eBay Problems

eBay is one of the most successful online auction business with people listing items to sell, although every now and again those who are on the website will run into some issues, especially as users have reported, in the past, they’re having problems signing into their account, trouble with passwords and even outages happening, which for some can be a absolute nightmare.

eBay Status insight for Thursday 2nd of July 2020

If eBay is down today, then reports will be found below.

eBay Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Dan

    When you wonder if eBay is down or something, as you can’t track any of the packages for a few days.

  • RickyG

    I keep getting a white screen when signing into eBay, anyone else?

  • Martin Thom

    Ebay not loading today

  • Tony Fisher

    I am trying to send payments to a seller but it says the payment has either already been paid or the item has timed out. If I try paying via the checkout it says the quantity is wrong or the account is wrong. I contacted eBay live chat and they said a lot of people are having the same problem and their developers are looking into a fix. This has been for nearly a week now and still hasn’t been fixed.

  • Stacey Boswell

    Is anyone unable to receive payments on ebay even though the buyer has sent the payment

  • Simon

    I am affiliated with eBay and have been trying to make custom links up in my account, but not able to do so, got to be down at the moment.

  • Stanley

    Oops that’s not a match purgatory again today. What’s up with that?

  • Andy wild

    Can not sign into my ebay site on my kindle fire, but i can sign in on my phone

  • Kenny

    I have chosen items online that I like and cannot pay for them. They are still sitting in my basket but cannot pay for them, this is like 18 hours now I have had this issue for.




    How long will Ebay be down for????

  • Jakesta

    Hey can you plz tell me what’s going wrong with eBay categories I’m searching for items and it’s not giving me what I’m looking for??? This is awful. I’m trying to buy sex products zizi brands and oxballs it’s not coming up. Forget that I’m looking for kids toys it takes you to garden stuff. This is awful. Past 2 months I’m trying to buy good and I can’t find anything so I’m contacting watch dog and the local papers your eBay is not worth buy on worst website

  • StupidShouldCausePain

    May 28th: I’m being told my password doesn’t match. Wrong. It’s in a vault so: No. It’s correct.

  • Alan Dixon

    i had to put google chrome in to my pc now every time i log in to ebay it tells me my pass word is wrong so i changed it and it still says its wrong but i can log on ebay with new pass word anyone eles with the same problem ????

  • The_Mocking_Turtle

    Couldn’t sign in this morning. Requested a temporary password to be sent to my phone and logged in. Changed the password, eventually, after having to request another temporary password to be sent and still can’t log in using the new password.

  • Tony

    Trying to sine in and days password and user is rong

  • Edgar

    i cant sign in, and today i receive a fraud txt from my bank saying that someone use my card and trying to buy 9K worth of product, Good the bank is very fast to catch it. Be aware.

  • Christopher Sullivan

    Experienced error message, not able to sign in this eve( wed)deleted app reinstalled- same response, however i noticed in my app updates( apple iphone) a ebay update, i installed and ‘back to normal ‘ the app is working and running faster. highfive.
    ps- i had experienced some gliches earlier in the week in the app before ebay went down this eve and before updating app, eg wrong listing £ amounts and odd order of watching listings.

  • Facebook and Google are visible but no Ebay or Met Office or IMDb. Never had this before. Using Firefox but same on internet Explorer. Cleared cache, done Tune Up still no joy

  • Yoko8 puppies

    I have got a wrong username in the automatic sign in, it is wrong on here too. How can i delete it?

  • Shadyv

    Cannot login from my Firefox browser on my Samsung galaxy note and can’t do so from the app, tried to open it through PayPal, that doesn’t work. When I tried to reset my password, it says its not a recognized email. I’ve had this account for years and I know I’m entering the correct info. Ughhh!!!

  • Michael McGlothin

    I get the incorrect password screen and I know what I set my password as as well as using the correct e-mail. I had to set the same password three times before I was able to get in my account a week and a half ago. I log in with my phone’s browser and have never had this problem before. I’m the only one that uses my phone.???

  • Arthur Scargill

    keep getting the same “oops” message…No match….???

  • Tammy L Waters Havlik

    im having this issue to did u figure this out?

  • Pragmatiist

    Only able to log in by refreshing the page. However things soon go pear shaped, i.e. intermittant responses to mouse / no response etc.

  • nn

    Can not login to ebay today, neither is there any help in following password link on my mail, to change password – all the time the answear is: Ops, this is not a match??
    Also on my paypal 🙁 Anyboy else?
    Can this be because of my flash player?

  • Tigger

    Can’t access eBay through the normal routes since a couple of days ago. It’s possible to get in via the back door to sell and view stuff but when I go to My eBay it crashes.

  • Shawn Ledner

    cant log on to ebay today

  • Joe

    ebay UK not loading for the past 3 hours for me 🙁

  • seaking

    Today can’t login to ebay. It kept on bringing me back to enter verification code page after typing in my user ID. After several attempts I gave up.

  • tudbury x

    Hi im trying to do a return on ebay but it wont go through, is ebay down i can still browse????.

  • Josefa Ponte

    Hi is eBay uk down today

  • Liz

    Working now but not good. I always pay immediately at end of auction

  • Liz

    eBay keeps sending message that I have lost connectivity – I haven’t – purchased an item but now unable to check out – Nottinghamshire

  • Carol Murphy

    ebay is working in Clacton-on sea now.

  • Carol Murphy

    I have sold several items and they are meant to pick up today, but I cant give them my details because ebay is down. Clacton-on -sea

  • Andrew MacKinnon

    My watchlist ended up in my basket, now telling me that I have nothing on my watch list…..Very annoying today the least……

  • Andrea

    Why can’t I get into my selling page on eBay?

  • Ranbir Grewal

    ebay down, not good for sellers

  • Jennifer Green

    Same here Margo….It’s infuriating, I am losing business.

  • Stuart Duff

    This is poor on EBay’s part this company makes an absolute fortune but there will be no compensation for buyers and sellers alike – EBay get your act together please !!!

  • Margo Pastusiak

    what the h is going on with ebay it has stop dead tried everything ,so angry I cant follow my listings , ebay get your act together .

  • Mel

    Hi my watch list disappeared 18/4/17 still hasnt returned and cannot add any as the do not show up when you check . Does anyone else have this problem at moment ?

  • Yvonne Lunde-andreassen


  • Jack Grossman

    eBay has stopped holding my log in details.

  • Louise Fearn

    Every time I log into eBay, it just goes to a blank white screen after I enter my details and I get nothing else. Any help and info would be appreciated.

  • Yvette Blackburn

    I haven’t been able to log in to ebay since last night. I’ve tried changing my password and it still comes up with ooops no match. I don’t know what to do next. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

  • Phil Watts

    Can’t login to ebay – tried resetting the password loads of times but still get the message – no match. Is there a fix for this?

  • Debbie H

    All of a sudden, I was getting the same issue…”OOOPS NO MATCH”. Couldn’t understand it because I was able to login fine a couple of hours before. I even installed Opera on my IPAD just so that I could login to eBay – as I always use Safari. I HAVE FOUND THE ANSWER THAT WORKED FOR ME!!! Prior to me being unable to log into eBay, I had gone into Settings, Safari, Block Cookies, and I had ticked “Always Block”. It was the cookies that were preventing me from logging in !! So I went back into Safari, Cookies and ticked “Allow from websites I visit” and voila, I can now log back into eBay!! Please check / try this as eBay is DEFINATELY not down, it is to do with your settings. Let me know if it works for you!

  • Sylvia Tilley

    Is Ebay down today? am having problems login in.My usual Password rejected.I have had to change it 3 times via Gmail when I try to login with password the last link I received in gmail was a yahoo.com.which isn’t my email address.

  • Is Ebay Down Again Today ???????

  • Johnny Humpback

    Ebay keeps wanting me to enter a payment verification including my credit card number and will not allow me to proceed without this information. The web link has the “I” in a circle that says the site is not secure. Anyone else have this problem andor know of a way around it?

  • David Vassallo

    I cant login on my phone today.When i try to sign in it says OOOPS NO MATCH,Its turning me mad as my login is the same as it was for 7 years.

  • Frustrated

    Im having login problems similar to Annoyed below. I get “oops, thats not a match” and when I select Text a temporary Password it appears to identify my correct phone number but no text ever arrives! The same happens with Forgot Password routine text pin, it never arrives!

  • Annoyed

    Yes, I’m having the same problems trying to log into Ebay, it keeps replying ‘oops,that’s not a match’ and then asks me to enter the random generated number.
    Neither method works ,I’ve been trying to log since Thurs 26th Jan and today Friday 27 the it’s still the same !!
    I would have more chance of speaking to the Queen than being able to even contact Ebay , what a shambles.

  • George Kimmett

    Keep on getting prompted to include the random generated numbers in when logging into eBay today as the system is telling me I’m entering the wrong username or Password. By putting in exactly the same username and password and then including the 6 digit random generated number I get in? I’m guessing there may be a third party out there who likes my username but struggling with my password?

  • Michael Slattery

    can’t edit listings I get stuck in the password reset loop

  • Amanda Hughes

    eBay what is happening nearly 5 hrs of trying to sign in on iPad to come up with no server permission, unknown domain issue and refusing to allow me to login . Have tried installing and uninstalling up to 5 times and still nothing. At the end of my tether. Wtf is going on? Why can’t I sign in???

  • B carpenter

    I have not been able to log in for the last 2 days, have now had two text messages to use as passwords to access my account, did not work, have now changed my password twice and got noticification back from eBay still no good, why can’t they email me back and let me know what the problem is.

  • Lock-n-Load Lisa

    Unable to log into ebay for 2 days now. Will not accept password.Try changing password and it still won’t accept. Keeps looping asking to reset, accepts new password, and then says “oops it doesn’t match” when you try to sign in. Customer service on the phone is absolutely f–ing useless.

  • Brett Holt

    Unable to log into EBAY UK to list some items – and its the weekend 🙁

  • Pete

    Cannot login as message is details do not match

  • Darkman

    Paypal is having problems too.

  • Kate

    I try to get onto ebay to see if i have sold my item as it was ending today and all i am getting is “Service Unavailable. The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later. Reference #6.da0b0ac3.1472202801.12eb5bb4

  • Simon

    The eBay website is down, this is both UK and .Com websites. Whats going on please, does anyone know.

  • Clive P

    EBay down UK again. Pain in the a$$°°°

  • tssrusty

    Can’t access ebay, outlook email, or paypal. Keep getting 408/409 server busy, or traffic jam on internet superhighway, or website is too busy to show the web page. Is there any way around this?

  • Samuel Blanchard Hindmarch

    On going login problems, I keep being directed towards foreign sites, this has been for the last three days

  • GTerris

    Cannot load any pages on eBay today.

  • Marion

    Why can’t you change your details on either the app or logging on to main site on my iPhone? Very annoying & total waste of time, crazy that a site like this can’t cope with this or make it simple.

  • AYWarhorse

    Having had my security key fail at paypal I thought I would test it at ebay, hoping that it may work there, but it is also creating a failure there as well. So it looks like both ebay and paypal are having two factor problems.

  • Robert D,

    I cannot access my account no matter how many times I try.

  • Kev Colley

    my password is always wrong and request number verification before can sign in??

  • IBOL

    No photos on Ebay. Anyone with the same problem?

  • Matthew Sparkes

    Signed it but……’We weren’t able to run the search you entered. Please try again in a few minutes’.

  • Timothy Bruno

    I was able to get in by deleting the app and reinstalling it. Of course, it only works until you leave the app. Then rinse and repeat

  • Dean Cattle

    im the same cant see the summary page its so annoying

  • little rascal

    I can sign in, but can’t get to my summary, or watch an item, finally, through a long way round, gave feedback for a purchase, not even sure how it happened, glad to see its not just me having problems.

  • AzrÃ¥el

    I’m able to sign in, but cant view my watch list or purchase history. I’m able to search for items and open them. Haven’t tried anything else….

  • Simon Varga

    Same here; can’t view purchase history or summary…

  • dghtunes

    Can’t sign in or view purchase history, summary, etc

  • Alfred D. Smith

    can’t sign in, and if I can I’m unable to check anything such as purchase history. I received three items today, but I can’t check them against my purchase history. I need to contact one of the seller, but can’t do so. What gives I was just checking about 2 hrs ago now nothing. I need some explanation ebay.

  • dorothy

    Obviously ebay are once again experiencing technical difficulties, You will discover as their power grows so will their sod you attitude, But be fair let’s give them time not just to get it fixed, But to come up with some convincing Bovine Waste.

  • mia

    Can’t sign in at all.
    Haven’t been able to for days! Getting really fed up.

  • John Prescott

    I can’t even get on eBay since yesterday. Keeps saying oops. It’s a pain in the backside. I wish eBay would keep us all informed as to what is happening and when the service will be fully restored in NW U.K

  • Ian Hopkins

    Hi, yes I have same problem I think. Being asked to log in each time and then told Oops! They do not match. In between this an banner saying Error (Tide) and PASSWORD UPDATE. Each time it says password does not match and have to go through the whole process again! Anyone……….?

  • Sean

    eBay app on iPad, put password in to login but doesn’t do anything just stays on the same screen. Logs in and out fine on iPhone, anyone else having issues? Reinstalled app, restored iPad and still doing same

  • Sheila Bilbrey

    i had all kinds of sales since i opened up as a seller on ebay back in the fall, now, all of a sudden, no sales at all in March 2016. My business partner went to look at our listings. Evidently, our listings are not showing up at all 🙁

  • Anne

    Ebay app on iPad has been horrendous past 2 days. Can add items to basket…but unable to checkout using app. Using browser is fine. Been like this for last 2 days. Spinning circle of doom displays. Just as well I wasn’t bidding on items, but using ‘buy now’ feature. Having to use browser rather than app to purchase.

  • Dave

    Have been experiencing horrendous issues with eBay website for two days. Pages not loading, unable to read messages, pages timing out, page cannot be found etc

    This is not browser, Internet service provider, or device related because I’ve tried PC, laptop, various browsers, mobile 4G

    eBay could not provide any explanation or solution and advised me to wait 48 hours and contact them again if issues not resolved !!!!!

    Very frustrating !!!!

  • JonJ

    It’s been malfunctioning since Thursday 25th, two days now. Better in small hours when traffic low, otherwise many functions unavailable – extended wait sates, hangs and browser ‘can’t connect to web-page’ error messages result.

  • BB

    I called eBay and was told due to some maintenance they carried this morning something gone horribly wrong, nothing to do with internet provider or browsers, It is simply ebay’s mess.. Bottom line is ebay has been behaving like a MAFIA and has been able to dictate their unfair rules on us ( mainly sellers) for ages.. Wellcome to CORPORATION world…

  • Vedran Brnjetić

    frequently times out, even when you get in, it’s slow and it’s a lottery if you will get the next link you click.

  • Malcolm Birtwell

    Cannot access eBay at all 🙁

  • Andy Other

    Can’t sign into ebay

  • Francisco Guara Gouttès

    Cannot register in ebay. Says the page has moved ! has moved to where ???

  • sue

    Cannot sign in on my tablet its as if its frozen whats going on ?

  • J Bird

    Can’t get on to EBay at all on my phone just saying not acceptable with my iPhone when it was ok this morning then just went blank ! What’s going on !!!!!

  • whitneymuse

    can’t bring up the website; called brokerage in NH. ….he brought up ebay immediately.

  • corneliani konde pambu

    i do not how to paye the item armani jacket ,if i click for payement i get only this message ..contact the seller..

  • Mazoo

    Can’t log in, passwords rejected, so I can’t list or edit any listings, other people I know also having this problem today.

  • Jules Hawkins

    Can’t access any ebay on my laptop or any Paypal. What’s going on?

  • Tony

    Rang PayPal today they checked everything all good..saying ebay issue but after 3 calls to ebay they are seem to acknowledge there is a problem ..but when I said others too having problems they said not nobody has contact them yet PayPal Ssid they’ve had loads of calls on this issue.. Ebay say it could be the phone yet my friends got same phone ( android) his is fine keep you posted

  • Kazakhstan

    I thought I was the only one experience this problem. After setting up payment it transfers you to PayPal homepage and it will not process payment.

  • Dylan

    I use eBay affiliate links and i have been trying to log in to my eBay account and cannot. Does anyone know when the next eBay commission payment will be?

  • Heidi

    This constantly signing in on eBay has become so frustrating why do they do this??? Especially when I look up items on eBay and want to touch the the watch button I again have to sign in when I do it then after signing in I loose the page I was watching and have to start all over again! Why is that necessary it is so tiring and puts one off of buying stuff

  • Tony

    Anybody using e bay android app buying fine but when transferring to PayPal it won’t accept my phone number and pin or my e mail and pass word says both invalid any ideas cheers

  • jj

    very tempted to as ebay change too many rules all the time the latest is tracking every item you sell to help with negative feedback from people saying they havnt received items, but how can you do track and trace on cheap items and make a profit crazy!

  • jj

    this happened last year for over 4 hours but didnt effect everybody they never admit its their fault who compensates us for loss of business for this length of time!

  • fishfacejane

    Ditto to all the belo . Took my business to Amazon instead. No problem .

  • Georgia

    Keeps telling me to sign although I never signed out !! Grrrrrrrr very annoying

  • jj

    logged in but cannot amend any listings not sold anything for 2 hours, had a live chat they reckon they doing technical stuff which means they got major problems just like last year and this is b4 black friday

  • Staci Graham Mann

    Cannot log in on mobile app. I get “unknown error. Check network settings” and cannot access account on website either. Website shows I’m logged in but if I select watch list, selling, messages, or anything it goes to a blank white error screen. Cannot bid, sell, ship, respond, nothing! Not a good time for this right now and has been this way for over an hour!!! (In the US.)

  • Miss J

    Me me me!!!!!

  • Catherine Ravenhall

    Cannot sign in.

  • Frances Simmonds

    It’s annoying and bad business. I’m lucky in that I have nothing selling right now or buying, but if I did I’d be livid!


    Neither can I – it worked early this morning when I listed an item – but now I cannot access anything.


    Me too

  • Ginny

    Can’t sign in keeps stating error

  • Paul500-8

    Won’t let me log in on any of my 4 devices

  • Geoff

    EBay Bunch a wankers down again!!! They need competition who’s up for starting an auction site??

  • Frances Simmonds

    Can’t sign in on eBay app on iPad or phone. What’s up?

  • Lyn james

    I have the same problem

  • Maria Danielle Phillips

    I can’t buy anything on eBay or read my inboxes on eBay help. Concerned about my account being hijacked I even changed my password still no good

  • Danny Slater

    iPhone 6s – eBay app logged me out and won’t let me log back in even though my phone knows password! Uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail

  • Stuart

    Same problem log in says session expired come on eBay sort it

  • Malcolm Birtwell

    Checkout problems and links within listings broken 🙁

  • Leslie

    My sessions expire. Which doesn’t make any sense. Let me spend my money!!

  • Bel

    And I had a few mins of bidding on an item that would have long gone now. FURIOUS.

  • Joanne Ferins

    Mine keeps saying session expired too then kicks me off!! So annoying…

  • carol

    Yes having same problem asking me to sign in and then asks me again to sign in

  • dawn

    Same here couldn’t make item as dispatched saying invalid IV key etc then asks me to log in. Managed to login, tried to mark as dispatched, same again. Now can’t login. Ebay please fix ASAP I want to keep my customers happy!

  • Melanie

    Keeps saying ‘session expired’ and I’m thrown out!!

  • Haley Emma-Madonna Watts

    Signed in but can’t list anything for sale 🙁

  • beth

    Iv also not been able to sign in! It keeps asking me to sign in when I never signed out

  • Adam

    Same ere wont let me log in wen i do it takes me straight back out

  • Dave

    Yeah what the hell eBay I got people buying auction items and what I’m loosing out on money in my auction cause servers down or what I’m pissed

  • Allyson Drury

    Hey eBay!! What’s happening? Despite not logging out, you’ve asked me to sign in about a dozen times…..but you won’t let me log back in! Give your head a wobble….give your servers a shakin’….do whatever you have to do because I’ve got something to pay for!

  • Lizzy

    Jog on Black Friday week, its great to have all the deals but for the life of me cannot buy anything from the daily deals sections as too slow.

  • Andrew Haddon

    I thought it was just me so I can take consolation in the fact other people are experiencing the same thing.

  • emma

    What time will it be back on stresssssed I am

  • Paul

    I can’t sign in today on my android tablet nor my partners ipad.. Downloaded older version of ebays android app and still no good.

  • Nif

    If the comment from Felix is correct, then Ebay needs to learn that it takes a long time to nurture and gain the trust of a customer but only a few seconds to lose him/her.
    There are other auction sites out there and I’m sure that more will appear.
    If Ebay gets a steady stream of people abandoning them then the loser will be Ebay.
    People will only take so much before taking action.

  • Janine

    I’m having the same trouble

  • Steve Porter

    I can’t log in today either on my iPhone or iPad
    I can login using chrome on my pc but can’t access my messages!
    So there is def a problem with eBay today

  • Tannu

    Unable to access messages / purchase history data during past hours;please let me know how much long it will take to fix this error…it will effect Monday sale

    This is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo badddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  • Felix Dengue

    I have a friend who works for Google who tells me that E Bay either has a deal going with Google or that they are going to merge and will only allow Google owned browsers to access E Bay and some other sites. What is happening today is only a test to see the reaction from E Bay customers. Things will be back to normal later today but more tests of this type will follow. They know that their (E Bay) customers can not go elsewhere, if this works, over a test period of 12 months (expect this to happen more and more often) their intention is to make Google Chrome or an new Google-E Bay application for computers Phones a paid subscription access which will cost around 10 US per month. This is only a test and it seems that nothing will actually change until late 2016. E Bay-Google can not lose, as there is no where else for us to go.

  • Craigo

    wow, take a look down the page. Think you might find your answer right there…

  • emmamariewarrener

    Hey I am unable to sign in, buying, watch list. Why is this? Anyone else having problems? Emmamariewarrener

  • Craigo

    Same here. No login with “no network” kind of error on android phone. Via internet explorer, can login but my most recent sales still show as active items and some of my information is not available. I only know I sold one because of paypal notification on my phone. Typical, I don’t sell anything for ages, list a bunch of stuff and bang! ebay screws up. Poor.

  • Michael Glossop

    Unable to access messages / purchase history data during past hour. Site reports there is an error retrieving information from server. Supposed to be picking purchase up this morning but cannot access contact information of seller. She’s probably cussing me as I write!

  • Joe

    I cant sign in today, keeps saying my password, email address and ebay id are not recognised,

  • Mary

    I also can’t log in! It keeps saying opps, wrong password or username ! But I was just on 30 min ago???

  • Jacqui Morgan

    Logged out of app. Keeps saying no network, really,! Last night had problems couldn’t view my watched items , missed a couple of auctions. Not good enough

  • Janet

    I tried to view my sold items, of which there are 7… App shows all blank… Spoke to manager yesterday who said uninstall and reinstall app… Did that this morning reluctantly…. Now wont let me log in- lost network connectivity message, even though ive full wifi signal, and latest message error authenticating with identity provider for domain EBAYUSER- please try again after some time!! Grrrrrr… I run a shop and these constant issues make it near impossible to operate

  • Kim Wade

    I can access my account using Internet explorer on my laptop, but not on my tablet or iPad…

  • Maureen

    Me to unable sigh in just can’t get passed the sigh in page very annoying ,

  • Tilak Kathayat

    I am unable to login to my account as well and it’s saying account not found, also try to reset the password it’s not working?. what going on. is the server down or what happen to my account?

  • Sofia Marie Creasey Äü

    I can only see the home page, can’t see my watch list, buying list or messages! Tried via app and website, have they been hacked again??

  • carl

    I have now managed to log in to ebay by using the Chrome browser. The eBay app and Safari browser isn’t letting me log in to ebay. But Chrome allows it so ok.

  • Kirk

    eBay app is having problems where users have to use the site, which in return is slowing that up a lot.

  • Jaden

    My app is telling me to use the site, is this normal?

  • carl

    Tried logging in today. It won’t let me however many times I try.

  • Bridget

    Easy fix. I called eBay as I had problems logging in on my Safari browser. Was told to use another browser Google Crome and logged in fine. Was told that at some stage my Safara browser would work again.

  • Jae Emm

    Although I am signed in to my account, ebay sign in page came up when I tried to pay for a purchase. I resigned in and it keeps telling me my password is incorrect. I am using a pc and tried with both IE ll and google chrome. Nothing.

  • Rocky McDaniel

    I keep getting the account is locked page even after putting in the right information. I can’t access ebay at all now. what does this mean? it doesn’t make any sense to me.

    “It seems that you are not carried out with
    the input of the device earlier.”
    Does this make sense to anyone out there?

  • Matthew

    Having a similar problem right now- for the past two days cannot login via my laptop, I enter my user name and password and it just takes me back to the login page. Can use eBay fine via my phone though.

  • Matthew

    Can’t sign in either- I attempt to login and it just takes me back to the login page. Not sure if it’s eBay or my laptop. Been a problem for about two days now.

  • Roy

    I can’t sign in either, thought it was my tablet ,changed my password twice, I think eBay is getting too big for its boots

  • Colin Davis

    Cant login at all. Cant contact customer support. All the emails I send including requests for password changes receive no response.

  • Jane Elizabeth Job

    I cant list anything for sale on my android. Can list title but I have no camera icon to take photos. Have rung ebay but they say there’s nothing they can do. Have switched phone off and on. In installed and reinstalled ebay but still nothing. Im miffed bring back the old version I had no problems with that

  • Carl Delaney

    Can log in from tablet and mobile but not laptop??? Keep getting told password/email is wrong, even when same information logs me into the other devices?


  • baza

    cant get sent messages on my ebay,for 5 weeks now,no help at all from ebay.

  • Trump2016

    Trying to pay for item for last 4 days everytime I try to log into PayPal from eBay it says appears you have lost network connectivity. tried from app and regular site both. Regular site says you have been logged off PayPal . My PayPal app is working fine.

  • Emma Louise Muncaster

    Update has cost me winning 2 auctions because it was running too slow for it to update me that I had been out bid. Not happy at all. If it’s not broke don’t fix it!!

  • Richard

    I downloaded ebay update on my mobile last night , now when I search it runs very slowly and if I try to get details on an item it won’t load……..rubbish, was fine before

  • cindy

    yesterday one of my item I sold, when I click “print postal”, it takes me to paypal login screen. for other item I sold, it did not take me to paypal. today I am trying to day, it keeps telling me cannot get to payment server since last night.

  • C sullivan

    No listing of my watching items on iphone app..disapeared, page blank.

  • michelle benet

    can”t list anything for the last two days. a prompt comes up..”oops
    Well, this is embarrassing. We’re sorry, but the quick listing tool isn’t working right this second. Give us a couple of minutes to fix this, and then please try again.
    Anyone else having the same problem. Thankswith your listing.

  • Fast Track

    I can’t list items for sale. I start the process but can’t finish it. Can’t fill in the description field and can not put in the best price . anyone else having these issues?

  • Sarka

    Same here can’t see my watched items or selling items or purchased one…

  • anna

    All my selling items gone…watched items gone…sold items gone…everything

  • carolann patrick

    i cant get into my ebay it wont let me sign in to buy anything been trying since the 23 august now its almost 5 days.

  • June Smith

    Once I’m able to get in, I get kicked out if I try more than one search option. For the past few weeks Searches have been incredibly slow … it’s as though everyone but Ebay knows there is a problem What on earth is ebay trying to do – alienate all it’s customers — This started about the time Ebay separated from Pay Pal and installed their “new and improved” software …… New and Improved = really messed up.

  • L Pogson

    I am logged into eBay on my iPhone but want to be able to log in on my kindle too. Every time I enter my details it returns to sign in screen. I’ve tried changing my password.

  • Geoffrey noble

    Every time I put my user name and password in ebay says its incorrect

  • vickie

    I cannot login. Tried different times this past week.

  • Ann

    I have tried 6 times to sign in this evening but it just does not work – the sign in box just clears and goes blank each time. Also there are no emails from ebay. So there must be a big problem.

  • anne

    Ebays says it has locked me out ‘for my security’. Tells me to reset my password, they said they will send an email with instructions but have waited for 30 minutes and although I have asked them to resend the email, nothing is coming through. Am receiving other emails ok . Weird, however Ebay’s loss is Amazon’s gain, ordered from them instead.

  • Noemi

    I have problems to sign in from my laptop. Please help. I need to make some orders.

  • Kathy

    It is a little strange considering i have not made any offers that i am getting a message saying, “Your offer has been rejected by the buyer.”

  • morgan

    i can only login on my phone and not my tablet?

  • Colby Kordas

    what going on???

  • TKay Michel

    Can’t get into eBay today in the US, either.

  • Adam

    Hi. I was just wondering if you resolved your problem logging into eBay? I’ve just had the same problem, it’s like my account has just disappeared.

  • Searc

    UK login page is not responding, really sunday evening is not a good time for the problem

  • Dorothy

    Yep changed my login twice and all I get is back to the page saying I have to change my password. Cannot get into my account and I’m in mid bidding for two items. What on Earth is going on?

  • Lisa Hammond

    Hi I can’t seem to login to my ebay account this afternoon although it worked fine this morning. Not receiving any error message either. Anyone else having the same problem? Or HAD the same in the past and knows the remedy? 😉 thanks…….

  • PhilHarford

    I am having problems signing in today Changed my password twice – so annyoying and I have items to buy

  • Dean

    I got problems signing into ebay uk today, am I alone?

  • Zendabenda

    Cannot use seller listing tools anymore. Just asks to phone ebay with a security code .. Yeah like I’m likely to get anywhere with that !!

  • Barney Boy

    Problems trying to list items to sell on e-bay, come on e-bay sort it out

  • Darren

    Went on eBay just (19th April 15 at 8:30) I’ve had to log in again & all my watched items have disappeared-not happy😠

  • Stacey

    Cant login. Its saying the page is unavailable or may have moved……what? Sort it out ebay!

  • elan

    I am having problems uploading pictures.It says they need jpegs,all my pictures are jpegs.

  • nen-naw

    I can’t put pictures on my ebay listings today. Anyone else having that problem…I’m doing fine loading them onto facebook…

  • Lesh

    Can’t log in… been unable to login for the last few days. I have exhausted all the passwords I’ve used to no avail. Followed the link to “Forgotten your password” and they never sent me email to reset password etc. Their “Online Chatting” is down too. Frustrated!

  • Drew

    I just can’t use my iPad photos for loading into ebay app when trying to set up an item for sale. driving me bonkers.

  • redbaron

    Long time eBay seller, problems started Monday 3/23 for me, when could not list or upload pics. Tuesday 3/24 everything again worked correctly, but then again on Weds it was down. Overall, it was down on Mon-Wed-Friday, w/o 3/23, and then down again on 3/30. Boards are reporting various problems, with various browsers, and various settings. Some buyers can’t pay for things, and ebay sellers have been offered thousands of free listings, but the Seller Your Item forms are not working. Some also reporting PayPal problems. Reading the boards, one can see many different problems, but there seems to be no acknowledgment from ebay that they have a problem. Perhaps just a similar statement would help everyone, but management is no where to be found.

  • fogers

    Can’t log in to my eBay account today (This email address isn’t registered on eBay). Anyone else having problems?

  • ragdoll

    Cannot even log in. Happened the other day too! Never even get notifications anymore of free listings

  • lynn

    For the past 2 days haven’t been able upload pictures. I’m really pissed becuause I have an offer for 1000 free fixed price listings till the 29th. Guess I won’t be cashing in on this offer.

  • Tom

    What a joke. Can’t log into PayPal on eBay to pay for my items.
    How two Internet Giants can have issues like this is beyond me. May need to look into their test function.

  • M.Rush

    There are a lot of people having issues with the ebay site, It’s all over the discussion boards on ebay community ,but I have not seen anything from EBAY saying they are having problems. I have checked my pc and everything is working right except for when I get on ebays website. I cannot load photos and it’s been that way since Mar,18th,2015. I can’t even get to the contact page to get a hold of them.

  • Lori K.

    I’m having trouble too, with photos. I was trying to remove photos, but nothing happened when I clicked on the link to remove photos from a listing. I thought maybe it was a Java issue, so I uninstalled Java and then reinstalled it, and restarted my computer. But no improvement. And now the listing description is showing up with weird coding.

  • tincam

    can’t even. not can. lol

  • Tincam

    I am having the exact same problem, can get to the listing screen, but can upload pics, or open any of the pull down menus.

  • Taniela

    Is something wrong with eBay I’m trying to sell an item but I can’t upload pictures

  • emma

    My apps decided to stop working and say no signal even though I have wifi !! And full signal grr 3 days now !!

  • jo

    Ebay app still not working! …been a week now.just shows no network..even tho im using my wifi…bloody ridiculous! Sort it out now!!

  • Frustrated

    I have not been able to pay for eBay auctions with Paypal—the sign-in (login) is unresponsive. I have called eBay and Paypal and they just tell me to use another browser—which is crazy. I have Safari and it has worked fine up until two weeks ago.

  • Jan Brugman

    The last three days it is impossible to pay ebay-items with Paypal.

  • Vivien Lapham

    eBay is down altogether

  • Kelly

    My listings have disappeared today, not showing on phone for laptop, is anyone else missing their listings?

  • guest

    sign in page is completely down and customer service says it’s fine. tried three or four different devices and multiple browsers and the app.

  • le`e

    Can confirm that if you use EBay App on phones, you can access it if you
    turn off WiFi and use your cellular signal. but my last few days of my history is not showing.
    Just hope
    they get it sorted out between them all, this really does effect people
    who rely on this to make money to put food on your table.

  • Dave

    Unable to sign in to Ebay today

  • Jane

    I have bought item on eBay with PayPal no problems first time I sell something was sold no payment buyer is coming for items se problem with PayPal eBay saying items not sold going to advertise them again my payment pending confused no problems buying stuff also told I wouldn’t be charged for the first three it’s I sold they have charged me what is the best way to resolve this have lady coming tomorrow for items she said said she paid for on Monday?

  • Evanio

    I am unable to list items for sale on ebay on my imac, it will let me type in the title of the item then when i press start selling it just comes up page not responding.

    It was working fine yesterday up untill around 4pm, then i get the not responding message ever since!

  • Steve Bryson

    I’ve not been able to sign in to ebay on my PC, mobile or tablet. Says my username doesn’t exist and email address is not registered with ebay. Strange seen as they sent me a promotional email only a couple of days ago.

  • dale

    Cant sign into ebay today 3rd January 2015

  • Moni

    I’m unable to download any pictures today, I tried safari with browser and the ebay app, nothing works since about 1 o’clock.

  • Cheryl Wiltse

    Still can’t check out with my merchandise. The system says, “Action temporarily unavailable.” It’s been that way for two days. Guess I’ll shop elsewhere. CW

  • Pam

    I have 5 items not paid for in the last two weeks. the buyers who bother to contact me say they cannot check out, or there is no invoice.

  • rich

    having problems getting payments from items that have been sold today , and still have more items on the auction , any one else having payment problems.

  • becky

    Anyone having connection issues? I can’t get ebay to load at all

  • Jeff

    I am in the same situation been down at least 6 hours so far..

  • Rick

    I’m having issues listing items on eBay. I want to be compensated for this, I’m trying to run a business.They need to sort this out now.

  • Simon

    Unable to watch or bid on any items.

  • Janet

    Been having so much trouble with eBay lately, it’s slow, won’t update and is hit and miss wether I can get loged on or not

  • Natalia

    Can’t get logged in this morning, eBay seems to be experiencing yet more problems

  • Spoonangel

    cannot list anything. will not allow me to choose category, will not let me upload images.

  • Lonewolf

    Since Nov 09, every time I try to sign in to eBay a page says I’m using a different computer (NOT TRUE) and they require verification and then email a code to enable me to sign in. This happens EVERY time! Is eBay getting too big for it’s boots?

  • Troy Yang

    I still cannot log in to PayPal via the eBay checkout link to pay for items.
    I can still log in to PayPal website, but cannot pay for eBay items

  • Leon

    I lost out on an item I was following last night because I couldn’t get logged in, pretty annoyed as it was rare as rocking horse poop and I doubt I’ll get to see another for a while.

  • Ken

    This is the second day where I still cannot log in to PayPal via the eBay checkout link to pay for items.

    I contacted PayPal customer service who have said that this is an eBay issue not a PayPal fault…I can still log in to PayPal via their app and website, but cannot pay for eBay items.

  • Tim

    Cannot get access to a few items I’ve been watching, they finish soon! I really wanted to bid.

  • debbiemomo4

    none of my listings are showing on my selling manager pro—i have more than 2500 active listings…..NOTHING. no sold, active, awaiting payment, awaiting shipment, etc.

  • edged48

    Same issue – nothing in my ‘Purchased’ area but I’ve bought 4 items in past 7 days!!!

  • having the same issue 🙁

  • njpba600

    Similar problem here only my summary page has nothing on it anymore, no watched items and the items listed I just bought and have yet to receive are gone. It’s like it’s welcoming me to eBay and asking what I want to do next. Only thing that’s there is my feedback.

  • Alyissa

    Ebay down AGAIN keeps deleting all my listings, watched items and purchase history. Dosnt recognize my password either

  • Bailey

    Can’t use eBay this morning, items are listed but whenever I click on the thing I want to look at eBay takes me to another page saying “items found similar” all the time.

  • Rankzer0

    eBay not signing in properly and not allowing to view summary page with items

  • Janice

    Ebay checkout not working for the last 3 hours. Now it is 2:15 PST. Get it fixed!!

  • jason

    its not ebay its the paypal checkout,and its ridiculous.

  • Rich

    Anyone else having my problems, Ebay won’t go through the checkout procedure and this is linked to paypal not working today I guess.

  • mattychappas

    eBay messages aren’t working for me tonight. Anyone else struggling? I’m near Margate Kent

  • Shane

    I’m unable to sign into eBay in Ireland, anyone else experiencing difficulties?

  • Bob

    I’m a Top Rated seller and use eBay for my business, I have seen a drop of 50% of sales this week due to all the problems I had been enduring with their site.

  • Nath

    Is there a scam going around I’m having problems logging in today.

  • Shelley

    The label printing bit has been faulty today and i’ve had to take my parcels to the post office the old fashioned way.

  • Cole

    Yet again I cannot log on, WTF eBay, you charge enough in fees, why can’t you provide a fit for purpose service?

  • Lacey

    After 3 days of trying to log in, i have deleted the app, reinstalled and changed the password, it seems to be ok for the time being.

  • Paul

    I still cannot sign in to eBay, even though they claim it is fixed on Twitter.

  • Suzanne

    My problems seem to have coincided with the new app i have downloaded. Anybody else suffering with ebay App problems?

  • Gary

    I can’t log in via the app or the website. Its a joke considering eBay charge for their help!

  • Captain Lopez

    I’ve been trying this afternoon and it keeps saying my username and password is wrong???????? How can it be when i logged in last night with the same details.

  • ali

    I can’t sign in to ebay on any device at all. It keeps saying that the connection page has been reset. As this is my main source of income this is catastrophic for me. I haven’t had a single sale all day and Sunday is my main trading day

  • tony

    eBay is down everywhere today, the apps are working thanks to a different system. I’ve spoken to friends in the US, UK, and also one friend in China. eBay is down today in all these places and all US states.

  • Kev F

    Anyone else struggling with eBay today? I can’t log in, been trying all morning. Anyone got any news?

  • Karen Salter

    I’ve been trying to list some items for 2 hours now but can’t sign in. It has worked twice but then threw me out.

  • Brian

    Unable to sign into eBay for the second day running, is anybody else suffering this problem? I’m in London.

  • Julie

    can’t log in 2 days now.

  • Chris

    I thousands of messages in forums about the eBay problems today. I finally managed to log in, but cannot .access my feedback, messages, or selling page. This is really disappointing and considering the amount of issues, I can see why eBay played this outage down yesterday. There’s more than “some users” being affected, it’s Tuesday and I still have issues with my account while I type this.

  • Ed

    Extremely frustrated, cannot sign into my account all day.

  • Susan

    Still unable to log in to my eBay account! This needs fixing now, come on please?

  • Jim

    Whatever the issue, the site was down for around 7 hours. I managed to speak to someone on the phone and they informed me eBay was down for around 6 hours. It looked like you were taken off eBay during the problems today, and since the phone call they rung me back and explained the issue was caused during routine maintenance when a technical issue happened. Different parts of the world came back up over a few hours.

  • Kim

    At last! I was finally able to list again on eBay. The site came back about an hour hour ago for me, although been having problems with the iPad app though.

  • Diane

    It is now 3:30 am and I’m still not able to get on eBay, been going on since since 11 am in the morning today from NJ.

  • Sue

    Having problems listing items on eBay today, August 23rd.

  • Roma

    The issues with eBay’s site have been resolved according to their Twitter page, but I’m still having problems connecting and I even cleared my cache and cookies.

eBay Reports

@AskeBay please help! I’m having issues with paying for an item and I don’t know if it’s a problem with me or the seller.

@AskeBay @eBay Pls help! Still unable to complete Checkout. eBay can't identify a problem, therefore no solution. My account has been in troubleshoot for 48hrs, then another 48hrs, & still no payment will process: not Amex, visa, master, debit, credit, paypal

@AskeBay hey I have a [email protected] an unresponsive seller who has yet to ship my item can you help me please?

@AskeBay Dear's I bought a commodity from your store through a seller and waited for the product from May. This is a poor service and I cannot find anyone who can solve the problem. I want to cancel the order and recover the amount. pic.twitter.com/L3EyaYZ6OI

@AskeBay Yes. So, would you say your SEO is "working as intended", or do you think there's a problem with it doing stuff like this? It's easy to blame SEO, but remember it's programmed by humans. I'd point out that I'm not the only Member commenting on this issue: twitter.com/acc7561/status…

@AskeBay you gonna finish my Appeal or just let in sit in the inbox? I’ve basically been stolen from and have not had my problem solved after 6+ times contacting you guys @eBay @eBayNewsroom @eBay_UK

@AskeBay Since I don't have checks, what's my other option? You guys aren't being reasonable with these 2 requests. People under 70 don't use checks. My bank doesn't send forms with all of that information on it. I can give you all the information you need, problem solved.

@AskeBay I have been unable to sell gloves on eBay listed at £12.00....as you state it is price gouging. eBay is seriously the only case of the gouging problem. This is your accredited seller selling gloves at £21.00 which is 70% above RRP. I have reported this to eBay 5 times pic.twitter.com/utLg91pDdP

@AskeBay I’ve just won an item but having problems paying. Every time I pay its still saying I need to pay. I have funds in my PayPal so can’t be a problem my end. What could be the cause? Thanks

@AskeBay Hi, have sent you x2 DMs with the same problem but no reply - please respond.

@AskeBay I thought it was pretty obvious. Items that I have sold are still appearing in my active listings. In the two days it’s taken, I have fixed the problem myself and manually ended all of the listings. Thank you.

@AskeBay answer an on line complaint about their service asking what the problem is, then when you tell them they ignore you !! Anyone else had issues with eBay customer services