Instagram Message Problems

As long as you have an Instagram Account set up, Instagram Message is a great way to keep in contact with friends and family privately through using the very popular app, which can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. However, with many people using this service, issues will start to appear and can sometimes cause problems, meaning the servers can go down causing those who were speaking, can’t due to them being taken offline until everything back up and running again. There’s usually no trouble, although if you are witnessing something, please do give us the heads up in the comment section below.

Instagram Message Status insight for Thursday 6th of August 2020

If Instagram Message is down today, then reports will be found below.

Instagram Message Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Georgia

    I haven’t been able to receive any of my DM’s in roughly a week now, I’ve logged out and back in on my account and still nothing? Please fix this situation Instagram!!

  • Hamad

    A problem with the photos, I put many of my photos to be rejected, I deleted the account and opened a new account, but I didn’t find a solutio

  • Karina Dvuzhilnaya

    I have same problem!what to do?

  • Elle

    Instachat refused to verify my photo and refused to show my profile.. I can see other people but they can’t see my profile at all…
    Please fix all this… Or tell us what to do

  • vivi nj

    did you figure it out

  • Queenkimama

    Insta message has refused to verify my photo

  • Queenkimama

    They have refused to verify my photo

  • Maha

    I have same problem !! What shall I do

  • Whinyfred

    No one sees my profile

  • Pearl rare cat

    I can verify my pictures to get a free Premuim activation

  • Dina Dickson

    I can’t see anyone to talk to nearby people not even showing at all distance people non is loading do something pls

  • Dina Dickson

    My instamessage can’t even see people nearby or load i don’t understand anymore pls do something it’s really annoying pls

  • b.rmb.b

    Hey guys, did you find out why doesn’t work to login in with Instagram account?

  • Lora

    I can’t log in for day.An Error occures.The same as Nadine.


    This page could not be loaded. If you have cookies disabled in your browser, or you are browsing in Private Mode, please try enabling cookies or turning off Private Mode, and then retrying your action.
    What’s going on?!?

  • wafa

    The app doesn’t work i can’t log in it says to try again but i can’t log in

  • Nadine

    I also live in the netherlands and i have tried to log in on another phone my laptop my other phone still won’t let me log in

  • Nadine

    I can’t log in if i do it says i don’t accept cookies or my browser is on private mode it is not i accept cookies and my browser is not on private mode i have been trying everything to log in because i logged out once yesterday i have been trying to log in for 24 hours almost!!! i don’t know what to do

  • oupi awp

    Me to and no solution..i dont know what to do

  • yasemin

    Hey i have the same problem. Have you found a solution.

  • Mina

    I can’t login to instamessage with my instagram account

  • Sandra

    Can’t seem to view my block list and how do I retrieve messages from someone I blocked?

  • Mark

    Not working today

  • Alina

    How remote photos in chat from InstaMessage

  • Alina

    How delete photos in chat from InstaMessage

  • Adil

    Hey all problem is that in my explore list I only see people 1000 miles around me …its not showing anyone near me …pleasse help..thank you

  • Ima

    Hi everyone,

    Im trying to figure out when I block someone on instamessage – do i still appear on their list with users nearby or I disappear out of this list ans even if I’m close by I’ll not show up as a close by user??


  • Craig

    In the way of having a nice smooth service without any hiccups InstaMessage is not the way, its not working most of the time with the app crashing when it feels like it after my latest iPhone 7 update.

  • Yanick Erizabesu

    Notifications come in but when I open the app my messages don’t load! I keep relaunching but didn’t work so I deleted it and re downloaded
    Now I’m trying to log in via Instagram but it tells me “Instagram service is unavailable please try again later”
    Been trying for hours now I’m tired
    Even login via facebook won’t workIt’s frustrating.

  • I can’t send a thank you message or any message to new followers, only the ones I have already. Keep getting a message saying that a thread can’t be created. Any ideas please?

  • Haitham Samy

    InstaMessage stopped working last night Friday 31 March and it crashes everytime I try to open the app

  • Omar Sameh

    I cant send messages.. i see that ppl are messaging it comes in notifications but when i log i dont see it in *chat* .. wtf ?

  • Afolabi Martins

    cant send message pls help……

  • UU

    what does it mean if your instamessage says instagram has invalidated your access token due to security reasons. please re-login to keep access to our services. please anyone?

  • stella chinyere

    I can’t reply or send messages on this app, with my Glo network….
    I only receive messages.

  • koko

    anyone had a solution for this ????

  • JJ

    Still have the same problem
    Any solution?

  • rose

    At last it has been resolved

  • Amiri

    Yes, I can see option log in with Facebook. But then they will use your facebook profile and photos. I have different photos on my Instagram and facebook account

  • Mia

    The only thing I could find is this email [email protected]
    This morning when I tried to log in I noticed it gives you another option to log in which is via Facebook. I managed to log in through my Facebook. Still unable to log in through Instagram though.

  • FCB

    Is there support team or twitter account for them ??
    Or we just have to wait! !!!

  • Mia

    It sucks that they don’t have a support team to let us know what’s going on.

  • Mia

    Strange, eh? Is yours working now?

  • Mo Ana

    Nope. Still down as of now

  • Amiri

    The same issue for me today !

  • Mia

    Mine started around the same time as yours did. Have you had any luck getting back on yet?

  • Mia

    I keep being redirected to my Instagram home page instead of the Instamessage app. What’s happening with that? Is it just down?

  • FCB

    From 6 hrs i trying to log in instamessage but i can’t.
    It transfer to instagram directly.
    Is there solution for this error.
    Waiting from you.

  • Mo Ana

    I can’t log on to Instamessage. If i log on, the app send s me ocer to instagram. Ive yried to reset , uninstall, install and restart my entire phone. I wven tried to log on from 2 of my cousins phone. Now they have the same problem.. wtf?

  • Gintare Rapsyte

    I have tried so many time but it says not available in uk store so Why instamessage isn’t available in UK store ? Please me help me out

  • Rudolf Hammerschmidt

    I Login in Instagram with my Facebook Account but how i can Login in instamessage?

  • Daniel

    I cannot seem to get InstaMessage working on my Samsung Galaxy S5. Soon as I open it crashes.

  • Maritia

    This app is awesome when it works, but when it keep shutting down on me this is when i decide to either keep or delete.

  • Sybil

    Not working on my HTC Butterfly.

  • Graham

    I love this app, never had any probs at all.

  • Trevlynne

    I had to reset and change my Instagram password. Yet when i do this it says wrong username and password.

  • Kirby

    I keep getting a very bad connection with this app, keeps telling me to try a fix the issue.

  • Eveonne

    I am using the right username and password yet I still cannot login to InstaMessage.

  • Jim

    Can you save voice messages and photos?

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