Boots Problems

The main Boots problems include the website going down for maintenance or other reasons. When the retailing beauty site is down you will normally see a message saying, ¬†We’ll be back soon.

Boots is one of the most well known online shopping destinations in the UK for beauty products, as well as baby products and gift sets. If the Boots website is down or you’re experiencing online ordering issues it can be a nightmare for those relying on this store for their shopping needs.

Other common problems can be down to not baing able to log in to your account, or the website is up but just running very slowly. Downtime not only impacts customers, it also a loss for the company. If the Boots website is down right now, or the online ordering isn’t working then leave your status update below. You will also be able to see problems reported by others as well.

Boots Status insight for Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

If Boots is down today, then reports will be found below.

Boots Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Ali T

    Can’ t login or pay

  • Ali T

    I can’t login today nor pay for the goodies in my basket. A status message would be greatly appreciated..

  • Ali T

    Not allowing me to log in nor pay for my basket goodies… a message about this status would be very much appreciated!

  • clouty

    I can’t get to the log on page today or yesterday. 18/03/2020 8:01
    Just get a generic page up.

  • Rebecca

    website is down for 5 hours already, says generic error

  • Paul Sheppard

    Location service not working.

  • Bob

    The “use my location” service isn’t working properly when checking for stock availability. More than 60% of the time it doesnt work when you click “use my location” and worse, typing in the post code doesnt help either… Please! Fix this.

  • Mark

    Boots website is down with we’ll be back soon We’re really busy right now as so many of you are shopping our amazing deals. Please try again soon when you’ll be able to shop more great offers.

Boots Reports

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