Facebook Problems

With millions of people having a Facebook accounts worldwide, whether it’s for personal or business reasons, using this very well known social media platform can become a daily occurrence for some users and can sometimes become very frustrating when there’s a sudden outage on both the website and app, causing massive problems.

In the past there’s been reports of blank white pages, trouble uploading images to their wall and nothing loading when trying to refresh their homepage.

Facebook Status insight for Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

If Facebook is down today, then reports will be found below.

Facebook Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Dan

    Facebook not working too well, newsfeed just hanging and not loading or when it does takes ages.

  • Dan

    This app is no longer shared with you, I get this error message when trying to open my Facebook app on iPhone. I’ve heard you need to delete or offload the app to fix and then download again, which the latter is done via settings, general then iPhone storage and finally clicking the app to offload it.

  • iceal

    the same with me…

  • Annette Barsby

    Yes so did I Polly, but I can upload photos to my albums if I change the grid view, that’s the only way it works for me.

  • Annette Barsby

    I can access the newsfeed and my profile from my phone ok and messenger, but cannot get a login to show on my pc, no matter what browser I use

  • Dan

    Facebook is totally down in the UK, both in London and Broadstairs Kent. The pages are not loading for newsfeed and groups.

  • Polly

    LOADS of trouble with trying to upload photo’s to my account, anyone else have any of the same issues? Been happening for quite sometime now!

  • Tamsyn Mulligan

    cant loadnews feed or my photos or videos or albums

  • Sherry Riggs

    Me too – today and yesterday!
    FB will not load and it keeps trying to reconnect?

  • Audrey Cunningham

    I can’t make posts or comment but I can react to posts. I have not gotten any notifications that anyone has reported me. I keep attempting to post “testing” posts but keep coming up with “You have been temporarily blocked from performing this action.” I keep reporting this to facebook and no one is getting back to me. I posted a question about this in this section last night and I’ve gotten no response. I’m so frustrated.

  • Andrew Pettitt

    Problems with FB when on home pc but fine when on my mobile

  • Kerry

    Is Facebook down? I cannot approve anyone on our FB group, just keeps giving an exception error and wont allow us to add anyone. Something to do with maintenance, newsfeed sort of ok.

  • MikeT

    Facebook is down again 04/08/2019.

  • Rob

    Facebook is down for required maintenance right now, I’m getting this error message right now Kent, UK August 4th 2019.

  • Skye

    Pictures are missing here and there on mobile and desktop. I am in Atlanta.

  • Roy

    No images showing at all in FB and on my Messenger app, checked both mobile and desktop, plus I noticed some issues with WhatsApp as well.

  • Simon

    Facebook cannot load any images in Kent, the UK.

  • Sammy

    Im currently having problems with Facebook and have issues with pictures loading no matter if it’s mine or my friends. Is anyone else experiencing the same?

  • Dan

    Facebug once again loads of bugs today and also Instagram.

  • Mike

    Problem with adding photos to timeline. Cannot re-sort the display order or add and delete photos.

  • chitavira

    If want to see “long shot” on this site sub complete !!

  • Victoria

    Problems with Facebook?
    Fix now.

  • Janis L Coleman

    I am in USA and it won’t let me log in, have another 2 accounts that are blocked….tried to set up another NEW ACCOUNT and every time I attempt, it won’t accept user name and it is not allowing new registrations at all. Totally down…3 days now.

  • Benn

    NO fix at all for Facebook and its been having issues for like 10 hours now. The newsfeed for me isn’t showing that much at all. I have logged out and back in again, cleared cache etc and still no use.

  • helen

    is facebook down this morning

  • helen

    anyone having problems with facebook

  • Geoff Udall

    Down for me unable to log in on four different devices in London (Thursday 9.30am)

  • Penny lane

    London uk

  • Penny lane

    Facebook not working for me in London can’t see message request just shows blank even though one is waiting…can’t post for first time ever lol and can’t update nothing

  • Dee

    Facebook down, postings and privacy changing on laptops, desktops and mobile……….FB Europe down too

  • Rad Davis

    Down in Foley, AL

  • Julie

    I’m login on mobile and laptop browser, but cannot do comments to [post anything.

  • Greg

    I am not able to see group pages or other peoples post statuses.

Facebook Reports

@Japneet54230667 @sanket @Facebook Might worked now but was not working few hours back.

@DrOlufunmilayo @Shetudeary Facebook is a burden to humanity, the people there seem like they are cut out from a lineage or something, I can't understand that place I have tried it's not working!

Noticing how a lot of people who want to say racist but don’t want to be called out on out go to Facebook to say it. Except it’s not working cus they’re still getting exposed lmao

my facebook app not working mais

@Quotemehappy Login page broken? Facebook login not working with "This app is in development mode"; direct login just returning me to login page every time with no error message.

@JillScharr I'm sorry. Are you using this one: us02web.zoom.us/j/82014412331? If it's still not working, we are streaming live on our Facebook.

Still not working on Facebook though

@GroupMe Links to twitter, IG and Facebook are not working or previewing like they were before, what’s the issue?

@nytimes Mark Zuckerberg has sided with trump and is against truth and equality. Let Zuck know our numbers matter. LOG OUT OF FACEBOOK FRIDAY AT NOON JUNE 5 until MONDAY NOON JUNE 8 PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE. #protestFaceBook #PeacefulProtest #facebookdown

He needs to take the money and shut this terrible site down. It has caused way more harm than good over the years! Not a fan. #facebookdown twitter.com/YahooNews/stat…