BT email Down Today?

BT offers a number of services that include phone, broadband, TV and other internet services, although one of the most common problems with their service tends to be BT email, which a lot of their users will aim to find out the status and if there’s an outage of some sort. Usually the most reported issues are people unable to send and receive emails, which as you can imagine those who use this for work can be left feeling rather annoyed.

BT email Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If BT email is down today, then reports will be found below.

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1 month ago

Had a battle trying to get into my email after the change. NOT technical so half the advice is given in language I don’t understand which doesn’t help. Today I can’t get in at all – Getting a message ‘Too Many Requests’

2 months ago

can send emails but not receive them

Jenny Venus
2 months ago

Having problems accessing emails, I can’t even get onto the website

5 months ago

Fruitless 45 minutes last night going round in circles with BT email trying to log in myself. Managed to get a real person on the phone this morning. 35 minutes later after he went through the same frustration as me he said it was “the platform” and suggested waiting a few hours. To be fair, his colleague did ring me back this afternoon and after a further 57 minutes did manage to get me into 2 email accounts. I’ve just tried to log back in and guess what..? I can’t. “We’ve protected your account for your security” is the result
Everything was fine until BT messed about with the log in process. Why don’t they leave it alone or test it BEFORE unleashing it on the public to stress test it (I choose my word carefully)? But the Directors still get paid megabucks and the Non-Exec Directors fail to hold their feet to the fire. Meanwhile the ‘customers’ have to put up with p… p… performance.

Keith Howlett
8 months ago

Cannot send emails from the IPad as server errors with btinternet….why?

10 months ago

I am unable to log into my emails today keep getting Code: TS-0003, not using a VPN but did try to log in this afternoon remotely to work unsuccessfully. Web chatted but no solution and I lost the will to carry on knowing I will have to go through this again.

1 year ago

Yet again BT email fails to send.
This is now boring.
Guess I’ll have to try the web service – hopefully not suspended again for no reason.

1 year ago

Can’t log in now, even though I did earlier this morning. West Sussex.

Alan Fryer
1 year ago

All the emails in my Inbox between 27th July and today (30th August) had disappeared when I logged in this morning. I found a few in the Trash folder (though I’m pretty sure I hadn’t deleted them) but the rest are nowhere to be seen.

geoffrey gower
1 year ago

Several times over the last 5-6 weeks I have been unable to use BT email due to the router being off line/troublesome. Message is
This page isn’t working at the momentI “the problem continues, contact the site owner .I guess over the time I have not had email for some 7-8 hours.I live in Colchester ,Essex , post code CO2

Peter Barrett
1 year ago

I’m unable to sign in, using google, safari etc… I keep getting that annoying message in red that the connection is not private…. Come on BT… fix this issue… Your customers need to check on urgent emails, and whilst we all wait, our inbox is filling up with rubbish!

See Le Bee
1 year ago

Frequently getting …. ERROR This request was aborted. when trying to open my email on an iMac using Safari.

2 years ago

BT Yahoo – down since yesterday. Server outage?!!!!

2 years ago

No access to BT emails since Saturday 05/03 – still no access as of Sunday @ 09:47. Yet again BT fails to keep customers updated – no explanations given. The maintenance page is as useful as a chocolate teapot.

kimberly fox
2 years ago

I am unable to log into my emails today keep getting Code: TS-0003

2 years ago

Can send but not receive emails today??

2 years ago

I cant reply to emails or download attachments or send emails either! I have a time critical response that has to go out tomorrow. HELP!

2 years ago

For some reason I am not able to send emails. The dangerous thing is that even though emails are not sent, it registers in my sent folder. Please help

Mary Green
2 years ago

6.2.22 can send but not receive. Four days now…

2 years ago

I’ve had no emails for two days and cannot send any!!!

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