Destiny Problems

When the Destiny 1 or 2 game servers are not available you can discover problems in a number of ways, which can be the result of a server error message, or the whole Destiny game could be down today for all and not just you. It may also be a wider issue with Bungie, remember to leave your location below when reporting glitches, server errors, any maintenance spotted or downtime along with game version.

Destiny Status insight for Thursday 4th of March 2021

If Destiny is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Destiny Reports

@Padge10735462 @BungieHelp What gpu tho, u just talking bout amd gpu but is it powerfull enough to run destiny?

@BungieHelp Players who observe issues should report to the Help forum: I read it as Players who observe issues should report to the Halo forum: 🤦‍♂️for Destiny 2...

@BungieHelp Good Afternoon, a have trouble log in Destiny 2 Error " Destiny Server are not available " but when i try to log in my friend ps4 it will connect.. some advice?? Or what to do? Please🙏

@BungieHelp I just came back to destiny after many years away. I have a level 28 in #1 that did not transfer to destiny 2 and am trying to figure out why not.

Tough to get back into destiny after playing Outriders demo..... Really not feeling D2 anymore, struggled to even manage 30 mins. They really need to take the game down the competitive route, get dedicated servers & rework PvP completely. Such wasted potential #Destiny2

Hey @BungieHelp are destiny 2 servers down or is my wifi just broken. Thanks

If you can only play one game for the rest of your life, what would it be? (Suppose that no servers will ever shut down)

Well the Destiny servers went down again so I’m going to call it there. Thanks for coming along it was great having you all as always! Huge love to my TSeventeam ❤️❤️

@FortniteStatus @XboxSupport for some reason I can't log into @FortniteGame. Are the servers down again? Warzone, Apex, and Destiny 2 work fine. #XboxSeriesX

Reminder that we go LIVE for our first Destiny show in just under an hour! As well due to the xbox servers being down yesterday, we won't be debuting the new arenas yet! But the show will go on! 1 PM CST