KissAnime Problems

KissAnime is a website that allows you to stream anime onto your PC / Laptop as well as mobile devices for free. They come in various formats from 240p, 720p HD to 1080p with many being of high quality with HTML5 being available for mobile. But when KissAnime is down this leaves many questions as to why.

Is KissAnime down for you? Many things can bring this website offline, such as maintenance, server issues. Other problems that can occur, which are common include not being able to login, the website opening videos very slowly or playing with a lot of lag etc.

If you are having issues with this service please do report them below with your platform and location. Have you ever thought about a KissAnime alternative when something goes wrong?

KissAnime Status insight for Thursday 4th of June 2020

If KissAnime is down today, then reports will be found below.

KissAnime Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Cody

    I am wondering if anyone else is having issues opening anything via Android app. When I can open stuff its so slow its unreal.

  • Niome

    Kissanime website is up online one minute and then down the next, seems a little sporadic at the moment. When it does come up it will not let me download any of the episodes I need.

  • Mason

    My internet was really slow so i tried using some different severs.
    I tried alpha and then beta servers which i have never used before and then they suddenly banned me and I don’t know why ,please help!!!!!!
    I have to use a fake email because I don’t trust some sites

  • PenisGUY

    hello ive gotten banned and i don’t know the reason please e-mail me i need help ive been using the website for 4 years

  • hi

  • Alan T

    Playing video then halfway through Firefox freezes up. This is only occurring on Kissanime and not other websites.

  • Felicity

    is it better to use Firefox for KissAnime? But for me the Flash Player on the Beta Server has all of a sudden started to act like an HTML5 player.

  • Koana

    KissAnime seems to having issues lately such as the KissAnime openload player not working. Is there any better player?

  • Nightcore4life- &-Eternity

    What they said that. If so why isn’t it online now

  • Try changing the ‘to’ to ‘io’ in the url. It’s the same site, it just has some problems with the more obscure anime. Those don’t always load.

  • Try changing the ‘to’ to ‘io’ in the url. It’s basically the same site, it just has some problems with the more obscure anime. Those don’t always load.

  • Kamix

    december the 13th 2016, Kissanime has been down for 4 days straight now. Not only for me, but others too. Why? KissAnime said they would do an “upgrade” which would take 24 hours. its been 100 hours now

  • Omega3421

    Could Legal Anime Service Sites starting to take it down???

  • Nicky

    I will have to start looking for an alternative to Kissanime because it keeps going offline.

  • Tina

    Kissanime website is down October 12, is it down for anyone else?

  • Brian

    Oh dear, the Kissanime Facebook page is not working either.

  • Macey

    The Kissanime website is not working, all I see is a little message top left hand cormer saying, “The service is unavailable.”

  • Jarrad

    Is Kissanime down right now? Cannot get anything to open up.

  • tetsu

    i can’t view any video today, is the server down?????

  • Greg

    Is the kissanime server down today? I cannot access anything on the website.

  • Jordan

    I have tried to watch Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress but the video is not showing up for me.

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