean millions will be troubled.

Problems with League of Legends

League of Legends

Millions play League of Legends and when server problems arrive it will certainly be felt by these online gamers on PC and Mac.

Problems with SingStar servers


The SingStar game is now on PS4 and PS3, although its popularity can either slow or take down the servers completely in busy times.

Problems with Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Communications offers Wireless services that include mobile internet, phones, SMS, voice mail, and also other television and broadband services.

Problems with WOW Internet and Cable TV


The WOW internet, phone and cable TV company was known before as WideOpenWest Networks. When problems arise in most cases it will be related to their broadband internet service going down.

PSN problems

Playstation Network (PSN)

PlayStation Network is the well known online gaming service that connects owners of the PS3, PS4, and other Sony game platforms. maintenance


When is down it can be due to scheduled maintenance to servers or even in some rare cases an attack of some sort.

Sky broadband slow, or not working


Find out if Sky broadband is down today or if other customers report slow internet.

Sky Now TV issues

Now TV

Seeing the Sky service down on your Now TV isn’t fun, especially when you get problems during a vital moment.

Snapchat problems?


Those of you that can’t log-in to Snapchat and are getting errors might want to see if the service is down today, or at least check for reports on other problems with the chat app.

Sprint Network Problems


The Sprint Network delivers a range of mobile Internet, voice mail, SMS, and phones to home and business customers that can be hit with an outage from time to time.



Steam will let you download games via its online platform with regular sales to entice further game purchases.

Tesco Direct

Tesco Direct

Tesco Direct is one of the biggest shopping websites in the UK for everything gaming, technology, for your home, toys, and much more that can also be picked up in-store.

Time Warner problems

Time Warner Cable

When a Time Warner Cable outage strikes it can involve a number of services thanks to the range of products on offer, which include telephone, broadband Internet, and television services.

Tinder not working?


The Tinder app reinvents dating on Android and iOS, but when it is not working there will be thousands complaining about certain problems.



The most common problems with WhatsApp when it goes down is normally related to the apps server connection, sign in, or sending and receiving of messages/photos.

Xbox Live problems

Xbox Live

Considering the amount of Xbox Live users, when problems occur or the servers go down you can count on millions of people wondering what’s going on?

Yahoo Mail problems

Yahoo Mail

There’s a number of ways to access Yahoo Mail that Down Today readers mention, and these include a free email app on most platforms, an online sign in, and other methods that all run into problems occasionally.



Youtube is known to be the biggest online video service and future success is assured thanks to being backed by Google.