BT email Problems

BT offers a number of services that include phone, broadband, TV and other internet services, although one of the most common problems with their service tends to be BT email, which a lot of their users will aim to find out the status and if there’s an outage of some sort. Usually the most reported issues are people unable to send and receive emails, which as you can imagine those who use this for work can be left feeling rather annoyed.

BT email Status insight for Tuesday 29th of September 2020

If BT email is down today, then reports will be found below.

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BT email Reports

@themarklittle @bt_uk @BT_Openreach Yanno bt offer a 4g home router for when your home service breaks down .. Just a thought for next time ..

@bt_uk my Mum and stepdad have decided to go back to BT after 20 years to receive fast broadband. They've had to write to the CEO and have been let down since the middle of August. This is disgusting treatment for new customers who are now left with no Internet and they are 1/2

@bt_uk Is your website down? Unable to view Bill's or pay!!

@bt_uk Hi. Is broadband down in N16/Stamford Hill at the moment? Thanks.

Honestly @bt_uk it’s a shambles. I’ve been on phone for 20 minutes, most of that on hold, no further along. I’ve already got a complaint lodged & it just seems you’re not bothered Broadband was down for over 45 minutes!!…

@StumpyGoblin @EmileCole93 @bt_uk That's on you Stumpy. Just count on it always being down, so you can be happy when you have Internet and they can never disappoint you anymore.

The original plan for today was to record this weeks Poddy C and stream after whilst @EmileCole93 edited it. Shame then that I woke up to my internet being down, and the earliest we can get an engineer out is tomorrow 🙃 Thanks @bt_uk for never failing to disappoint me 😊

@bt_uk The app just won't let me access my inbox. I can get into Spam etc, but even by pulling it down and refreshing the app, it won't let me access the inbox. Will try from the desktop later. Has there been an update? It worked ok prior to that

@bt_uk I can’t access my emails. Is the app down. I have to say, it isn’t as responsive as the Yahoo app to be honest.

@bt_uk There is defo something it up and down now like a yoyo😭

@bt_uk Do u no what. I had this yesterday. I sent my details to be told the system was down, couldn't do anything. So I was to call in. And here we are again.🤬😡 what the hell is going on at BT, Jokers😡 it turned it self off. Then my speeds dropped to 6mbs.1hr later up to 35mbs. 😡