Destiny Problems

When the Destiny 1 or 2 game servers are not available you can discover problems in a number of ways, which can be the result of a server error message, or the whole Destiny game could be down today for all and not just you. It may also be a wider issue with Bungie, remember to leave your location below when reporting glitches, server errors, any maintenance spotted or downtime along with game version.

Destiny Status insight for Wednesday 5th of August 2020

If Destiny is down today, then reports will be found below.

Destiny Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Dan

    Wonder if Bungie are having problems with Destiny, or if it’s xbox live that’s having some problems.

  • they not give refund in gold cards when garbage like that happened?

  • Cross

    I am sick and tired of Destiny 2 servers being down all the time. Can we not just play a game online without having any issues. We pay so much money for our games and PS4 etc its silly.

  • Mike Davies

    Destiny 2 servers unavailable in the UK at the moment, and no announcement from Bungie as to why, no tweets or nothing. Typical UK getting screwed over again.

  • Jimmy

    Destiny 2 players will now know that there is a maintenance ongoing, when servers come back online players will have to accept update

  • Grace

    Destiny and Destiny 2 are both down for a scheduled maintenance – apparently they will not be offline too long.

  • Gavin

    I have not been able to play Destiny 2 for 3 days I keep getting the weasel code

  • Simon

    I cannot get online with Destiny 2, are the servers down for maintenance?

  • Harry

    Oh dear, Xur is not returning until next Friday in Destiny 2.

  • Maxie

    Been playing for hours since I bought Destiny 2 and now all of a sudden i get an error.

  • Joe

    Destiny 2 online is what I thought it would be – rubbish because too many people playing at once so servers get smashed.

  • James

    Destiny 2 is out today and I am sure the online gameplay is going to be as busy as you like. Problems will occur mark my words.

  • Eric Paulson

    Xur is actually to the right of hangar entrance in the tower.

  • Eric Paulson

    Xur said to be at jukebox…isn’t there.

  • sharyn

    cant get on destiny on ps4 been down for 2 days no error code

  • Chris

    I am not connecting to the destiny server right now, all i get is network features are not working for this application.

  • Mark

    Is Destiny’s Xur getting lost or something, i have been trying to look for him for weeks now and can never find him. I go to where he is supposed to be and he is never there.

  • Steven Wylie

    Sounds like a Nat issue

  • kevin ramos

    i think the problem is the x on a box man try a play station cuz u get to play it at least and not mark it with an x on a box of trash.

  • Amber Williams

    I keep getting a message that says the servers are not available. With no error code. It’s been happening all day, and I tried shutting down my Xbox one for 30 seconds and it didn’t work. I am supposed to raid tonight. I would really like to know how I can fix this problem. I live in Alaska but my friends in Minnesota are online right now with no problems.

  • Steven Foster

    I keep getting reset if ive been on a mission for more than 10 mins it just freezes and resets … ive tried uninstalling on my xbox 1 and re installing but still getting the same problems… so annoying … BTW anyone know where xur is today? 4th april

  • Jonathan Lee Bennett

    Getting error code after patch

  • Beau Brooks

    Yeah you own your own business but you find time to comment 15 times on one little page. So YOU CHOSE to spend your day with a video game and your upset at the GAME. Lol. Destiny didn’t tell you to take a day off dude

  • Oliver Murphy

    Can’t join 3 days … and it’s flustered about that anybody got same problem?
    Servers are not available

  • Kathryn Coley

    My son has been trying to load Destiny on his xbox 1s. All he gets is ‘unable to download configuration files from Bungie servers, Error Code turtle. We have turned off everything, restarted console etc etc to no avail. He can play other games successfully! Any suggestions please!

  • Vortex3398

    I can’t join my friend who’s downstairs and I’m upstairs. The connection is fine but it says you cannot join target player, does anyone know what’s wrong?

  • mike

    Destiny saying unable to connect to psn please check your network connection and psn status yet when I test internet connection their is no problems. I have psn and connection passed on test and all psn services are currently active??

  • Tyler

    Hes in the tower by seeker

  • Gary Lojkutz

    I have not played destiny for 2 weeks due server problems. Got on tonight to try it out
    Guess what, got server problems message. If bungie thinks I will but destiny 2, forget it. Bungie now you have to prove it to me that the next destiny will be better. I am going back to Halo firefight on my xbox1. No problems there.

  • mike

    Why don’t u find something else to do instead of trolling? Its a f ing free country u have no right to tell me what I can do and cant do! Do one!!!!

  • Peter

    So has everyone else haha…find something else to fill your time until it comes back rather than complaining

  • mike

    I take day off work because I can I own my own business I ain’t no kid now do one! I have right to be pissed I have paid over 150 on destiny from the beginning and the problems just get worse!

  • Peter

    It’s not as if it’s down for like a week or something…it’s a few hours. We’ve been waiting for ages, you can wait a little longer. Why would you take the day off work for a game? That’s crazy. Your fault for losing money over something like this…

  • mike

    Little server trouble how can over 300k players waiting be little server trouble

  • mike

    Lmao u joker! Calm down can u read u troll? I have took a day off work for this? Maybe u don’t work so it don’t matter to you lmao

  • Roy Breydin

    .bungie danmit sort this out faster I’ve already threw my controller through my TV I only have 2 left let me in

  • Peter

    Honestly chill out…you are getting upset because of a little server trouble? Calm down son. You sound like a little kid

  • Ian8167

    Started in a queue of 90420, put me back to menu so now i’m at 313240

  • mike

    Glad really cos this expansion has ended destiny for me! Was getting bored of how crap the game was but thought maybe this new expansion will be ok. How wrong was I lol. Least i don’t need to stress about any more releases from destiny as they will not get another penny! They ripped me off from the beginning. Also with the refer a friend and now with this expansion! Will they give me the days wage I have lost to play this yet not getting to play?

  • mike

    I don’t want the game any more just a refund. I have lost a days work for this crap and been constantly disconnected and now over 300k in cue! I want my money back and shove this dlc up where sun don’t shine!

  • Ronnie Shitbird Pierce

    Yea its faulty on there end they should have tested the servwrs pre release to make sure this wouldnt happen

  • Ronnie Shitbird Pierce

    So i wonder what they will do to make up for them having super shitty servers i mean bugs are expected been been in q for over an hour this is ridiculous

  • Ronnie Shitbird Pierce

    Was 2000 in q dced me 4 times now 204141 in q fml

  • mike

    Thing is I have wired connection direct to router! Router sits 10cm away from ps4 and I am getting disconnected!

  • mike

    I keep getting disconnected and the que position gets higher! Taking the f ing p!

  • mike

    Does anyone know how to get a refund! I don’t even want the game now!

  • mike


  • mike

    I hate how there is nothing u can do! I have been here since beginning! I have paid over 150 upto now and nowt I can do but get treated like a piece of crap! Its done it again disconnected so I will be over 200k in the que now!

  • mike

    I was 80,000 then came up saying cant connect nowbim 135,903 takes piss last I will ever pay on this piece of c

  • Yggdrasil

    126939 in Q is the message

  • mike

    Said 10am

  • mike

    I want a refund! I don’t even want to play the game now! Why when I made sure inwas up early and online. Now I have to wait. Oh and now its saying unavailable again do I have lost that position in the que!

  • Yggdrasil

    Yes was on playing Heroic strikes – left game around 1030 GMT – all Heroic strikes gone from destination menu – now ROI Icons in place. server updates and patches downloaded. Belived ROI rollout is 1800 GMT today.

  • mike

    Cant believe I cant play cos destiny is at capacity and I have to wait for 81 thousand players to get on first!

  • mike

    U thought they could make it look like that so they don’t get the stick for f ing up lol.

  • j4m80

    Not my problem they should anticipate that ! Bit like buying loo roll when u ain’t got a bum!

  • mike

    Wonder of will make the headlines! DESTINY FLOPS AGAIN! Gamers outraged lol.

  • KramLLadoow84

    Bungie have disabled the login on the main website. its defo a ddos attack

  • KramLLadoow84

    U are forgetting the 360 player lol

  • John

    Took a day of 2 man this sucks

  • j4m80

    Not on by the time i get back from the aquatics want my change back

  • mike

    They do it cos they can and no one will do anything about it! Not like we will stop buying the game! So they ain’t bothered.

  • Douglas Williams

    You me and most of my friends burned a vacation day on this

  • mike

    Doubt that cos the people that attack are prob waiting for the expansion lol.

  • Jj


  • mike

    I have took a day off work for this crap! Total p take!!!!

  • Jj


  • KramLLadoow84

    Did anyone think it could be a ddos attack?

  • Douglas Williams

    What is this crap stayed up all fn night for the launch of roi and can’t even play

  • Jj


  • j4m80

    Destiny spelt backwards don’t make sence bit like paying 25 electrical beans to not be able to play a game!

  • mike

    Hopefully people will see sense and f destiny off after this expansion! The more we tolerate it and purchase expansions nothing will change! U need to hit them where it hurts ie the wallet!

  • j4m80

    Error code????? Y not say its gone pete tong again

  • j4m80

    Other releases like fifa dont have these issues!

  • Stephon Vargason

    This…this is really depressing

Destiny Reports

@BungieHelp During a crucible match on Destiny 2, someone hit my husband with something that inverted his controls. Is this a weapon or a hack?

@Savinavi69 @BigMondeezy @eekennee @BungieHelp Being a Destiny 1 Alpha Veteran actually means a lot more by itself, and that's not even counting my Rumble Championship games or the 5 Raid Rings that I've pre-ordered.

@BungieHelp @Bungie @DestinyTheGame can you please add an Ads,scope, and X and Y sensitivity option for controller/console players please its so hard to play Destiny 2 on controller and im on ps4 😔#Destiny2

@FcoEnriquePerez @ohsyll @BungieHelp @DFPsheikh @Aztecross I watch @Aztecross almost every day, I know cheaters are the biggest problem in destiny right now, I’m just saying I personally haven’t ran into too much lately, I have before, I’ve had days where multiple games in a row for multiple cards had cheaters 😂I know the problem.

@BungieHelp It's a good thing I don't have to pay for my own internet. Forcing a re-download of Destiny 2 for a botched "hotfix" isn't cool.

.@BungieHelp for the second time this season, I’ve been unable to break the third crystal in the Interference mission. I have to redo the event to get it to break on a second run. Plz fix. #Destiny @DestinyTheGame

destiny servers are down for me but not for jin dont lie to me

@BungieHelp Destiny servers are still down for Xbox One

Destiny 2 Servers Down For Maintenance Ahead Of Hotfix Update #gamingnews #gamespot…

Destiny 2 Servers Down For Maintenance Ahead Of Hotfix Update…

Destiny 2 Servers Down For Maintenance Ahead Of Hotfix Update #gamingnews