ITV Hub Problems

The ITV Hub can go down today due to server problems, or there could be issues with the app and player on Smart TVs, phones and tablets like the iPad. When the on demand video streaming service in the UK isn’t working it tends to be loading and freezing issues mostly, rather than a total outage.

ITV Hub Status insight for Friday 27th of May 2022

If ITV Hub is down today, then reports will be found below.

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ITV Hub Reports

@itvhub @itvhubhelp what’s happening with your live streaming on the app? It’s not working 😩

Was going to watch #corrie via the @itvhub while laid in bed but its not working 😞

@D16584667 @BedelaBee @Rob_E_Dresser @thismorning @itvhub @astrazenca @hollywills @Schofe @garetheve How rare is rare to you? 78 deaths from VITT really!. Your talking about informed consent of medication with clear indication of side effects and not a test drug. Az side effects never listed anything anywhere about clotting issues. Something that they have known for 20 years.

@itvMLshow @MartinSLewis @itvhub Can someone from the show dm me ASAP I have serious on going issues with Scottish power I have Cp and live with my elderly father and require your urgent assistance with them many thanks

@Hrosie @adrianhuston @Miss_Snuffy @itvhub I mean David Linley, Princess Margaret's son. Not like the Royals you mean. My parents considered Winchester & Christ Church. I wasn't academic enough though. Well done you for working hard, to your credit.

@Pondo1664 @adrianhuston @Miss_Snuffy @itvhub Ah. And I was hoping we might have something in common. It appears you may have fallen pray to the very nonsense that’s poisoning our society. Having a day for a made up word is just foolish. And all those who buy into CRT, BLM, Cancel culture, Trans issues etc etc. That’s woke

@tBrandonKing1 @adrianhuston @Miss_Snuffy @itvhub Mrs Pondo's a teacher so I know some too, few of the issues at her school have been created by "trendy nonsense", whatever the fuck that is. DoE is run by people who meddle with shit they know nothing about, like much of govt, inevitably more problems are caused than resolved.

On a more positive note, @netflix @BBCiPlayer are AMAZING with their subtitling. In the past I’ve had issues with @itvhub and they’ve been very quick to rectify. Other providers should take note.

@itvcorrie @ITV @itvhub @WeAreSTV if imran, toyah or abi die I will not be happy #corrie i want some abi legal justice! Imran to be legally punished & lose alfi Abi & kev together but not in prison with alfi & Jack Toyah to of secretly been working with abi all along & get Elsie back 🙏 .

@itvcorrie @ITV @WeAreSTV @itvhub Absolutely rubbish the Health & Safety Executive would have a field day on this episode and this is representative of life's issues? Or was it supposed to be funny, children and dangerously heavy plant? I think not!

@itvhub having issues with the app. Won’t even open just sits on the loading screen forever. Tried deleting and updating the app. Any help?