MeetMe Problems

MeetMe was first known as ‘MyYearbook’ when it all started in 2005, but it was in 3 years ago in 2012 when creators decided to call it by the name we all know today. But from time-to-time users will be met with MeetMe Chat app problems, it particularly becomes evidently clear when the servers go down, and when they do online updates are needed.

There are many apps on the market offering its users the ability to meet people, and MeetMe is one of these with a slight difference. This one allows its users to meet others who have the same interests, and then chatting can commence. MeetMe has over 100 million people chatting via the app, which is for all ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

Other than MeetMe server issues there have been cases of problems when trying to login with Facebook, a few new users have had occurrences with mobile registration and downloading the app. What MeetMe Chat app problems are you having?

MeetMe Status insight for Sunday 19th of September 2021

If MeetMe is down today, then reports will be found below.

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MeetMe Reports

@StrongTv2 @MeetMe @Treycyber2 I don't want the account recovered. Someone used my info to create an account and I want it deleted and my email banned.

@ShiningStarArts @MeetMe The best I can recommend for your banned account issues is to message @Treycyber2. I also had the same issue but they helped me recovered it,send a dm to @Treycyber2 immediately. Am sure they will help fix it’s your too❤️

@MeetMe Someone made an acct with my information and added biometrics. Then changed their name to Shopi. I have asked repeatedly for this account to be deleted and for the email address to be banned. Can you please fix this?!

@MeetMe Hi, I made a Account a couple days ago. When I went to open the app it asked me to verify. I took the picture then change the password and then it asked me a question for my email address and every time I type in my email the pop-up just re-appears and I don’t get the ema

@MeetMe I cannot able to login into my account it asking me verify me if u don't they will deactivated me in 72 hours please help me My account name Adhavan Fernandez

@RayEdmundsVA @MeetMe @MeetMe you won't verify me account because my hair style has changed on my ID. I verified my account 2 days ago.

Getting tired of watching my wife have to re-verify her @MeetMe account every day, because the platform has a MAJOR problem with trolls. I'm to the point of finding her another streaming service to use for her Tarot readings. If anyone has a good suggestion, I'm open.

@MeetMe why do I have to continue verifying my account? This is annoying asf