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LINE call and message problems are a common occurrence with this app, and we here at Down Today would like to hear from you. LINE app is all about communication where users who have downloaded can send free messages and make free voice calls 24/7. And when issues happen they need somewhere to complain or get help from other people welcome to the LINE app problem community.

Some of the main LINE app problems that occur include login error where some users cannot gain access with their password etc, some people in the past have had issues with their login being restricted. If you are having any LINE app login issues please do share below.

Other troubles with the application can include downloading issues, apps installing really slowly, calls not going through, LINE app error messages. Other cases consist of LINE app error codes such as 101 or 104.

With over 600 million users worldwide are you the one having any issues with LINE?

LINE app Status insight for Tuesday 11th of August 2020

If LINE app is down today, then reports will be found below.

LINE app Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Rafael

    Eevery time i try to log in,i get the message that a cod will be sent,but it doesn’t…
    So i press the resend-
    Still the cod isn’t sent.
    I have have the app on my ipad & my iPhone
    I restarted them,nothing helped.
    It’s been more than 24 hours that I can’t log in
    Because I’m getting the message:
    “Verification is temporarily blocked” !!!

  • Rizka Akbar

    Why LINE send message only with wifi, if with mobile data is failed

  • Rizka Akbar

    I cannot sent dan receive message if I use mobile data, why it is work only wifi

  • Keith Angus

    When I make calls with my iPhone on the Line app, my picture has changed to black and white. How can I get the colour back?

  • KQ

    What does error 320 mean ? And how can i know if the call was disconnected due to internet issues or the other part has hang the phone

  • stvenson

    Today, i tried using line to make call or video call but was unable to do so. messagings still able to receive and send. I tried switching off then on the phone but still the same problem appear

  • Ema

    The user trying to call is another call. Please try again later. (T309)

  • Oreo Vibes

    Did you ever find a solution? im having this issue now.

  • MaxStorm82

    My mom has a nokia lumia 530 dual sim phone. whenever she tries to make a voice call using Line app, it keeps displaying “Syncing account data” and the call doesn’t happen. Even after restarting the phone or waiting for some time, the app keeps doing the same thing. What do i do?

  • David Bell

    Will not open, I am getting notifications, but keeps saying updating your data

  • VisserOne

    kind of annoyed that it gets stuck at the 99% point when synching account data even though i had just uninstalled/reinstalled to try and solve massive and horrible lg issues on mobile version.

  • Jimmy

    I can comment and join a public relay but it won’t let me like it can you help tell me why that may be

  • Ninkinoo

    I’m not receiving messages and my messages arnt being received either

  • Margaret Yukie Kanomata

    Oh i’ve been trying to talk and use the video on the app Line. It keeps telling me to go to the setting and access the microphone button but I couldn’t access it. What seems to be the problem. Does anyone out there can help me find the answers

  • Margaret Yukie Kanomata

    I recently tried calling on the Line app but failed to do so and even the photo is not sending too. What is the cause of this problem. Please can anyone help me start using the phone on Line app

  • yossef

    Everytime i try to join a call it says “unable to make call (51)” and i can’t join…what do i do?

  • Yeni

    my timeline activities are being resricted, how to fix this?

  • Sabina Eschmann

    Ok….my boyfriend can’t get into his line account since 3 or 4 days. All this started after the last iPhone update… there anything he can try to get back in? Seems this problem is not a new one but it sucks…thx

  • Vipin Khandalkar

    I have an error while adding anyone to Line it shows “an unknown error has occured please try again later” plz someone fix this… i cant add any friend…

  • Grazz Sloth

    I cant send and upload pictures. I tried to upgrade and didnt work. Just now i tried to downgrade my line but i cant connect it says error..What will i do? Really need to fix it

  • 1VYA

    i can’t use openVpn anymore… what i mean is i can view restricted or region locked Japan stickers but i can’t purchase them anymore. :'(

  • Deifu Vesera

    my timeline activities are being resricted, how do you you fix this?

  • Milenio Reachley

    Unable to join line square, wtf

  • Ban Pasuk

    I can’t video call and voice call when i call someone and then the line
    says microphone issue please restart and try again(T119) and then i
    restart my device and i try again it doesn’t work

  • R Blake

    Can’t get free calls to work after update on 28 Sept. It says issue with other persons microphone .

  • Pro0kie

    what does it means the error T60(unable to make call)??

  • Maytha Flower

    I can’t voice call.
    Error message : unable to make call. Try again T108

    Please find a solution. I’ve noticed that all there is on this page are issues raised with zero actual solution.


  • SuperOpGamer 1st Gamer

    I can’t video call and voice call when i call someone and then the line says microphone issue please restart and try again(T119) and then i restart my device and i try again it doesn’t work

  • Huadai Gao

    I can’t open my LINE app on my phone. SO, I have tried uninstalling and then installing it again and again… but it is not working even I used the codes. I have been prohibited many times. However, my PC version is working. SO SAD…. I can’t even delete the account!!! HELP!!! My families need to call me…

  • mariz dy

    When i try to open my line account, it shows the wallpaper for a few seconds. Then, it suddenly closes. I couldnt access my line. I have 5 pending messages that needs to be replied. What can I do to solve this problem? Please help.

  • Deno

    LINE on my desktop keeps saying “LINE app not found” and i have no idea what to do. I am thinkin about uninstalling then reinstalling but i am a little worried about losing all my posts and messages.

  • Muhammad

    I have opened app successfully but cannot post anything.

  • robb

    Help needed cannot log in to line rangers? Authentication failed. Says connect to internet but already connected? Have uninstalled the app and reinstalled the app but have the same problem Authentication failed.

  • Mansoor

    Hello . same error i face in line . Error No 104

  • Daniel Saputra

    Same with me

  • Jalo Cerdeña

    Just update your Google Webview.

  • Del Sutton

    I changed phone recently and needed to change the app onto my new (but old phone), and it’s not letting me log in. It gets to the syncing app data screen and always gets to 99% but then just stops. I get a message eventually saying unknown error. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Even tried to set up a new account but as soon as I put my phone number in there it must have recognised my previous account and tried to do the syncing app data thing again and now I’m back at square one again. This seems impossible :/

  • Tiara

    It turns out I just have to update Android WebView

  • Tiara

    Same with me, can’t open line help too

  • Alicia Anggana

    Same here, it’s been 2 months btw 🙁

  • ㅇㅇ

    omg this is happening to me too

  • yoon shou

    I can’t open theme shop and everything else, all that I can open is the chat and timeline..I can’t even open my line today. I have tried logging out and then logging in again. I have tried uninstalling and then installing it again…but both are not working. I can’t open’s all white with only close button on the right corner. It’s been days already….what to do?

  • aaaajaada

    Why.. i tried to join a multichat call but it says T101, i cant even make a call ;-; pls help

  • Amy

    Pls help me! I play line ranger for a long time , one day i could not connect line log in ,, but when I try guest log in it connect .. pls give me some advise thank you……

  • Farsdewibson D’ man

    my mic is not working with LINE (104). any solution?

  • Roger

    I have a problem with line audio being slurred and distorted. On making a call the sound is drags in slow motion. The only thing that seems to fix is to reboot phone. Anyone ever experience this?

  • Himanshu

    Same problem, getting try again later (T600)

  • Sue

    Yes, it happened the same to me too. I couldn’t get a stable call. I heard my voice repeated back or the call immediately cancelled after connected. Try turn on VPN. It works with VPN connection. I guess the call function is banned like other apps (FB messenger and whatsapp)

  • Baqar Ayaz

    I cannot connet to my friends and family today in Saudi Arabia. Line is giving connectivity error 600, after I accept a call from anyone it disconnect immediately and that error 600 appears. I have tried by clearing cache and data but still the problem is there. I have also installed old version but thesame problem is coming. Kindly help me for trubleshooting.

  • Meldrin Uy

    Ia line ok now because I cannot conne t to my wife line its error 600, after I accept a call from her it disconnect immediatelt and that error 600 showed

  • Doubt

    if u get this error during line play…clear cache…then all u need to do is click on Line id instead of line it will automatically login in to line play 😀

  • Derek Pether

    Where’s the hidden chat gone? >:(

  • Seiichi Furukawa

    I can’t log in for some reason. It keeps saying “failed to register.”

  • Hanan Fawzy

    I receive a voice call or make it but after the answer. I hear nothing and no one hear me even if the internet is in good mood

  • Glenn Mok

    Line can not call out since abt 130pm.any people have this line problem

  • lail

    I cant login with email, it keep saying error has occurred try again later, pleaae help

  • lee

    I can’t log in using the google chrome extension. keeps telling me to enter the verification code displayed. but where exactly do i key it in???!!!

  • Fatima Somuch

    i cant log in with facebook…it keep saying error has occurred try again later….Please make a log off button

  • Mike

    Hi, does anyone know how the default page works on Line. when I used to open the app my friends page would come up first. Now my chats page comes up. I cannot figure what I did to change this default setting. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks

  • momo

    I have error 101 with calls

  • Kris

    I keep on getting Error 101 when I try to make phone or video calls

  • Aysh

    If I’m in the middle of typing to someone and close the app to open another app then open line again i have to put in my passcode but my keyboard keeps popping up and won’t allow me to select my password. So frustrating I have to restart my phone over and over again.

  • Eran

    I try to sign in by phone nomber but it tell me invalid nomber

  • Rizky Maulana Toengkagie

    I also have this error issue… I couldnt login into line and the error message said “an error has occured, please try again later” over and over

  • ShEr KhAn

    My line getting hang alot i can’t use for 1minute
    Plz slove it..

  • Natasha

    I had issues trying top open my app on my windows phone, any ideas?

  • Marisol Molina

    Mine just indicates ” an error has occured try again later” is that what you received when trying to add friends?

  • Charlie

    For some reason Line will not let me add anymore contacts, how is this so?

  • leonamanutd

    I put someone in hidden users and then removed them, as i heard u can’t delete someone from LINe, just to try, but now I can’t add the person back even tho the person has a phone number in my phone’s contact list.

  • Geoffrey Lewis

    I have not been able to send any Line characters today.Printed messages seem to go through.

  • Will

    I tried to install this LIne app on my android device, but it keeps hanging. I will try again later when i get time.

  • Sanita

    I am not seeing nothing from my friends in Japan, I am sending lots of messages and they are saying to me they are not receiving it.

  • Jed

    Not able to see any off my messages, all i got is a blank screen. Help would be very much appreciated.

  • Sheila

    None of my messages are showing up read, the other problem is i am not getting any notifications.

  • Deepak

    My Line app is not working in Pakistan, every time i try to send a message it keeps failing.

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