Game of War Problems

Game of War Fire Age connection problems and login issues are the two main occurrences when it comes to gamers complaining about this game, but now and then other players experience the app not loading properly on their mobile devices.

When you join Game of War you enter an action packed game that will allow you to build your perfect empire, if you think this game is easy think again, but then you already know this don’t you? This strategy game does come with a few problems, even though the issues above can happen, it has been known in the past where downloading the app to mobile devices doesn-t work.

Other complaints with the game include training one load of troops at a time, and heroes energy not being refunded when you don’t hit a monster. If you have any complaints about Game of War Fire Age please do let Down Today and its community know about them.

Game of War Status insight for Thursday 2nd of July 2020

If Game of War is down today, then reports will be found below.

Game of War Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Justin

    I have an iPad 3, I cannot collect and finished quests. I tried re- installation, changing WiFi, and sending the GOW developers…anyone know how to fix? Everything else on game works perfectly..any way to fix?

  • james

    Not loading stuck at 79%

  • Matthew Pentony

    Same issue with android

  • Andrew Burdett

    Mine too. On the Android and Amazon versions.

  • Matthew Pentony

    crashes at 79%

  • William Ryan

    Can’t log in. GOW is off line

  • Keith Melton

    Research timer increases when you press vip help

  • Keith Melton

    Down again.cant log in.again.

  • Me

    When pressing attack it freeze for 30 s .. wtf

  • Studle

    My Kingdom And Alliance Chat Wont , Work on my Account please Help.

  • Paul

    So no point buying more packages as I can’t upgrade hero tree

  • Paul

    Hero tree I’m from England it will not let me go down any further just boots u out of game

  • Rose

    Can not get on the game keeps telling me to close the app and try again

  • Robert Sherman

    can’t long in, been having issues since yesterday evening, I only have a 3 day shield, if this is so pls end the madness and replace what i have lost if it goes longer then sunday morning.

  • Azim

    What is this nonsense I can’t connect to the game it’s just happened … server kicked me out and now can’t connect to the game it’s just ridiculous…. when its going to be resolved ?

  • Wylie

    I have been trying for a about 3 weeks now it freezes up and shuts down , or let’s me on for a few seconds shuts down just to collect a few things my peace shield almost ran out because of the lag and freezing up almost lost everything . Thanks MZ

  • steve

    I have e-mailed MZ and just waiting for reply

  • steve

    I can log on to game but can’t connect to chat or build troop and building or reseach. I can’t even do quests or or open gifts i just get the connecting symbol (half circle with arrow spinning round) Has anyone had this problem and did you fix it? Tormented69.

  • steve

    Me to 2nd day now

  • Mike

    3rd day now and still can’t get on! Mz needs to get off their asses and sort this problem! Spent loads on the game and can’t play, this SUCKS!

  • Jason Murphy

    Every body needs to report this to Google play cause mz doing nuthin

  • Greyss1357

    WTF is going on with Game of War, can’t log in the last 2 days! When I’d do can’t do any thing in there just keeps saying connecting to chat service. My food boost has dropped and I’m losing food. My shield is ok for 6 days

  • Amnesia69

    Come on mz wtf

  • Amnesia69

    I still can not connect to gow it’s been nearly 2 days 70% -84% connection this is a joke I’ve spent a small fortune like everyone else on here I don’t know how much of my shield is left if I get zero’d I want everything back off mz

  • J goodwin

    Have been trying to log on last night and all of today it’s loading up to 70% sometimes up to 84% I’m just hoping I’ve enough of my shield time left wtf

  • X red star x

    When press attack take 1 minut till it finally march what is weird is that on my husbands acc alle works fine on same phone
    Also cant take out some gems in sockets

  • Paul Martin Shaw

    When I play GOW loads up perfect then it says reconnecting and will not go any further what the hell is going on is this issue going to be fix if so when?

  • Fred

    Hello are you ok, not seen you on the game recently.

  • Muhammad Ramzan Mehiar

    I open the game is not open .its only come to initializing and itz not ope

  • John Albert

    Im in Las Vegas and wont load past 0% super pissed off shield isnt going to last going to get zeroed. 2nd time this month this problem happened. This is the beginning of the 3rd day in a row that it wont let me play

  • Teuku Andriansyah

    Why down today

  • Richard Blymiller

    I’m at level 52 now the darn thing won’t load I had everything like a KING lost it all.

  • nancy44fr

    Hi can’t connect to and live in France…

  • Baalaaj Khan

    i have the same problem. even updating skils hero is not working.

  • oxbow

    I can’t move any troops with out a 12 to 15 second delay, and when joining rallies it’s almost impossible to join fast enought

  • Rowan

    Every time I open the app, anything I click on (map, research, etc.) it starts ‘reconnecting’ and I can’t click on anything. Shut down and reload and same thing. I’ve let it ‘reconnect’ for periods of over 10 minutes -_-

  • Donald Bolen

    Black screen and packs to be purchased show different amounts of gold with purchase. When hit buy it defaults to 3900 pieces. My 1st purchase read on description 200,000 pieces I received 2000 pieces.

  • Kevin M

    Keep getting Turn off App message. Have restarted twice and removed and reloaded app. Playing on Ipad Pro.

  • Gio

    Black screen after log in. On Samsung tablet and phone. I’m logged in the game cause my friend can see it on his game but my screen is black and not usable. This started today, March 8, 2017.

  • Dave W

    At the log on screen GoW prompts me to update, takes me the GoW app download page then tells me that the update cannot be loaded because it is not compatable with my device and boots me out. Already frustrated with the constant game lock ups and now I cannot even get past the logon screen.

  • Pat

    Game of War won’t finish loading on Android mobile phone. “Connecting” status bar stops @ ~50%) for the past 2 days plus. Problem started after I got an alert that I needed to update GoW. I shut it down & went to google play store; no update there. HELP!!!

  • Devin

    yup brought 2 packs still never gotten them

  • Cheryl Hajek

    I can’t load today on any one of three devices

  • Ash

    Can’t login this morning (GMT)
    kingdom #384

  • Wendy Mitchell

    Anyone having problems getting on to the game today ? Can’t load it at all.

  • Hey

    Not working today and last night

  • jcdc

    Went to treasure trove, now it’s not working properly. Research less than 200,000 days were completed instantly when it was working, but now suddenly it stopped and have to wait normal times. Very uncool..

  • Pisdrf

    second day game not loading fire age game of war running pissed off

  • Cari

    Since two days ago all an association without being able to enter the game. Lunoire Hail 868

    Still no answer or any explanation.
    A lot of people invested money in this game, and it’s not fair what is happening.
    You can lose absolutely everything we have achieved and has cost them so much
    Awaiting response and solution

  • Iros

    Is it just me or others have same issue? When I order packs on game of war, they take the money but nothing is being received on game. I have tried lots of times.

  • Walter JB

    Guys! Let’s be reasonable. For the few of you unenlightened people, let me bring you up to snuff about “Game of War”. For starters, common knowledge amongst people with IQ’s above that of a doughnut have come to realize that GoW is nothing more than an average graphic strategy game with an above average sucker magnet for drawing certain people to waste money. I have come up with a suggestion to appease both the nerdial player and those who hopelessly averse to spend ridiculous sums of money on a (here’s where we cue the laugh track) “phone game”. First, download the series “Game of Thrones”. Second, watch it. BUT!….. Set a timer to repetitive 40 minutes. Then every time the timer goes off, send me $1.00. Result will be that you will be both entertained and will save much more money than you normally would on this leech of a game. Also, I will happily be driving a Ferrari thanks to your generous contributions. By the way, as ridiculous as my offer sounds. Is it any worst than what GoW actually offers you? The only difference is that I am not scamming you. I am completely forward. THEY ARE NOT!!! The person who takes my request can laugh about it to his/her friends. A joke no doubt. The person who falls by the lies of GoW? Let’s just say he/she falls under the category of “few words that rhyme with cupid”.

  • Golden

    Still not working properly

  • Golden

    Still not fixed

  • Mel Oliver

    That would now explain why its working on my data plan but not on the wi-fi.

  • Mel Oliver

    Not really but got a work around. I have to keep closing the app and doing a Force start to the app. this gives me 10 mins game play. I have contacted the developers about this as well.

  • Golden

    Is it just those on virgin media affected by five minute Lag issue.

  • Golden

    Why are virgin media customers not able to play for last 3 weeks.

  • Andy

    Ditto.. ready to give up on this game..

  • authentic8

    Same here with the 5 minute lag, not just chat but everything. 5 minutes to connect to chat on log in, then 5 mins to collect Athena gift, 5 mins to collect each quest (if I click off the page then try again sometimes it’s instant), 5 minutes from when I press the march button to when my hero or troops actually march. It’s crazy. Glad it’s not just me (but sorry others are experiencing this). Been going on 2 weeks now.

  • Mel Oliver

    I am having issuses there is a hughe time delay connecting and once your in you cant accept gifts etc. I have now isolated it to when my device is connected to the wifi? any fix for this

  • Marcel

    I have the exact same problem and as you expect no response from
    MZ but to use android instead

  • Chuggsy

    Game down

  • Allison Phillips

    Keep getting stuck for ages on 70% load and when I finally get in, chat takes up to five mins to load and can’t open quests or mail. Just spinning yellow circle of loading doom! Wth is going on?

  • Wendy Mitchell

    Anyone else having very bad lag ? Stupid game nothing but hassle trying to stay connected !! Not impressed fix the lag MZ. No more updates please until it plays better

  • stampwiz

    Game won’t load via Amazon or Google on Kindle. Fire or Samsung Tab 4 since 10 AM 09/28/2016

  • DanvilleDad

    Game of War and Mobile Strike stopping at 70% loading today 10:47 AM EST

  • geri s

    have been trying to log in for 2 days… will not load more then 79%

  • Rose L-s

    game of war not working on my android but is on my ipad

  • Home Protheroe

    Are you have problems with your web site because it slow load up and peset on hero boosts show economics boosts not hero peset boosts

  • Home Protheroe

    Are you have problems with your web site because it slow load up and peset on hero boosts show economics boosts not hero peset boosts

  • Oupa66

    game will not open after first splash screen. anyone else have this issue?

  • Chris Ralph

    I am having same problem they never fixed it

  • Zach Guzman

    Having problems purchasing packs, whats the problem? are the servers messed up or what?

  • Wubus

    Have not been able to load game of war for past twelve hours. Perfect timing KVK day and expiring shield, still receiving notifications thou.

  • Harry C

    Game won’t load on my android? Any ideas?

  • Michal Korkáče

    cannot play last 10 hours , only loading screen.

  • CIMA

    Lol chat is under maintenance, for a troll like me; this is a big problem ^~^

  • Ivan

    MZ tech support are so dumb, they pong their servers from inside their network and respont that their servers are super fast. When their bandwidth suks. We just need to burn legal2 MZ if they are not using resources to upgrade their systems. Cannot believe a 10 billion company with old 2002 servers, they have about 3000 dollars in equipment.

  • Jean

    I can’t even play the game because it just doesn’t download and if it does download !!!!! It stays on for about 2seconds very frustrating what is going on

  • Vamos Bien

    Cant open the aplicación from muy ipad

  • Cristiano Ortega

    MZ is only out for your money I’ve spent thousands of dollars on it and they keep on having problems… I will not spend anymore in their game 540b account these days means nothing in this game.

  • Nef

    Can’t even open app today from my ipad 🙁 I have so many problems logging in and staying logged in. I’m deleting and finding another game. This app is going to lose many players…good luck…

  • y3shuA imMANu3l

    “Death, as well as life, must find proper place in the pageant. The stupendous story of the Soul’s progress through eternity, all embraced by man’s brief journey, could not be completed, unless the angel of death was assigned a niche in the history of man and Soul.”

  • y3shuA imMANu3l

    Luke 12:49
    “I have come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!”
    “For fire tests everything, and when the impure matter is separated the three pure substances are displayed. Fire separates that which is constant or fixed from that which is fugitive or volatile.”

  • mic mandey

    Oops I mean game of war

  • mic mandey

    How is down today or it might be caused by low internet speeds.

  • Melissa Johnson

    Dude, can you go to google play store and flag the developer for gouging money to play the game. Google has instructed to go above Mo’s head to have them investigated.

  • Wendy Mitchell

    Sh23 is now in beta testing. Have to say MZ are sucking the fun out of the game. Played for well over a year and now I need a lotto win to keep up…..the winners will I’ll always be MZ. Can’t go one week without something new appearing..not impressed…….daylight robbery……..could have bought a real house with what some are spending on this – not anymore Fun game –

  • Wendy Mitchell

    Well I posted earlier today and now it seems to be missing so I’ll post again

  • Wendy Mitchell

    Well if the rumours are true sh 23 is on the way… the time anyone gets there you could have bought a real house. Goal posts are moving to fast too keep up. No fun on the game and I don’t have a lotto win to play at the money grabbing level they need from everyone ….poor very poor. A year ago it was fun…but now it’s just a money pit…..sad really . It was a good might dump all my accounts. It’s their loss many will quit …daylight robbery

  • kirk

    Sometimes when opening your chests the screen will flash and before you know it all your chests are gone. MZ will never admit their server failed or there is anything wrong on their end. They’ll send you mail showing you page after page of thr chest opened and the time it wad opened.
    They will subterfuge you with so much information you better have notes… like that’s even possible considering the shear volume of chests needed to open.
    Whether or not their server took a crap or you’ll ever recover those chest items is self explanatory at this point. Just read on… MZ customer service is about as poor or non existent that they should just fire the whole crew and have a server reiterate standard responses to legitimate gripes but…
    It appears that’s what they did.
    MZ’s greed is unreal.
    I think if the server ever gets back up I’ll sell my account. Its just not fun anymore. I have over 2b in researching alone and I’m not good enough to be a rally leader. I don’t know how much money I have to spend but by the time I get there they’ll raise thr stakes again.

  • Paige Robbin

    I’m getting an error code everytime I try to buy a special pack! Plz fix have a KvK tonight!

  • Reg Istos

    GOW is down right now! Can´t connect on 3 devices…

  • Nick Lorek

    Got attacked when I had two days left on my shield then I could not login,when I finally logged in everything froze- up I was using wi-Fi thinking this was the problem I switched to 4G on my phone did the same thing nothing was responding tryed to re activate peace shield but it would not activate it went all dark and un-responsive this when on for a couple of minutes

  • Nick Lorek

    Got attacked when I had two days left on my shield then I could not login,when I finally logged in everything froze- up I was using wi-Fi thinking this was the problem I switched to 4G on my phone did the same thing nothing was responding tryed to re activate peace shield but it would not activate it went all dark and un-responsive this when on for a couple of minutes

  • Shawn

    Not connecting today only loads about 56 % thats it won’t start game ???

  • Sarah

    I can’t log in and the game will not load at all. I’ve tried uninstalling, reboot, a hard reboot and still nothing has worked. My acct was 930 mil power and now its 330 mil power. I have spent time and money and to what cost. Having my money wasted because mz can’t fix the problems on their end. Will the customers get compensation and I don’t mean a few speedups, banners,recalls or a few resources. I’ve gone to Verizon twice this week to make sure it wasn’t my tablet.

  • robert

    same her in asia loading only till 56% what happen my shield about to run out

  • Nicole

    Game not loading past 56%

  • London

    I can log on to my game but whenever I try and attack or teleport, I get a pop up that says city not currently available. Anyone ever had this issue? It’s been this way for almost 8 hours now and I’m growing exponentially impatient with every tic and every toc of the clock.

  • ash

    My account has done this too. Have you gotten yours back what did you do etc

  • x Priestess

    ffs. down again today during kvk ke. stuck in wonder when game froze and crashed… will only load intermittently now but with no cities in view. 5 hrs and counting. smh

  • Nathsol

    They give warning of they have a scheduled maintenance. There was none and this was Tottaly unexpected for us and MZ.

  • Mikelangelo

    Doesn’t start up. Loads 2% then a banner with Alliance city and coming updates shows.

  • Rebecca Biddle

    It’s down because they are trying to maintain it

  • Rebecca Biddle

    Game is currently updating and is down for maitenance. Everyone relax XD

  • Nathsol


  • juan

    its for all, not open

  • Mary Lee Hannington

    This ass swipes are billionaires and they continually make it more expensive to play while not maintains the game. Happy to boycott. Won’t spend another dime!

  • Nathsol

    Can’t open game. Having connection problems and so is my team.

  • Daisyrock

    I can’t get into my account either. Keeps saying server is under maintenance and stops loading at 50%

  • Daisyrock

    Can’t open the game. It won’t load past 50%. Been like it all morning

  • mimmc

    Is the game down today I’m not able to login using 3 devices 2 accounts

  • Don

    Game of war won’t load past 20%

  • jussi

    Game doesnt start up on me… and i have use couple hundreds of euros for this game. Dont have mZ account i was doing it while the game fell down

  • Buckwheat

    Can somebody help me with my keyboard not coming up MZ sure as hell can’t

  • Jean-Michel Paulin

    i have the game on 2 device, on the iphone it`s extremely slow.. take 5 min for login and another 5 min in the game waiting for the prize page to pop-up.. then if i click to go on the world map it shut off the game and go back on my phone menu..
    on the Ipad it`s pretty much the same thing.. faster but very limited in what i can do. if i open my items to open some chest i can`t open more then 10 if not the game shut off.. if i go on the world map trying to look the surroundings the game shut-off.. i don`t dare opening the world chat i think the ipad will shut off at that point. there is to many adds flashing on the screen. if we want to buy something just put a goddamm icon something player can click and that`s it.. dont need to keep flashing on the top of the screen. that will cut off a lot of data. and maybe fix a lot of problems just by doing so.

  • Wendy Mitchell

    Who else is getting the “shut down for maintenance”message today. The game loads then disconnects ! It’s crap again . not fit for purpose ! Don’t waste money !!!!!!! Any other GOOD company who wanted repeat customers would sort it out. ! MZ is not a good company the usual b.s. once they have your money just robbing everyone ! 🙁

  • Jacques Desjardins

    Game froze this morning and I closed the app to restart. Haven’t been able to log back in for an hour now (I get the “Please turn off the App” error message). Will continue trying.

  • Gavin Marshall

    I have a disscusion that is going wild in all kingdoms at the moment,im talking about how imposible it is to play the game at the moment with the lagging,kicking and the new crashing when teleporting into a new kingdom to fight so you have to reload constantly,and the customer service that sends you automated responses instead of helping with your real issues,now i buy alot of packs and all ive had back for my losses is a few rss and a handfull of speeds and a message saying this is a good will gesture,for the money we pay you should be replacing what we lost at least,ive been trying to get a refund for two packs for a month now since i cant even play the game and the kicking has made me loose so much troops,its not hard if your product does not wprk how can you keep players hard earned money and palm them off with back handed repeated excuses time after time,its almost like fraud

  • Aleks

    Haven’t been able to log in since Wednesday night.

  • stefan morris

    Cant login since the recent update. Millions of Samsung Galaxy players have been unable to login for 2 days since the last update. I have emailed MZ five times and have had no reply. I can guess my 3 accounts will have been zeroed by now.

  • govistew

    I haven’t played for months. After spending over $7k on the game, the graphics became compromised due to a factory recommended update that was supposed to fix some minor glitches. For me it made an extremely fun game completely unplayabe. Forget about the fact that lines were going through the screen now, it crashed if I tried to do anything that required interactions. Including simple AC. MZ addressed the issue, asking for patience. A month went by and then I was forced to commit to new terms of use just to be able to log in. FORGET IT! It takes alot of nerve to force someone who spent that much money to sign away legal rights when they have not been able to play for a month. I replaced my tablet btw, as they were pointing the finger at me(I’m sure you know what I mean by that if you have ever experienced customer service with this wretched, disgusting group of theives.) Google Play refunded me partially, identifying that the product was defective. The rest is being held by the aforementioned disturbingly self serving and insulting company behind Game of War. Machine Zone! If a class action lawsuit isn’t filed for this and similarly associated reasons, I will not only be surprised, but be forced in to filing my own in their jurisdiction. For those of you spending money on this addictive game, understand that you are an update gone wrong away from having nothing, and what equates to a joke at best in customer service attempting to fix the problem. You’ll have absolutely NOTHING to show for your investment!!! Well….you will have a tremendous amount of frustration as your problem is virtually ignored by MZ.

  • Mike Caldwell

    Unable to login at free wifi locations..why?!

  • Gap

    Been slow for over a week now, mz doing nothing. Holiday season and all that, but come on, the rest of the world manage to run a business.

  • Nic Cote

    Game is full of bugs and glitches each time MZ tightens the screws on its players/customers/victims. Unable to log in, lost all my troops due to not being able to shield. They keep making changes to the game to get rid of people who have stopped spending. Unfair as some have invested quite a sum based on the system at the time. Much of that gets wiped out with new game changes. Shameless racket to rob people. They don’t care about people’s complaints or keeping anyone happy. It’s hit and run robbery.

  • kaz

    I haven’t been able to play for nearly a week, I can see everything but am not able to access items or mail and the map screen is blank to can do anything.

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