iHeartRadio Problems

Every now and again the iHeartRadio website, or app, will have outages leaving many listeners having problems. With millions of songs and many stations to listen to whilst you’re relaxing around the house or on the move, you can imagine that it can leave many feeling rather frustrated, as of previous reports of this type of service not working on mobile devices, online or even on consoles.

iHeartRadio Status insight for Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

If iHeartRadio is down today, then reports will be found below.

iHeartRadio Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • GoGardget

    It’s not working for me, anyone else having issues?

  • Teresa Scott Atkinson

    why is iheartradio working fine on my laptop, but keeps cutting off on my iphone? I’ve used it successfully alot in the past with my iphone, but it keeps cutting off. I deleted the app and re-installed it, but still cutting off. I powered my phone off and back on, but still cutting off.

  • maria searles

    i haven’t been able to get iheartradio in over a month what’s up? i need help with this please.can anyone help.

  • Manny

    WVON is not streaming for some reason, this is my best show ever and i cannot watch it.

  • Brent

    None of the stations are working on the app.

  • Linny

    I use the iHeartRadio App and lately its been a little sporadic in the way it wants to work. It seems to be going quiet from time to time for no reason in certain areas.

  • Mike

    I’ve been getting “this channel has run out of songs to play” for a week now

  • markj100

    I’m having the same “initialization” problem with my Samsung Note 4. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • Sam

    Why do I always get the iHeart error message: “Cannot perform initialization. Application will exit.” on my Galaxy Tab. I don’t get it on my cell phone.

  • Jim P

    I’ve been unable to access iHeartRadio on my Blu-ray player for days now I’ve reinstalled the app several times and still no action Pandora works but now Iheart doesn’t work

  • queenofmeanie

    When updates are done, that’s ok, as long as the app works correctly. This issue regarding “cannot perform initialization. Application will exit” error has been ongoing since early December. Whenever the app gets up and running, the old problems will still be there. Playing a song, but you can’t hear it, app freezes and won’t finish the song. Skipping of songs.

  • Daphne Carter

    I keep getting the application can’t initialize message today..

  • Nakisha

    I been trying to log on the last 3 weeks
    It says can’t perform initialization application will exit

  • Dom

    I have a laptop, desktop, tablet and iPhone and yet the only thing it works on is the computers over wifi and devices over wifi, but will not work using phone and tablet data.

  • Reigan

    I can get iHeartRadio working on WiFi but not LTE network, this is strange.

  • Anna

    I love the channel Savage Nation but for two days its been on and off, i keep getting an error pop up which is very annoying.

  • Yasir

    iHeart radio keep going off on me, one minute the sound is great then its hissy and then its off, oh and then it comes back again.

  • jack

    Streaming seems to be a little all over the place this week, ok we are only on Tuesday but since yesterday the radio either plays or it doesn’t.

  • Spencer

    iHeart radio isn’t streaming in Los Angeles right now CA 90077

  • Shaz

    iHeartRadio seems to be down in the Lake Buena Vista area this morning

  • jess

    I need music to keep sane and the app isn’t working on my iPhone right now, anyone else got problems?

  • Bill

    Not Working in New Hampshire, I just keep getting no connection. I hope it’s not down too long.

  • Jon

    I’m having issues as well, fix it please!!

  • Dan

    Glad to see it’s not my web browser, I tried Firefox and Safari and cannot access iHeartRadio.

  • Kerry

    Both the iHeartRadio and iHeart website don’t work, I just get a blank page with no error message.

  • Tony

    I am just getting a blank white page when I go to the iheart .com website.

iHeartRadio Reports

Newspoll: Ontario Premier Doug Ford says the U-S and Canada are very different when it comes to problems with racism. Do you agree? Cast your vote here: iheartradio.ca/am800/news-poll pic.twitter.com/YOllLuG1U8

Newspoll: Ontario Premier Doug Ford says the U-S and Canada are very different when it comes to problems with racism. Do you agree? Vote here: iheartradio.ca/am800/news-poll pic.twitter.com/gboHsqb32V

Ontario Premier Doug Ford says the U.S. and Canada are very different when it comes to problems with racism. iheartradio.ca/am800/news/can…

Newspoll: Ontario Premier Doug Ford says the U-S and Canada are very different when it comes to problems with racism. Do you agree? Vote here: iheartradio.ca/am800/news-poll pic.twitter.com/NLPq1hrCIo

@iHeartRadio you have some racist ass people working at @Radio_951 who needs to be FIRED! KIMBERLY AND BECK DO NOT REPRESENT WHAT YOU STAND FOR!

The Ontario Ombudsman is to investigate long term care problems. We hear from @meyer_lucas Listen here at 3:50 iheartradio.ca/am800?autoplay…

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@wpro Are you no longer on iheartradio? it's not working...?

@PryorCashman @itsovereasy @iHeartRadio You’ve got Corporate lawyers with big problems @PryorCashman! Thank you for showing that even people with a well earned degree mean nothing when it comes to Law and Order! You should be ASHAMED!😤 pic.twitter.com/ZexJQgrfdj

@wbznewsradio @iHeartRadio please bring back local overnight talk to Boston. The world has greatly changed since you decided to cancel it. If anything, with more people not working and staying home, with the emotional stress, the ratings will probably be even higher now.

@SiriusXM Why is your app not working on my iPhone when I am away from my home WiFi? @iHeartRadio & @Radiodotcom apps don’t stop working once I leave my home WiFi. #wtf pic.twitter.com/cVP614zm04

@iHeartRadio WHAT is wrong with your app. It’s not working on the iPhone or iPad. I’ve used it for years.