MeetMe Problems

MeetMe was first known as ‘MyYearbook’ when it all started in 2005, but it was in 3 years ago in 2012 when creators decided to call it by the name we all know today. But from time-to-time users will be met with MeetMe Chat app problems, it particularly becomes evidently clear when the servers go down, and when they do online updates are needed.

There are many apps on the market offering its users the ability to meet people, and MeetMe is one of these with a slight difference. This one allows its users to meet others who have the same interests, and then chatting can commence. MeetMe has over 100 million people chatting via the app, which is for all ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

Other than MeetMe server issues there have been cases of problems when trying to login with Facebook, a few new users have had occurrences with mobile registration and downloading the app. What MeetMe Chat app problems are you having?

MeetMe Status insight for Tuesday 11th of August 2020

If MeetMe is down today, then reports will be found below.

MeetMe Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • t

    meetme will not reinstall on my phone have been trying since yesterday

  • BakedPotato420

    3 days ago my account randomly logged me out and everytime I try to go back in it says “at this moment i may not register.” Is the site doing maintenance or something? Be cool to get a heads up if so. I know I have nothing on there that would get me banned. I’m just so confused on why I cant get on.

  • Joey Weston

    they meetme status/live feed they took that off litterly cus its not on their. it was yesterday. i swear they are fking that site up

  • Barbara Hillers

    It’s doing the same thing to me also. And Meetme hasn’t fixed the problem yet.

  • Emily Ballard

    Tried to set up a new account on Meet Me and it said my email was blocked. I haven’t seen that before and wonder if its a malfunction issue. I hope I’m not the only one having the same problem.

  • beirut123

    how can i know if the app deleted my account or has been hacked?? thety told me:”meet me based on the information you provided you may not register” and i emailed suppoert, no answer

  • beirut123

    how to know if my meet me account has been hacked, or they deleted it?? they are saying”: meet me based on the information you provided you may not register”. please help, i have pics therer. i emailed the support an no answer

  • Mike

    Can’t login. It keeps saying wrong password or email, but like others said I know I’m using the correct password and email combination. When will meetme fix these issues?

  • Tia

    Are you still having issues with yours as well?

MeetMe Reports

@MeetMe is quite possibly the worst app I’ve ever encountered for spam. Literally had an account for a few hours and it’s just full of spam.

Some random is using my personal email to have a @MeetMe account wtf? I can’t even get the site to help me reset the password so I can get MY email tf outta there???

still no response from @MeetMe about this and the fake account is STILL active! also the way that men are allowed to speak to women on there is disgusting! it has none of the safety features of apps like tinder or bumble. No wonder I hadn't even heard of it until i was informed…

@MeetMe Didn't even know ya'll existed until my friends picture and info was being used by someone catfishing on the app. Clearly a trash app if your representatives have been nothing but UNHELPFUL in taking the account down.

@officialmckell this streaming service that I stream on @MeetMe, that’s connected with @PlentyOfFish & @skoutapp has a fake account with your pics. Just wanted to let you know about this & I’ll be reporting it right now as well. I got you 😘

@MeetMe why must you do this Crap To Me Kicking Me Off MeetMe App having it say my password is invalid & I tried to reset my password & get this Crap..An Error Has Occured I want to get back on my account I'm getting tired Of This.

I feel Like The Staff Over @ meetme are just not liking Me I keep getting kicked off for suspicious Activity & now they someone Accessed my Account with a phony website @MeetMe please fix this issue I'm getting tired Of This

Hi @MeetMe , why I cannot login to my account? eventhought I already forgot my password.

@MeetMe Got locked out of my account I’ve had for years. Can someone help 😩