League of Legends Problems

When there’s an outage on League of Legends you’ll be one of the first to know on this page, as players will flood the internet to find out the problems, which would have occurred when playing the game on either PC or Mac. Usually it has something to do with the server going down, although there’s a few gamers that have mentioned login in issues in the past.

League of Legends Status insight for Thursday 13th of August 2020

If League of Legends is down today, then reports will be found below.

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League of Legends Reports

@SoloRenektonLoL @RiotSupport @LeagueOfLegends THIS is why LOL is Dying is because you doing nothing for the people who are TRULY are TOXIC. But when a person who really enjoys the game calls a person an IDIOT because they are 0-10 and walking it down YOU GUYS don't ban the 0-10 guy but the other

@riotsupport what rioters head do i have to fucking bash in and cave and shit in for you guys to fucking start banning inters got a guy currently inting my game AS I PLAY, named Home Cooking, picked Xin mid and ran it down for fun lol

@RiotSupport when will u fix your punish system? because i hate seeing ppl again the next game that just ran the team down, flamed AND ragequit. like seriously? what do u have to do to actually get banned? i dont understand...