Boots Down Today?

During big promotions there can be problems with the Boots website as it can be in high demand, due to an overwhelming amount of people visiting their online store at once. However, it can also happen on regular days as well and we know this, thanks too many customers explain what their issues are. Many reports in the past have mentioned that the website has frozen, coming up with a blank white screen or having trouble whilst at the checkout as they’re about to pay.

Boots Status insight for Tuesday 18th of June

If Boots is down today, then reports will be found below.

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1 month ago

App random log out. Can’t log in again. Website not much better

2 months ago

Basket shows number of items, but when logging in and going to check in, I’m being informed that my basket is empy

what field
3 months ago

i can’t even get the login page.

6 months ago

I can’t access to my boots favourites

8 months ago

Cannot pay for my order says sorry failed internal validation checks. Tried different cards, using points and different phones and won’t work. Co rated books who were zero help and said can’t disclose reasons but failed internal validation checks!!

kate harrolds
9 months ago
Reply to  janina kenny

same, it just keeps kicking me out or saying error 503

Zaabit Cooli Shintit
9 months ago
Reply to  AL221

They’ve told me to try again on Monday.

Zaabit Cooli Shintit
9 months ago
Reply to  Nuriia

Same here since Tuesday.

Zaabit Cooli Shintit
9 months ago
Reply to  Maureen

Exactly same problem that I’ve had. Been trying to order since Tuesday. I’ve phoned them numerous times. Now been told to try again on Monday.

Zaabit Cooli Shintit
9 months ago
Reply to  janina kenny

Been trying since Tuesday. Helpline suggested i try again on Monday

janina kenny
9 months ago

cannot pay for order on line today has anyone else had problem

10 months ago

I have been unable to get into the boots vaccination wed sit for the last 2 days and the only way to get a vaccination is to do it on line not very helpful

11 months ago

Can’t pay for my items today.Tried several different options and none work . Terrible website.seems no rush to get it sorted

11 months ago

Can’t log in to order my prescription for 2 days now. When will system be restored?

Robert Traczyk
1 year ago

Unable to log new advantage card ,Message displayed “Contact system administrator” .Please advise

Jacqueline Fletcher
1 year ago
Reply to  Iptisam Ahmed

Yes won’t let me check out.

Iptisam Ahmed
1 year ago

I have being having an issue with purchasing items in boots website.I keep going round a circle whenever I check out.Is anyone else experiencing the same issue

1 year ago

I have always hated the Boots website. Its never really worked. Its always been SUPER slow, it sends you in endless circles, you can rarely if ever log in. Everything infact that the other commentors have complained about. You’d think in this day and age, after all these years Boots could afford to employ a decent web developer/designer to sort out their issues. Its shocking!

Karen S
1 year ago

I’ve been having these issues for last 3 days with URI being too long, basket being emptied, not letting me check out. Clearly they dont want our money. Will go try superdrug.

1 year ago

Website wont open, cant do anything, its like ive been blocked haha

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