HSBC Down Today?

If you are having any kind off issue with HSBC banking services then here is where you can ask questions, reply to others and report any issue you are having. Is HSBC down for you today? If the answer is yes then please do leave your location and what device you are using.

HSBC offers many banking services, such as credit cards, loans, savings, investments, current accounts, mortgages and more. But when services falter online using the official website or mobile apps this can be a cause for concern.

Some of the main HSBC issues include BIB and Personal banking login problems, premier services not working, apps crashing upon opening. Maybe you can login but are not able to make any transactions, customer service taking too long to process information, please do report any issue you are having with HSBC below.

You can also ask questions, such as; I am looking for a contact number? What are the opening times for HSBC?

HSBC Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If HSBC is down today, then reports will be found below.

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3 years ago

For some strange reason, I’m having nothing but trouble from my HSBC app today, which is strange and I never usual have issues with it?

4 years ago

Internet banking down today in UK.

4 years ago
Reply to  Rose Valley

I know this was a long time ago for you, but I am experiencing issues as well. Any ideas?



4 years ago

The app has never worked for me since I ordered my card, and it just crashes on the loading screen. Extremely annoying.

4 years ago

I cannot access the HSBC web site – blank page and browser constantly reporting data is being retrieved. My router logs are reporting a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack/problem.

[DOS][Block][tcp_flag, scanner=no_flags][

5 years ago

So, I try to log in to my HSBC account on my laptop and when I put details in then try to enter all I get is a blank page. The official support page is saying there are no issues at all with faults or maintenance.

Rose Valley
5 years ago

App still not working, 10 days now.

Duncan Ayres
6 years ago

Card not working via cashpoint or online in Swindon! Ffs

6 years ago

Is the hsbc servers down because i cannot login via website or app?

6 years ago

The HSBC app is down for me, not working at all whereby its not letting login to my account.

Roger Shaw
6 years ago
Reply to  Roger Shaw

I’m trying to logon to hsbc account whicj ive been able to do for years

Roger Shaw
6 years ago

last three days Ive not been able to loggin – takes all my logon data then says – Please wait
We are loading your account details – and it never does. This happened after my PC had updated to windows 10 – but I can still logon to first direct

6 years ago
Reply to  Jason

Hi Jason, have you tried clearing your history, cache and cookies. Maybe this will help sir.

6 years ago

Not been able to login to my online banking, I put all my details in and get a GSA system error message on the screen.

6 years ago

HSBC Net is not working, been trying to login to my account and nothing.

6 years ago

HSBC online uk login is not working, tried on many different browsers and not happening. Servers must be down.

6 years ago

I am still moaning after 2 days because I cannot get into my account, its not letting me login.

6 years ago

All I keep getting when trying to navigate the official website is, “We are sorry that you have experienced a problem. Please ensure
Private Browsing is not enabled within the browser. If it isn’t and you
are still unable to view your accounts online, please call us”

6 years ago

I am having serious logging problems with HSBC online banking. is anyone else having problems right now?

Each time I try to access and apply for a mortgage i keep getting an on screen message saying there is a problem. It says I have to click on the Internet Banking tab but i cannot find one.

7 years ago

I tried to go onto my online banking and got and error message reading ORA-12537 TNS CONNECTION CLOSED DSRA0010E.

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