Destiny Problems

When the Destiny 1 or 2 game servers are not available you can discover problems in a number of ways, which can be the result of a server error message, or the whole Destiny game could be down today for all and not just you. It may also be a wider issue with Bungie, remember to leave your location below when reporting glitches, server errors, any maintenance spotted or downtime along with game version.

Destiny Status insight for Thursday 1st of October 2020

If Destiny is down today, then reports will be found below.

Destiny Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

Destiny Reports

@Raito_103 @anton_radut @BungieHelp Its not I've collected everything on all characters and it flashes every time I play destiny even after a short break it bugs me as it doesn't stop until you open the season info tab on the far left.

@BungieHelp Damn and my brother just bought the season pass again that's not cool he got back into destiny 2 bought shadowkeep but haven't played it and didn't have the season pass I was wondering why

@BungieHelp I've run into an issue where a Battlenet account with no Destiny 2 information was transferred to my Steam account. I unlinked the old Battlenet account and linked the right one, but now it and the forum are telling me I can't transfer. Is there a support number?

@BungieHelp It's been several days since I haven't been able to enter destiny because every time I choose a destination, I get "connecting with the destiny 2 servers" Can you help me with this issue? i have a 30 mbp internet connection.

@BungieHelp Destiny servers down again. When will you guys ever get that right for once

@Xoom got an international transaction cancelled for no reason, servers are down and customer service absolutely non-existent. Money isn't getting to its destiny (as its cancelled) but its not being refunded either. Sent around 10 mails through a 2 week span, none of em answered

@TriggeredBunny @SuckerPunchProd Come up with a game plan for the foreseeable future lol. Also want to play Destiny 1&2, Costume Quest 1&2 for Halloween, Maybe Dead By Daylight, RDR2, and Battleborn because servers go down next year? Someone say NEXT GEN? 🤔🤬🤣🤣🤣🔥🎮

@geoffkeighley Any idea how it works with an online, live service game, like @DestinyTheGame. I assume Destiny has there own servers which will kick you off after awhile. Currently it takes me 4 mins to start and load onto a planet. Would love to see what that time is down too.

@Deebeegeek26 Destiny clan fell apart very quickly after I joined. My own old stream community rose and fell quickly and now the Rp servers I'm on for Dayz and GTA5 are both shutting down and the discord are in frenzies. Suppose their is stíl you community for now ♥️

@CammyCakesYT Lol good luck because destiny servers we’ll be taking down 😉

Was gonna late night Destiny grind but PSN servers are down in my area so to bed I go

Destiny servers are down? @Bungie what’s the deal @BungieHelp I’m tryna stream bruhhh