Candy Crush Down Today?

Candy Crush is by far one of the most downloaded instalments, which can be found on Facebook, Android and iOS devices and with that in mind, with millions playing this game sometimes everything can becoming overwhelming and cause problems, meaning the app could either crash, have bugs, trouble with in-app purchases or it won’t simply load.

Candy Crush Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If Candy Crush is down today, then reports will be found below.

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1 month ago

Issue with connecting to the App store. Couldn’t request lives from friends or get bonus tools.

9 months ago

Unable to use option of continuing to play after seeing videos

9 months ago

Watch video to contyplaying not working … not able to move forward because of this … just get black screen when press option

2 years ago

Any else having problems with Candy Crush Saga UK. Mine started on my tablet after a round it will not connect to the store to buy gold bars etc. now it’s doing it on my husbands tablet and our iPhones. I even reset my home hub, but everything else is working ok. It still lets me get lives sent me. Very odd. Ive tried logging out and in again.

2 years ago

I haven’t been able to connect to the app store on candy crush saga, for 5 days now.. won’t let me buy lives, boosters, etc!!! What gives??

christine thomas
2 years ago

Candy Crush Soda will not load i have uninstalled and reinstalled game on my HP Laptop i have windows 10 any ideas please?

Jo Grant
2 years ago

My chocolate box just comes up cannot connect to server, been like this for about a week now. Any help please. Jo

Jan Rutherford
2 years ago

Candy crush saga problem loading for several days. I’ve uninstalled and reloaded but it still won’t load?

3 years ago

Won’t play period for days

4 years ago

When your Candy Crush Soda game’s not working and you have to install again then lose your streak.

Linda Stilwell
4 years ago

Jan 9, 2020, I have not been able to open CCS for the last 2 days on gameroom, facebook or King site. I can play it on my android phone only. What’s up with this?

Faith Fulcher
6 years ago

Candy Crush has now been down since yesterday morning. Both and Microsoft need to look at this as both have issued updates in the last 3 days, so I suspect there are several bugs in the system.

Flo Thomas
6 years ago

Candy crush is reshuffling seven times in seven seconds and then says I have run out of shuffles and says game lost.

Sheila Saunders
6 years ago

I have not been able to get candy crush saga to load for a few days, now. When will it be fixed? I thought it was my computer, but I guess not.

6 years ago

it is down today 5/5/18 please fix it no

Loretta Williams
6 years ago

It want let me play

Loretta Williams
6 years ago

Can’t get past 3110

6 years ago

Candy Crush return with message “An error occurred, please try to re-login facebook and try again later” Running with chrome or firefox and windows 10 and in other computer windows xp and chrome.

Elizabeth Hyler
6 years ago

2/21/2018 at 2:16 pm EST. candy crush not loaded up both on web and mobile.

Kathleen Kovaly
6 years ago

I can’t open my treasure chest. Any ideas what to do?

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