HSBC Problems

If you are having any kind off issue with HSBC banking services then here is where you can ask questions, reply to others and report any issue you are having. Is HSBC down for you today? If the answer is yes then please do leave your location and what device you are using.

HSBC offers many banking services, such as credit cards, loans, savings, investments, current accounts, mortgages and more. But when services falter online using the official website or mobile apps this can be a cause for concern.

Some of the main HSBC issues include BIB and Personal banking login problems, premier services not working, apps crashing upon opening. Maybe you can login but are not able to make any transactions, customer service taking too long to process information, please do report any issue you are having with HSBC below.

You can also ask questions, such as; I am looking for a contact number? What are the opening times for HSBC?

HSBC Status insight for Friday 1st of July 2022

If HSBC is down today, then reports will be found below.

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HSBC Reports

@adam__harper @HSBC @McGuireDavid not sure I follow - I think great messaging is appropriate everywhere. My guess is the haste at which teams try to throw up ads, working with a sub-optimal ops team, "Brand guidelines" is often what screws the pooch.