BT email Problems

BT offers a number of services that include phone, broadband, TV and other internet services, although one of the most common problems with their service tends to be BT email, which a lot of their users will aim to find out the status and if there’s an outage of some sort. Usually the most reported issues are people unable to send and receive emails, which as you can imagine those who use this for work can be left feeling rather annoyed.

BT email Status insight for Tuesday 4th of August 2020

If BT email is down today, then reports will be found below.

BT email Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Dan

    One think I learned about BT Fibre is, if you’re getting under 5Mbps then you might want to restart your router, as this fixes most issues. If it’s still slow, or down completely, then it’s most likely an outage.

  • Phil Anderson

    Philip Anderson. Now you are asking me to login to my email, I can’t login I can’t get in I have been lock out.

  • Phil Anderson

    Philip Anderson. I can’t login to my BT E-mail I am getting the message that says I have ether used the wrong e-mail address or pass word, but I have not I know my e-mail address and pass word this has been for four days now, BT you have locked me out, Who can I call to BT to fix this problem.

  • Graeme Hatton

    None of the BT Email functions are working. Receiving mail but not able to Reply, Delete, Move to Folders, Read emails remain in an unread status. Cannot save attachments.

  • P Crewe

    Have been having problems with BT Yahoo mail not syncing with Microsoft Outlook since BT e mail problems in September. After my first problem not syncing on September 4 BT fixed the problem after numerous telephone conversations (and failure to call me back on a 2 hour slot selected by BT on 4 occasions) on Septmeber 17.
    On October 1 the identical problem recurred Outlook showed error message 0x80042110 . I can send from Outlook still but cannot retrieve mail from BT Yahoo mail.
    BT Yahoo mail works to send and receive messages but even when I have cleared all messages from my Inbox it indictes there is 1 message in my Inbox.
    I managed to archive the non existing message but still get the same error message when attempting to use Outlook.
    I have had many phone calls from BT usually at 2 day intervals and my problem has bee passed to the Yahoo team but still the problem persists.
    Thinking of going back to pen and paper
    Anyone got any ideas that will solve the problem.

  • Eddie

    can log into email but messages won’t open. I just get a rotating blue circle.

  • Sue Collett

    At the time it did and I have to do this every day for over the past week and today now no emails at all downloaded it is blank but says it is updated now!! I am in despair. BT constantly tell me I need to go to the web!! They say they do not support 3rd party applications. All is well with Icloud and gmail accounts. BT have promised numerous times to call me between certain times and failed on every occasion. I have tried escalating but that has so far elicited no response although I was promised it would (The Techncal team in India as I am told they are the experts) Cant tell you how many hours I am spending on the phone and I need to see my mails on the move – Please someone out there help me!! Not all BT accounts experience this problem but there are many that do. BT say they dont know about this problem!!!

  • PJ

    I access email from a phone (Gmail) a tablet (Huawei client) and a PC (Thunderbird). The first two leave messages on the server, Thunderbird downloads them, stores them locally and deletes them from the server. Yesterday (25.10.19) none of them would work until about 9pm, when they came back. This morning, none of them works again. BT’s attitude seems to be “Web mail works, so that’s OK then”. It isn’t. Webmail is a poor second.

  • Sue Stott

    Is there a current problem? I can receive emails but not send

  • Geoff Oldfield

    All my emails received today have disappeared from my inbox, not just in outlook but also on the BT mail server. Have checked all my folders and the deleted items and junk folders without success.

  • Pete

    Did the deletion of acct and reconnecting the acct to the iPad / iPhone work..?

  • oliver4

    W11 not working at all -anyone else?

  • Sue

    I am having nightmare with my Bt account mail. Spent hours on phone and with IT only for it to right itself a day or so later. Just updated to IOS 13 on IPhone and no mails downloading. Have had to delete and input account several times following same problem Then tonight can’t even reach server to install again. Nor can I get it on iPad or my computer or web. What the hell is going on. And of course there is no way they will accept there is a problem! No wonder I want to leave after all these years with them

  • Paul Fisher

    I have a constant cyclic problem with MT BT emails when using outlook and other email clients on PC’s Mac & IPhone one day it is working fine the next it fails normally it is an SMTP error or a IMAP or both, BT has assured they have made changes to resolve this. Can we use BT email abroad as before it regularly failed

  • Is there a problem with btinternet email today as I can’t get it on either my lap top or iphone although I can clearly see it via its internet portal?

  • Sandy Boniface

    I have not been able to access my BTmail for the last 3 weeks on either of my 2 laptops, if I put in my login details I get the message “You’re not currently logged in to email – to login, click here”, which then sends me round the same loop. However I can login to MyBT without any problems, and I can access my emails on my mobile phones(one an iphone and one a Samsung) and my Samsung tablet.

  • Richard

    Is anyone having issues connecting to BT Mail via there phone today, I can access mail via the web but not by phone.

  • Scottie

    Not able to access BT Yahoo mail om POP3 or IMAP

  • Stephen_Butcher

    I use my phone’s pre-loaded Email app as default but also have Yahoo Email. Neither were working. 2 days ago I thought I’d try reinstalling Yahoo using the link provided on this site, after which I started receiving emails again, but only on Yahoo. The next day my default Email app started working again and so far, touch wood, is still OK. First the calendar, then the emails! What is BT playing at?

  • Chris Meitiner

    Still not working

  • Vincent Farlow

    I’m still getting nothing and BT still havent said anything have they

  • Mike Fitch

    Reading on a BT forum today that somebody removed their POP3 account and set up an IMAP account instead – and it worked and they could download all their emails. Rather than delete my POP3 account I tried an IMAP account on a different PC; it worked after initially having a sync error – which rectified itself. The strange thing is, immediately, my original PC with POP3 burst into action and again downloaded all the emails from the last five days. I hope that this will work for others with a POP3 problem.

  • Chris Meitiner

    Still not working, rubbish service

  • Alan

    My BT email ( via PC (MS Outlook client) still not working since Friday 6th Sept. Can logon to BT site. No explanation. Expect better for BT.

  • Vincent Farlow

    Cant even log on. Why cant bt make a statement

  • Mike Fitch

    Can send, but can’t still receive

  • Stephen_Butcher

    Synced and receiving emails briefly this afternoon but outbox messages not sent. Back to repeatedly being asked to sign in but not syncing. Maddening!

  • Stephen_Butcher

    Me too!

  • Mike Fitch

    Still no emails this morning (Sunday 8th). This getting beyond a joke.

  • Stephen_Butcher

    Problems on phone. Away from home so can’t check pc. Repeatedly asked to log in but at least still syncing until 2050 yesterday since when not receiving and cannot send. Spent a fruitless hour and a half trying to sort it.

  • Vincent Farlow

    I havent been able to access mine at all for 3 days now

  • Chris Meitiner

    Outlook is still not sending or receiving still, when are they going to fix it ??

  • Mike Fitch

    Into day three now, still no emails received on my PC (Outlook) – Yahoo and BT please get your act together!

  • Steve Powlesland

    Mines not working again and again, have been with BT from the start, time to change

  • Simon Taylor

    seems to download on two of my accounts but not the ‘main’ account… logged in to BT Internet website for mail and can see it there but not via my iPhone or iPad.. anyone know whats happening?

  • Steve

    Seems to work today but still a gap in receipts from 07:00 to 14:00 yesterday.

    And not a hint of apology or explanation.

  • Mike Fitch

    Though I can read my BT emails on my phone, I can’t receive them on my PC (error 0x80042110 displayed). My wife can receive on the same PC though. (Norfolk NR13)

  • ard

    Only I can do with email is receiving them, cannot do much things yet so far.
    All emails received before yesterday in inbox are blanc.
    I’m in Norfolk

  • email still not working in Tullibody Clackmannanshire FK10

  • Maurice O ‘ Rourke

    I have my email back on my laptop, but it wont sync on my phone now! I have changed the password but that doesn’t help?

  • ard

    I’m in Norwich Norfolk.
    can now log in.
    Yet it doesn’t work properly, delete mails and tick the mails and so on.

  • Steve

    Been buggerup all day for me too. POP3 now working but big gap. IMAC still down. I am in the Welsh Marches though seems a national issue.

  • David Boobyer

    Me too.

  • Nigel Wright

    For info I am in Bucks

  • Nigel Wright

    I have received emails to my ipad but not my pc and I have 2 outgoing emails stuck in my outbox

  • David Boobyer

    The service appears to be back but I’m missing the 20 or so sales emails I usually get………plus, who knows what! If I go onto the BT site and access my emails that way, they’re missing there too!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul Ekins

    yes I want to know that as there are a lot missing ??

  • Blobe

    Same .

  • Ash

    what happens to the missing emails – will they be queued and show up eventually. Sorry for the dumb question – but never had an outage of this length before

  • Heather Dorchester

    Yes, back on now but there’s a gap of 8 hours and I know some ‘regulars’ have not come through.

  • David

    In Northumberland – email back now but missing all emails sent to me during the outage

  • Ash

    At last mine is now available. I have a big 8.5 hour hole too – but I did just receive a recently sent message!

  • David Devonport

    Looks like Bt Email back in Noth West Lancashire Coast but still not recieved any new Email since 05.45hrs this morning

  • julie AMER

    4 emails just came through ( Im in Bham ) but still none from the 7 hour gap since 7.30am

  • Lynda Tate

    Still down and I want to know why I have to have Yahoo when I pay fort BT?

  • Charles Earle

    Mine still down. No sign of an apology from BTor Libby Barr who is usually ready to threaten us Yahoo customers with curtailment unless we buy broadband from BT but strangely reluctant to fess up for service failures

  • recd at 1432 leyburn n yorks

  • just recd emails

  • Ash

    Unfortunately mine is still firmly down here in SW London – that is now 8+ hours and counting….

  • Jake G Martin

    Email back up, sort of!
    I’m still waiting for an email I sent from another account and I’m missing all emails within a seven hour window this morning.

  • AK

    even here Central London opp BT HQ.

    nothing 2.07pm

  • Ashgeuze

    Email is up now but ………. tried sending a test email from my newly opened gmail account………….. still waiting for it to arrive in both my btinternet and yahoo a/c………. πŸ™

  • sje333

    It’s visible but not usable, can’t send or receive emails (DOH)

  • David Devonport

    Wouldn’t the world be a poor place to be, if everyone had the Don’t Care Attitude that BT and Yahoo have towards customer’s

  • David Boobyer

    We should all ask for a rebate. That’s the only way they’ll take notice.

  • Ashgeuze

    …….. but with an e-mail gap from when the outage began πŸ™

  • jane kelly

    email still not working in Norfolk!

  • David Devonport

    Not back in Nort West Lancashire yet

  • Ash

    Mine is still not. The site states still technical problems with Yahoo. 7 hours now!

  • Ashgeuze

    Back on here in Renfrewshire………. for now .

  • sje333

    Mines now back

  • Bryn

    In East Yorkshire and no emails since early morning. Finally got through to BT who suggested it could take several hours. Not happy!

  • Inez

    No email access in North Cumbria and tried a few different ways to logon. Internet is OK … just no email.

  • Sue

    Email been off 6 hours now in Whitley Bay, North Tyneside.

  • CW

    Badly designed cloud-based systems. No working resilience. This should not happen these days!


    Relieved (although annoyed) that it’s a BT Yahoo problem and not the hacking I was fearing. No email traffic since 6.30 am here in Suffolk ( down the road from BT research HQ!!!). Frustrating!

  • Tim Young

    BT Internet access seems ok here in North Yorkshire but no BT Yahoo emails for over 5 hours now (since 7.14am). It seems that AOL and SKY are having outages too. The backlog of emails is going to be huge so I guess it’s going to take a lot longer to clear up this mess. Not happy.

  • none here in rustington either

  • Ash

    My btinternet mail account has been down since about 6am here in SW London

  • sje333

    Don’t disagree but do you really think that will happen? ……………………………..
    How big a problem is it really in the bigger scheme of things? All other communication forms are still available.

  • reddo

    This is pretty bad. BT need to waive the next months payments as a sign of goodwill and backcharge the US if they are the cause.

  • Hadleighboy

    Seems that all of this is a Yahoo issue in the US where it is still the middle of the night.Yahoo apparently doing “maintenance!!!!”

  • Mark White

    Come on BT , having all the comments, please answer this….
    1. Why would you do maintenance at Morning peak time??
    2. If it is “maintenance” why not do it at 2 am, when usage is lower??
    3. If it is a failure tell us please!!!

    4. Please be honest with your customers, we pay your salary!!

  • Mark White

    Seems to be all of UK??

  • Mark White

    Bt email down in Worcestershire as of 11.45!

  • Ak

    not working here Greenwich 11.47am

  • Manuela Lumber

    Still no internet in West Wales….I want a refund and compensation for not being told a the ‘maintanance work ‘by BT

  • stevehill6

    Nothing in Oxford since some time in the middle of last night. The last message received was 01.41 a.m.

  • sje333

    You can always ring them and vent your spleen (not sure it will escalate resolution of the issue) It’s the same with any service provider I’m afraid, you have to evaluate the service level and decide if it’s acceptable to you. If not then vote with your feet. P.S. I’m not the biggest fan of BT but I can live with the odd dropout.

  • bertiebox

    Down in Norfolk…not for the first time. “Good” ol BT you can always rely on them for a rotten service and to pay through the nose for it.

  • Paul Ekins

    a question i asked earlier, i thought thy were binning the yahoo element some time ago

  • Carlo

    No email in West Wales since before 6am this morning – why isn’t it fixed yet?! I use this email for my business – I think 5 hours is more than enough time to fix this issue. Why are they still using Yahoo?

  • sje333

    Yep, Just chill and wait. I’ve made them aware that’s all we can do. There is more to life than emails and work πŸ™‚ (controversial)

  • David Devonport

    The life with computers, and technology was supposed to be easier “DOH” Thats not worked as it. Wee are so dependent on modern tech we now find it very difficult when tech has a bad day .

  • Paul Ekins

    hours now, must be something major, better not have been hacked

  • Su

    BT internet Down in South Wales since 06:07

  • sje333

    Have you seen my update from BT below?

  • Paul Ekins

    cmon BT its been hours now ffs

  • Count Boso

    I wish I could be shocked, but not after years of BT induced misery.

  • Gmail good and reliable. BT have the cheek to charge me Β£7.50 pcm for keeping my email address!!1

  • sje333

    see below

  • Scott Cooper

    Still nothing in Winchester

  • MAD41T

    Still down in Banbury. Nothing temporary about ‘Temporary Error 15’…………

  • Pam

    No email in Bedford from 7am

  • K B

    Any suggestions? gmail?? ..

  • K B

    Thanks ‘sje’ …. So we are to believe it is ‘maintenance work’ …. meaning BT could have posted a warning …. but didn’t. Also, it seems only as a result of your persistence they ‘might’ put something up on the BT site …. shocking!

  • Kay Andrews

    Was down earlier this morning in Kent , came back on and down again now. This happens too often which is why I have gradually been changing over to another more reliable email provider

  • K B

    Ha Ha …. nearly 3 hours outage, and this site showing >80 reports nationwide, …. but they need a contact number for one individual to ‘escalate’ it … !! Clearly some poor help-desk charlie stuck in the middle!!

  • AK

    can you update us all?

    assume it’s a major BT outage. So can’t see how can sort ur problem individually.

  • sje333

    FROM BT. We have the updates from the server team that due to maintenance work going on, it will take 2-3 hours to get it back to normal. So sorry for that but it is just to make sure that our customers account remains safe and secured, special work is going on. Would request you to please check in next couple of hours and it will be back to normal. You simply need to restart the router and check. Be assured it will be back to normal. They have called me and I have asked them to put this on the BT website too.

  • sje333

    UPDATE: They need my contact number now to escalate to their manager. LMAO

  • JH

    Still no email East Suffolk

  • sje333

    I’m on chat with them. They are looking in to it for me πŸ™‚

  • K B

    Agree …. gmail everyone???

  • sje333

    I’ve tried in the past and all I managed to get is sorry. Their T’s and C’s get them out of compensation I’m afraid.

  • Jonathan Plumb

    Totally out of order down again and I pay for a premium but email account….

  • K B

    I know …. but that’s because insufficient of us demand it!!

  • AK

    am on IPAD. says account error Yahoo 7.03am. assume server down but why no news from BT?

  • sje333

    Come on you know you won’t get any. nobody will

  • kss47

    Nor in Cornwall.

  • Helen Lo

    No email still in Westminster

  • K B

    Grrrr sick of that stupid “Temporary error 15” statement on BT mail site …. an hour and a half now no service ….. need compensation

  • GD

    No BT email in South Wales

  • Vincent Scarff

    No emails from 6am in UK for my family or me working in Oslo from 7am, BT Yahoo accounts….

  • Serena Fairfax

    No email service in London SW1

  • aK

    Hi no BT email here in London. 5th Sept 10.17am.

  • Marcus Boyton

    Nothing in Oxford

  • Clive Oxer

    No Login as of 10:15 NOT Acceptable

  • Melvyn

    No email for BT here in Huntingdon

  • C Littlejohn

    No access to BT emails today (5th Sept 2019), on iPhone or main computer. Outskirts of Farnham, Surrey.
    An update from BT would be appreciated!

  • Paul Ekins

    very old networks dont help either

  • hoops

    Little point in our Government spending trillions on super fast broadband for all if the biggest UK broadband service doesn’t work half the time….a very British problem.

  • John

    Down in Kippford. Dumfries and Galloway. Happening too often with BT. Me thinks despite the hassle I will be changing my supplier


    As usual email problems with BT again this happens to regularly !! for the extortionate that we pay this is disgusting !

  • Adrien Pettiford

    Still no mail in Nottingham 10.12am

  • Paul Ekins

    i thought BT mail was binning yahoo mail altogether some time ago ?

  • K B

    I agree with Mr Devonport. We need compensation from BT for such an extended outage

  • Heather Payne

    Yup, BT (old Yahoo) email account down here too.

  • sje333

    And as soon as they get the hamster back on the wheel powering the server everyone will have to download the backlog of emails. Better get some hamsters on standby.

  • K B

    BT mail down for the last hour in Milton Keynes (current time 10h00 05/09/19)

  • David Devonport

    We Should have some legal right to compensation from eather of the to email account suppliers, and or their agents

  • Paul Scott

    BT and Sky emails down in Suffolk, Common factor seems to be Yahoo

  • Norma McKenna

    No access to emails on any of my AOL accounts or Yahoo accounts in Lanarkshire, Scotland.
    . Come on BT. I’m losing business and money here!!!!!!!

  • Count Boso

    No email in County Durham

  • Martin Sands

    Scarborough, North Yorkshire no access on laptop or phone

  • club-a-gogo

    no email here in Sweden …. just an excuse that they are having problems that they are working on! c’est la vie!

  • Paul Ekins

    no email in somerset

  • Jason Welkins

    No Email (BT Yahoo) ‘Can’t connect to the server’ or ‘Temporary error ’15’

    Not good enough – no explanation and I have noticed it’s been a bit slow for the last few days. Manchester

  • Lorraine O’Keeffe

    Can’t get email, west London

  • Steve

    No emails in Anglesey either. BT? Bloody Trouble!

  • Stuart Etherington

    No email in Haverthwaite Nr Ulverston, whats going on?

  • David Boobyer

    Nothing in South Wales either!

  • HelpfulJ

    No email access in Lincolnshire … “We are experiencing some technical difficulties
    Temporary Error: 15” …

  • P Reinhard

    no email in Berkshire either! BT, this is costing us all money!!

  • John

    In Tayside,scotland- message this morning saying problem with email address,password or certificate! Not the first time this happened either. absolutely no advice from BT. Have to hunt through internet for help and info!.

  • Marldon Pitman

    Nothing here in Marldon, Devon … just a repetitive box asking me to confirm my password!

  • Trevor mitchell

    No email here in Moreton in marsh

  • Forwood

    I hate how BT tries to make out it’s your fault!

  • Ian Watson

    Glasgow, west end:
    Yahoo Logo

    Will be right back…

    Thank you for your patience.

    Our engineers are working quickly to resolve the issue.

  • thomas ferguson

    no email glasgow southside

  • Buster Brown

    bt just announced a problem !!

  • Rob

    No email in Hertfordshire either..

  • Alan Pedigrew

    Lancashire – No access on any device

  • Jo Jones

    Nothing in Mid-Wales very frustrating. Also had an email (middle of the night) saying I had to authenticate may email account otherwise I would lose the account – assume this was spam.

  • Eileen

    Scottish Borders – email down also

  • Petal

    No emails being received in the villages surrounding Taunton down here in Somerset either. Cannot download to Outlook as normal or even direct from the BT site. No information from BT on the problem or when its likely to be fixed?

  • Ceri Thomas

    Nor here in Cambridge, anyone any idea how long it will be down?

  • Claire

    No email here in North East Scotland

  • David Devonport

    Simple Question why are Bt unable to stop these problems happening at the frequency that they do ?

  • hoops

    No email in South East Scotland, is it all BT emails or just those on Btyahoo email.

    Honestly, I get more grief from BT problems as I do from any other source, so much so that I moved my landline phone away from BT and only kept the broadband for the email addy that is on all my advertising material.

  • Maureen

    No access in Spain means no work means no income.

  • Quick Brown Fox

    Just got into a chat they say “Yes I am afraid that there is a problem affecting the email servers and this is just not you , but all our customers who are trying to access the emails , and this is already escalated to our team of engineers and email specialists and they are the best of Bt’s Team and they are working to get this sorted as soon as possible, be rest assured about that , cause we know how important the emails are”

  • Heather Dorchester

    Oh great! Here we go again – It says Temporary Error 15 (whatever that means) We are experiencing some technical difficulties. BT you are a technical difficulty.

  • Maureen

    No email in South Cumbria, on iPad, phone or through BT website

  • Nick Bradley

    Issues in Worcestershire too, email down through app used, but also unable to access through webmail, clearly issues with their email servers!

  • Adrien Pettiford

    BT please give an update as I use this address for business and this will cost me .

  • Nick Stringer

    In Yorkshire no bt yahoo mail but no reported problems what’s going on?

BT email Reports

@bt_uk your service is absolutely shocking. I’m thankful I’ve not had to work from home or I would have lost my job already. 2 thumbs down. Would not recommend.

Hello @bt_uk Any chance of some assistance? FTTP installed last week, ran fine until around 2pm today. Fiber went down and have spent the last 4 hour trying to get through to anyone. Red LOS light, have tried everything my end like restarts etc. Not a good start...

@bt_uk My broadband and phone line have been down since Sunday due to vandalism on an overhead line mast, I was told an engineer would be out within 24 hours. Still nothing, and now the website says you’ll hope to fix this by Friday? That’s a disgrace.

@bt_uk Both wired and wireless, it keeps slowing down and will cut off,

@bt_uk my bt phone line has been down almost all day in the KA13 area. are there any updates on what is causing the townwide outage

@bt_uk The problem isn’t really the speed, it’s the inconsistency. When I do a speed test with Ethernet directly to the router it’s 36mbs down and 20mbs up. But frequently it will drop down to speeds like the photo.

@bt_uk what is wrong with you internet. There have been connectivity problems now for over 24 hours and still up and down. Not helpful when you are wfh

@RobJackson66 @EE @bt_uk From locked down to locked in. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

#YoungMindsMatter in #NELincolnshire continues to experience problems with their phone lines. Please email [email protected] if you need to get in touch. We apologise for the inconvenience. We want to reassure you that BT is working to resolve it. @NELincsCCG @NELCouncil