Destiny Down Today?

When the Destiny 1 or 2 game servers are not available you can discover problems in a number of ways, which can be the result of a server error message, or the whole Destiny game could be down today for all and not just you. It may also be a wider issue with Bungie, remember to leave your location below when reporting glitches, server errors, any maintenance spotted or downtime along with game version.

Destiny Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If Destiny is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Navarre Albel
2 years ago

24 hours later, exactly the same issue as the last week, can’t play over 10 minutes, the server just kicks, whole weekend of playing, ruined, again and they’re still selling it on PSN to PS3 players. This is surely breaking the law

3 years ago

Wonder if Bungie are having problems with Destiny, or if it’s xbox live that’s having some problems.

Carlos Loveira
6 years ago

they not give refund in gold cards when garbage like that happened?

6 years ago

I am sick and tired of Destiny 2 servers being down all the time. Can we not just play a game online without having any issues. We pay so much money for our games and PS4 etc its silly.

Mike Davies
6 years ago

Destiny 2 servers unavailable in the UK at the moment, and no announcement from Bungie as to why, no tweets or nothing. Typical UK getting screwed over again.

6 years ago

Destiny 2 players will now know that there is a maintenance ongoing, when servers come back online players will have to accept update

6 years ago

Destiny and Destiny 2 are both down for a scheduled maintenance – apparently they will not be offline too long.

6 years ago

I have not been able to play Destiny 2 for 3 days I keep getting the weasel code

6 years ago

I cannot get online with Destiny 2, are the servers down for maintenance?

6 years ago

Oh dear, Xur is not returning until next Friday in Destiny 2.

6 years ago

Been playing for hours since I bought Destiny 2 and now all of a sudden i get an error.

6 years ago

Destiny 2 online is what I thought it would be – rubbish because too many people playing at once so servers get smashed.

6 years ago

Destiny 2 is out today and I am sure the online gameplay is going to be as busy as you like. Problems will occur mark my words.

Eric Paulson
6 years ago

Xur is actually to the right of hangar entrance in the tower.

Eric Paulson
6 years ago

Xur said to be at jukebox…isn’t there.

6 years ago

cant get on destiny on ps4 been down for 2 days no error code

6 years ago

I am not connecting to the destiny server right now, all i get is network features are not working for this application.

6 years ago

Is Destiny’s Xur getting lost or something, i have been trying to look for him for weeks now and can never find him. I go to where he is supposed to be and he is never there.

Steven Wylie
7 years ago
Reply to  Vortex3398

Sounds like a Nat issue

kevin ramos
7 years ago
Reply to  Steven Foster

i think the problem is the x on a box man try a play station cuz u get to play it at least and not mark it with an x on a box of trash.

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