Halifax Problems

If you are having Halifax internet banking log in problems or any other issues this is where you can report them. When trying to access your online account, making a payment or sorting out transactions you need a platform that runs smoothly, but when things go wrong you need this platform to have your say.

No one likes problems but they do crop up from time to time, some of the main issues customers have with Halifax include not being able to open the website halifax.co.uk, login page not working after entering correct details, apps not opening and when they do they just crash.

Halifax caters for many customers in different areas, such as mortgages, credit cards, loans, savings, investments etc. If you are having issues in any of these areas please do comment below.

Halifax Status insight for Tuesday 4th of August 2020

If Halifax is down today, then reports will be found below.

Halifax Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Stephen Masani

    I have forgotten my memorable question so cant log into my online banking

  • Karen Blackburn

    I rang the help line and they suggested I used another browser. I was using google chrome. Worked when I used Explorer. They said there may be a glitch with Chrome?

  • Eva Shuttlewood

    same cant get into anything at all

  • Chris Andreas Panayiotou

    Same here cant do anything

  • Karen Blackburn

    Can.t access payments and transfers

  • Joanne

    Should have had a payment go in bank, nothing gone in. My dad’s is the same.on website it’s saying problems fixed with online banking.

  • Sandra Turner

    Ican get on my Halifax account

  • Joanne

    I have logged in after being offline for like 2 hours, but I left my phone in my pocket logged in whilst I went to the loo and it rightfully automatically logged me out, but now I cannot log back into my Halifax app.

  • Rachel Doran

    All is resolved! If anyone is in same situation, it was that the Cambodian WiFi was blocking the access. The solution was to turn off the WiFi and my husband used his data on his phone instead, and both accounts worked online banking- Halifax and Lloyds.

  • Rachel Doran

    I am in Phnom Penh Cambodia I cannot get on Halifax online banking and my husband cannot get on Lloyds online banking. My phone has no service in Cambodia. My husband has just gone to try and top up his phone, as the calls allowance of the package has run out. If anyone from Halifax or Lloyds is reading this, any advice or info would be appreciated! Thank you

  • Felicia Daniel

    Halidax mobile banking down. Please resume soon.

  • Felicia Daniel

    Halifax mobile down? Hope it will be fixed soon.

  • Barbara

    I am unable to log into the Halifax app, hope it is fixed soon









  • Lorraine Greenwood

    Yeh me I have been trying since yesterday even shut down my computer and dined in again still no luck

  • Tracey

    Hi cannot sign in only a capital keyboard so cannot enter password

  • p.Istoff

    I’ve been banking with the Halifax since before the millenium …today I go into the branch to pay an account…First the staff ask me if I have an account with the Halifax….and then they refuse to accept a cash payment to sort out a statement. I have paid this account at the Halifax in cash for years. Now I’m treated like some sort of petty criminal. Not impressed with their attitude or service…time to change bank or are the rest so anti customer as well??? Pistoff??? yes I am really pistoff

  • Doris Owusu

    Am having problems for signing in a new phone. So when is this getting solved?

  • gary warner

    Is anyone out there having problems get onto Halifax on line banking?

  • Niko Adamiak

    shitty site.., no income from work ..,
    cant log in to internet banking

  • Pauline Savage

    My husband was unable to launch app today after many tries,so visited his closest branch who couldnt offer a solution, so went to his 3store who promptly uninstalled app then on trying to reinstall, message in App store stated, his device was not compatible with the app.He researched google and it stated, go settings, device, updates and there were no updates to download. His phone a samsung note3 running 4.3 system has worked for years on the app,but the all store says app needs 4.4 min system yet his phone has no way of updating. Please we need help!!. Couldnt get tech help from Halifax as too late, so he will try tomorrow. He can access via browser but hes not happy.

  • J.Fulcher

    An fed-up with Halifax and trying to access my account-have found a couple more societys in Ipswich, will visit them asap

  • Alex Swankie

    Mobile app not working…days app wont start close and reopen. Still do not work. 3 days now.

  • Dee Crawf

    Mobile app not working the lasted days
    Saying app won’t start close and reopen

  • fruitypuds

    Not working today – It won’t let me log in and says the server is busy.

  • P Robinson

    I need to check my balance to budget and the site is down! What a shambles! It was bad enough when they closed our local branch but now I will have to drive into town, find a parking space (not easy) and queue up to speak to a staff member. But would they be able to access anything? Phoning is useless as it just said login ‘havingproblemsloggingin’ and that didn’t work but it took me to a page that said not found. Change banks me thinks.

  • Jean Lewis

    Yet again my acct is down..cant log in or access anything!! Its a joke!! This is becoming very stressful & im now thinking of moving my accts to another bank..ive been with halifax for many years so not happy with the poor service recently! They need to get their act together or theyll be out of a job before long!

  • Chrissy

    Mine is all working again, it was down for about an hour though.

  • Clive

    Accessing online banking seems to be a little issue for me right now. I login and it shows no accounts at all.

  • Daniel

    My interment keeps going off and on when it comes to using the Halifax website, yet other websites are no hassle at all. Is my browser blocking Halifax?

  • Nora Bristo

    Having problem with my memorable information.It shows 8 information which I only have 7 digits

  • Sean Cullen

    Halifax online app will not start up and say try again later,no thanks I need my money now,not wen you feel like giving it to me,piss ed off is an understatement

  • Henrietta

    Halifax on its Twitter account are saying they are having intermittent issues – what does this even mean lol?

  • Sally

    Halifax online banking is down, it is the website halifax .co .uk. How long is this going to be down for. Funny that this is happening because my friend said that their Lloyds Banking online is not working either.

  • Craig

    I cannot get online, website and mobile app are both down for me.

  • Simon

    There are problems with my Halifax Internet banking, it also keeps saying website not availble.

  • Julie

    I went to a cash machine and it says i have no money in my bank account when I know I have, so i went into a shop to buy stuff and my card got declined. This is madness seeing as i know i have plenty in there to cover things I wish to buy.

  • Eileen

    I am not able to log on to my mobile banking app.

  • Tanya

    I have tried getting onto my Halifax account via laptop, desktop and mobile phone and still cannot after 2 days. I have not changed password or nothing so how come it doesn’t work?

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