Natwest App Problems

Customers who are with Natwest and use mobile banking on their smartphones, which can be on Android, Microsoft and iOS devices, sometimes have problems with their app, as of in the past there has been issues with error codes popping up, once the app is installed and doesn’t open, or they have trouble when downloading or updating, amongst many more other problems.

Natwest App Status insight for Tuesday 4th of August 2020

If Natwest App is down today, then reports will be found below.

Natwest App Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Ethan

    Yes it’s getting annoying it’s keeps freezing won’t let me on at all

  • Nicky Comley

    Updated my phone but kept number and transferred all to new phone, now when trying to log in I keep getting a message that they are struggling to get a connection even though I have full WiFi showing and connection is fine on anything else

  • Kim

    App is telling me it can’t establish a connection

  • Louise

    I can’t get into the app on my mobile…it says that my account is unavailable to view in the app…cant get onto it on my laptop either!

  • Martin Cluley

    Have the same problem on my Android phone also. Apple devices work fine.

  • Erin McBride

    I’ve had it saying it can’t establish a connection all day

  • Rucksana Ali

    My natwest app has been crashing since monday, don’t understand why I’ve had it for years…. has any one else had this problem??

  • Susie

    App (Android) keeps crashing as soon as I try to open it.

  • Andy Jeffrey

    App is not letting me login, even after updating. Online via website is fine.

  • Ray

    Just go new ipad and can’t access my bank details from the app but can still do it on my old iPad

  • Nicola Walton-Gray

    The mobile app keeps crashing when I try to use it, I have uninstalled and reinstalled but still does it

  • Tracy

    Same here

  • Tracy

    Same here

  • Tom

    Same for me. When I open the app is says this version is no longer supported and directs me to App Store to update the app but it’s already the latest v6.0. Can’t get in 🙁

  • Danielle Judge

    Told to update app which I have now won’t open saying need to update

  • Gareth

    Told to update app, updated it, now it keeps telling me to update app. Cant do any banking now???????

  • Lucy

    Also updated the app and now it won’t open keeps telling me to update but no update available?

  • Jenni

    Updated the app at the weekend now the app will not load ..keeps asking me to update ! Been like this for days happened to other people too

  • Susan Manville

  • Francis

    Same here, can’t log in the app, the website is down as well. I’m abroad

  • WildSock


  • Jennifer

    Anyone having trouble logging into your mobile app

  • Philip Dutton

    OMG why would you do that!

  • Sean Moulding

    I sent my wife money 21/4/18, the money came out of my bank account but still isn’t in my wife’s account… why is this please?

  • Shahd

    I can not access my app it keeps saying I lost connection . I deleted the app and redownloaded the problem still the same

  • Rawdred

    I fingerprint sensor this morning on the day the clocks go forward

  • john griffiths

    I have changed from Android to ISO and I can`t get my activation code, I have rebooted the phone and reinstalled the app but No Activation code, can anybody help

  • Thomas Howell Evans

    Cannot get into my “sign in” page comes up with a secure connection failed message

  • Anthony Gunby

    I have just updated my app on my new iPad. The issue I had where it would not hide my balance as been fixed but this new update leves accounts open showing transactions and there is no way to close it. is this a bug or is part of the new update. if so its not very secure or personal.

  • omni potent

    Account balance not updating, dont know how much money I have ,or if bills have been payed.
    Only installed the thing 2 days ago

  • Avril Evans

    App won’t open unable to log in

  • Mart Brown

    the app wont open and doesnt give option of password….just saying NATWEST!

  • Jacqui

    Changed to iPhone x and my natwest app was expecting finger print log in so would not start. Solution delete app and re install then choose to use face recognition

  • Dominika wychylewska

    I can’t access products on my natwest app, keeps saying ” Unfortunately we can’t process your request at the moment, try again later” I’ve been trying for 2 days now.

  • Sherryann Shadbolt

    I’ve been trying to log into my account for the last 3 days to no avail?!?!

  • David Costa

    Can get on App but can’t send payments and can’t log in to on-line system. Called NatWest who say they know there is an issue.

  • graham james

    I cant get my natwest app tto work it keeps saying having trouble conecting but i can usr the online banking from my phone ?

  • Michael

    Find if I turn off phone and restart I can log into app on Android but once I log out I have to turn my phone off again and back on and it doesn’t matter if I us 4g or WiFi it still does the same. Anyone had this issue and us it worth reinstalling the app

  • Sab

    Still doesn’t work… Crashes before it even opens

  • Tracey

    Cannot log in keeps saying lost connection?

  • Aii

    I cannot access the install options for the app by Google Play/Play store. It says it is not available in my country.

  • .steve .038

    Error 1.1 is fixed with update released today.

  • Terry Cullen

    same here,wipe and reinstall does not remove it

  • Richard woo

    error 1.1 security check failed, same story after wiping the cache and data

  • Gary O’Donnell

    I have an “Error 1.1 Security Check Failed”. No idea what that means. Have uninstalled and reinstalled.

  • Cheryl

    Same problem on iPad, type in passcode looks like retrieving data then pooof it’s gone. App works ok on my phone. Very frustrating, needs sorting

  • Jim H

    Nat West have confirmed to me that there is a problem with the latest version of their banking app but yet their site still says that everything is ok. Not very open and honest.

  • John Clarke

    Nat West mobile app still not working after 2 days. Very frustrating

  • Steve Underwood

    NatWest app still not working,no help from NatWest themselves, and on their own service status website apparently everything is working fine.
    Brilliant app,when working.

  • Susan Jones

    When trying to open my nat west app its says error 1.1 and says registration not finished but when I tap on it then it dissapears been three days now

  • Tracey Smith

    Had problems with the mobile banking app since the latest natwest 05.03 update will not open on phone at all my partner had the same problem until he removed the latest update and went backwards it now works fine, unfortunately the same can not be done for my phone. I have complained to natwest but they dont seem to be doing anything at the moment. I use this app everyday and this has caused so many problems please Natwest can you sort this out the mobile app is no longer working and this is now day 4……….. it is very frustrating when it worked so well……….

  • Ian Kitchen

    Same problem with app update on iPad mini. Closes before opening accounts. Works fine on iPhone 6. Neither reinstalling app or hard reboot fix this problem. Nat west need to fix this.

  • Chris Stoddard

    Mine was OK until I installed the new App, as other crashes on ‘retrieving account details’ great! My old IPhone 4 is OK

  • Michelle

    I type in my passcode, it says it’s retrieving account details and then, blink it’s disappeared.

  • Steve Underwood

    Problems with NatWest app on my iPad. Log in but account details disappear.
    Told to delete app and reinstall,same problem.

  • Emma

    I am starting to wonder if we should all go back to normal banking rather than online banking. Always having issues making payment online using any browser.

  • Paul

    Natwest business bank app unable to login for 2 days. Personal banking is fine

  • Bilal

    Unable to log in to business personal app fine

  • M shoet

    Able to log in to personal Natwest app but not business app. Been 24 hours now.

  • Andrew Davis

    Unable to login to Nat West or RBS Business banking apps on Android – service not available. Has been at least 24 hours now :/

  • Mike Norman

    can’t log on the business app .. service not available .. seems ok on personal banking app .. Android

  • Anthony Gunby

    Until your latest update to the online banking app, I liked the fact that you could now hide all your balances from view. Since you don’t want all of Joe public knowin if they casualy glance over. With this latest update this as not been so. I don’t know if its a bug or what.

    My cash ISA balance is now always visable. In the drop down menu it says show balance. Shouldn’t that read hide balance as the balance is already visable. So I click on show balance which then gives me the option to hide balance. This is not working as when I log out and back in again my balance is there for everyone to see. All the other accounts keep there balances hidden, and so did this account until the update. Please sort it and asap.

  • Mark Doherty

    Yes and we should all never us any IT again for fear of flaws, what nonsense. The transfers were clearly requested, queued and eventually processed as designed – if a little later than the usually .5s.

  • Hayley

    They said it should be in by 24 hrs! Mine has gone back in now after about 6 🙂

  • Dirk Peachey

    Update : app working again & every penny where it should be……..happy days!!

  • Jimmy

    Mine has now appeared in my NatWest app hope you all get it sorted to I’m from the Derby area

  • Jimmy

    Hi guys if you can see a few comments down about £200 transferred from my mums to my NatWest by app it’s now in there so hopefully you’ll all be good soon thought I’d let you know cheers

  • Dirk Peachey

    Hi, I’ve had the same problem today, I’ve spoke with NW who assured me that no money is missing, but were unable to confirm when all would be back to normal

  • Shannon Pace

    I’ve transferred £200 into my savings and it’s gone. Been taken from my current but hasn’t been put into my savings

  • Lee Jackson

    Just done the same – it’s vanished!

  • Jake

    Tranfressed £900 from one savings account to another in app and it gone from the first savings and hasn’t shown up in the other…. guessing it will go in at some point today.

  • Sara Porter

    Did they say of we will get our money back?

  • Sara Porter

    I wasnt able to log into my account, when i eventually got into it i too transferred money to my savings and the kiney has dissapeared i am on hold to natwest now but been on hold for 20minutes now

  • Jimmy

    Me to mum sent from hers £200 to my Natwset app for car insurance needs paying today will I get it back ?

  • Jimmy

    Car insurance even lol I also have NatWest app anyone help ?

  • Jimmy

    Hi I’ve never had this problem but my mum has NatWest app and sent me £200 to pay my card insurance that needs doing today and it’s not there will I get it back ? I’m fuming

  • Hayley

    I’ve popped into NatWest branch and they said it’s a technical difficulty and will be sorting it today, hopefully!

  • Paddington

    Transferred my savings to pay for food and bills no money into my account my direct debits are due bank holiday NatWest are waste of time

  • Mas

    I just transferred money into another account of mine and it doesn’t show up. The que to calling natwest is really busy atm i have been waiting for an hour and more. This is so annoying !

  • Amy

    I’m the same

  • Sammy

    Just transferred some money to one account and it hasn’t shown up??

  • Beth

    Transferred money from my current account to savings account and its vanished! 🙁

  • Cam

    Can’t login after pass code. Just saying please wait

  • Susie

    I’ve made 3 transfers via online banking and none have arrived. One was to my own Natwest savings account. All three have been debited from my account. I also had an error message saying there has been a problem while doing one of the transfers.

  • JustSaying

    Why hasn’t Natwest disabled the transfer feature???? Just saying..

  • Chantal J S Clarke

    They have advised they are investigating and they can’t give a timescale as to when this will be resolved. I also go away today and now have no access to funds.

  • Happy loo loo loo

    Same here

  • Happy loo loo loo

    Just transferred money from one of my accounts to another of my accounts it’s not there???

  • Chantal J S Clarke

    So Natwest decided today was their payday and no-one elses. Quick way to make a buck without a care!

  • Chantal J S Clarke

    I did this through online banking so its not just the mobile app.

  • Joanne James

    I’ve transferred money from one account to another account and its gone! showing as gone out of one but not received in the other!!! £1,199 missing!!!! I need this money – it`s my money!!!

  • JustSaying

    Sum up the amount of monies just on these posts alone is ridiculous ,
    the bank needs to explain where does the money goes? is the bank making a profit in this delay on transfers ?

  • Karen Ma Graham

    Is the app down now? I can’t get on my phone app

  • Hazel Christopher

    Same here transferred money to my other natwest account and its vanished !!!

  • Itsnowmine

    I just received 500 quid Cheers 🙂

  • Aman

    Natwest is beyond a joke. 500 vanished just like that

  • Colin

    I’m a IT Architect this failure would indicate you should not use the mobile APP it’s flawed.

  • Natasha Leigh

    Transfered £300 into my other account and its disappeared also paid all my rent this morning and they havent recieved my money . Fuming aint the word right now

  • Cj

    Same here. 2k gone missing and now can’t log in. Can’t get through on phone. Hope it’s sorted soon.

  • Colin

    Transferred 2100 from business to my current it has vanished, 30+ min wait on telephone support, Normally when transfers fail the monies are transferred to a high interest suspense account ? just saying :{(

  • Ms Victoria J Sweet

    Me too I waited 40 minutes to get through it will be resolved soon tech problem . Does not help with my money now transfered to another account with it gone into the cloud !!

  • Maya

    That’s all mine is doing now

  • Jolene

    Mine too!!!

  • Maya

    Same problem here. Done some transfers which have disappeared and now can’t get back on 🙁

  • Hayley

    Really I have had the same and I go on holiday tomorow so they best sort it

  • Chantal J S Clarke

    I have transferred £390 and its vanished and Natwest have no timescale for the issue to be resolved! This is appalling!

  • Steph

    Transfered £350 from savings to current account and the money has gone missing ! Any one know what’s going on? On hold to bank now for 20 mins!!!

  • Darren Robinson

    Same problem, two transfers to other NatWest accounts £600 is missing at the moment!

  • Dee

    Just transferred £300 from my current to my savings but money has gone missing….NatWest sort it out!!

  • Brett Day

    just checked again and money has reappeared thank god

  • Sfoz

    Transferred money from saving to current. The money went missing and in transactions section it said no transactions in the past three months.

  • Brett Day


  • Dessa

    Sent money from current to savings, and it’s taken the money out of my account but it’s ‘missing’…

  • CJ

    Transferred money from one account to another and it’s vanished! Great.

  • Claire LeMaster

    Mine just keeps circling on the please wait screen after putting in my pass code. .. endlessly.

  • Brett Day

    me too, transferred some to an account and its gone

  • Brett Day

    transferred some money from one account to another and its vanished into thin air

  • darren COX

    Still not working and when online seems to not transfer money over to accounts

  • Connive mills

    My app down. Took ages to get on and feature are missing. No mobile top up there. The app looks different, even though I’ve not had or done an update.

  • Tracey Weare

    Ok seems to be working now ! Phew

  • Marianne Bye

    Same with me too. Hope natwest sort out soon need to sort wages out

  • Tracey Weare

    Finally got a connection did some transfers , money left account but appears to be ‘missing’ ! Great now a problem to resolve …..

  • Angela C Shipo’s Mum

    My app is also down on kindle fire , full internet connection & able to log into online banking , all other apps are working

  • Jackie Hill

    Same here, been trying since 6.30am.

  • Michele

    Me too. And it’s still showing the status as Service working normally’

  • Sam R

    Says no connection, but all other apps working fine.

  • Richard Manning

    Says no connection when i have

  • Martin

    Same tryed to log in to NatWest saying failed to make a connection
    But my other banks are working fine

  • Honore Tricker

    Same here. Come on NatWest. Last working day of month – need to sort out bills!

  • Chris

    Just tried to login to the app with full Wifi and 4g it’s not working at all, checked my other banking apps all fine. Come on NatWest what’s happening again

  • Dan

    Same here, typical on the long awaited payday. Need to pay my bills! Natwest offial service status says everything is working. Sort it out natwest!

  • Susan Joanne Smith

    Same with me..

  • Stephanie O’Hare

    Thanks for your replies. Hopefully natwest will sort this out soon.

  • Alicia Liss Lacão

    Yep same here x

  • Stephanie O’Hare

    Can’t get into my app says they can’t establish a connection yet my wifi is strong and I’ve even tried with my mobile data on. Is anyone else experiencing this? I have a Samsung s6.

  • Alison Louise Knibbs

    I have been trying to re register natwest app on my Samsung for 2 days very frustrating keeps saying my pass code well everything I have entered is not registering frustrating

  • Ian David Jennings

    i have been told this is because of a fraud attempt your person details were changed @jennoian

  • Ian David Jennings

    i have been told this is because of a fraud attempt your person details were changed…@jennoian

  • Yvonne tindale

    Tried to get my app open but it just keeps saying logging in but doesn’t. This was yesterday and today.

  • Affaiec

    Updated app no log off option, how do I remove ISA add?

  • Simon

    Scheduled maintenance on Natwest Online and Telephone banking
    services will be offline from around 02:30 BST untilaround 06:00 BST and the Mobile service will be offline around 02:25 BST until about 05:30 BST this Sunday 26th

  • Sarah Brealey

    Mine keeps freezing as soon as I log on- think it must be down tonight! Had to put my details back in for first time in ages too!!

  • Roy

    Is there a problem with the app. Used it yesterday but today it thinks I’m a new customer and what’s me to register.

  • Amanda

    Nat West credit card missing on the app?

  • Reece Swan

    Connection issues when trying to pay contacts but my connections fine I have 4g

  • Rachel Parsons

    I am trying to login and register. It conks out exactly the same place each time in the registration- half way thru the ‘add your company name’ bit. Annoying.

  • Frank smith

    It too is telling me that there are connection problems when I am connected with a very strong signal

  • Courtney Perry

    its telling me I have connection problems when I’m connected

  • Lee Whittington

    I’m having the same problem my wifi is connected however the app is telling me it can’t establish a connection….? Why are they not fixing this issue!!!!!!

  • Carol Foster

    My wont let me log in with either fingerprint or PIN….. how do I rectify this????

  • Gayle Olivier

    I downloaded the app with no problem on my iPhone, but when I try installing it on my iPad; The little block does not recognise the letters in my password, only the number, so I can’t get past the first step. All the other apps as well as typing in here or online recognise the letters, so it can’t be the keyboard. I have tried both the built in qwerty and external Bluetooth keyboards.

  • Carol

    Yes mine as been off since 3 weeks now as well what shall o do change banks I think

  • Rebecca Hibberd

    Cant get on my online banking.It keeps telling me I need to check my internet connection. My internet is working just fine.please help

  • Carol James

    How do I get into my online banking app ? It keeps telling me im not connected!

  • S

    Hi is there a problem with Natwest mobile banking ? Can’t seem to get into it since last night

  • Jan

    It’s telling me I haven’t got a network connection, which is utter rubbish!

  • claire

    “please wait” on both mine and my boyfriends phone, so it’s not the phone I’ve realised!

  • Artur Lorecki

    Not happy,cant send money ;(

  • Josh Forrest

    Dam that’s not good need to transfer money from savers account for fuel to get home from work and carnt.

  • Wayne kondri

    It’s working now thankyou £50 compensation should be enough

  • Wayne kondri

    Im also working on site, and in 10 mins I won’t be able to have access to my phone, I need to check my account, not good

  • Sylvia Phillips

    Same problem as users below

  • Wayne kondri

    Won’t work on 3G or wifi, every other app and Internet works fine,

  • Sarah C

    Same as the users below

  • James R

    Same problem as others.WiFi working everywhere except NatWest.

  • Jeannette

    Won’t let me log in saying I don’t have a strong connection but my WiFi is working?

  • Carol

    Struggling with connection and wifi is ok . No other problem with any other app

  • Michelle Walker

    I also cant connect to banking..i have good internet connection but saying cant establish a connection

  • Jon

    Mine ain’t working either

  • linda barwell

    struggling to establish connection

  • Bernadette Turner

    Connection problems. Internet running fine on other apps.

  • Trish Withers

    Does say on service status page having problems and will try to sort soon

  • Claire Hogan

    Having the same issue

  • Trish Withers

    “Struggling to establish a connection” here too yet internet fine

  • Claire Duffield

    Is mobile app down today not letting me log in….saying I’ve no internet connection when im connected to internet??!!!!

  • Shell

    Says not connected but internet is fine

  • Natalie Javens

    Yes Also having this issue

  • Steve Dav

    0600 20th dec app still not connecting to bank

  • Steve Dav

    20th dec 0530 app is down

  • Ali

    I have this issue has anything been done about it? Need to transfer money over ASAP and don’t have a card reader to do it on the PC!

  • Stafford

    Sorry we are struggling to establish a connection with you. Please check that you are connected to the internet and that you have a good connection strength then try again.

    If the problem persists check our service status page

  • Alicia

    What time does NatWest bank update there balances ?

  • David Jepson

    unable to pay credit card through app, select the amount ok but the ‘Continue’ button not working

  • Stuart vickers

    Can’t open app today reason given failed no. 1security check.

  • Patrick Brown

    The app is not opening when I enter my passcode and my internet connection is strong.

  • Nick Fitt

    Natwest app not letting me transfer money from my savings account. But all other accounts are fine. When I try it just says unfortunately natwest has stopped and crashes. L

  • Phoebe Edmond

    Are you still having this issue? I am unable to verify my card for mobile banking due to not being able to establish a connection, however my wifi is working perfectly. Need help!

  • Karolyne

    Same problem as Jamie Clark. Everytime I go to get cash it says I have a bad connection with them and that I should check my wifi etc. However I know that my wifi is working so that’s not correct.

  • Mikey

    Love the fact that the Natwest app was down this morning (OK Now), but they blamed the Internet lol. End of the day its all up and running and they do provide a great service.

  • Darren

    Can anyone else let me know if they have been having issues with their online banking and app?

  • Kyle

    Mu Natwest bank app is not working, I try to make a transaction and it is not working.


    For a few months now every time I try to use the get cash function I get the following message on screen:
    “Sorry we are struggling to establish a secure connection with you.
    Sorry we’re unable to perform your request, please try again later. ”

    This happens on wifi, data and even on the NatWest network at my local branch. All other parts of the app work perfectly, I can pay bills, transfer money, everything on the app apart from use get cash. I have used the get cash function in the past but not for a few months.
    I use an iPhone 5s with no other problems.

  • cheryl

    Meant to ay very slow.

  • cheryl

    Nat west app on samsung tablet very dlo and keeps timing out

  • Shirley

    Natwest Internet banking is down, as so is Halifax, Barclays, Lloyds, HSBC and Santander.

  • Geoff

    I have tried to get on Natwest online banking via website and app and nothing. What is going on?

  • Benn

    I contacted Natwest because of online banking being down. But they seem to blame BT as they have no issues.

  • Harry

    Natwest online banking seems to be down, not letting me login to my account via mobile app.

  • Michael Blake

    Its now been four days of pain with the NatWest online banking programme. Every step from trying to log in to make a transfer, add new payee etc can take ten plus minutes or just times out. Even the chat now option is down as it says they are too busy to chat – I wonder why?!

  • Michael Blake

    NatWest online banking app super slow over the weekend. Never been so painfully slow. Gave up after making one payment in case their servers were compromised. Went back on today and received this message:

    Secure Connection Failed

    The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
    Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

    About time Nat west split from RBS and its rubbish systems as NatWest’s systems were superior – never a problem with them

  • John Watts-Read

    See above

  • John Watts-Read

    There is a known issue with this. You can install the Natwest Business Banking app which will work on your phone with your existing Natwest Bank Accounts. See my posting on Natwest down today.

  • John Watts-Read

    There is an issue with Xiaomi phones not working with the current Natwest mobile banking app. The work around is to install the Natwest Business Banking mobile app which will work with your bank accounts with a Xiaomi phone. If you need help with this call 0345 366 0012 option 4. They are very helpful and will help with installing the business banking app. No excuses as the Personal Banking app was working on my Xiaomi phone before the update.

  • Col

    I have bought a Xiaomi Redmi Pro 3 and although it is awesome the only app that doesn’t work is NatWest anyone know why?

  • Paul dean

    My apps only working with WiFi anyone no why

  • John Watts-Read

    It appears that there is a possible problem with the Natwest mobile banking app upgrade with generic chinese manufactured phones. On the advice of Natwest I installed the Business mobile banking app on my phone and it works. It has not been recently upgraded (my phone is a Xiaomi Redmi Note 2).

  • John Watts-Read

    Requested to update mobile banking today and now it tells me its stopped working – 24th May 2016 at 7 am

  • Loz

    I want to transfer money from Isa to current account and it is not working

  • Natalie

    App not working today. And havent got card reader to do payments online. Nightmare!!


    What is happening with the Getcash function, for nearly 3 months every time I try use it I get the message that you are struggling to establish a connection. I have unlimited wifi and data and have no problems with anything else on the mobile. The best part is that I even tried it while inside a Natwest branch on your own wifi and I got the same message. I can log into the app, move money, pay bills and every function works until I request Getcash.
    Can you look into this please as it is a fantastic app but with one inconvenient problem.

  • Amz

    My business app has recently stopped letting me pay people the correct amount. As in. The numbers don’t always work once pressed. It is the same with payments and transfers. For example. If I want to pay someone 115 it will let me press 11 but when I press 5 it closes and goes back to select who I want to pay. Ibmv uninstalle it and reinstalled it but still the same issue. Has anyone else had this problem? What can I do

  • Austin

    Iv been using this app for a while now and it started telling me that they isn’t a network when there is. My phone Internet is unlimited and strong and I have even tried my fast fibre from the house and still is the same. I uninstalled the app and it’s know different.

  • Rachael Newson

    Just upgraded my phone to a Sony Xperia Z3 and the app excepted my details accepted my password but it won’t open very disappointed as it is a great app.

  • Gus

    Whoops, being stupid, business app is the answer for pre IOS 7 as Mike below says.

  • Gus

    Installed business app, but functionality very limited so want the old personal app back for iOS 6 please

  • Teresa

    App saying No active accounts….

  • David

    Can’t log on.Message says we are struggling to make a connection.My Internet connection is OK. What is going on? Fix please.

  • Mike

    Just spoke to NatWest mobile support on 0345 366 0012 who said there was an update to the personal app that requires iOS 7 minimum. They advised me to install the business app which has much the same functionality and still works on iOS 6. I did, and it does!

  • Mike

    Mobile login hasn’t worked for three days now just get message saying “sorry” and try again later. Internet connection is fine on all other apps.

  • Edinah Kambanje

    i Phone 6 not connecting.Sorry we are struggling to establish a connection with you.

  • Alan

    iPhone 3s not connecting. More than 4 days now. Error says ;Sorry we are struggling to establish a connection with you’.

  • DS

    Same here – struggling to establish a connection with me and to check that I am connected to the Internet….. three days and counting

  • Rob

    Checked natwest mobile banking status and it says working normally. I don’t think so nat west. It’s been down for 3 days now telling me to make sure I have Internet access. I know I have. What’s going on?

  • elliot

    The Same .Have been trying to use the last 3 days and says I do not have internet access which I know I do have.Any Danger in fixing this??

  • Rosemary Jones

    My Natwest app on my iPad is not working. It keeps saying make sure you have internet access which I have

  • Angela bridgwood

    I’ve been trying alday to get onto my account and it keeps telling me I need an Internet connection I have wifi and that’s working on all the online services . Don’t know why they have to keep changing things when there working perfect any other time they need to get it sorted or I’m going to claim compensation if I have direct debts bounce .

  • John Groom

    Just installed the app. Went through the process. Got ‘sorry we can’t connect-make sure you have Internet acces’. I have excellent internet access via wifi. The iPad is currently 2ft from the hub. So I assume that the app is rubbish. Interestingly, I have been accessing Natwest internet banking via Safari, for years without any problems. Maybe I should dump the app. What say you Natwest? John

  • margurita

    Cannot get on my app for my account to have a look at transactions

  • Linda

    App online bank transfer from one internal account to another . Money gone out of account but has disappeared any ideas where it might be. Never had any problems before and two other transactions completed successfully at the same time. Thinking I may have to change banks

  • Ramona Krause

    Transfered money today to my son’s account. They took the money out but he haven’t recieved it. And shows on the app ATM . Never went to the cash machine. Should come up my son’s name. Where is my money?

  • Arlene

    I have perfect wifi. All the other app on my iPhone work but my normally fine NatWest app says it can’t connect me without wifi. I’m desperate any udeas

  • Simon

    Won’t let me put funds anywhere – saying declined! Even tho I know there’s funds!! App saying network can’t connect ! But it’s working as everything else is working ! What a bloody joke ! Big company like this an can’t even use my bloody funds!

  • phill

    struggling to establish a connection even though internet hub 2mtrs away from phone

  • Felicity

    Trying to activate app on new phone , but when I put personal one time code in , instead of proceeding it says it cannot send anymore codes in one day, although I had my original code , and then shuts me out. I seem to have six messages in my message box from nat west with my code.

  • Nick

    Natwest app telling me no accounts available please try later, anyone else or just me?

  • tazman

    this is what i get on my phone how do you get over it then

  • tazman

    it dont work on my android either

  • Jill

    I had issues trying to login to my account this morning. Even though I have been putting the right details in now i have been locked out for a while. Sill, on the phone i go i guess to Natwest customer services.

  • Jon Shardlow

    I can login in and check my balances but everytime I try to transfer money between accounts I get a message saying ‘connection error etc’ but I’m still logged in and can check all balances and account details etc. I can log in on computer to make transfers so it’s an app issue. Please resolve otherwise what’s the point in having it, it’s been going on for over a week now!

  • Betty Robinson

    I can log it but I can also not transfer money between accounts.

  • Macie

    I can login to my Natwest account using my app but i cannot transfer any money across to another account.

  • Joe

    Go in devopelment options and scroll down and tick the box in force gpc rendering

  • Mike

    Natwest app is down, cannot login.

  • Greg

    Mine is down as well Silvia, not happy at all. Servers must be down or something.

  • Catherine

    I cannot log in to my app, this is not good because i need to check my account as i got bills coming out today.

  • Silvia

    Mt Natwest app is not working today.

  • Alberto

    Can check my balance but everytime I try to transfer money between accounts I get a message saying ‘error session timed out log in again’. This is happening for weeks now! I uninstall and installed the app again with the same problem. Please help if anyone knows how to fix this

  • unz

    Software guys are not aware people need access to their own money. Ditch the mentality or ditch the bank

  • Richard

    Why will the new update to the Natwest app not let me pay anyone. Can transfer money between accounts but unable to pay bills since the up date.

  • Andy Farmer

    Ipad should work fine. I checked on mine earlier with no problems. Nat West advises that the APP will work on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and BlackBerry 10 devices. The APP won’t work any longer on Blackberry Curve.

  • Andy Farmer

    See my post below.

  • Michelle

    Hi recently downloaded app on my fone was working great but 5days in jst logged in with my passcode to screen that said updated version was needed and 2 enter my mobile number. Is this normal or is it some1 trying to hack as reason i downloaded on fone was due 2 me having problems on my ipad with logging in for about 2 weeks which bank suspected cud have been attempted to hack from i pad

  • Andy

    From 27 May 2015, our personal Mobile Banking app will no longer work on your BlackBerry Smartphone if it’s running a version of their Operating System (OS) which is earlier than OS 10.

    Upon opening the app you will receive the message:

    ‘Connection unavailable – This app requires an internet connection to work. Please check your connection and try again.’
    ‘Unable to connect! Network connection error. Please check your connection and try again.’

    Our Mobile Banking app will still be available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and BlackBerry 10 devices.

  • Amanda

    I can’t log into the Natwest app as it say failed to authenticate, how do I resolve this?

  • roxana

    Can check my balance but everytime I try to transfer money between accounts I get a message saying ‘error session timed out logg in again’. This is happening for weeks now! I uninstall and installed the app again with the same problem. Please help if anyone knows how to fix this

  • mica

    Not able to access the Natwest app on my iPad.

  • Lewis

    Just can’t sign in, london UK, but don’t think location is anything to do with the status. Anyone with the Android app able to connect on April 20?

  • Katrina

    Down for me right now too, not been able to login for around an hour.

  • Ben

    The natwest servers are down, or at least the app isn’t working on my iPhone 6 Plus. Guess it’s for all UK users and models.

  • Dan

    getting the technical error message as well on iPhone 6 with iOS 8, any ideas when this problem will be fixed as can only access my account through mobile at this time?

  • Kel

    The natwest app isn’t working for me on an iPhone 5 running iOS 8.3.

Natwest App Reports

@kontigobeats @NatWest_Help Also be careful if they advise you to apply online for a quicker result, as they can't amend the lending amount up or down. They cannot alter online application results without advice. You have to apply again from the very beginning. Hopefully, this isn't the case for you! 😌

@NatWest_Help I was affected in the middle of this when u closed down my account putting me down

@hollybaz_ @NatWest_Help The new rate is certainly not 1.98 😂 it’s gone down to 1!

@RupaHuq @LloydsBank @EalingShopping @NatWest_Help @NorthfieldsAve @PitshangerW5 Thankfully, the securicor guard was fine after a sit down and a cup of tea.

@NatWest_Help @BorisJohnson shut this bank down.. they are stealkng months of customers leaving many struggling due to no funds when we actually have money that natwest have stole from us.. give us justice or we take them to court

@NatWest_Help Hi, did you know your member services/benefits login is down?

@NatWest_Help The website security certificate for your online banking ( has been down for weeks now, meaning that it's risky for anyone to sign onto it. I've reported this to my local branch & telephone banking, do you have any idea when it will be fixed?

@NatWest_Help I have called in to track down Simon Ivory who was or still is a personal banker.

@NatWest_Help why would you block my card when a regular deduction needs to go off and then not inform me. Now I’m told that you will only unblock if I phone! I cannot phone when locked down in another country. UNBLOCK MY DAMN CARD IMMEDIATELY. It is YOUR error!!! So fix it!!

@NatWest_Help Hello. I’ve just sent £150 to pay for my credit card. It’s shown having being taken out of my account as my amount has gone down, by my current account doesn’t show the actual payment and neither does my credit card

@NatWest_Help Natwest have to be the worst bank in the UK hands down, everything takes 2 weeks to get sorted. Can't use online banking because of their stone age system, which even when you get sorted they may randomly cancel it. Don't even think about using a 2nd/new phone.