eBay Problems

eBay is one of the most successful online auction business with people listing items to sell, although every now and again those who are on the website will run into some issues, especially as users have reported, in the past, they’re having problems signing into their account, trouble with passwords and even outages happening, which for some can be a absolute nightmare.

eBay Status insight for Tuesday 7th of December 2021

If eBay is down today, then reports will be found below.

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eBay Reports

@AskeBay I already tried to fix my problem thru you! But you never reply in DM

@AskeBay I added a checking account with a typo in my account number. I can not delete it and add my correct checking account number since I do not know what the typo was in the account number. How can I fix this problem so I can receive payments?

@MaybeSportsCard @AskeBay @CardPurchaser I’m getting more confused about the issue as time goes on. It sounds like eBay didn’t combine shipping (otherwise it would be .93 for both) and you can ship them both in one envelope so what exactly is the problem?

@MaybeSportsCard @AskeBay @CardPurchaser Yes, it’s a problem that eBay allows the buyer to checkout with ESE for orders that don’t qualify (over $20 or over weight). The best fix would be for sellers to set their shipping prices at the account level and then have buyers select which shipping they want at checkout.

@AskeBay @tonyblakie I didn't do anything wrong...please fix the problem.

@AskeBay @tonyblakie eBay customers say that there is danger and fear from my account.what is this nonsense..I don't have open cases..no negative comment...and all of my products any of my products..I am asking for a solution to this problem..I have never done anything wrong or against eBay's policy.

@tonyblakie @AskeBay @eBay My account was suspended on the 3rd of this month... and I ask to fix the problem immediately... because I didn't care about any error... and you admitted that it was a technical problem and it was done by mistake.. Thank you.

@AskeBay At one point I had about six ebay gift cards with amounts under $5. The problem is that you can only use up to four giftcards on one purchase, so I can't use up the small amounts by combining them.

@AskeBay I've reported this to ebay support many times the last few years, and I am always told (or texted) that it is a bug and that they will fix it. This problem comes and goes. Most of the time it works like it should.

@AskeBay I'd like to report a bug in the payment system. It doesn't allow me to use up gift cards with small amounts left on them, but defaults to any card with a bigger balance. This might become a huge problem for families with Christmas looming.

@ninaaface @eBay @AskeBay Same for me? I don’t understand. Is ebay down???