Hay Day Problems

One of the worst problems that can happen with the free mobile game ‘Hay Day’ is when the servers have an outage. Other issues can include connecting to Facebook, the Supercell app not opening up, as well as not being able to install the latest update.

If you are having problems with Hay Day and do not mention this online you will never get the problem sorted, but if we all stick together and post all the issues that occur with this game then maybe just maybe these can all be ironed out.

Hay Day is a game for both Android and iOS smartphone and tablet users, and has generated a lot of money thanks to in-app purchases. This is a farming game at its best when running smoothly, all you need to do is look after your crops and trade in products with friends and neighbours.

Add or read about all problems with Hay Day below. Have you got anything to share with Down Today?

Hay Day Status insight for Monday 10th of August 2020

If Hay Day is down today, then reports will be found below.

Hay Day Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Kk

    The game crashes every so often after I try to play it. Uninstalled and installed it but the problem isn’t fixed. I’m playing on an iPhone 6s if that helps

  • Traci

    I am having the same problem. I have to log out then back in to see the comments after I type and send..I have uninstalled and reinstalled HD and it’s still the same.

  • Emma

    After update on Android the chat goes black after the first comment is typed. Rebooting gives over visible comment before it blacks out. Does not affect my neighbor on ios

  • Meridith

    I can’t get on hayday today. Is there a problem?

  • Just me

    I can not get on Hay Day, what’s up?

  • Yuvraj Bhushari

    I cant opeing my hay day game what shal i do plz tell me

  • Jill Livingston Janesko

    I have not been able to get on hay day since Sunfay. It just keeps saying updating. After a while says cannot connect to server. Please help!

  • Karolina

    Both my child and I have been having problems on 3 different android devices, keep losing connection and any changes made in the game disappear, super annoying. Hay Day support keep giving the same useless advice…

  • Sophie

    Keep losing connection to server, Kent.

  • Unable to open jayday, screen says server issues

  • Brandy

    Second week…can’t get on Hay day with my Moto..

  • shhaz4 .

    Unable to open or connect to Hay Day, on iPad, yesterday, 5-8-2020 or today 5-9-2020. Anyone know about this problem and any solution?

  • Sherry Lewis

    I can not open Hay Day on iPad but it will open on android phone. How can I fix this!

  • Sahil

    I can not open my game…my farm name is hulo farm.and i was downloaded it from play store..its been 12hour i tried but it shows connecting..and my phone is up to dated with latest android software update

  • Martin Oakes

    Back working again on Friday after 2 weeks down

  • Martin Oakes

    me too, same time

  • Martin Oakes

    My farm was been broken since end of March same as most of these others, and SuperCell is telling me to go away…

  • Silke

    I never Got an e-mail from hay day with a code to login

  • Not able to work game

  • Khatoon

    No open my day hay

  • Yara

    Please help my day no open

  • Phongphot Anekwanit

    Me too

  • Khatoon

    my iPhone can’t open hay day

  • Lora Lowe

    Can’t get on going one two days

  • Jeananne orfanos

    Also my iPhone can’t open hay day

  • Jeananne orfanos

    Hi. I can’t open hay day two days now. Also the derby has malfunctioned. I’m really cross because I just hired Tom for the longes you can hire him. Not happy Hayday

  • timothy erwin

    I can’t even open mine in my tablet or phone since the last update. It goes to the screen with the clouds I can even hear the opening when it gets there then it just boots me out.

  • david

    can’t open hayday on Chromebook since last hayday update.
    After trying to trouble shoot with supercell from my phone I was finally blown off after a lot of useless ‘fixes’.

  • Rhiannon


  • Heather mason

    Is it still happening to u? As soon as I click the newspaper and go to there market t
    o buy it closes the whole game. But my mom isn’t having the problem at all. Just on my iPhone! Ughh.

  • charlyoak

    Sometimes I can play just fine on my Hp Chromebook, then there’s an update and I can’t even open the app. It just shuts down before the “loading screen with clouds and the hen and pig”. Right now and for the last few weeks, I can’t even open the app. It works fine on my itty bitty android cell phone – but not nearly as fun as on my chromebook ‘coz I can’t even see what’s going on.

  • wenpar929

    Haven’t been able to load the game in a week, not since the last update. Have uninstalled and reinstalled several times.

  • Sangita kedia

    I can’t open my farm from yesterday..Please help me.

  • Kathy W

    Hayday won’t let me visit others farms. It keeps sending it back to mine. I’ve already deleted the app and re downloaded. Help!!

  • Sangita kedia

    I can’t visit my farm today .

  • Vaib

    Same is happening with me.
    I tried reinstalling the app thrice but the problem isn’t sorted.

  • Haydaynd

    Yes I got the same issue

  • Sandra

    I can’t visit any farm today… anyone else has that problem… when I want to visit, automatically closes the Game

  • Texasmade

    I’ve had the server down problem for two days since I downloaded the update. It wasn’t letting me do the derby . I’ve been playing awhile now

  • Pam

    My derby has me doing over 200 of the same task, so I can’t play at all. It like it got stuck and kept giving me the same thing even after I finished it once. Now I can’t help my team.

  • charlyoak

    Yes… same here in southwest Iowa. However, it connects on my android cell phone, but not on my chromebook.

  • Elvia Soto

    Unable to open hayday today 03/19/20, it takes a while “connecting” then I get a message saying to check my internet connection or to try again later. It has been like since this morning. Somebody else having issues?

  • Cowboy

    I play hay day on my chrome book and when i chat i tap the enter button to post my message. Now my enter button doesn’t work for hay day.
    It works on everything it did work but not hay day. Does anyone have/had this problem and was able to fix it? Reply to me if you did.

  • Sharon Hufton

    Cant load hay day on android phone. Says connecting then says try again been happening for past 4 to 5 days I have no problem with my other apps/games. Tried uninstalling reinstalling powering phone off/on clearing cache and data all failed

  • DAG

    I no longer have the opportunity for puzzle pieces. The puzzle piece boat event came and went and not one piece. Hen I go to the valley, there are no puzzle pieces to buy. I still need 5 pieces for my second zebra, but no way to obtain them.

  • Beckie Yeomans

    Hay Day wont install on my phone. I uninstalled it due to app issues and now cant get it back

  • Catherine Willis

    I’m on the east coast of Australia and haven’t been able to open Hay Day for 2 days on my phone although the tablet is fine. Both are Android.

  • Marya Emerson

    I can’t open up my Hay Day game is something going on with it is there someone that can please help me

  • pinkabroad

    It says download update in App Store and it isn’t happening? Any ideas?

  • Linda Rheuark

    That’s how mines doing all day

  • Linda Rheuark

    My hay day will not open I haven’t been able to get on it since 6am this morning

  • Tia

    It’s still the same and we are losing game time. Super cell has to compensate. Its frustrating.

  • Candice

    Why is Hay Day Crashing straight after the loading screen. It’s been working fine the entire time and now it won’t even open (since yesterday morning). Very irritating!!

  • Tia

    What is the point of posting a comment or query when no one is answering it? Hayday is crashing on iOS12 after the supercell maintenance. Help please?

  • lynnlyszczarz

    We use hayday everyday this is 2nd time after update can’t get it on last time it was off weeks and weeks

  • Val

    After Hay Day’s last update my daughter and I cannot connect. We both use android (I use a phone, she uses a tablet). I contacted HD, and they keep telling me to uninstall, update my phone/tablet, then reinstall. I’ve done it many times, cleared cache, cleared data, etc, but NOTHING works. Then they tell me that no one else is reporting any issues, so it’s an isolated problem, that its something I did with my devices. But I see online blogs such as these, and obviously I am not an isolated issue. Hay Day needs to look into it and send out an update to allow us to go back in 🙁

  • Véronique Ducler

    10 days ago hay day stopped opening . Message cannot connect to the server. I ve tried everything. My Ipad is updated i have a lot of memory and i have reloaded the app… Nothing happening…. Does someone has recently had the same issue ?

  • Aztra

    Were you able to get the app to work? It’s been over a week for me and I’ve done everything suggested to no avail.

  • jessica Kraintz

    Haven’t been able to log on in a week, try everyday. Gets to the connecting part and wont go anymore. I’ve tried deleting apps, being on wifi, turning wifi off and using my data, restarting my phone, and checking for updates. If anyone can please give me some advice how to get it back without deleting it please let me know! Thank you.

  • Jenny Backstrand

    The new update won’t load on my iPad, it downloaded on my iPhone today. How do I get it to load on my iPad?

  • Maddie

    My app won’t load; the bar fills up but then it’s just stuck therr and won’t open the game.

  • HÃ¥vard Daae Rognli

    Hay Day will not even open on my iphone 8Plus

  • Helen

    Same problem with my game

  • Paula

    The latest download is not loading on my I pad. Loaded onto my Samsung phone without issue though.

  • Ann French

    unable to update hay day

  • Tammy

    Hay day keeps sticking and going slow.

  • Pollyanna

    Hi I’m unable to open the news envelope at the top left hand corner it just comes up as a blank yellow page. . Anyone else got this problem ?

  • Meeza

    hay day is not connecting from morning.

  • Liz

    After recent update all seemed fine. But now can’t connect at all to the game. Reinstalled. Still can’t connect

  • Veronica

    When harvesting cherries they are now not collecting. Please help

  • Olaf_Slartibartfast

    Installed the latest spring 2018 upgrade. The games freezes now for 1-5 seconds whenever I do some harvesting… Maggie the builder is a fraud. You pay for something you can only use once (if you don’t like it, you need to pay again). Very disappointing!

  • Robin

    Hay Day just keeps saying connecting. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still won’t work

  • disqus_2SiwujfWoc

    i uninstall then reinstall, it works

  • Linda

    I can’t connect to Hay Day, update won’t download

  • Julie White Williams

    I can’t connect to Hay Day at all now since update!!

  • Nikki R Magel

    the game will not load at all

  • Debbie Irvine

    What’s happening I’m caught in a cycle of needing update but it won’t download and I can’t access farm

  • Evelyn Redman

    Mines same

  • Ditto

    Updated but still says i need to download update but when i go back it just says open as i have already updated. Tried going different ways not from game to update but same result. Anyone with this issue or a suggestion to fix?

  • Mujtaba masoomi

    Now 16/4/2018 the hey day game is want to update that’s why its not loading but in apps store there is no opption to update
    Plz plz what to do

  • Mujtaba masoomi

    Now 16/4/2016 the hey day game is want to update that’s why its not loading but in apps store there is no opption to update
    Plz plz what to do

  • annon


  • Faith & Pat Hunt

    Go to the app storeand type in Hayday update in the search bar, it will take you there.

  • Spike

    Thank you!!

  • Faith & Pat Hunt

    Found the update! When it takes you to the Google play page, type in Hayday Update and it will take you to it.

  • Val

    Saying update neededbut none available

  • Josh G

    The game is forcing me to install an update that doesn’t exist.

  • Ashley

    This is happening to me too, my hayday says update avaliable but app store just says open

  • Emma Hopgood

    Same here aswell its telling me to update and i can’t.

  • Elaine Pomeroy

    Same here, can’t get on as no update avaliable and won t let me play

  • Faith & Pat Hunt

    Same issue, can’t load the game because it says it needs update ….where is it? Frustrating!

  • Wafiyah Binte Montaser

    Same to me

  • Spike


  • Debbie Kok

    it says hayday update available when login with hayday but when i go to playstore there is no update available

  • Paula Renshaw

    Hayday constantly logging me out of facebook then it takes ages to reconnect me. Playing on samsung tab a6. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Sheila Loder

    I have been 6 days with updating Hay Day, l have been told the problem might be sorted when you have your next update, all l can say l hope it is VERY soon. I have tried other farms but they do not compare to Hay Day, which up to now l have had NO problems with and l thought was the best game around. Thanks for listening to my moaning and hope you can help soon.

  • MaconSouthernGent

    Same thing here. I’m so p is s ed at Samsung/T Mobile for forcing this upgrade on my phone. Now it defaults to wifi calling when at home. 1. it creates more space for T mobile’s cell towers and less congestion. 2. I’m now using the wifi which is ATT U(seless)verse which is very unreliable until I figure out how to turn that off and go back.

    Looks to me it was a case of what was best for T Mobile and Samsung. I called NINE times in one day to be hung up on by techs and customer service. Now rather than trying to fix the problem, I’m going after customer support to get those who hung up on me fired. I have raised such a stink that supposedly T Mobile is going to call to discuss how to remove the update. That is the fix!

  • MaconSouthernGent

    Was running just fine until the stupid Samsung OS update that couldn’t update until the other day due to it being only a 16gb internal storage phone and no space. Now it loads but spins saying “waiting…” Thanks Samsung for NOTHING.

  • T

    Hay day has been loading for 2 days now!!! Very frustrated! I have an Android based phone

  • Kim Modro

    My hay day has been updating for two days now!

  • Bossy

    I am in some sort of loop. I try to play the game and it says I need the update and sends me to the App Store. When I’m at the App Store it says to open the app. When I try to open the app it says I need an update…over and over! It’s very frustrating!

  • John

    Good day. I am using a Samsung Tab 2. Ever since the update i cannot log into the game. Cleared the cache and even did a factory restore. Only supercell aps not working. Please advise.

  • Jimeislen Northern

    I am going in circles

  • Jimeislen Northern

    I deleted and reinstalled but it still didn’t work any other suggestions

  • Jimeislen Northern

    Miss my Hay Day

  • Barabara Taylor

    I can’t log into hay day that been every sense the 26 of Dec that’s not right

  • Babette Erickson

    I cannot get hayday to open it sits on updating screen.

  • Cheryl

    I downloaded the update but my farm is gone! Cannot get any help at all from support

  • Ayen Olanam Ayalib

    Whe i open my hayday .always updating!!!!!

  • Ayen Olanam Ayalib

    They say server is not responding check connnection network even my connection is good .

  • Ayen Olanam Ayalib

    Same here .always update but not working

  • Ayen Olanam Ayalib

    I cant play my hayday dew to server why the other online game i play why is my hayday is not working i use ios

  • Coney Georgina Bundock

    After doing the December 2017 upgrade, I cannot get into Hayday. (It goes goes through the motions of loading but doesnt load) I am using it on an Samsung android tablet. Can someone help. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Hayday.

  • Grandpa

    I have been trying for over a week. Cannot get the update “finished” and even when I try to run the app, it just gets stuck “updating.” I am tired of this, 4 years, level130, big barn, etc. I may just dump it and see if I remember the sponsors names so I can tell them about it. I am tired of trying over and over. I use the newest Android system,no other apps are failing.

  • Clare Soanes

    for two days i have been trying to open hayday, i try and update then when it goes onto to google play it is saying this device is not compatible with this version. ridiculous as ive got a chromebook. i have restarted several times and even emailed supercell but nothing. so annoying as ive spent years on this game and i cannot even open it. not sure what to do.

  • Dawna Ward

    Thank you, this has been driving me crazy! Working now. The key is to pull the updates screen down, releasing more updates.

  • Karma Denton

    Yes! That works, Granny!

  • Granny Joyce

    Granny Joyce
    2 months ago
    I am posting the “fix” that Tom FitzSimmons suggested. It worked for me and several others. Try it…

    Fixed it!
    Close Hay Day, and open your App Store. Go to the Updates page. It will probably tell you that you recently updated Hay Day. Ignore that message. Pull the updates screen down, as if you are scrolling, this prompts the page to look for newer updates. A newer version of the Hay Day update appears, select it, and download the new update. Your download should now complete, and no more annoying “update available” messages will occur!

  • ynpguy

    Granny’s advice may have worked for some, but when I go into the App store, it seems to “know” I have Hay Day loaded on my device and only gives me an “Open” button.

  • Llyr

    I had to delete and reinstall that worked

  • ynpguy

    Yeah, no that did not work. The app store updates only lists Hay Day, with an “Open” button. Of course, I can “Get” Hay Day Stickers since it is not on my device.

  • Colin Holgate

    For anyone still having problems, even though the update overlay says “open”, go to the App Store Updates tab, and you will hopefully find an Update for Hay Day. That worked for us.

  • Bernie Aman

    Same problem can’t get into game until I update but can’t update as it takes me back to the game where I get same message saying need to update. I am also fed up going round in circles.

  • ynpguy

    And I thought I was just losing my mind. Same here – “Open” button and no actual download/update link – takes you in a psychotic circle. Nice.

  • Alice

    Can’t download latest update as not in the App Store. Been trying since this afternoon. Makes me want to delete the whole game.

  • Anita

    They have done it again. Update needed download, no chance just goes round and round in circles. Few months back same thing, months before same thing, about the fifth time since I have been playing. Getting very bored with it anyway, so maybe it’s time to quit.

  • Stephanie

    Cant update my farm. Bummer! Hope someone’s working on this.

  • Linda grange

    Can’t load new version today. I ve only ever once been able to download new version s immediately,,,, this needs sorting daughter is fine

  • Jayjay

    Managed to download the update thanks to advice from Granny. Now can’t sell anything in my shop. It just says edit but nothing works. Perhaps I need to be patient. Why do we have to go through all this trauma ever time there’s an update

  • Gillian Sansom

    I can’t download the update 🙁 I go to the App Store, press open, and it just takes me back to the download pic 🙁

  • Zoe Hancock

    I can’t download the new update

  • Syd B

    Just followed “Granny Joice’s“ advice (scroll way down). This worked. Thank you.

  • Syd B

    Already have the latest update downloaded BUT the game will not open. Instead it keeps saying I need to download the latest version. So annoying!!!

  • Reggie thompson

    Taking ages to load from start and in game too

  • Karen Kalmeyer

    Is there anything I can do to stop the “loading” when I try to look through the circular paper? When it finally comes up everything is purchased from the page. This has been going on for weeks. Why? Thank you.

  • Geraldine Mullins

    Hay Day just won’t open

  • Jenny Moss

    Completed boat orders are not being added to the global event

  • Jean Anderson

    Same for mine. Hasn’t opened for a week.

  • Keeley Chambers

    Constant crashing when shopping from newspaper and roadside shop reported about 15 times still not fixed this is poor

  • Dave

    Hay day keeps stopping on my Samsung pro galaxy tab. It says, ” unfortunately hay day has stopped.” Every 5 mins after opening the game.

  • crystal henderson

    my i
    s crashing please fix love this game

  • Ro

    Hayday keeps saying updating and won’t load.

  • Ro

    Hayday won’t load just keeps saying updating

  • Olaf_Slartibartfast

    Hay Day keeps crashing when visiting other farms. These problems were introduced with the latest Haloween update. Please fix this!

Hay Day Reports

@hayday Been crap since update. Keep getting server messages. Please fix

@hayday No my truck breaks down way too much .