BT email Problems

BT offers a number of services that include phone, broadband, TV and other internet services, although one of the most common problems with their service tends to be BT email, which a lot of their users will aim to find out the status and if there’s an outage of some sort. Usually the most reported issues are people unable to send and receive emails, which as you can imagine those who use this for work can be left feeling rather annoyed.

BT email Status insight for Friday 5th of March 2021

If BT email is down today, then reports will be found below.

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BT email Reports

@M0IAX @bt_uk I wonder if you can get someone feed you a directional WiFi connection. Some time ago when I moved and there was no internet connection for a while, I used the Wifi from a friend living about a mile down the road using a pair of pringle cans. Luckily it was line of sight.

The @bt_uk broadband to the house here is really, really disappointing, 5mb down 300kbps up and unusable for a zoom call. Apparently they have fibre in Withypool just down the hill. we could do with it here.

@bt_uk internet down since yesterday afternoon, I'm supposed to start work in an hour , you still won't respond to me. Help?

@bt_uk my Internet has gone down with the red LOD light on the modem, this is the third time in the past year this has happened and each time I've been without Internet for weeks due to a cock up on your end

@bt_uk A couple of times but not recently, since they are still at work down the road I assume it just hasn't been fixed yet.

@bt_uk Sat down today to watch some TV shows we have recorded on our BT box. Every single one has a picture and sound that keeps distorting through pixelation and is completely unwatchable. What can you do to help?

@bt_uk our entire streets' internet has been down since half 4, hope you don't mind me asking what tf the deal is 🙃

@bt_uk tell Sayan Chowdhury to pull his finger out he said "I promise I won't let you down and ignore you" over 3 months later and I email every couple of weeks to remind him.... NOTHING!! EMBARRASSING!!.

@bt_uk Hi my internet in my house is currently down? Randomly went off earlier today in north cardiff (location). Ive tried everything reset, factory reset, hard reset, ive checked the ethernet port itself nothing. Constant orange light, but i havent w landline number to text u.

@bt_uk sort your Internet service out this is the 3rd time it's gone down today I just want to play fifa 👁👅👁

@bt_uk Internet is down since forever. What the hell is going on??

@bt_uk My BT email account is down. Is there a service issue?