Channel 4 On Demand Problems

Channel 4 On Demand is part of All 4, which includes other channels to catch up on such as E4 and More4. It’s a fantastic way to catch up on your favourite programmes that you’ve missed, although when you’ve planned a night in relaxing and this specific type of service suddenly is not working it can leave certain users somewhat a little upset. In the past there’s been reports of the app, which can be watched on your TV, Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet, closing with no explanation, freezing, or viewers aren’t able to access their account. So therefore, if this is happening to you or, there’s other problems, by leaving a comment below our team will be able to guide you in the right direction until everything’s been resolved.

Channel 4 On Demand Status insight for Tuesday 7th of December 2021

If Channel 4 On Demand is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Channel 4 On Demand Reports

@All4 hi I don’t seem to be able to watch on my iPad Escape to the Chateau Episode 6 from Sunday night. Is there a problem? @4Viewers

@C4F1 @All4 Why ain't the highlights working on All 4 it's saying not available in my location

@MooreishM I watched it on @All4 from my laptop, I had a few issues too but it eventually work on google chrome 👍

@All4 is your website not working properly? it won’t let me manually select any episodes on the list other than the top one

@ruskin147 We had issues for a few minutes on @All4 around 20.30 on a plain vanilla @WeAreOpenreach FTTC connection.

@All4 any ideas why @phlaimeaux episode 2 isn’t showing up on demand? We’re in Ireland, we’re logged into our accounts, not working for my sister or me. Thanks.

@AlanGWardrop @Sathnam @All4 thats odd. I managed to watch ep 2 earlier this evening on catch up but yesterday it wasn't available so seems to be some kind of problem with their catch up system

@Splottdad @Channel4 @All4 We have been waiting on a response from Channel 4 but have now been informed that they have returned to the broadcast centre and they will be addressing the backlog of issues to make programmes available on demand. What issues are you still experiencing and we will pass this on.

Morning @RNID - I, along with most deaf people, are now used to being ignored by @Channel4 but I didn't expect to be by you, especially as a paid up member! Please advise on progress, if any?, from @All4 , C4 subtitling issues. STILL not resolved, and it is some weeks now. 🙄🦻

@AlanGWardrop @NeelamSahota @Sathnam @SandpaperFilms @shamindernahal @NTPowisCastle @uoacollections @WGS1512 @Philippa_Perry @bernardtrafford @All4 Whilst I understand the thought process, on this occasion, no conspiracy! Ep 2 is up, Ep 1 isn't. Technical issue right from the start. I know somebody who works in the background there and they have had a few of these issues covering other shows too. It'll be sorted.

@Sathnam @SandpaperFilms @shamindernahal @NTPowisCastle @uoacollections @WGS1512 @Philippa_Perry @bernardtrafford @All4 Isn't your DP a descendant of Clive as well? If so kudos to him too! If the descendants of problematic figures from history don't have a problem with interrogating the past neither should anyone else.

Thanks Richard. There were tech issues overnight, apologies, but it looks like both episodes of #EmpireStateofMind are now available to view on @all4. Appreciate the kind feedback. #EmpireLand……