League of Legends Problems

When there’s an outage on League of Legends you’ll be one of the first to know on this page, as players will flood the internet to find out the problems, which would have occurred when playing the game on either PC or Mac. Usually it has something to do with the server going down, although there’s a few gamers that have mentioned login in issues in the past.

League of Legends Status insight for Wednesday 27th of January 2021

If League of Legends is down today, then reports will be found below.

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League of Legends Reports

@RiotSupport Suspecting is the least since he admitted himself running down in the chat... anyways I did report on site, thanks for the link it will be one of my most used on browser for sure 😉

So apparently on @LeagueOfLegends people can make fun of mental conditions because mods "don't care" and at worst they slow down your chat. Is this true @riotgames @RiotSupport? Can you do something about these toxic people? @AutismSociety #autism #lol #riot #LeagueOfLegends pic.twitter.com/S52DahrWq3

@RiotSupport EUW LoL servers are down again... will it be possible to play tonight?

@RiotSupport EUW LoL server gona be down whole day?

@RiotSupport It's so sad that i try to play lol with my friends, but the EUW server is always down. Where is our rp as a compensation so we can forget this an all be happy again :( pic.twitter.com/oF41Gmu0dO

@RiotSupport LoL EUW have been down for quite some time now, any idea when its back? I'm trying to have a fun weekend under lockdown, also if any compensation is available to make things a bit better i would be very happy.

Finished work. Got a cold beer. Launched LOL for new TFT patch. Opened my beer. Got excited to play the patch. EUW login down. Now my beer is warm. And it is still down. Sad for EUW @RiotSupport :(

Please tell me the client is down because you either hotfix or remove moonstone @RiotSupport @RiotSupportDACH @MarkYetter

@RiotSupport Not gonna lie, my new years resolution of becoming good at LOL is becoming pretty difficult with the servers being down almost every day.....