League of Legends Problems

When there’s an outage on League of Legends you’ll be one of the first to know on this page, as players will flood the internet to find out the problems, which would have occurred when playing the game on either PC or Mac. Usually it has something to do with the server going down, although there’s a few gamers that have mentioned login in issues in the past.

League of Legends Status insight for Thursday 4th of June 2020

If League of Legends is down today, then reports will be found below.

League of Legends Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Dan

    LOL shouldn’t be down for maintenance. but not working, even reinstalled still the same. Server should be up.

  • Lilliam R. Perry

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  • Jenny

    Is League of Legends still down for maintenance? I know this happened yesterday I was being stroppy because i cannot open my game.

  • Mike

    Argghhhhhh this is so frustrating, my league of legends level up rewards are not showing up for me.

  • Peter

    Since 8 days Got problems to play normally. many disconnections during a game. Only Tracer Route showing a problems. Ping is ok. Somethings going on with UK ISP, but they do not informing about that.

  • Paul

    I keep getting booted from my game so decided it was time to reset my password just in case I have been hacked as can never be too careful these day. But it will not let me do so and now will not even let me login.

  • chuck

    Cannot connect to chat

  • Nigel

    I am having league of legends chat issues, is anyne else?

  • Magy

    I do not think the LoL server is down, but the chat service is.

  • Ariel

    My internet is still working yet during my ARAM game I got disconnected.


    here is !


    i dont open that



  • Magnus

    It just freezes the logging on message, no way I can enter the game… I tried around 10 times already…

  • nog

    cannot connect today

  • Melvin

    I do not have any League of Legends login issues but i am seeing a warning icon saying ranked disabled.

  • ichiro

    stuck in loading sceen after it will prompt me to try trouble shooting but did everything still not fixed

  • CheranRaj

    i cant even log in

  • Jacktjong

    I started a game, and got kicked out as soon as champ select was over. Now I’m still trying to connect, but the game is already 5 minutes in

  • Gonzalo

    im in a game but i can´t start and i only see the 10 champs of the game, since 45 minutes

  • Amurican Enderxgaming

    I can’t log in. It says attempt failed then gives me an error message.

  • Felix

    I can’t even connect to my account i doesn’t get a response from the server

  • Bent

    Can’t connect to the server right now. Just times out. Me and my group were about to enter a ranked match but the game never started. We were all still on the chat screen like, “uhhh… what’s hapening?”

  • Petreece

    What is going on? I have tried to play Leagues of Legends online and cannot, are they doing maintenance without our knowledge?

  • Danny

    Is LoL having maintenance at the moment?


    i can t log in to eune server, i waited from yesterday to see that may be just an server error but nope, i tried everything that i found on the internet and still uneble to conect.

  • Jp Mato

    how to fix bugsplat help me please

  • haaay951

    i cant log in to eune server.. anyone help me please

  • haaay951

    bro wtf?! rito plz!!

  • Ritopls

    Did it actually take that long to load? Rn for me it just keeps going up… Rito pls

  • KitsuneHonor

    Log in Queue went from 2 hours to 3 while I was waiting. Rito PLz

  • koko

    queue over 20000 avg wait time 58min

  • kidi1998

    Can you send few screenshots? This happened to me right now…

  • mick

    you can also very easily go to task manager and close anything relating to LOL client or antything league related and restart ur program

  • Einoras Baumanas

    20000 my number in queue and wait is about 20min to get in …

  • Thomas

    I can’t seem to even update my league of legends, all it shows is this bug splat thing, now I don’t know what to do!

  • Ionutz

    cant log in today,dunno why

  • maryanne

    cant login!! urgh. im asian player and using NA server.

  • Jakes

    Can’t log in today for some reason. No response from server….

  • Coconutman99

    Had this problem a few months back, I waited 2 months for them to patch it hoping it was a bug, nope 2 months nothing, What fixed it for me was deleting league of legends completely, And reinstall again. I know it’s annoying, but this is probably the only way to fix it.

  • darin

    I havent been able to log in for a month now, always says another instance of the game is running would you like to close it, and I hit yes, and nothing happens. A MONTH!

  • blzkn

    4500 ping during 20 min, then when it was lost, everything started to go ok, gg rito

  • crizzybear26

    so im not the only one that cant log in I played a game this morning but now I cant…n north American server says its up…..wtf come on riot I need my LOL fix lol

  • PianoBroha

    Fuckin riot

  • alex

    Been fine all day and now in ARAM the whole team disconnected and now i can’t log in again, even tried my other accounts, same problem. Ugh

  • Jason

    Any ideas when league of legends login will work again, been offline now for like 30 minutes?

  • Larry

    Just checked over on Riot Games Support and there are issues with league of legends. There are login issues on EUW, TR and RU.

  • John

    Since this morning not being able to log in. What does an unemployed person like me have to do if it takes so long to fix??.

    pls fix.

  • no

    never get dc today 3 of my matches dc
    wtf rito

  • ivan

    it still say check you internet but i have internet

  • freddy mendez

    i try to login and sais invalid ussername/password i even made a new account and still get the same thing

  • Marius

    Same. Says can’t connect to the server after patch

  • GreyDino

    Still can’t log in either.

  • NFrazer

    Same. Says can’t connect to the server after patch.

  • Bino

    Can’t log in on NA but other servers i can so what the eff ugh.

  • Karinrinkashi

    No response from server after a patch.

  • Tony

    Cant login, anyone else?

  • Ben

    Cant login in, nothing but problems today. No idea why LOL has these issues, just want to play.

  • Bitmap901


  • ruben

    I’m EUW and i keep getting disconnected from the server when in the queue and prior to joining a game, I realized it wasn’t my internet as it happened to one of my friends also while his brother was connecting fine on the same wifi. very annoying having to wait 5 minutes every time because the server disconnects me

  • PeGPrime

    Yep the EUNE servers are down…I can’t login….Waiting for Rito….We need a fix…

  • Maria

    Yesterday, everything was working fine on the NA servers, gething around 22ping. Log in this morning, and there were issues with the log in, 999 ping while in loading screen, and 684 ping in game. Put all graphics/settings on low, same result.

  • ryan

    a update error comes on my launcher screen, when im trying to download. It tells me to check the logs for more info.
    donnu what to do?

  • Jordan

    I can log in just fine… i can play ONE game just fine… But then in the second game i dc in loading screen… when i eventually do get loaded into the game… i just sit there “Attempting to Reconnect” then i can play for 5 mins… this repeat the whole process this is annoying

  • Drake

    Not able to login to WoW most of the time, but when i do get in i get mooted from a game as soon as i enter a mode.

  • Malcom

    Do you think League of Legends will be back up in an hour like stated?

  • Jake

    Saying the the LoL game is down as well as the store according to the service status page.

  • Simon

    Looks like there is a League of Legends maintenance update taking place right now.

  • Pat

    I am having serious issues with LoL connection, even when I am in I am getting serious lagging. Also been having crashing issues.

  • Mikey

    EUW is totally rubbish laggy. what is going on?

  • Luca

    Loading screen has stuck, EUW is so laggy it is unreal. Not able to join the queue. Guess I am not getting busy today.

  • Robby Chandra

    whether today’s server maintenance server leagues of legend

  • Parzival

    Yep NY isn’t working for me. Opening it up, it starts to load at 0% and then exits out with no trace that you opened it in the first place

  • Ben

    Not able to connect in NY, anyone else? Is the servers down?

  • League Of Legends

    They should be back up. Just close the client down, then re-open it and log in. If this doesn’t work, just wait for the server to respond.

  • League Of Legends

    Yea the servers are down as of 14:28 (GB time) EUNE. 17/02/15

    I will post when they’re back up.

  • Robbie

    Unable to login in Laguna Beach, does anyone know if the servers are down today?

  • Randy

    It still says server busy in Florida.

  • Ty

    Server is down in Utah

  • Chris

    LOL servers busy in California, not working for anyone else?

  • Joe

    Mine is down also this sucks

  • Sol

    Down in UT :l

  • Kitty

    Why can’t I login to League of Legends? It says, “login error, the login server did not respond” anyone else had this error?.

  • Michael

    Servers are back up people

  • Amy

    I was stuck at the first position for about 30 minutes, but it seems to be working now…

  • Ian

    When i try to log it says I’m a really long way done the que and tells me I got to wait hours. I haven’t checked in the last hour, as had to pop out, anyone else seeing these issues?

League of Legends Reports

@RiotSupport Is it true that LOL EUW server is down atm? It doesn't say so on the website but i can't even connect, says i have no internet connection...

@daarst @RiotSupport Dms and tagging are down due to Corona so they won't answer..

Is league of legends really down for maintenance?? 2 weeks na ganito sakin... 😔 pic.twitter.com/kVkWUGPfE0

The only freaking time I got to log in League of Legends and the server it’s down for maintenance.

League of Legends is down for maintenance, I no longer have a reason to live

@RiotSupport I haven't been able to connect for over a week. I get a note saying "League of Legends is down for maintenance" on all 3 of my computers, every day for the past week. I tried reinstalling windows / safe mode / reinstalling league.



i swear to god i just fucking hate u guys so much lol the servers are down and u still make me lose lp XDDDDDD my whole team disconnected u fuckers @LeagueOfLegends @RiotSupport pls riot die

thank u league of legends for randomy being down due maintenance :33 ;d