Facebook Problems

With millions of people having a Facebook accounts worldwide, whether it’s for personal or business reasons, using this very well known social media platform can become a daily occurrence for some users and can sometimes become very frustrating when there’s a sudden outage on both the website and app, causing massive problems.

In the past there’s been reports of blank white pages, trouble uploading images to their wall and nothing loading when trying to refresh their homepage.

Facebook Status insight for Friday 1st of July 2022

If Facebook is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Facebook Reports

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🤷 Cellular Internet Services are not Working and students will not able to connect us properly. Keeping this issue in mind, we have decided to postponed B.E.S.T Live events to next week. 🤗 We will meet Live Next Saturday and Sunday on YouTube and Facebook. #ReliableKota pic.twitter.com/GFYLHB0H9t

@whatsappbiz not working since latest update of the app App is #crashing #Apple #facebook someone please work on it #digital #SocialSecurity #DataSecurity

@whatsappbiz is not working in India from last 3 days so please have a look into it. In apple Mobile, specifically for @iso employees. So if any problem from your side than resolve it. @MarkZucerkberg @MetaNewsroom @WhatsApp @facebook