Channel 4 On Demand Problems

Channel 4 On Demand is part of All 4, which includes other channels to catch up on such as E4 and More4. It’s a fantastic way to catch up on your favourite programmes that you’ve missed, although when you’ve planned a night in relaxing and this specific type of service suddenly is not working it can leave certain users somewhat a little upset. In the past there’s been reports of the app, which can be watched on your TV, Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet, closing with no explanation, freezing, or viewers aren’t able to access their account. So therefore, if this is happening to you or, there’s other problems, by leaving a comment below our team will be able to guide you in the right direction until everything’s been resolved.

Channel 4 On Demand Status insight for Thursday 2nd of July 2020

If Channel 4 On Demand is down today, then reports will be found below.

Channel 4 On Demand Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Ronnie Blair

    Ch 4 catch up not working. Shows programme is finished with 4 seconds to go!!

  • Nat

    Nothing on 4od will work for me whats going on

  • Simonides Seos

    All4 used to work brilliantly on both my Roku Streaming Stick + and Premiere but recently I started to get an error “All4-012: Error” on the Home and several other functions on both sticks. I tried deleting the All4 app, updating the Roku to the latest firmware, restarting the Roku and reinstalling the latest All4 app but it made no difference.

    Both All-4 apps are at Version 4.1 Build21

    The Roku streaming stick + is at software version 9.30.0 Build 4172

    The Roku Premiere is at software version 9.30.0 Build 4170.

    The problem has been there for a couple of weeks, so I’d be grateful for any solution

  • JPG68

    I’ve had that error with a range of shows I tried to watch yesterday. tried on laptop, phone, ipad..nothing. hoping for a change today!

  • Diane

    Getting error ALL4-011 when I try to watch place in the sun. Others programmes working ok

  • katie

    worked perfectly first day signed up 8 eps of a show no problem 2nd day keeps stopping and buffering till ads which play fine than back to stopping every 3-7 secs

  • Sian Beckzy Johnston

    All4 starts up, plays ad then won’t play the programme. It says ALL4-011 error. Been doing it since yesterday (4th June 2020)

  • Rod Coates

    Hi, I can get on to the All 4 site vja my firestick but i get no response after that.

  • Eva Follington

    All 4 not working on fire TV stick. Get pizza ad but wont play programme, yet again!! Does Cgannel 4 ever look at these comments?? Bloody annoyed!!

  • Mark Reynolds

    It remembers my previously watched progs, but won’t play any progs.
    It gives you the pizza ad for 12 secs, and then freezes on channel 4 logo with four little moving square dots.
    The same thing used to happen far too often on my last tv box. Yawn!! Get your act together All 4.
    Doesn’t happen with BBC iPlayer.

  • Ricky May

    4 day in a row.
    Works fine downstairs, but as soon as we try to watch it on the firestick in bed it freezes every 10 seconds. Very frustrating!!!!!

  • Shelly Regan

    Not working, keeps freezing and crashing.

  • h_millar

    not working again for the third day in a row. channel 4 catchup is not loading at all, the home page won’t even show up I just get nothing….uh

  • Chezza

    It is hardly ever working on my tablet, why is that? It’s so annoying.

  • Joanne Howarth

    It keeps stopping every few seconds on Freeview. It’s really frustrating.

  • Natty

    Having issues with the on screen keyboard, doesn’t want to work when trying to search for programmes.

  • Not happy chappy

    Keeps freezing then starting the programme from the beginning again

  • Angela Ferguson

    Trying to get onto all 4 it comes up with this is embarrassing try again in a few mins. What is going on!!!

  • RickyG

    The stream keep freezing when watching something on demand 4, not sure if it’s my broadband or the Channel 4 app down today?

  • A Lorna

    So confused! I can’t watch the 2nd episode of SU2C Bake off on my firestick or ps4 as the episode is not there. BUT I can watch it on my phones tiny screen. Is there a reason?

  • Elizabeth Talbot

    I want to catch up on All 4, the last 3 episodes of junk tv that is Celebs Go Dating but it won’t show episodes 18,19 & 20 so if others are having issues there must be a problem, so so annoying, Argh!

  • John

    Is it due to corona virus that Channel 4’s on demand service are not not adding new programs. I wanted to watch Countdown in All 4, but the show for 18th March is not there at the moment. Any reason for this and when might the problems be resolved?

  • abbie

    I’ve never had issues until recently but it keeps not letting me watch the episode I want to watch of multiple shows. It will let me watch other episodes but never the one I actually want to watch. Sometimes it will let me watch one first and then not let me watch any more but other times it just doesn’t work from the get go. It’s really frustrating me now, especially as most of my favourite shows are on this website and this website alone so I have no other option to watch them on

  • Rabid Dug

    Sorted. Last night All4 said I was not in the UK and shut me out even though I had been accessing it for a long time. Long story short. I uninstalled then reinstalled All4 app on my TV, then registered with All4 on my PC, I shut down my TV and turned off its power at the wall. I restarted my router and when it was up and running, turned on my TV, logged in to All4 and it was sorted.

  • Jacqui Webb

    Down yet again… ads play perfectly of course. I’m fed up with this. Happens every time I try to watch something

  • Paula EMERY

    Watching gbbo and all of a sudden the picture and sound are at least 20 seconds out of synch. Unwatchable!

  • Sandra Proud

    Would b nice if explanation available as to why 4 on demand down left in the dark. Trying to continue series after first episode on main channel 4. Come on channel 4 keep us in the loop!!!

  • Abetha

    No content on the app is available via my Fire TV stick

  • Duncan

    All 4 not playing programmes, same problem as people below are saying (content unavailable). Started 2 days ago, was ok yesterday and off again today. Watching on a fire stick

  • michelle jaques

    Not able to catch up on All 4 on my firestick. Went down 30/08 and now wont load. Northamptonshire area.

  • Kim Duller

    Been watching ER on all4 on my fire stick but last two days been getting a blank screen, though I can watch on my phone. What’s going on ?

  • Milly

    “This content is currently unavailable” on my LG tv, normally works just fine but not today

  • Angelina Hopkins

    I keep getting the playback error on my chromebook, it usually works 🙁 so it must be down.

  • Monday 30th September 2019: select any programme and get four flashing boxes for several seconds then “This content is currently unavailable…”. Tried on Android tablet and get network error. Other online video services working fine.

  • Anna

    Refreshed the app on my iPad but it will not open!

  • jules114

    Can’t load All4 via the amazon fire stick. Just throws up an error message.

  • michael

    Panansonic TV. All 4 app bundled with TV and cannot remove it to reinstall it. App not worked for two days. No programmes will start. Stops with blank screen just before adverts. Says “programme will start in XX seconds” But timer doesn’t go down. Infuritating.

  • Beejay

    Two weeks running I’ve been unable to download the Great British Bake Off. I tried an episode of Hollyoaks to see if it was a problem only with GBBO, but guess what? It wouldn’t download either. What are they doing?

  • Claire Cable

    All4 is seriously driving me around the bend! I cancelled my sky a couple of months ago and moved to Freesat. Obviously I knew All4 was no longer on Freesat, but I have a smart tv so can catch up through there. Absolutely dreadful!!! Constantly keeps saying there’s a poor connection – doesn’t do this for any of the other on demand channels or Freesat. There’s tons I want to catch up on but can’t!

  • Jonny

    Freezing on the adverts AGAIN!!!!

  • Phil Hodgkinson

    Why do programmes ALWAYS have issues at the adverts? This has been going on for a very long time. They are now going back to the start. Without doubt the worst player freely available

  • Jane

    Every time the adverts play the show reverts back to the beginning. Can’t rewind or fast forward. Can’t watch anything.

  • Jane

    Every time adverts play resets back to beginning. Won’t rewind. Can’t watch anything

  • Lloyd

    Plays 3 adverts at start then goes off and resets the tv !! My tv is a jvc any help ??

  • Nathan Gooch

    When I try get an account for it to watch something, it just starts refreshing and doesn’t do anything (pc)

  • Roger

    When I select 4 from my Roku home screen, all I get is a large number 4 which is displayed for about one second and then it simply returns to the Roku home screen again. BBC & ITV iplayers are fine but not My5

  • Bevan

    Having issues on my smart tv. Will not play anything except adverts!

  • Ria

    All4 will not load on my LG smart TV

  • pauline barry

    My all4 on my Roku has now began to sign me out every time I turn off my TV or leave the app. Anyone know how I can solve this please??

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  • Mark

    Hi did you manage to resolve this ?

  • LFConnie

    On demand won’t play on Chrome. Had to use Mozilla – no problems there. Why?

  • Christine Regan

    I’m having the same problem, updated All4 app and now cannot get any programmes, just spooling.

  • Malh

    My smart tv did an update today and now I can’t download any programmes. I get the full menu but as soon as I select a specific programme it just spools.

  • DSB13

    Is there a problem with streaming tonight because of the hot weather?

  • Mary Nicholson

    It Was Alright in the 1960s

    This programme was greatly looked forward for, It Was Alright in the 1960s

  • Horayy

    Tried channel 4 today through safari on my macbook and it would not load the homepage – however it loads through chrome and i can play episodes no problem. Those with smart TV’s may have to airplay from a device with chrome enabled. 🙂 Hope this helps

  • Frustrated

    Down today, been down for a week. Although it shows episodes are available on Box Sets – they don’t load! So frustrating – why have the service if they cannot maintain – false advertisement?

  • Bec

    can’t get All4 to load on my smart TV for last 3 weeks – have missed last 2 episodes of Handmaids Tale!! Tried watching by logging in on my laptop this evenings and that doesn’t load either.
    Any ideas? The other free view channels and Netflix/Amazon Prime channels all load and play fine so its not my internet or TV/laptop issue – its something wrong with All4

  • Sylvia Sinclair

    app will not load with firestick

  • Natasha

    Hollyoaks doesn’t seem to be working on the App. But other shows do?

  • Eric Mann

    Channel 4 continually crashes, says not available. Why is that?

  • Justin Charles

    I have being trying to catch with motor sport on demand (F1 and W Series).. all I am getting is buffering, tried it in (firefox, chrome, brave, opera.. all show the same thing buffering. I can view other programmes like ‘year of the Rabbit’, ‘Agents of Shield’ ok. This problem is only apparent if I am trying to look at the 2 sport programmes mention here. Is there something that is different about those programme types.

  • Eric Mann

    No Sound on Channel 4 App – all other apps ok.

  • Chris Jon Ryley

    All 4 not compatible with my device so unable to watch it


    I have 2 TVs and All4 catchup works well on both, except that the newer TV doesn’t have sound on Channel4 News.

  • Craig hodgkins

    Not working on TV today just buffers and shows ads only why

  • Christopher

    Rubbish keeps telling me my e mail is inco

  • Nicky Pearce

    It is down!!! Please fix. On nowtv it it loads and flickers back to the home screen.

  • Stan

    4oD buffering on firefox and chrome, I’m going back to bbc iplayer no problems with either browser, will have to make the best of programmes availiable

  • Andrew

    All4 keeps crashing on my PS3 today. Programmes play then suddenly go to ads or a black screen, or back to the start of the programme. Re-started the app several times and twice it has crashed the PS 3 completely. Used to work fine… useless today though.

  • Patricia Avery

    Not working on my Smart Tv. Adverts play then just buffering. Not able to watch anything 🙁

  • Clive Shaw

    Watching Berlin Station on All4 yesterday evening. Ran fine until the first set of ads.
    They were fine but after that the screen either froze or sound was disrupted and reduced to the occasional word. When the next set of ads came on lo and behold the picture and sound we’re perfect. Do the Advertisers know that they are wasting their money and because viewers are wasting their time if they are like me they will vote with their remote button.

  • Bloke

    Channel 4 on demand is rubbish. It is world class at buffering. Mine was buffering for 8 eight hours before called it quits. No programme worked. In essence it does not work. BBC iplayer is prefect but Channel 4.. Boys you need to know what you are doing before you play against the big boys like BBC iplayer. Go back to school.

  • David Harwood

    All 4 App not working on my Samsung TV. Was ok until halfway through an episode last night when it froze. Only got sound and black screen initially but now just locked up.

  • Sue Dyer

    C4 On Demand won’t play. Just keeps buffering.

  • Beechlands51

    Catch up working on my phone but not my computer today. Adverts play fine then black screen. What?

  • fran

    on my TV chanel 4 on demand goes onto the black screen with a chanel 4 badge with a loading sign, i kept it like this the first time for 5 minutes and the second for 15!! And it still didn’t work!! However i downloaded the app on my phone and it works straight away?? why does it not work on my TV??

  • Jo

    Same here, freezes while adverts are on, then never gets back to the programme.
    Have tried 3 or 4 times. Only just started happening. Can Channel 4 give us an explanation

  • Tory Nemesis

    Keeps freezing on 2 browsers. Downloaded latest version of flash player. Absolutely useless.

  • John Philip Manuel

    can’t get channel 4 OD to play any video at all. Have tried Chrome, Firefox and Safari. MacBook Pro, High Sierra 10.13.4

  • Renee Groeninx

    All4 app on Samsung Smart TV frozen but sounds still plays. REset the smart hub and switched the telly off but no luck. Do I have to do factory reset on the telly to get this to work again?

  • Sarah Finn

    It says that the app isn’t available in the U.K. Store.
    This happened after I deleted it because I couldn’t get into the app! So annoying!

  • Sadie Lodge

    Says the app isn’t available in the UK and that is where I am! So annoying.

  • Emily

    I deleted it and tried to find it on The AppStore again but it has gone?

  • Philly

    Yep – was having issues with playing back so I deleted the app and now it’s not coming up in the App stpre

  • Sam

    All 4 app on iPhone says it needs to update…then the App Store says the app is no longer available!? Anybody else come across this?

  • Mac AJ

    Me too. Have tried restart but still the same

  • Kyra Kneale

    All 4 app on fire stick not working – says error request id. Tried clearing cache etc and still the same 🙁

  • Jane Gerrard

    Having exactly the same problem! Has anyone found a solution?

  • Simon Fox

    All4 not casting from iPad to chromecast. Ads play, but programme doesn’t. Works fine on iPad and MacBook.

  • Steve

    I have exactly the same problem. Homeland plays on my Samsung phone but when I try to cast it does the ads but then stops. Itv hub bbci both ok

  • Jen Mc

    Playback error casting 4od to chromecast from android tablet. Plays adverts and then freezes. Other streams eg iPlayer are casting fine. Restarted tv, tablet and chromecast but won’t work. Plays fine though watching on tablet.

  • Sue

    Channel 4 is not showing as on option when I go to On Demand, it always used too, but I noticed the other day that it had disappeared

  • Louise Wagstaff

    When i’m watching a box set I am having to sign in after almost every episode… bit annoying.

  • Ggrrrr.

    Super annoying it’s not loading episodes of black books, any of the damned season or Derry girls I mean what’s the point in it if it doesn’t work!

  • THE <

    Like a lot of folk I’ve now got a Panasonic TV that can’t access Channel 4OD because it uses Freetime. Not impressed and will remember this next time I buy a TV.

  • davidindy

    Still can’t watch episode 3 of Homeland – any suggestions – Ive rebooted my youview box to no effect

  • davidindy

    Same here!

  • Jo Cutting

    Can’t watch episode 3 of homelands , can watch anything else but this ?

  • John Evans

    4od disappeared from freetime on my tv

  • William thursfield

    All4 no longer available via Freesat or Freetime as Channel 4 allege severe increase
    in costs – pretty disgusting really. Had to buy 2 Firesticks for our expensive Panasonic
    Smart Tv’s both only a year old. Freesat ( owned by BBC/ITV ), Channel 4 and
    Panasonic not really interested in the customer. Can’t we have some regulation with
    this to protect consumer rights ??

  • William thursfield

    Freesat hosts Freetime which is an app for Smart TV’s – Channel 4 have
    removed ALL4 from both platforms – if you need to watch you would need to
    buy a Firestick.

  • Ian T

    All4 still down, Pano smart tv 2.5 years old. Apps disappear the older your tv is it seems. The powers that be ( tv manufactures/ app makers/ tv station company’s seem to think that it’s in the public interest for us to have to buy a new tv or other piece of technical junk just for the hell of it. We’ve already paid once for these so called state of the art “smart” facilities, it’s an absolute con.

  • Nigel Beard

    Tried to re register (although already registered but not recognised) reset password. Still not accepting details either via samsung tv / bt internet app/ roku app. Very poor.

  • Fiona Tedjini

    I have watched the first episode of Maltese – The Sicilian Detective. It was aired on 4/2. I have searched for the next two episodes but cannot find them on catch-up. So frustrating

  • Sue Fisher

    Notice on my TV screen says that All4 is no longer available to Freesat customers. I watch something from All4 frequently, lasy night the most recent, when all was OK as normal. What is going on?

  • Karen Clegg

    None of the channels will play ! I noticed it yesterday & it is still the same today!!

  • Susan Lofthouse

    Maltese keeps freezing. Ads come to a direct halt, so nothing else happens. Really bad.

  • Lily

    Kiri catch up keeps freezing then screen goes black and says function not available. Also seems to play advert breaks on repeat !

  • Laura Swash

    Kiri catch up will not load and play today

  • Jade

    It lets me watch something for a couple of minutes then goes off and says content isn’t currently unavailable, so frustrating trying to watch programmes on catch up.

  • Sandy Bowman

    Unable to play Kiri…. so frustrating!!!!

  • Jo

    Every time I select anything to watch the ads play fine then I get video currently inavaible please try later, been like this for weeks!??

  • Lucy

    Same is happening to me and we have a humax also

  • David

    Adverts play fine but programs such as Walter Presents etc. just freeze on our Humax. Had sorted this a couple of weeks ago by a factory reset and re-entering all the passwords, but it has now happened again.

  • Helen Rimmer

    I am having difficulty with my smart tv picking up episodes of vanished by the lake. I downloaded the first one from catch up on the tv but it does not recognise any more episodes. When I look on my laptop there are 5 further episodes available to watch. Can anyone help me get theses onto the tv?

  • Peter Fry

    Adverts play fine but Walter Presents just freezes on our Humax PER.

  • clare Szanto

    I am useless technically so please do help with this one! I signed up to Channel 4 with my mobile because I was having a problem with my lap top. Now I find that I can get 4 on the phone but cannot seem to sign in for the TV. Would be very grateful for any help.

  • Tracy

    Freezes at every advert going to give up for good soon it’s every day

  • Lauren

    Every Friday morning I try to watch the latest episode of the Handmaid’s tale while the baby sleeps and every week there are issues! Same problem with episode 10 this week. It just won’t load!

  • Bill

    Trying to watch Julie Walters Coastal Railways episode 1 but stream keeps freezing during advert sequence. So I reboot my Humax FVP4000T and my router and try to resume, but same thing happens. Then I go to All4 on my desktop, login select the same program but I can’t play it as the website says it’s already playing. Hmm… seems obvious that the streaming website has a problem.
    What can I do about that?

  • Peter McDonnell

    No Chanel 4 on demand Panasonic logo or display, all other catch up channels are working

  • Lis

    Trying to watch Grand Designs. The house of the year. It´s on more than one hour and I just could watch 2 of the houses out of 5… it is buffering every minute!!!!! So annoying!!!! Btw, i started to watched yesterday… another hour for the first 2 houses…….

  • Ellen McCombe

    Episode 8 for me – but exactly the same experience. Very annoying!!

  • Lizard Queen

    Me too! I only have an hour and a hlaf before my partner gets home and its football all weekend. This is very very very upsetting

  • Sam

    Trying to watch the handmaids tale ep 7 on 4od on my firestick and it just won’t work! Adverts at the start work but not the program!!

  • jcredtiger7

    Trying to watch Walter Presents, on my laptop, but like many others after the sign in it just says to load the latest adobe flashplayer which is already the latest and then goes back to the login prompt again, after which it comes up with “a digital rights error [3343] has occurred.” Strangely it works on my tablet, but that has a much smaller screen. Defeats the object utterly.

  • Martin

    I can’t access ch4 app. Samsung tv is asking me to login (AGAIN!!) then states ‘login error’ when I go to my iphone there’s no problem so my log in details are correct.
    Anyone know how to help or is this just another evening’s viewing ruined by channel 4?

  • Lisa

    Flashing images on channel 4 app on samsung tablet again! Happens every few weeks and seems to take weeks to rectify itself. Come on channel 4, please sort this out!

  • Karen

    Programme keeps going back to the beginning when the programme breaks for adverts. Shocking

  • A Porterfield

    Anyone getting flashing an 4oD streams?

  • ambidextra ambidextra

    wont work at all on samsung smart tv, or on btvision box, or on laptop, “error” everywhere

  • Marie

    Won’t play on any device

  • Katie

    Can’t watch in SW London on Chrome or Safari

  • lucy009123

    can’t watch on laptop. playback error

  • Ali Pickard

    Can’t watch near Chester

  • Difar

    Can’t watch on Firefox or Chrome – west Norfolk.

  • Sue Austin

    Can watch things on my tablet but not on my laptop

  • JussSaying

    I cant get the registration page to load!

  • Alison

    Just watched one episode of GBBO but after that NOTHING plays. Constant buffering / sound present but static picture / black screen with spinning circle. No other apps are open, nothing else is downloading. Was the same yesterday and the day before. Very poor.

  • Tamar Herbert


  • Sue Dyer

    Won’t play programme. Says I may have ads disabled by blocker, but I don’t. Other catch ups like BBC iPlayer are working fine.

  • Hannah

    Network error. All other apps work.

  • Anon

    We can’t get All4 on our Samsung TV at all despite my recently having uninstalled and reinstalled it and now have to sign in via PS3 every time we want to watch it. Beyond frustrating that this app is so temperamental. So many good programmes but the app is too unpredictable. Lost count of the amount of times we have got stuck into a Boxset only for the app to refuse to load.

    Never have this problem with IPlayer, ITVHub, Netflix or Now. Sort it out Channel 4, this is abysmal

  • perspicacia

    I had exactly the same problem but I fixed it by uninstalling the app then installing older version from backups then upgrading again to newest version and now all is right with the world

  • Anthony Gill

    Nothing plays. Nothing. I’ve allowed/enabled Adobe, disabled adblock and the whole site is still crippled. I can’t even sign out because it just loops me back to signed in every time I click on it. Horrendous, awful, with non-existent support that just gives you a form to fill in and then, voila, nothing happens. Deleting my account shortly.

  • j callaghan

    Been trying to watch f1 for the past three weeks on 4od, website loads fine, but videos won’t play. Ive updated flash player, run diagnostics on my video card, the app for my android won’t play either. Why hasn’t this been addressed? I’m clearly not the only person having this issue. I don’t have sky so can’t watch f1 there. Please fix this as its driving me nuts

  • Moray James

    “An error occurred

    Tap to retry”

    Interesting that the adverts load within less than a second and play smoothly, but the show I actually want to watch can’t load at all…

  • Says “playing” but nothing happens, in various browsers. Updated Flash, same thing,.

  • Hannah Fellows

    I have tried to catch up on a few programmes on all 4 it has been down for about 3 weeks now, I have also tried it on multiple devices and it still hasn’t worked could someone explain why thanks

  • Steven Clark Seeds

    No All 4 in Maidstone on our Samsung smart tv for several days now – dying to catch w Electric Dreams! Any ideas?

  • Frank Hall

    Surprise surprise, all the adverts play but then the program won’t load. Been trying any of the episodes from The Island with Bear Grylls.

  • Natalie King

    Trying to watch bake off and keep getting temporarily unavailable try later .that has been since yesterday and still no change…

  • James Eyre

    App says ‘All 4 is temporarily unavailable please try again later’ or (erroneously) ‘no internet connection’

  • Bas

    Cannot load C4 OD. Just sits on load page. Reset Smart Hub is grey and says Function Not Available.

  • Lorraine

    Yes I am getting the same thing

  • Debby Jones

    Can’t launch App on Amazon Firestick for 2nd day running !

  • KLaw

    Not working again…..yawn. Why doesn’t iplayer ever have these problems?

  • John

    I am having the exact same problems with All4 as reported by many many others here ( Programme runs to first ad break then randomly goes to next episode or continues with sound and no picture) Many people understandably frustrated by this problem/ lousy service, and sounding off at Channel 4. But is anything being done about it by Channel 4?

  • Gemma Scarff

    I’ve been having this trouble for weeks! It’s driving me nuts!

  • Mike True

    Black screen on laptop. Again.

  • Dorothy Edwards

    Driving me mad, still having the problem of programme not starting after ads, or the next episode starting. I’m going to give up on C4 catch up at this rate

  • MrP 101

    first time I tried to use channel 4 catch up today. No sound even though I have windows 10/edge machine with flash player inbuilt, and all audio settings turned on. Do not have a problem with any other channels services. Not impressed, probably means I will in future completely avoid channel 4.

  • Michael David Byford

    cannot watch catch up russia to iran it just breaks up and stutters F*** awful yet we have 20 gb connection!!! Useless channel4!

  • Bw

    Trying to watch on firestick, being told I need a secure connection. I HAVE a secure connection! So can’t watch.

  • Chris Green

    ‘Playback error’ again ! Refreshed a few times to get an arsey message, ‘you have an AD Blocker installed, and we exclusively make our income from adverts, you see where we are going with this?’ Erm i don’t have an adblocker installed at all, so refreshed a few more times finally started playing the 1 min 20 of adverts and stops. Tried a couple more times and stops. So i’ve just watched 3 lots of 1 min 20 mind numbing adverts which C4 get paid for, for didely squat and you try and put this on me, from a half a billion company, who are constantly failing to deliver the most basic technological platform. Absolute amateurs !!!

  • Ashleigh

    So disappointing. This is how you lose viewers

  • B

    Adverts not working! Only showing first segment of the programme. Very frustrating

  • J

    Sound but picture stuck, constant buffering. Not happened before or on other TV apps. Very frustrating as attempting to watch dramas with subtitles!

  • Renzo Guidera

    Tried Watching on my game console on few occasion but always having problems mainly trying to choose a program and directional botton get stuck ( does not happen with other apps or games ).
    Also last time screen froze, flickered with sound still going.
    All in all an AWFUL , UNUSABLE APP !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’d rather pay for a good service…

  • Lisa Mcneil

    Disappointed that channel 4 app not working on my samsung tablet..adverts play fine then screen flashes constantly during the programme. Totally unwatchable and happens on everything, catch up or watch live.

  • Kirsty

    I’m glad I’m not the only one having this issue! I used to watch All 4 for everything but really can’t be bothered now. Why haven’t these issues been resolved?

  • Jacob Price


  • Jo Sanderson

    I agree with CC below. The worst thing is that you have to sit through the ads, normally 3-4 mins each time to see if the next half of the programme is going to work as you can’t fast forward those. Often it still just skips to the next episide! I’m going to give up on channel 4 programmes if this carries on.

  • CC

    Because ‘An Extra Slice’ is the best bit if Bakeoff but is on too late on a school night for my children to watch, we have to use all 4 to catch up on a Friday … miserable & frustrating- it freezes after the adverts so we have to go back to the beginning and fast forward – thus sometimes works & sometimes doesn’t….. aaaargghh. Since you are so anxious about your viewing figures why not fix this? I’m on the verge of not being bothered & I can’t be the only one!

  • chris henry

    Continual problem with programmes skipping to next episode at commercial breaks, continual repeating of adverts and,locking on start up logo. All 4 used to be the best TV catch up app but has become unusable, such a shame as we are unable to watch our favourite programmes anymore.

  • Debbie Tubb

    Been trying to load 4OD for a few days now, no luck, as it tries to load just stays on the logo. Slightly pissed off.

  • Adrian Montagu

    A company’s customer support is measured by how it handles problems. Channel 4 you are simply the worst.
    The best I have seen was with Cisco Systems. When we had a problem with newly installed kit. The process was.
    1. Engineers try to fix issue.
    2. Engineers hand over to Cisco but have to remain on site whilst Cisco takes over.
    3. Cisco in the Netherlands handles it in our time zone.
    4. Cisco passes the problem to San Jose when they have done their work.
    5 Cisco does their work in San Jose and passes problem to Sydney.
    6. Sydney works on problem and passes to Netherlands.
    7. Netherlands complete the solution and write new code.
    8. Code passed to engineers who have been on site during this time.
    9. New code loaded and problem resolved.
    10. If the problem was not solved in 48 hours, it ended up on the CEO’s desk.
    11. Then see what happens!
    That is good customer service.
    Channel 4 Get your act together please!

  • Lily Mak

    Same problem so frustrating!! Seen on lots of forums the same problem- think I will Apple TV it now!!

Channel 4 On Demand Reports

@All4 Fed up of having to restart programmes, reload the app or update it all the time. It crashes after every ad break and other channels don't have this problem. Please sort it out.

@Ed_Brewstie @rashiduzzaman82 @TrekkieRob @All4 Yes, both sides are readable and you have to flip them over. This video is weird but shows the DVDs and the problem (which content is on which side)