League of Legends Problems

When there’s an outage on League of Legends you’ll be one of the first to know on this page, as players will flood the internet to find out the problems, which would have occurred when playing the game on either PC or Mac. Usually it has something to do with the server going down, although there’s a few gamers that have mentioned login in issues in the past.

League of Legends Status insight for Thursday 1st of October 2020

If League of Legends is down today, then reports will be found below.

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League of Legends Reports

@Waouhhlol @AlanTheTeemo @RiotSupport @SpieleAufGerman I guess Ur Just delusuonal? U and Ur prem died 22 Times in 20 Minuten against us. U Just kept running and fighting into us when U had No chance of Killing us?? Being an inter is one thing but pls dont be delusional and try to Tell me U didnt run this Game down.

@RiotSupport Hey, I know you guys are working on it still but have you guys located the issue on why server transfers have been down for 2 weeks ? lol. And if so, any ETA on when they'll be up?

@RiotSupport @riotgames Did report it additionally to the report i already did yesterday in the client and added the gameID. While I know I won't get any LP refunds, i still hope u soon introduce your feature u teasered about less LP losses in games where someone intentionally runs it down.

@riotgames @RiotSupport so i had a Sion running it down the entire game. i lost 20LP for that game AND got the same guy INSTANTLY in my next lobby. can't describe how mad i am right now. can u at least get your matchmaking right?

@MarkYetter @RiotSupport Hi, Trying to find who cares. Written to support (Twitter) about Server Down notices on Service Status site have to be on LoL client. Now said "Ranked queues down for maintenance". Go play ARAM, having fun time, Riot downs server, without clear warning. Real bummer cause no msg.

I don't think we'll ever know why league of legends needs to be taken down for "server maintenance" for 7 hours once a week when there is a patch ever 2 weeks. What could they possibly be doing that requires the entire ranked queue to go offline but normals to remain active?