GoDaddy Problems

Web hosting and Internet domain registrar company GoDaddy has over 4,000 employees serving more than 12 million customers, with around 60 million domain names under it’s belt. But problems with GoDaddy do not go amiss, with users searching for somewhere to look for answers or vent out a little on how they feel.

When it comes to the main problems, we can only but go on previous experiences from customers. The main worry is when GoDaddy is down, which nine times out of ten means the servers have gone offline for whatever reason being it fault or maintenance.

Even though the above is rather consuming for its users, other problems such as not able to login, trying to purchase domains with difficulties, transactions not going through or webmail not working do exist. It is rare for the leading domain name registrar to encounter issues, and it can be said they are a user-friendly website builder most of the time.

No matter what the problem is with GoDaddy, if you are having issues let Down Today be the place you can come to leave your status update.

GoDaddy Status insight for Monday 10th of August 2020

If GoDaddy is down today, then reports will be found below.

GoDaddy Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • TechyTim

    Currently having some sort of server issue on a few of my domains. Not good as currently stranded.

  • NB

    Godaddy Problems cpanel… you had an excellent interface, and one that helped form my opinion of GoDaddy being the top registrar in the known universe. Now you have a thumbs-down, dumbed-down interface – maybe good for relative beginners, but not for experienced users, users with lots of domains, power users (there are many of us). Please, please reconsider bringing back that UI as an option, even if people have to call tech support to get it activated. I’m a web designer and manager over 80 domains for my clients. I’ve been in IT since 1989.

  • NB

    Dear support! What happened to the Domain Manager UI?
    Is there any way I can get back to the classic Domain Manager UI?
    I really don’t like the new one

  • NB

    Hello, Done and finished with GoDaddy, me2 — looking for a reliable alternative. My Hosting Cpanel is Down, Everyday a fix error on my hosting, on reality the problemes come from Godaddy hosting 🙁

  • Targetz Marketo

    I cant access my account sitting + my products now , before that i couldn’t forward my domain even though i followed all their instructions

  • Israel Lopez

    Go Daddy is down – Mar 2, 2018

  • Umair Iqbal

    I am not able to open cpanel.
    Error Appeared , Please try again or contact to support .
    no one is online for support. 🙁 Bad service i have ever seen

  • Margo

    The only issue I ever have is with WordPress and Email because my website and emails run through GoDaddy.

  • Gladys

    GoDaddy come on now please sort it out so that I can read my emails.

  • Leslie Moxon

    My web site is accessible today – but no images are showing, I’m a Photographer so not good for business – sort it out Go Daddy or I’ll be gone too

  • Alien Head

    sick servers always says server not found on my website
    every time I use more than 50 mb of main files it says time out slow sick servers
    never use godaddy
    use hostgator so powerfull + fast
    my 195 mb database file uploaded and in just 7 minutes website was live with update
    superfast in less money.

  • Rd

    cant connect to dedicated server. Your server itself is down.On hold by your representative since 30 mins, what are you doing Godaddy?

  • Sharon Stevenson

    Internal server error messages today. The hosting service is unusable, getting message “we cannot reach this page”. Multiple attempts to do updates on our website and getting very frustrating. This is happening regularly. Giving up for today. The service is actually unusable. We find this is worse on Sundays. Do you do maintenance then? Please help this service needs to be improved and quickly

  • Gilang Adventure Travel

    problem with godaddy, server down in indonesia. can not open my website as well as login to cpanel.

  • Ajay Singh

    go daddy down

  • Ram

    Godaddy sucks, It is down and no resolution since 24 hours

  • GlamKitty

    Godaddy…. we have been down since Thursday June 16th. Please, get it together.

    Our law firm cannot function as a business without being able to use our email and calendars.


    My accounts are all down, I have several domains with them. Not the greatest, but I don’t know who is?

  • Rajubhai Rathod

    Godaddy is worst company for hosting. My site is down from two days and they are unable to solve issue even in 2 days 🙁

  • Chalalaiwan Kampon

    How can I transfer domain now? How can I trust GoDaddy?

  • Sam

    Godaddy are claiming that some of their Windows servers were hacked that’s the reason my website along with other websites are down…

  • sage

    the server are down

  • ThenAtlasSpoke

    It doesn’t even have to be hosted by them. I just have mine registered with them, hosted by another company, and mine are all down.

  • mobius4622

    Yes the servers are down now … you should switch to another hosting company this is the second time that this has happen with them.

  • raj

    I am also unable to access any of my website hosted with them

  • James

    I would like to know if GoDaddy is down. I cannot do anything right now.

  • Harriot

    Is there a godaddy outage today because i cannot access emails?

  • Janos

    Godaddy hosting service randomly down! – Can not work like this! What the service?

  • Santos

    My sites went down for like an hour yesterday, so got to say to GoDaddy well done for getting back online as soon as you did. No complaints here.

  • Norbert

    My email is down, I am at work and need this to be working. Hoping it gets fixed soon.

  • Thiery

    My store seem to have went down for a brief time, it last a while but not too long to panic. I am just a little miffed we didn’t here anything from GoDady other than a System Alerts message saying “No Significant Issues.” Just so you all know things are all fine, problems with GoDaddy do nto normally last long.

  • Jonas

    Is anyone having issues with the webmail?

GoDaddy Reports

@DomainShane @GoDaddy Go to the footer. Pull down the location. Set to United Stated. Easiest fix that works for me.

@GoDaddy honestly did something pretty incredible with this microsite that highlights small businesses around the country and breaks down the business jargon for everyone. Check it out and pass it on to another small business owner: #Godaddypartner

I am so sick of @godaddy cookies putting me in some crazy country and currency. I shouldn’t have to clear my cookies every use. No matter what device it is wrong. Burn it down and start over

@GoDaddy getting worst day by day. Website is keep getting down because of their server issues.

@GoDaddy is your forgot password service down?

Trying to get any help from @GoDaddy as to why one of my side project is down - 80 hours (including multiple promises that it is up or will be up, once some mitigation finishes) Registering at @digitalocean and migrating everything there + waiting for DNS propagation - 3 hours...

@KotakCares @jahaaanvi I have DM you details also @KotakCares. Looks like you should look into this rather than us to ask for FIR. @GoDaddy @GoDaddyHelp This website hosted in your server. Please take it down.

@GoDaddy @missandrealewis @heyashten @JoyBrunson @soulfulofnoise Your tech support sucks. Kashesh has let me down and lied to me for the 3rd day in a row.

@MilesWeb Very Pathetic Services. My Hosting Down. Last 4 Days I m taking support. Still all websites down. I think all Google reviews of milesweb are fake or paid. @GoDaddy @HostGator @ResellerClub #bestwebhosting #cheapwebhosting

better listen up @GoDaddy and @DreamHost 1 of each servers behind your network forcing doing hack attack to my server, i would like you investigate your service any attacks been made on my website on your servers. and stop this now. been crashing my apache server several times

@GoDaddyHelp @GoDaddyHelp @GoDaddy I've sent you all details and even the chat history with your supports. I still want to know - How long will the so called mitigation take place (over 48 hours now) - What caused it - Why wasn't I notified my business will be down for so long

@BwImpeccable @phyzonloop @Namecheap @Cloudflare Sucks for @Cloudflare and @Namecheap when a better informed person shows up to challenge their irresponsible stewardship. It’s like @GoDaddy ignoring my call to take down a 1488 pushing Nazi site. It will haunt them one day soon(as the article about them doing so is published)