ITV Hub Problems

The ITV Hub can go down today due to server problems, or there could be issues with the app and player on Smart TVs, phones and tablets like the iPad. When the on demand video streaming service in the UK isn’t working it tends to be loading and freezing issues mostly, rather than a total outage.

ITV Hub Status insight for Monday 10th of August 2020

If ITV Hub is down today, then reports will be found below.

ITV Hub Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Les Green

    Anyone else having problems downloading catchup from ITV hub through Sky + HD box. Just gone home after staying with family for duration of lockdown, but wife REALLY pissed off as I can’t download her soaps to watch – just getting a generic “failed” message with no error code.
    Anyone any thoughts? Can stream direct from ITV hub on catchup, but she likes to download the weeks worth & watch it in a block from the Sky box.

  • Martin

    I always have problems with itv hub but never have with bbc iPlayer or channel 5

  • Josh

    Can’t wait to watch the footie on ITV Hub today, lets hope there’s no issues like the other day where I had no commentary!

  • Kerry

    I just cant get the ITV hub to load.

  • Dan

    I been getting my video freezing in the ITV Hub tonight, it’s not completely down but just loading issues on all channels on a Samsung TV.

  • Ray Dolan

    Yes tried clearing cache and history and still not loading since their upgrade only good thing I can get tv on sky go but very frustrating from itv not sorting

  • Susan Wardell

    Unable to launch itv hub – screen just turns to grey then closes

  • Claudia

    Still cannot launch ITV hub. The screen just goes grey then reverts back to home screen. HELP

  • Lyn

    Having issues with watching live programmes on ITV hub using my iPad. The picture will freeze, sometimes for just a few seconds, or it stops completely and I need to restart the app. Also the ‘restart this programme’ doesn’t work

  • Mark Nutter

    A secondary issue I have with our smaller LG TV and ITV PLayer also is that – if you stop watching a program and return later to watch it you get the usual ‘continue where you left off’ or ‘watch from the start’ messages, not always but on many occasions no matter which option I choose the program starts from a mid advert break, plays about five ads and then simply returns to the option screen again so in effect you can’t continue watching the show. I had a Samsung TV previously and this worked with no such issues and also that TV played through continuous episodes in a series. The new LG TV always stops at the end of any episode and will not continue. Clearly software issues with new LG TV’s and ITV Player.

  • Mark Nutter

    I have two LG tv’s both purchased in the last year and the smaller one continually ask for an ITV player login, this morning though both did the same and asked for logins. I login using the code via the ITV pairing website but this just returns in circle with the ITV app asking for login once again. They only way I can mainly resolve this is by unplugging power to either TV and then login once again and this appears to work for a short time of a few days and then I’m asked to login once again. It’s as though the TV’s only have a certain number of allowed logins before they lock you out again. It’s incredibly annoying as with modern TV’s they are designed to be left plugged in standby so I don’t want to have to unplug them and relogin every time I use the App.

  • Chris

    Keeps asking for log in. I have done this numerous times. Get as far as seeing the home screen available programmes, then, as soon as one is chosen it then reverts back to log in screen. I have 2 LG Smart TVs but this is only happening on one…. so frustrating! I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app but no joy!!

  • Rory Cuba King

    Haha that’s not error! Emmerdale was the same every day because it was filmed that way as a who done it, killing Graham.

  • Tony

    My problem is it keeps playing the same episode of Emmerdale (last Monday) every single day this week every time I click play from beginning on new episodes, this is the only programme it’s doing it on. Any suggestions guys ?

  • Drinkwater

    I’m so fed up with ITV hub as soon as ads come on screen goes black what a waste having to have to pay towards this toy time set up , hello Mr blobby yes I’m very fed up

  • Sarah Trusty

    ITV hub sound gradually gets crackly then stops.

  • Bev Plummer

    Screen goes black once adverts have finished. No option to forward or do anything else.

  • Tony Smith

    Very disappointed on not being able to watch ITV on computer

  • Jenny

    Itv hub thinks I am not connected to the internet when I am so won’t load.

  • Bill Beddow

    ITV hub loads, enter postcode screen appears , no button highlighted , can’t get any further . Can’t delete or re install the app either . Any ideas anyone ?

  • John Stolarczyk

    22 October – I can get itv hub on laptop but not on Samsung smart tv. Fresh log in has no effect.

  • Tiddler

    ITV hub loads but straight away goes into black screen, then nothing.

  • John Church

    Seems to be a JVC issue. Took the TV back to Currys and they changed it for an LG model which works fine.

  • Kelly

    I’m having the same problem too….I have a jvc smart tv all the other apps work fine apart from itv hub where the sound becomes distorted and goes off just before and throughout the break.

  • karen

    have the same problem did you get a cure for this, used it last week it was fine now signing in problems

  • Berni

    ITV hub asks me to sign in , after I do so the blue “play “arrow disappears. If I sign out the arrow comes on the screen but when I try to activate programme by clicking on it -, it redirects me to sign in , when i sign in it disappears off the screen hence programmes have loaded but I can’t play them

  • John Church

    ITV Hub sound breaks up 3-4 seconds before adverts come on, picture is fine and then returns when the adverts finish. Using a new JVC smart tv. All works fine on my LG and have tried running the JVC at the same location but sound still breaks up. Wi-fi is fine. Has anyone had the same problem?

  • Judith Roberts

    ITV hub not working on my samrt tv it is just a black screen

  • pauline barry

    Itv hub app not working on Roku today???

  • Hilary Jane Claxton

    Exactly the same is happening to me, what is the point of all this. Attempted to ring helpline, only I ended the call when the automated operator said it would cost be £6. No thank you

  • Jord

    Well this is frustrating! Trying to log in to ITV Hub on my TV and nothing is happening, looks like i won’t be watching Love Island, not the only time this has happened either.

  • Dena Larvin

    Cannot sign in despite entering coded 6 times keeps redirecting me to sign in page so frustrating

  • Annedalipi

    not working on my smart tv today second day in a row…so annoying …

  • Paul

    The same, no program works on itv hub. Tried it on tv, console and mobile.

  • Sarah

    ITV hub not loading video says oops something went wrong try again later? Nothing working on ITV hub at all as I tried other programmes.

  • Freewheeling

    ITV Hub Freezes on welcome back to ITV Hub screen but only on my series 5 Samsung TV. Ok on LG TV and all other home devices

  • Mark

    Why is the itv hub crashing when the adverts come on?

  • fieldbarn

    My itvhub loads on my smart tv but when the dominos pizza ad happens the tv stops and switches off. what can I do?

  • Rita

    ITV Hub app on my tv keeps redirecting me to the sign in page after Ive already signed in. It lets me access listings but as soon as I pick a program..Im back to the sign in page and from there to the listings again. Please fix this, would love to access.

  • Millie

    Can’t watch Live TV. Saying current programme is not available on this platform. Then love island will be on tonight check tv guide

  • Ciaran

    Can watch stuff on my phone yet when I sign into hub on my laptop play button doesn’t show. There’s a play button before I sign in then absolutely nothing once I’m on.

  • Claire Bear

    Me to Julie x have to load up my laptop to watch x

  • Claire Bear

    I till cannot use the itv hub on my smart tv but it works on my phone and laptop really odd please fix x

  • Chris

    June 4, 5, 6 there is no catch up or programme video’s able to play. The live programmes on all channels are fine…what is the issue as nothing is reported?

  • Julie stafford

    Anyone else getting a download failed message saying the itv hub is only available for viewing in the uk?

  • Romulus

    I cannot upload any ITV telly channels on my TV? Problem now for 3days. No problem with BBC1,BBC2 or BBC4….

  • Siân Scott

    ITV Hub on Firestick – just shows a black screen?? Can you help?

  • Bev

    I am having issues with ITV Player catch up, nothing is playing for me which is a pain.

  • Diane mather

    ITV hub not loading

  • Diane mather

    ITV hub not loading wanted to watch ITV 3 nothing

  • Marion

    Cannot watch ITV Hub All4, My5 thro You View Box. Just 25 secs of ads then either black screen buffering or “cannot play the video”. However I can watch all these Apps via my TV. Software & Apps up to date. Friend cannot even access apps on their You View Box. It is the Apps or You View? Very odd

  • Louise Wagstaff

    Stops working on ad breaks. When the ads start all I get is a black screen with loading symbol. I have to refresh every time.

  • Barbara Crompton

    cannot watch a programme without it stopping every 2 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gerry Smith

    With regards to ITV Hub on my TV. I click on a program and get the adverts and then a blank screen with just the ITV logo in the corner. Does any one know why this happens ?

  • Bridget Pearson

    I have no volume on ITV catch up but do on other sides. Help

  • Difar yes but

  • J

    Plays adverts but notvideo

  • Alice Hatter

    Seriously, what a shambles. Buffering issues for days now zilch, nothing, nada. The only message I get when I try to play any catch up TV is that the program isn’t available right now. None of the catch up programs will play at all.

  • Karen Watson

    Am absolutely feed up with itv player.After five months been laid up Series accident .I can’t watch 15 minutes of anything Refresh the pages again again and again Yes everything up to date .Why can’t no one from the technical side make a comment on the situation

  • Difar

    I have just received a response from itv. They say that they have noticed there is a problem on some web browsers and the problem has been escalated to the support team. We can but hope.

  • Difar

    Still happening. I have sent a message to itv viewer services – [email protected]

  • Difar

    Just watched a half-hour programme and the same happened several times. I have contacted them via [email protected] giving them a link to these comments.

  • George Harlock

    Something I’m trying to watch is freezing every 1.5 minutes or so. Hopeless trying to watch anything. Does anyone know if ITV are doing anything about this and how does one contact them via the Hub?

  • Difar

    I tried clearing the cache on Firefox Quantum yesterday and one programme ran right through. To-day the problem is still happening. I will try to message itv through my Hub+ account with a link to this forum. Not hopeful that there will be a reply.

  • Sunflowers

    It’s not just live streaming which is affected. It’s also recorded programmes on “catchup”. I’ve not been well lately so have spent several days in bed watching old detective programmes on my laptop (not too taxing for my brain!). I’ve been trying to watch episodes of Poirot, but have just about given up because ITV Hub keeps buffering every few minutes and I’m having to do the same as Difar: refresh the page and then choose resume. This is really annoying – especially since, as many commenters here have stated, the stupid adverts always seem to play without any problems. It’s definitely not my laptop because I got out of bed and tried it on my (much newer) PC and it does exactly the same. I haven’t tried the new BBC iPlayer yet, so I can’t compare the two, but I’m very unimpressed with ITV Hub!

  • paulbaxter

    I have been having the same issue. Has been fine for months but starting two days ago it just stops with the coloured blobs and has to be re-started. Have tried everything I can think of: Restarted PC, Cleared cache, Restarted Router. Using a wired connection with 80MB Fibre Internet. Everything else works ok, so it does seem to be an issue with ITV or its CDN. I pay for Hub+. Not impressed.

  • Difar

    Just tried again and programme played right through.

  • Difar

    Just happened again several times. I use Firefox and have just cleared the cache in the hope that it will help.

  • George Harlock

    I have been having this problem repeatedly the last few days, sometime 10 times or more during the same program. Almost un-watchable. Did you find a solution.?

  • Difar

    For the past few days ITV hub on my PC freezes, the coloured lights flash and I have to refresh the page and choose resume. The programme then continues from where it froze. I pay a monthly subscription to ITV to be ad-free. My internet connection is good.

  • Janice Brinley Codd


  • Patty

    I wish someone could tell us why this is happening – I have used the same VPN provider for years and have only had problems with catch up the last few weeks!

  • Patty

    I cannot watch any catch up on ITV 1 – says ‘Sorry this video isn’t available right now’ – been like this for weeks. Has anyone got an answer or, how I can resolve it. Thanks

  • jaybird24

    Are you still having problems? I haven’t been able to access any catch up programmes all week.
    Same message “sorry video isn’t available right now”

  • Pete Zebedy

    yep same problem here

  • hjw13

    I can only watch one channel ITV live. All other live channels and catch up programmes show the same error message ‘this video isn’t available right now’ . Issue the same on my fire stick and laptop. I’ve cleared cache as suggested and internet speed is OK. Anyone else having problems?

  • mcguire

    Anyone out there knows as and when it will return, silly question,but its been like it for 2 days.

  • mcguire

    itv hub player down… cant access, though registered, take it theres problems

  • richard1949

    Just tried Signing in today Aug 25 2018 only see the logo and never completes loading, Does anyone else have this problem.

  • Megan

    Haven’t been able to sign into Itv Hub on my desktop for a week now. Firestick absolutely fine but on desktop just keeps moving the 3 little loading dots at the bottom and doesnt do anything.

  • Linda Kaya

    Problems getting into ITVHub for last two days. Occasionally able to watch a programme but it stops and freezes after five minutes. Refreshing the page takes me out of the site

  • Lucinda Clifford

    Not able to watch anything on ITV hub. Can open the app choose a program and then “whoops, what’s going on here?” I don’t know what’s going on!!! It’s your app, ITV!! It would be nice if it worked.

  • Ian Routledge

    ITV hub loads for me, but when I choose a programme all I get is a black screen

  • jim seavor

    no itv hub on samsung for a week. as i understand it there is nothing we can do. it is up to samsung to refresh but they obviously can not be bothered. will never buy samsung again

  • Sarah Mcinnes

    Im having same problems

  • Denise Hardman

    When we are pressing to watch live tv it is showing yesterday’s lunch time news!!

  • Vernon Green

    Go down the forgotten password route.

  • Anee Aktar

    I am having same problem….keeps asking me to sign in and to put code in but nowhere to put it….what us going on!!!! Very frustrating!!!!

  • Tamara Marshall

    im getting this aswel what is going on ??

  • Clare

    Itv asking to sign in and giving a code but when I sign in online there’s no where to put code so I can’t watch any programmes just keeps saying sign in use code ???

  • Carol Metcalf

    Asking for sign in . Unable to sign in . Does not recognise my email address

  • Jan Hunt

    ITV hub has not loaded for over a week, why,?

  • Laura Armitage

    Not loading after itv sign, not been working for days now.

  • Maxsmum

    Installed itv player but it just shows the itv logo then goes off completely.

  • David

    anyone solved this problem. I watch a show and after the first add break it goes back to the beginning again and never continues with the show after the add break…


  • Sarah Clewer

    I’m having problems with Britain’s got talent on itv catch Up, there’s sound but no pic, it just sticks and flashes lines. All other catch up fine.Tried reset etc, any advice? Thanks Sarah

  • Jenni Heller Gile

    I have not been able to watch catchup programs on ITV for a month. I am using apple tv and the ITV Hub app. It worked perfectly up until that time. I can watch live TV and I can get commercials. I can watch on my ipad, phone and laptop – just not through apple tv onto my TV. Anyone have any idea?

  • Jenni Heller Gile

    if i am using apple tv and an apple remote how do I input the numbers. My TV remote doesnt allow it

  • Sytor

    I have the same problem using Unotelly DNS service. Worked for ages but a couple of weeks ago it stoped streaming the on demand. Al good with BBC etc.

    Anyone use the VPN service at unotelly can let me know if that still works?

  • Jayemelle

    ITV is blocking Hola. Try another free VPN like windscribe. Hola may eventually find a fix for ITV.

  • overlandandsea

    Have not been able to watch ITV player for over a week with Hola, going to delete vpn and reinstall to see if that works. Can watch live programs, which is great with the WC this year. Has anyone found a solution or another vpn?

  • mamashmoi

    Has anyone figured it out?

  • Kiperi House

    Me too, I am using Hola and can only watch ITV live, nothing else since four days ago, although I have no problem with BBC C4 etc, so nothing to do with Hola! May be it is ITVs way of getting people to sign up to ITV Hub+ ???

  • Pauly Kidd-stanton

    Same here for about a week now …I can watch ITV live TV but nothing else,i use Hola VPN…today i’ve noticed too that i can’t watch Channel 4 live but i can watch any back programmes (that might just be a today glitch though )…is there some kind of crackdown going on hahaha

  • Jackie Reilly

    same here anyone know what is going on?

  • Yamdevyam Yam

    Same with me

  • Dave

    Itv player constantly not working WHY?

  • Patti


  • Lesley

    Same what is going on???

  • Kyla Anderson


  • Eleni


  • lynnf

    Under dramas and soaps there is no mention of Corrie or Emerdale! In fact not much to select from at all and the search isint finding them either. i use to be able to watch catchup but really poor now!

  • Thom Bennett


  • Ciar

    same here

  • Meg Welcome

    I can watch live shows on the hub but not anything else.

  • Menorca Man

    Have been watching ITV Hub via Hola free VPN but now, after the adverts, I’ve started getting the error message “We’re sorry, something went wrong – please try again.”

  • Hillary Smith

    I can’t get itv hub tonight is there a general problem

  • Heather Woods

    Tried to watch Friday 9th March’s edition of Loose Women & Lorraine from the same date, yesterday & Saturday on Itv player. Both programmes were ok for about 5-8 mins. After that, I could only hear sound, but screen was black. Please advise if there was a problem & if it will be fixed before these 2 programmes can no longer be viewed on Itv player. Many thanks.

  • arthur frost

    Just given up watching Endevour live. The stream keeps stopping and starting like what you got years ago when you had slow broadband. With 50mbs i expect better than this from ITV. Tried going off channel and staring again but then i had to wait 3 mins while those infernal pre programme adverts come on again. Not only did it still keep stalling but i was beginning to lose the plot. Wake up ITV and improve to the level of the BBC,s far superior iplayer. Will wait till tomorrow and watch it on catch up. Perhaps they will have fixed their latest problems , at least for northwest transmitters.

  • Jan

    Worked for me -be patient and keep going in and out – it takes a while to load…

  • sarah sambrook

    Why aren’t the shows that’s been aired on itv3 in the past 2 weeks available on catch up.. Unforgotten being an example.. 6 shows have been aired but only 2 are on the itv hub.. how can people catch up if half the shows are missing.. !!

  • Jackie Johnston

    Trying to watch ITV hub on my laptop. It loads, but the blue play button doesn’t appear. it was working fine, but then stopped a couple of weeks back. Any thoughts? This is not via the itv app, btw.

  • Charlotte

    I’ve just bought a brand new Phillips TV, itv hub worked great for the first week but now it’s not been working for about 3 days? It isn’t to do with my internet because every other app is working fine, any advice? I’ve tried the simple troubleshooting, turn app off, turn tv off, back on, etc etc. Thanks in advance

  • Rodney Latham

    Can’t get ITV hub on my Panasonic smart tv – used to but icon has disappeared. 4OD icon there but message states no longer available on Freeview! Well I’m not using Freeview but the Internet!

  • Rodney Latham

    How can I open the itv hub if the icon is not available on my smart tv?..

  • Patricia Somerville

    Just worked for me I haven’t been able to get it for the last few days so ok now brilliant thanks

  • miggsie

    ITV3 as stopped working for streaming, it just hangs now, all the others are fine.

  • jay gascoyne

    same here in Derby , i can get it ok with the subtitles on my android box but not the normal itv ???

  • Sally Reid

    This worked for me! Thank you 🙂

  • barry drake

    It seems to me that You just can’t rely on catch up services like ITV hub or BBC I player unless you access them via computer. Panasonic TV – both services died after a while Manhattan freesat box – just the same . It seems that they can dump your service and force you to buy new equipment at will and worse give you no guarantee how long you can expect service for – Disgraceful situation to my mind!

  • Karen

    Mine’s disappeared too! I have a Panasonic Smart and says it’s no longer available on this TV – really annoying and no idea why – I’d like to be able to download but have no idea how to.

  • Donna Palmer

    Where the hell as itv catch up gone it’s saying the app is no longer available why?

  • Zac Corey

    Contacted ITV Hub direct regarding problems with buffering. Received following reply:

    – Open the ITV Hub app
    – On the home screen press the following on the TV remote: 0000777 (Storage has been cleared message will be appeared.)
    – Exit the ITV Hub.
    – Reload the ITV Hub application

    Only tested a short programme but seemed OK

  • Sue Douglas

    Have not been able to watch itv Catch up for 2days Trying to sign in but it won’t accept my password or e mail address.

  • Rosie

    I wondered that?

  • Rosie

    Wanted to catch up last two days of programmes – where has itv catch up gone! It will only let me subscribe to NOW tv itv please get your act together!

  • Anne

    I’ve got the same problems as the ITV player is stuck on 14th December I’ve ring Samsung and the fault isn’t my equipment it’s the ITV player has your problems been solved

  • Denise Ware

    Having problems with iplayer- keep getting message that I have lost WiFi and stops playing error 001, but WiFi still logged on. I pay for and free so really should be better than this. I can’t watch catch-up stuff.

  • Clifford Jene

    After 2 years of mainly reliable connection to ITV Hub, 4OD and 5 on demand suddenly can’t get any of them on my Panasonic smart tv. BBC iPlayer still perfect. Tried returning tv to factory settings but made no difference.

  • Tony Dean

    I’m trying to log in to the itv hub. I enter my Internet address which it accepts but then asks for a password. Where do I get this password from?

  • Geoff Coppenhall

    ITV Player freezing and buffering constantly this afternoon. This is on Samsung Smart TV and also via a Roku Media Streaming Stick 4k. Internet download speed is 75Mb and TV is connected to the Router by Ethernet.

  • Richard Hingley

    I get this as well.come on itv don’t lag behind bbc ch4 and ch5.

  • Awful

    Funny how the add load perfectly everyone but the programme doesn’t, sort it out

  • ABC

    ITV hub is utterly useless, Not a single program will play with the message “There is a problem with the video try later ID:50094” This is the ONLY catchup that is useless. Get someone from bbciplayer to show you how to do it or give up.

  • Sharon Butcher

    Everytime i click on a program on itv hub to watch i just get a black screen but if i go to last watched those are playing fine ??? What is wrong

  • Paul

    Still have problems with buffering and then the channel freezing. This has been going on for over 3 weeks and has become really annoying. Sort it out techies as you’re ruining the brand.

  • Harry

    Error 004 #ITVproblems

  • Faith Browne

    Trying to catch up on Thursday’s Celebrity Juice & it keeps throwing me out. So irritsting! Error code 004

  • Kyle Gibbons

    Anyone got saturday x factpr 21st oct

  • Paul W Hipwood

    Itv player stops at advert break….
    Most annoying….
    Any ideas how it can be remedied…?

  • Theresa White

    Not working on my Samsung

  • Anne

    I’m away in Ibiza at the moment and even though I have full Wi-fi it won’t play….

  • Joanne ‘Joey’ Payne

    Is itv player down again?! I get as far as selecting what I want to catch up on then it goes to full screen then boom it’s a black screen and it’s not even playing! Help! Before I go crazy!

  • Mandy Mayo

    Constant buffering on all itv hub programmes…for weeks!!
    Sort it out ITV

  • Steve Hopton

    ITV HUB has not been working on any of my android devices for many weeks. When I try to reinstall app, message says “not compatible with this device”. Is this correct? Not compatible with three different android devices, when all three have worked previously with no problem?

  • Max Headroom

    and why still no XBOX ONE app…come on itv …it’s the 21st Century

  • Max Headroom

    Me too Freesat App on Humax shows Sunday 11 December instead of monday 11 September – how hard can it be to pick up a date from the internet?

  • Jules

    I’ve tried logging in unsuccessfully so asked for my login to be reset but have not received an email to do so. Is there an issue sending emails.

  • Kim

    Me too! Bloody frustrating!

  • Sharon Edmonds

    Yes having the same problem here. Watching BBC as can’t bear it!

  • Mandy Morley

    Me too. Has anyone got a fix for it yet??


    Yes the same problem, with it repeating things, at first I thought I had gone crazy, as I though she just said that lol.

    Hope they sort it as it really does drive you up the wall, it really does drive you up the wall. lol

  • Daz Kap

    I am fed up with it cannot watch itv live at all it’s very frustrating indeed, repetitive every two minutes, the same repeat audio and video, come on ITV Hub I called yesterday you are shut technical side, how long have we got to keep having to put up with this problem, it’s unacceptable email us or respond it’s the 26/08/2017 this post come on customer services.

  • Julie K Brears

    Yep me too .. Keeps reapeating!

  • Tony Misell

    Why can’t I load Long Lost Family from 23 August? Been trying since Thursday but it’s not listed.

  • Daz Kap

    Hi, I called the Hub technical last night, they said there is an issue with the system, the problem I keep getting is the audio and video sporadically keeps repeating on live tv it’s very frustrating, after disclosing this problem, they reassured me they were aware of the issue and that they are working on it to resolve issue, this problem is dated 25th August 2017 whilst watching live Coronation Street has anyone else had these issues or noticed this ?

  • Sue Tart Bell

    Me too…got December 2016 showing

  • gerr60

    cant watch catch up got wrong dates.

  • David Harper

    Cannot watch anything but the ads at the start of a program then it crashes, over two week now, it about time itv took the service down or fix it once and for all.

  • Lyndon Rhodes

    Showing wrong programme date showing December instead of August

  • Rod Martin

    over a week now can watch live tv perfect but catch up just says video not available will not load anything

  • Sannycarol Davidson

    And here we go again another night not working grrrrr

  • Sannycarol Davidson

    Itv hub is rubbish don’t work for days finally works for 2 days now freezing then playing catch up why on earth can’t they sort it out . Thought I was going to save some money all I have done is waste it to now decide I’m going to have to get sky or virgin grrr so mad with it

  • Diane Buckley

    Very poor. ITV hub won’t load. Contacted the ‘helpful’ hub team on Saturday and they have not yet had the courtesy to reply! Very, very poor.

  • Sannycarol Davidson

    Bought a roku stick and a now tv player as last week during engineering works at brierley hill I lost all my channels on tv . Thinking the above items will work . Today no itv hub except ads . Why can’t nothing work in this day and age . No programmes on this platform ??? Bbc 1 works but I don’t want to watch sport

  • Tom Griffin

    No problem watching the ads, as soon as the programme starts, it buffers and buffers and buffers into infinity.

  • Kelly Lawrence

    Keep getting a white circle rotating at the top of the screen everytime I go to watch something. Terrible service.

  • Suz

    ITV hub very problematic again trying to watch it on NOW TV box but it keeps stopping then fast forwarding to catch up then freezes altogether this is the only player that does this!! Very frustrating

  • njy

    not loading, can never watch anything… very frustrating

  • Dorothy Garrow

    I haven’t been able to watch ITV Player for nearly a month . It started by crashing when th first advert came on but now it’s not loading at all.

  • Mat Partington

    Tried to watch Harry potter on itv hub live on my Samsung tablet but won’t let me. Programme not supported on this platform message comes up!!
    Tried on iPad aswell same message!!!
    Really frustrating.

  • B ts

    Havnt been able to watch anything on itv hub for nearly a month now , im in Merseyside, it just wont load anything apart from the first page

  • B ts

    Havnt been able to watch anything on itv hub for nearly a month now……

  • Phoebe

    I’ve been using ITV Hub every day over the last month and a half (to watch Love Island of course..!) both on my phone and on my laptop. Every time I view it on my laptop, after every advert break, the next section of the program will NOT load unless I refresh the page, click ‘start from beginning’ and fast forward to where I was before (exactly the same problem that Lianne had). It’s very frustrating

  • Ayischa

    Why isn’t lastnights (24th) love island final on catch up?

  • Linda Lee

    I couldn’t agree more we have a new tv cost hundreds ,and thought ITV hub excellent can’t get half the stations will not go past the postcode I have put in it claims it correct then won’t let you in says out of range ,as you say tell people so we don’t load stuff over and over ,just pants!!!!!

  • Linda Lee

    We in Devon this is happening to us over and over total rubbish

  • Lianne

    About 4 days ago my computer did a big windows update. Since then itv player is not working correctly. It loads if its on small screen, but struggles when i go full screen.

    It will play the first part of something, but then an advert starts and finishes and the next part of the programme wont play. It just continuously loads.

    I can get it to work if i F5 but its annoying having to do that after every advert.

    Tried restarting a few times but no difference. Any ideas? (Seems to only happen with itv)

  • Saxi

    Thought the problem had been sorted but, after a couple of days where it was working again, today cannot stream from ITV website! Been like this for weeks and its really annoying. Can stream from any other site just not ITV.

  • Meg

    Latest episode of Love Island still not online. How long till it is available?

  • jarun

    ITV 2 isnt working at all, the episode wasnt uploaded and is pissing me off. NOone has responded

  • Suzanne Fishlock

    Will not play the ITV4 channel, keep getting the message it looks like there was a problem playing your video…..Have sent email to the help email provided.

  • Pk

    London pausing, pixelating and sound cutting out every 2 mins if not more. 5 out of 6 nights. Very poor.

  • Evon

    Please sort your sound out. I have had to watch many episodes of love island with dodgey sound. Where the music is loud but the talking you can hardly hear.

  • Jade Friend

    I can’t load anything on the itv hub was working fine yesterday but today it’s stopped hopefully it will be working soon so I can catch up on love island lol

  • Kate Bull

    I live in Llanishen cardiff & haven’t been able to download itv iPlayer since yesterday, is anyone else having the same problem?

  • Meg

    Two days on and still cannot watch itv on tv player keeps saying failed to stream, user not authorised to watch this content. Only wanted to watch, This Morning. Anyone else had this problem. Can watch all the other channels

  • Sallie Robson

    We have same problem. Really irritating. Given up and moved on to Channel 4

ITV Hub Reports

@itvhub are there issues with the website at present? Struggling to watch anything. 😣

@itvhub app is down. Can't use on firestick. Tried loading app on to phone but still same problem. No issues with my broadband speed.

@itvhub not working, reinstalled. On LG smart tv

@itvhub volume not working properly on the laptop god knows why is this, I have been looking in to the volume and this is ok.