MeetMe Problems

MeetMe was first known as ‘MyYearbook’ when it all started in 2005, but it was in 3 years ago in 2012 when creators decided to call it by the name we all know today. But from time-to-time users will be met with MeetMe Chat app problems, it particularly becomes evidently clear when the servers go down, and when they do online updates are needed.

There are many apps on the market offering its users the ability to meet people, and MeetMe is one of these with a slight difference. This one allows its users to meet others who have the same interests, and then chatting can commence. MeetMe has over 100 million people chatting via the app, which is for all ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

Other than MeetMe server issues there have been cases of problems when trying to login with Facebook, a few new users have had occurrences with mobile registration and downloading the app. What MeetMe Chat app problems are you having?

MeetMe Status insight for Tuesday 29th of September 2020

If MeetMe is down today, then reports will be found below.

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MeetMe Reports

@morganerdman @MeetMe Hey there I will also advise you to get in touch with cyber_fly_01 on Instagram, because they got my account fixed today.

@MeetMe After I verified my account I woke up the next Sunday morning to being logged out of the app and my account hacked for the second time. I’ve emailed the support team several times to get help with the issue but not one support team member has contacted me last several days.

@MeetMe can you message me please, i'm having a problem accessing my account. says i been flagged and need to be verified, but when i do verify it fails. im facebook connexted, i dont understand the problem here.

@MeetMe Why I'm I forced to do a facial recognition to login to your site? What tos did I violate? You guys took down my last account in which is had friends who have been since passed and wanted to see their pictures