The Elder Scrolls Online Problems

The Elder Scrolls Online is a huge game with a massive fan base, but it’s had many server maintenance outages due to either problems, or a schedule that sees ESO servers go down many times on both Xbox One and PS4. We have seen Down Today users report server status updates since the console release, also PC issues have been reported across the web for months. At the moment you can play Legends plus you can sign up for early access to Blades, if you are having issues with either please do let us know.

Many users complained about an active subscription being needed to play the game, but as of March 17, 2015 this is no longer needed to play the game. It has now been renamed to The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, happy faces all round then.

For those already playing they will agree ESO problems do occur and these can consist of installing issues, the login service has failed in some way, the game is showing a lot of lag, and so forth.

The Elder Scrolls Online error codes have annoyed users, which have included errors 11, 103, 200, 209. Maybe you are having problems with the launcher, whatever the reason of complaint please do share with the community if you are having issues with ESO.

The Elder Scrolls Online Status insight for Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

If The Elder Scrolls Online is down today, then reports will be found below.

The Elder Scrolls Online Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Sean Gilbert

    ok looks like a problem:

    2019.10.29 – 19:45 UTC (15:45 EDT)

    We are currently investigating issues some players are having regarding logging into the megaservers.

  • Sean Gilbert

    I’m getting timed out on the European server anyone else haveing problems?

  • Nigel

    Is ESO still under maintenance? The reason I ask is because birthday game play has been down for 8 hours. Sounds kid of strange doesn’t it a server being down for 8 hours, I believe they are up again but just the update is not looking good for me.

  • Anik

    Problems to loggin “connection to server timed out”

  • Anik

    Since 17/Aug/2018 having problems to loggin “connection to server timed out”.
    I play in Steam plataform and another games (like Dota) works fine. Just ESO having problems

  • IamApie69

    Me and a friend keep getting “Timed out” on the European Megaserver, but the server status website shows that everything is online. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Shahun ‘Jr’ Scales

    The server for both The North America and The Europe server is still down

  • Janice

    So the only ones offline at the moment is PC Mac, Xbox One and PS4 Eoropean Megaserver – looks like North-America is fine.

  • Bobby

    · [IN PROGRESS] European megaservers for maintenance – January 3, 4:00AM EST (9:00 UTC)

    · North American megaservers for maintenance – January 3, 7:00AM EST (12:00 UTC)

    · ESO Store and Account System for maintenance – January 3, 7:00AM EST (12:00 UTC)

    · ESO Store and Account System for maintenance – January 4, 1:00PM EST (18:00 UTC)

  • Harry

    ESO Store and Account System maintenance will happen tomorrow – December 21, 10:00AM EST..

  • Belinda

    It is saying maintenance is underway on the PS4, XB1 and the PC for both North American and European markets.

  • Amanda

    Me also. Have not been able to log in


    ESO not letting me join N/A servers anyone else having this issue? Booted to the home screen about 5 min ago, I’ve hard reset but nothing! Edit: I should have said I’m on xbox one. 😉

  • Jonathan Shearman

    I play ESO on PC, the character select screen blinks through the load screen and the load wheel lags and freezes, then I get either a net validity error message or a 303 before or after I load a toon.

  • Jonathan Shearman

    Im getting the exact same login bug today to.

  • Ion Rex Griffis

    Not been able to log in for a week launcher doesn’t even give me the time out error just shows me the spinning wheel that never ends… Any suggestions? Ran repair and the report tool and now resinstalling to see if that works also running Steam on Admin rights

  • Billy

    About an hour ago the ESO NA and EU PS4 megaservers were offline for maintenance and were currently unavailable. But to answer your question I am still offline.

  • Kisha

    What is everyones ESO server status? The reason I ask is down to mine being down and would like to know if its because of a problem or maintenance.

  • Louise Loraine

    im on xbox 1 and all other games work online except eso when i press play it says im not connected to the internet when i am im on eu server any tips plz 🙂

  • ally

    need help went to play new update dlc and all charictors appear ofline is it just me ,do i need to reinstall game ,so frustrated just want to play theHorns of the Reach DLC

  • Mombasa69

    I’ve played many games, and I have to say for server downtime, ESO has to be about the worst. Other massive complicated games like GTA for example, are hardly ever down.

  • Ayame yashida

    Still offline and on the official forum says will only take a few hours been almost 5 hours EU ps4


    Unable to log in , connection to ser
    ver timed out. Ps4 N.A. server

  • Bloodwolf234

    Anyone else having problems to day getting on

  • Hellbringer

    lol so stupid , ya $30 for quality and depth and the size of new stand alone game but you complain , gamers like you are pathetic babies crying about this then you go and buy garbage like GTA to play online lolol . go back to your cod or BF1 games that should cost $20 since they are truly empty repetitive piles of junk for fake gamers

  • Mombasa69

    I’m so glad I didn’t waste any more of my money on this game, expect you to pay a subscription, then you have to buy an expensive expansion, that’s really just a fleshed out DLC, £29? When I already give them £100+ a year? And to add insult to injury the server’s are down yet again ROFLAMO!

  • Lj Meteer

    Since the May 17 maintenance the lag has been real bad on the EU and US servers. It happens more often than anyone can tolerate. Playing the game has been irritatingly dreadful.

    I don’t see why anyone should put money in a game that won’t work. It’s enough that the software costs $50, but, also having charged people to play, added money for crown and DLC… People are feeling screwed out of their money. Not good.


    This is why everyone is ditching ESO.

  • Ellie


  • Minu

    Server offline 🙁

  • Maracuya Venga YA

    There are many people who have problems at the time of logging with their account and made them off the server, I have solved that problem the following way the problem occurred when formatting the pc the id hex of the hard disk and ip change so the Server assigns them as an external user we only have to go to the page of (teso) and loguear once done this and we can log in the game the ip is open registered, good friends I am magicmaikels in the game in case they need something more, a I greet everyone from Spain I hope to see my European brothers helped UP TOGETHER EUROPE AGAIN!

  • Finchiani

    I can’t logon to either the European server or the North American server on the xbone.
    No idea what to do 🙁

  • Tricia

    Cant connect. Have three ppl trying to connect and none can connect to server.

  • Matthew Mitchell II

    I’ve checked my internet I’ve reset my modem I’ve restarted my xbox all of it and it keeps timing out on the load screen after choosing your either server

  • Justheretopointoutyourmistake

    You are incorrect in your grammar assessment. They’re is the proper way to abbreviate they are. Where as there is used to indicate a location. #Grammarnazifail

  • Mr T I Arar

    Yes not cool as ill be working the rest of the week. Mhhhh eso you suck!

  • michael salinas

    It seems the maintenance is world wide. I guess it’s back to netflix..

  • Mombasa69

    Oh well, am I glad I recently purchased Civilization VI =)

  • Red Cocumber

    It just so happens that they do maintenance on the day I really want to play eso

  • Merisa

    i cant log in im getting log in error 200

  • Jesse Poindexter

    Government checks must be nice.

  • Maracuya Venga YA

    By the way I would like to congratulate bethesda as they have finally managed to solve the problem of graphics lag in pvp area massive player 7-8 months ago almost could not play in pvp due to the lag that this generated even if you want on windows 8 x64 So without further delay many graces to worry

  • Maracuya Venga YA

    For those who can not play well with the graphics or have very high graphics lag first say they can Download the UparkCpu application since (Teso) consumes the same micro graphics, next step check status and unpark all eye will be activated All the cores in reserve I have a total of 8 but yesterday I had 3 spare and believe me you notice the difference, the following go to the folder my documents / elderscrollsonline / ShaderCacheCookie / delete it when the game is in load screen i open A cmd and write ipconfig / flushdns then ipconfig / renew done this the game open loaded immediately and if it is not so try to open your router ports.saludos from spain if it is not clear you let me know in the game I am magickMaikels

  • Nícolas Ribeiro

    I used to play eso everyday ans it was normal for more than a year. Now, after the housing update, I can’t even login into the game! It says that I don’t have a valid internet connection but I have! All of my games play really nice, all but eso… I spent so much money with this game and now I can’t even play it, it’s annoying!

  • Mari Douglas

    I gave just bought 6 months subscription for eso a couple of days ago and the first time I got to play after doing this and I can’t. I can’t move my character or see it except the destruction staff I use and I have to wait a million years to get the menu to pop up! Wtf is going on? I’m on pc

  • Dave Noosh

    @ Christopher Smith….. May you should spend sometime in school learning about grammar…..

  • Khai Minh Trieu

    you may have got into a different server channel. it happen to me too, just travel to the person.

  • Liam West

    They have an Ingame message dude

  • Liam West

    It verys, theres usually a tweet of post on Facebook stating that they have maintenance planned. If not all maintenance times are on there website. I’ve been playing since release on ps4 and it happens once or twice every few months

  • Dragon dsm

    My wife and I have been trying to play all day after we both haven’t played in months. We can both log in no problem but we cannot see eachother in game or invite eachother to group. It says player does not exist but yet it shows us both on our friendslists… wtf is this issue!?!?

  • Zithic

    your hot af

  • Misty Winchester

    Now it’s logged me out, damn 🙁

  • Misty Winchester

    Apparently servers down today? I’m still in the game though so I’m confused haha. I got an in game notification saying they’re doing maintenance about 10.50am


    looking for people to play eso eu server with im new to the game my psn is TBK-EXISTENCE

  • Bigdawgst

    Thats what im saying and its still down!

  • Marcus Mylward

    Been down for nearly 10 hours now :'(

  • Gemma Insley

    how long is maintenance going to take today? this is my only free day to get online, only to find more maintenance! this sucks 🙁

  • Gary

    Eso has had tons of UI errors that causes crashes. The 303 error on console for example can be attributed to your friends list. The game sometimes can’t import your console friends over, and what you end up getting is a timed out. It can be frustrating at times, but every mmo has it’s problems.

  • Christopher Smith

    It’s been down for me since about 3:30am I’m in Lethbridge Alberta Canada gmt time here

  • Christopher Smith

    I’ve only ever noticed the game crashes sometimes when I go to merchants cooling fires dye stations enchanting station so crafting stations that’s really about if an it’s not all the time that this happens it’s once every hour an a half or so witch isn’t bD but it does get annoying after a while an I’ve never seen the game go down for sever maintenance but it’s been a year since I’ve play last my old xbox ones disc drive stop reading disc an I never got a Digital download copy but after a 2 years I got the new xbox one side that came out in August on the 2nd I think it was in 2016 I love the new console put I’ve noticed games crash a lot more on this console

  • Christopher Smith

    No its not said I may video games for 14 to 24 hours daily what’s wrong for with that nothing has there is nothing better to do an it keeps you from fck up an going to jail

  • Tesselator Tess

    I almost always play on the EU mega-server I updated yesterday. As it was updating it asked me which server to get defaults and thumbs from – I answered EU of course. Today I start the launcher and load the game but selecting either “Live” or “Live EU” makes no difference – and it always loads into the North American server (where I don’t have any nice Characters).

  • Hey You

    i updated to onetamriel…now the game won’t even load

  • Jack Davies

    Stop spending an entire day playing a video game. That’s really sad 🙁

  • Larry Gall

    I see your from Japan.. Do you have an Asia based server? Or do you have to log into North America or Europe? Thanks.

  • Ryan Huertas

    Frrom my experience , i play pc and sub. Im on 16-18 hours a day but i know it feels like 10 mins. The game sucks youe life and time flys. I lose tracks of days,weeks. But as im on all day 16hours ea the server is never down as often as people complain. There have been times when its gone down 2-3 hours after maint. But that was only when they did a hardware upgrade, wich i would semi expect from new hardware. I autually live in the united states, and it goes down for maintance at 2 am. We should really all be asleep during that time LOL so no point in complaining about something thats not that bad. As i said im on 16 hours a day with usually 1 day a week thats a little less

  • Paul Haggarty

    Thanks got a good 4hrs out of it today , so that’s not bad lol

  • Azazel Zel

    Welcome to Elder Scrolls Offline…

  • Azazel Zel

    I’ve played a fair few online games, inc many moo’s and this one is by far the worst for server downtime and problems, there wasn’t even a warning when the servers went down yesterday, just bam, and down they came, I’ve cancelled my subscription, ZoS need to start paying compensation in the form of Game Crowns or something.

  • 島風

    Got the game the day of the last maintenance, tried to go on and 5 minutes later it went down. Went on a half hour ago for the second time since buying, bam down again. Does this game have actual uptime or are the staff who can’t announce things totally incompetent? Even the tutorial quest NPCs are still bugged and disappearing a year later. Like they really have to f over PC because of console users..

  • Paul Haggarty

    Cheers mate came back on after about 3hrs , installed an update I played for half an hr turned off , when I tried again and it wouldn’t even load.

  • Scott Wilkie

    They have maintenance every Wednesday for Xbox 1 and PS4 servers at 10:00 AM British (GMT) but check the ESO Forums for the updates

  • Paul Haggarty

    Says the servers are down for maintenance, I just got the game yesterday , can anyone say how long they’re usually down for or does it vary? Thanks.

  • Scott Wingate

    They really doing maintenance again should have had this sorted in yesterday’s one ffs

  • Scott Wingate

    Thy really do it’s wrong that we have to pay 2 memberships they make enough money from the game selling itself lol

  • ste118

    Yep defo need to compo players

  • Scott Wingate

    Lol they removed my comment how bad is that

  • Scott Wingate

    I pay for an eso membership and ps plus yet I can’t play the game I hope you give me something for all this trouble and wasting the money I pay to play your game

  • ian

    eu server aint been working today for me but yet i can get on the american server dont want to play on that in in the UK sort it out

  • Craigio

    Haven’t been able to log in to the European server for a whole week

  • ste118

    Yep crappy psn fks it up for us all

  • Clint

    There seems to be a problem with playing this game on PSN, apparently it has been resolved but I think not.

  • Randy Harper

    Out in las Vegas. Can’t log in at all

  • CyanCyd

    Yea I agree, we pay a whole bunch of money to these guys and we get great adds but crap online service. Would be nice if the xbox was just a gaming consol and not a try to be everything at once. Bound to many issues, personally thinking of not buying any new games and just waiting a year to play the ones with no issues, and at a reasonable price. £8.99 a month for ESO I must be mad lol

  • war

    they need to sort out the crashing issues,every 15mins,cannot log into server etc etc!!!!…characters not showing up on the screen,being attacked by invisible enemies.its been months since this started,and it needs fixing!!!…instead they just put new stuff in the crown store…im not purchasing anything else,until this is fixed.and everone else should do the same..hurting their pockets might make then do something about it!!!!

  • Chris Conisbee

    1pm gmt

  • X-Ray –

    i was right in the middle of a dungeon when it went down to damn

  • X-Ray –

    idk but for awhile

  • Nikki

    Ugh! Been at work all day just waiting to get home and play… Now this 🙁 hope it’s done soon… I’m in Australia, play on the EU server but not sure what time it goes by so how long has it been down for?

  • X-Ray –

    how long will servers be down for pc

  • Jackie

    I think the ESO in-game mail system needs sorting out. It is very slow when i get incoming emails.

  • Maicey

    ESO server status is DOWN baby. But hopefully not for too long.

  • Garry

    I know maintenance is happening right now, but it does not say what platform. I am on PC and its down, is it down for anyone else?

  • Mike

    Both Elder Scrolls EU and NA megaservers are down for maintenance.

  • Simon Cat Parnell

    Update 11 completely fragged the game – error 11, 103, 200, 209, 302 followed ESO online instructions for fixes – and they were involved – far more than is reasonable to be expecting someone who isn’t tech savvy. Luckily for me – I am enough to follow the instruction, not so much that none worked. I obviously tried the repair function which again didn’t solve anything. I have had to completely uninstall the game – delete everything, clean files left after the poor uninstall program left plenty of partial files. And download the entire game again. Not quite what I would call a successful update.

  • Arri Paine

    Bought Tamriel unlimited via Stream , went out and made an account for ESO , downloaded the game via steam then Downloaded the updates . . . after 2 days of downloads . . . it will not recognized my ID and password to get into the game . . . tried to rerun set up from the Folder @#$%^& thing is Downloading the game yet again >>>>>>This is highly aggravating. I am about ready to just pull the 50+gb off my computer and call it a wash

  • Gracia

    The new update 11 is rather buggy, tokens are not showing.

  • Marcuz

    Does it matter how long, just go make a cake or do something else. It will soon be online this is common stuff if you are a true avid player.

  • Henry

    The ESO server maintenance is going down right now, not sure how long though.

  • Hail Sithis

    Maintenance Mode:

    The server is currently undergoing maintenance.
    Please try logging in later.

  • Jason Webster

    On ps4 in Europe dark brotherhood works fine but they are doing maintenance 2nd time in 3 days

  • Jason Webster

    It’s fine on ps4

  • LogicomaKun

    Sudden error 200, unsure if eso down or just my provider making it impossible for me to communicate with login server. Southern Louisiana

  • Marcus Scott

    Ed Servers been down for 4 hours. I’ve been waiting all day to come home from work and play. Why do maintanence during peek time

  • Skye Tati

    Just got the game and had to wait 4 hours for a 32 GB update. Now it’s finished but the Europe servers are down for maintenance. I just wanted to play the game :’) I guess I can’t play today 🙁

  • David Scott

    Hmm very odd, i left a message here last night and it has been removed.

    Full on censorship why ?!

    ….just for complaining about getting disconnected 3 times in an hour while trying to play ESOL last night.

  • David Scott

    UNBELIEVABLE ! …hadnt played ESOL in 6 months because of glitches, just gave up on it.

    Thought i’d give it a shot today …16GB update !!! Wtf. Anyway dl, installed, restarted my xbox one and the glitches are worse than before.

    Lagging, bow kept disappearing, controls become unresponsive – followed by black screen and then ‘ you have been disconnected from the server ‘. This happened 4 times in an hour, then i gave in, spoiled my evening – thanks !

    Stuff this, forget ESOL, i used to be a big fan, but after this, i’m not playing again !

    Xbox one.

  • Rossbie Greene

    They better be sorting out the momentos glitch. All of my momentos are broke and unusable and it’s annoying as hell because I have a few new ones I can’t even try out!

  • Trish

    When will it be back up

  • Brent

    Another ESO maintenance surely not, hopefully they will be sorting the lag issues out then. Fixing the quest makers would be good also.

  • Mike

    North American and European PlayStation 4 and Xbox One megaservers are down for maintenance July 6, 2016.

  • Jared Buijs

    I’ve been trying to get on a character on the NA server today, and every time the character loads, I start moving around or updating quests, when it all of a sudden just takes me back to character selection. I load that character back and none of my progress for today is remembered. It’s infuriating. No error code, just automatically goes back to character selection.

  • Henderson17

    Do you know when it’s expected to be back up?

  • Tim Stuttard

    OMG Elder Scrolls down for maintenance again,come on guys 2nd time in 2 days.

  • Alan Webb

    Been unable to login for about a week.

  • Chris Steph Wright

    Can login ps4 euro

  • Charlie Simonson

    I can’t login ever since dark brotherhood update wtf zos this is unbelievable

  • Two hours now. Clearly a server side issue.

  • Lifes_animosity

    Me too. Tried every bs solution they listed. The europe server is dwn as well…or it just wont let me log into tht also

  • Lifes_animosity

    Same here. Love how there is no info published about this problem, no tweets, no real customer support

  • Getting “Logon Failed: An unexpected internal error has occurred” on two accounts/xboxes for an hour now.

  • Caleb Sawyer

    NA server keeps kicking me out when I’m in wrothgar! Done it three times so far!

  • Otter

    The European Xbox One megaserver for Elder Scrolls will be offline for a while whilst they sort its server maintenance.

  • Mombasa69

    Gah huge open-world patch, was announced, if only I had taken time out to read the news… This will open the game up to everybody, no matter what their level.

  • Mombasa69

    5 hours at least i bet… I’m paying for ESO+ as well, really is annoying, I wonder what problem they need to fix this time, then there will be another fix, for the ‘fix’…

  • Mombasa69

    Unbelievable, my bloody day-off too…

  • Tim Stuttard

    Down for maintenance again, how long this time ?

  • Aaron Moran

    I am guessing that the maintenance is for the Dark Brotherhood dlc. Can hardly wait for the fun to begin.

  • Mark

    Get ready for ESO NA and European servers to go down tomorrow June 8 at 6:00AM EDT (11:00 BST) for the PS4 maintenance.

  • Jamie

    NA and European servers went down earlier for the Xbox One maintenance which has now finished and back online. Under maintenance right now is the NA and European PC/Mac server maintenance.

  • Karla

    How come the servers are down again for the #ESO PC/Mac NA and PC/Mac EU maintenance? Didnt this happen yesterday as well?

  • Sharon

    I wonder why this is taking them so long to do maintenance. My guess could be this: When they updated the PTS for the DB, I logged in to see what it’s all about. After logging in the game started playing the intro trailer. I thought maybe it was a normal thing, so I let it play straight thru. When it was finished, after a brief loading screen it went straight to Create a Character, instead of going straight to my character menu screen. The firs thing I thought was “OMG! I hope that the new DB update doesn’t completely erase all my toons!!” Because no matter what I did, the PTS server was showing me that I did not have any toons at all and I had to create a new one.
    Which is why I’m wondering, this could be the reason why the servers are down and they are too embarrassed to say that the new DB update had erased our stuff! I”m not saying that this could be the problem…it’s just my opinion. It can’t be denied on the PTS that all my toons are gone and that I have to start over tho. Can someone explain that to me!

  • Irwin

    The official Twitter page for ESO tweeted 3 hours ago the European servers will be down for a patch maintenance. I am still currently unavailable to play. How long is the maintenance for?

  • Karl

    Is Elder Scrolls online down? Not able to play anything.

  • Kristina MacArthur

    Looks like they did a hot patch today and now I am getting error code 201 failed login. good grief Zos – just once can you get it right??

  • Iladoria

    So when am I and everyone else going to be able to play and why is eso down during hours that everyone just wants to relax and do what what we do for a bit???

  • RebelPatriot

    Now I just got kicked out of wrothgar, says I am not eso plus member!

  • Bri Yff

    I looked online to see if north American server was back on. It said it was. So I get to the part where you select what server you want and when I selected north American it puts me back to the main screen saying log in failure.

  • RebelPatriot

    Tried to get my researching done this morning, maintenance. Now I can’t travel via wayshrine, loading never happens. Game crashing is even worse than before maintenance. Pink scenery and lag so bad I can’t get anywhere near a dolman or a wrothgar boss. This is unacceptable. I am a eso plus member. Wtf? I’m getting vet 14 and 15 items in wrothgar when I am vet 16 with 475 champion points. I have maxed out all crafting yet I am getting crappy non useful items. Same with writs. I quit doing the equipment ones. Why would I have to craft lower level items and why am I getting vet 15 gear as a “prize” for doing wrothgar dailies?. When I was vet 14 I wasn’t getting vet 13 equipment and materials.
    Eso is really starting to suck!!!!!

  • lesley


  • Shoalscat

    I appreciate that they tell us its down for maintenence, but is it too much to ask a time for reconnect?

  • Bobby

    Elder Scrolls is not working on my Xbox One, how long is the maintenance for?

  • Brian

    Elder Scrolls is down for maintenance today, it started at 6am edt.

  • Jilly

    I am not able to play eso at the moment, is the servers down?

  • alex

    Well now my PS4 show like there is a update downloading let see if now work

  • Sykosus

    Still nothing. Ughhh

  • Bunnielake

    Not loading

  • alex

    I never seen something like this, this is crazy how can this happen

  • Fear No Death

    Still down for me can’t get past loading screen

  • Adam

    same here

  • Jay

    Bought for ps4 today and won’t load. Also says game is up to date but it’s version 1.00? Is that normal?

  • alex

    Still down, is bee. Like that probably the hole day

  • Reece

    Let’s hope there back up soon

  • alex

    Yes soon as somebody server star working let me know, cause. I’m been waiting sinse 10:30 am to start playing this game by first time

  • Evan

    5:20pm Est and I’ve been trying to log in since 2:30. Just got the game today on ps4 and all I get is an infinite loading screen. Not a great way to start off getting to know this game. Hope this won’t be a common thing. Ill check back. If anyone notices the game starts working please say something. Ugh.

  • alex

    Im having exactly the same situation for PS4 is 4:19pm is been happening since 10:30 am

  • Simon

    I only just bought the game today as well

  • Simon

    I am having the same problems. Just stuck on the loading screen

  • Dan

    I just bought the box game on ps4 and can’t even get onto the servers, just an indefinite loading screen for the last few hours, anyone know what’s up?

  • Dave

    That sucks, thanks for the help. Let’s ne know I’m not going crazy!

  • RebelPatriot

    It’s Xbox live. They have been having problems all weekend.

  • Marcus

    Same here the better get it up and running I been gone for ten days on vacation come home to this high

  • Dave

    I can’t get past the character selection screen, it just kicks me back to my dashboard. Any ideas?

  • Knute Axelson

    Same here – on 2 different xboxes

  • Shaarinya

    Same here

  • Joshua Cserna

    While loading the character select screen, game boots me back to Xbox One home screen.

  • Kailen Lee Mitchell

    I was playing about 2 hours ago no issues, now I cant get past character select screen.

  • Colin Gordon

    I can’t get passed the character seltect screen either it boots me instantly today started about a half hour ago

  • Leeana Hill

    I am trying to sign in to play with my husband and his friend and i get to the character selection screen i select my character but then it boots me completely out of the game. It puts me right back at the xbox home menu. But apparently it is working just fine for my husband and his friend

  • Sarah

    I’m having problems now, entered a house and couldnt pick anything up. Logged out and now it kicks me back home each time

  • Sam

    Anyone having probs today? After updating can’t do any quests etc says all the characters are offline ?!

  • Alex

    I have a ps4 btw. Internet connections is fine, all other games and applications run fine. Other game and app updates downloaded perfectly as well.

  • Alex

    Idk, but the update won’t download. Says I have to delete unnecessary data but I have 43 gb left of memory. I doubt the update takes all that. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  • Samantha Wilson

    ESO not allowing myself or my fiance to log in today. Seperate XBOXES and accounts and same problem. Anyone else?

  • Annette Farrell

    Still down today 23rd March. Can get in but not fully functional still loading???

  • Annette Farrell

    ESO went off for maintenance 11.00 GMT for Xbox one EU. It is now 1900 GMT and still has only downloaded 25%. This is ridiculous how long is it going to take. We pay to play it and they lock us out all day!!!

  • Janice

    Just over an hour ago the EU and NA megaservers went offline, a new patch maintenance apparently.

  • Dereck

    I am offline and cannot game, another maintenance i guess.

  • Rafa B. Silva

    So this problem login and infinite loading is not just me?

    I’m about selling the game, I can not play, I really liked the game, but …

    does anyone have any solution or just wait?

  • Drake

    Yep mines server timed out !

  • Mica Silvia

    Lucky, I can’t get on at all

  • TwinStripeUK

    Flaky as hell at the moment – I’m in, then I’m not, I can load a character, then I can’t, it works fine then it crashes when I enter a dungeon…

  • wardropper

    Some kind of download underway now… at 0.0 KB/s… “WebGet request failed”…
    I’ve never known anything like it – it’s an almost weekly nightmare.

  • Douglas Mckeever

    Ps4 European server has been down for more than 4 hours now… They said they had fixed it 3 hours ago… It’s still down… and no update!

  • Mica Silvia

    Any luck ?

  • Robd85

    Ps4 eu server unexpected internal error has occured … frustrated 🙁

  • wardropper

    It would be so nice to have a reminder the evening before, saying, “Server will be down starting 3 A.M. EST; expected to be up again after about 3 hours”.
    There are so many things in this game which lead you to believe that the developers actually want to STOP you progressing to the point where you could regard yourself as accomplished…
    It’s like “Dark Souls”, where the whole point is to die a million times and eventually give up.
    Some weird oriental philosophy, I think, or a misinterpretation of Zen…

  • cjpxs

    How long is it going to be offline ?

  • cjpxs

    Mentions client login needs an
    update, but server offline…..

  • Kip Dynamite

    I am for North American. It lets me in, but when I login ,it says I have to update patch. :/

  • Eagle

    Yes ;p We must waiting 🙁 The have probably problems with server, or something .

  • deaniho

    Is everyone gettin internal error message when trying to log in euro server?

  • Eagel

    mee too be patient ;pp

  • TwinStripeUK

    Same on Xbox – it wouldn’t even show the announcements at first, now the login is failing.

  • Mica Silvia

    Can’t connect via ps4 European server

  • James

    The European PC/Mac megaserver is also offline Corey.

  • Corey

    Looks like Elder Scrolls Online is down for a while for a scheduled maintenance. It is the North American PC/Mac megaserver that is offline.

  • Rafa B. Silva

    Set in ps4, and I’m having a problem, I can not go into instances in the game is loading and the game falls out, what can I do, as a fix, can anyone help me?

  • DC

    i’m getting login errors 108 and 200 on pc north america megaserver… this issues started last friday 02/26 twice i’ve been able to log sucessfully but after some time i’ve been kicked out to login screen and after that until now i am not able to connect

  • Phil

    Seems a lot of folks are. It Was only on Saturday I was praising Zenimax for keeping us in the loop but it would seem I spoke to soon.
    The banner they usually have atop their webpage for maintenance schedule is missing and I have not as yet received reply from customer service.

  • Daz Christopher

    It seems as a lot of players are, Xbox went down last night – ESO down today. It’s frustrating because all my friends are playing :/

  • Zubzub94

    I’m getting the unexpected internal error has occurred

  • Michael Dupont

    Mine doesn’t give an error code just says internal problem

  • Michael Dupont

    I’m on the X box one and it says ” An unexpected internal error has occurred” anyone else getting this?

  • Willam Stokes

    Unexpected internal error has occurred. Have not been able to get on since last night when Xbox had problems. Now I can get into all other downloaded games but not eso. Is the North American server down for maintenance cause it’s not listed as being down?

  • John

    I’m having this problem

  • Enzo O’Reily

    Know how long? Tried to log In and It says Internal error

  • Phil

    Still down since Xbox live issues around 00:30. Live services are fixed but eso does not go further than server select screen, cannot find any acknowledgement of this problem from zenimax/bethesda. It is due maintenance on a Tuesday but that normally comes with a notification on their website.

  • Leon Newby

    EU server – login failure ; all servers and Internet connection are fine, so why can’t I log on/connect?

  • megan

    north american server is down too,maintence on that end also?

  • sabertooth

    The server has been down since 12pm pacific time and it’s still down right now at 10pm so Frustrating!

  • Enzo O’Reily

    Thanks for clarification.

  • Drysyn

    the EU server is currently having maintainence

  • Enzo O’Reily

    I can’t even log In, keeps sayin’ connection failed. Connection to server timed out. Is people having this problem?

  • Keith Brockwell

    Down again today

  • Mr_Apollo

    So…EU server doesn’t work for me (Error 209 with no possible solution it appears) but NA server does…what the hell? Zenimax help isn’t good either, its been 7 days and I haven’t received a single email from them…Congratulations Zenimax

  • Ibzy

    Down again @ 04:30! Come on ESO!!!

  • Ibzy

    WOW!!! & Just like that, they are back up again! Hooray!!

  • Ibzy

    Servers are down @ 03:40 in the UK. Was roaming around exploring, when out of the blue, message came up stating “Error connecting to the servers!

  • sucrebear

    I have not played for a few months then I tried to play over the weekend after downloading version 1.11 update, however I keep getting the message “Unable to connect to game server. Please make sure you have a valid internet connection”. This happens whenever I try to load character. I have tried many times over the weekend and even tried switching from NA to EU but still keep getting this message. I have no idea how to deal with this issue. Is anyone else having this issue? or has anyone else had this issue before and solved it?

  • Kendah

    I have not logged in since around mid January, so logged it yesterday & I’ve never faced such horrible latency issue before, the game is lagging badly with ping over 800 (usually it does not exceed 150 which is fine by my location from the server). Since other games works just fine >.< I assume it the server?

  • ink_knight

    Major major lag. Removed the 3 add-ones.. Didn’t fix it. Re-installed it.. Didn’t fix it, turned the graphics way down.. Didn’t fix it, log off back in.. Didn’t fix it, reload ui.. Didn’t fix it.. Update drivers.. Already updated.. Didn’t fix it. Everything was perfectly fine before the last 2 patches, now the game is nearly unplayable with the intense lag, which will freeze my screen, and sometimes crash the game. PVP is definitely non playable.

    Oh no other programs are running as I play, and every other MMO I run, is perfectly fine including the very demanding Final Fantasy XIV, and The Division beta.

  • Ayan Kumar

    Having serious lag issues today getting disconnected from server automatically

  • Michael Kevin Wilkinson

    Currently trying to log on; it allows me to log on to character select and upon trying to load, after the load screen says it failed to connect to the servers. My internet is working fine, and it’s even made me sign all the agreements again.

  • James Arden

    I’m having issues in Wrothgar, I go to speak to anyone, or to just venture around, and it only takes about thirty seconds and it kicks me off the game and brings me back to the Xbox one main screen.. Anyone else having problems like this today?

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