Boots Problems

During big promotions there can be problems with the Boots website as it can be in high demand, due to an overwhelming amount of people visiting their online store at once. However, it can also happen on regular days as well and we know this, thanks too many customers explain what their issues are. Many reports in the past have mentioned that the website has frozen, coming up with a blank white screen or having trouble whilst at the checkout as they’re about to pay.

Boots Status insight for Wednesday 28th of October 2020

If Boots is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Boots Reports

@BootsUK is there something wrong with the website - trying to checkout I’m clicking pay and it’s not working

@J_a_m_e_s1 @ilona_mclean @KirstieMAllsopp @parsnip45 @BootsUK Depressing but true. What's more depressing is a gov locking down when it's not working an causing mental health issues, suicides, other deaths not from covid. You can be against the way covid is being dealt with and still have compassion for people with mental health issues 🤦‍♀️

@BonsellPhil @specs55 @KirstieMAllsopp @BootsUK OMG you def are a bot. Blue collar is not working class anymore so I would give up. I also noticed your spelling was americanese in your previous tweet in some words.

@specs55 @BarbaraDenning3 @KirstieMAllsopp @BootsUK I am working class and if you’re under the illusion that any sensible pensioner or low income person can’t find a hundred quid or so for something they need you’re obviously not blue collar . We put a bit by for emergencies

@BootsUK is your website down? It won't let me log in to my acct and when I add items to basket it comes up with a note saying 'no items added to the basket'.

@BootsUK delivery yesterday need to contact you tried email not working items poorly packaged and damaged

@TENnails10 @BootsUK As I stated already, I am a scientist working in this field & I can assure you this is not correct.Cruelty Free International do not endorse in vivo testing & audit all the suppliers of the products to ensure that no ingredient is or ever was.This is a regulatory & legal process!

@BootsUK don’t know if you can help me but I’m having problems using my advantage card on the app and says not registered !

Is the @BootsUK website down? Won’t let me past checkout page 🙄