eBay Problems

eBay is one of the most successful online auction business with people listing items to sell, although every now and again those who are on the website will run into some issues, especially as users have reported, in the past, they’re having problems signing into their account, trouble with passwords and even outages happening, which for some can be a absolute nightmare.

eBay Status insight for Saturday 24th of July 2021

If eBay is down today, then reports will be found below.

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eBay Reports

@AskeBay been trying to convert my @nectar points all week, is there a problem?

@eBay_UK @eBay @AskeBay System problem ? My shop page wont load. URGENT PLEASE

Is eBay down for y’all?

@AskeBay this don’t make no sense both shoes are directly from adidas how you suspended me for the pictures I posted in the listing with zero views. I need this problem fixed it’s unfair pic.twitter.com/3vP4Uhhrdn

@AskeBay I'd recommend you kiss my ass with your horseshit policy that you just "improved" by making the problem worse. How about you this: after 24 hours of non payment, the seller can cancel the order with no defect and negative feedback will be removed?

@AskeBay I need help with resolving a refund for a buyer. I cannot get past your automated system to speak to someone. This ongoing problem should have been sorted a week ago! Case ID 5273601346

@AskeBay Hello, I have had a problem with a gift card since I would like to check if my refund has already arrived but I only have the first 9 numbers of the card and since I have already made another payment with another gift card, the last one was not saved.

@AskeBay @eBay You guys have got a serious problem with buyers filing bogus return claims because they didn't pay attention when bidding, or after they blatantly admit they're not interested in paying for an item. And there's no recourse for sellers to warn future sellers.

@AskeBay Why are my funds still on hold after a customer raised a problem with not receiving his item, I issued the tracking number and turns out they attempted delivery, I've done my bit but yet it's been on hold since yesterday morning

Hi @eBay @AskeBay I see you changed your feedback page, but you didn't account for left handed people. My problem is, when I leave my 5 ☆ & scroll down on my phone, it clicks on 1or 2 ☆, & before I have time I've left negative feedback for a 5☆ ebayer! Oops! @Daily_Express

@emcitysportscrd @CardPurchaser @AskeBay I was trying from my phone and for some reason you can’t do it from your phone. Tried on my laptop and worked with no problem at all. I forgot some things don’t work on the app

@777PilotGuy @eBay @AskeBay What's the problem? It's the product you wanted at a price you were happy to pay!