Bright House Problems

Bright House Networks now Spectrum provides Internet services to a number of locations including central Florida that include Lakeland, Tampa Bay, Daytona Beach, and Orlando. Other than broadband access, they also offer security, cable television and home phone services in the same areas, as well as Bakersfield and west suburban Detroit.

When Bright House Internet or cable TV goes down, it will obviously only be reported in the areas mentioned that fall within their coverage. Problems can range from Internet connection errors to a total blackout, or more complicated issues with other services they provide.

If your Spectrum Internet is down today, or you have other problems then you can share these within the status report section. There’s also official contact information to the right, which allows you to complain directly or reach-out for support.

Bright House Status insight for Friday 27th of May 2022

If Bright House is down today, then reports will be found below.

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