Candy Crush Problems

Candy Crush is by far one of the most downloaded instalments, which can be found on Facebook, Android and iOS devices and with that in mind, with millions playing this game sometimes everything can becoming overwhelming and cause problems, meaning the app could either crash, have bugs, trouble with in-app purchases or it won’t simply load.

Candy Crush Status insight for Friday 27th of May 2022

If Candy Crush is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Candy Crush Reports

@CandyCrushSaga is a scam. I’ve tried to contact them multiple times and have gotten zero response. Don’t buy gold bars; I had over 740 saved up and they disappeared. No one is willing to help…

@CandyCrushSaga hey! Long time player in the 4500’s. In the last month the app has started crashing on me almost every other day. What has happened to make it so unstable?Getting frustrated as it cuts me off in the middle of a level to start again. Help!!

@Enzx72 @Jihoz_Axie @philipla @axiephofficial @SkyMavisHQ @MobileLegendsOL @ClashofClans @CandyCrushSaga Honesty from the scholers would definitely had help to cut losses quickly, but your right they rather play games they enjoy