Natwest App Down Today?

Customers who are with Natwest and use mobile banking on their smartphones, which can be on Android, Microsoft and iOS devices, sometimes have problems with their app, as of in the past there has been issues with error codes popping up, once the app is installed and doesn’t open, or they have trouble when downloading or updating, amongst many more other problems.

Natwest App Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If Natwest App is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Pete royals
2 years ago

App is crashing when you go to ‘approve transaction’.

Stephanie Doran
2 years ago

App not working again!!

Justine Ashley
2 years ago

Mine is down too tried to speak to customer service and no 68 out of 89 people. Same message coming up. I rely on my app so not happy grr Natwest sort it out.

Aimee Williams
2 years ago

Same issue – unable to access mobile banking app, some crap about connectivity or not having the latest version of the app (though both are fine).

2 years ago

App not working this morning. I’m getting the “something went wrong message” on my iPhone X device. No service updates as far as I’m aware.

Zenab Shapuri
2 years ago

Same issue I am having to.

Stephen Wilson
2 years ago

App not working and no information on status page .

2 years ago

Same on iPhone! Fingers crossed it works soon.

Ada Walker
2 years ago

3/12/21 App says, sorry some kind of error has occurred, blah, blah, blah. There are no service updates today, the app is up to date and I’ve reset it but still no joy. Hope this gets fixed soon. Android 11.

Xing Lee
2 years ago

Have you sorted this out? Having the same problem know my Huawei.

Chris Barton-Fox
2 years ago

Face detection will not work in spite of great lighting and my face clearly in the red lines, It still says no face detected !

Melita Bruce
2 years ago

Can’t download the NatWest app on Google pixel. Went to a bank branch and even the bank manager and staff were also unable to download it on my phone.

Richard George
2 years ago

Android app hanging after log in, with rotating red cubes on screen and nothing else happening ?

Steve Fox
2 years ago

Having same problem on my Samsung Galaxy and on my ipad, but PC is ok.

T' rip
2 years ago

latest update to7.08.0000.10 leaves me with one of two errors only and has never logged in. App crash to desktop or an error has occurred. Haven’t tried uninstalling, I am in an area where I can not connect to a mobile network so, as I think they send you an sms that I never will get reinstalling would fail. Will have try that when I get home

Malcolm Durnford
3 years ago

Natwest Mobile App not working on Samsung A50s. Keeps giving “We’re sorry, some kind of problem has occurred when trying to establish a connection between your device and ourselves”.
Wifi is enabled (tried on wifi and 4g connection)
Have reinstalled the App and tried uninstalling “Android System Webview” updates (known to cause problems a few weeks ago.
Happening on two Samsung A50s devices but OK on my iPhone.

LightPuddle .
3 years ago

I had the same. Uninstalled then Installed and that cured it. Presumably an upgrade which had a fault. You have to enter customerid/pin/banking app password and do TFA to re-register account

3 years ago

Every time I try and open natwest app it just shuts down!! Is their a reason for this?

3 years ago
Reply to  Rucksana Ali

Yes it’s getting annoying it’s keeps freezing won’t let me on at all

Nicky Comley
3 years ago

Updated my phone but kept number and transferred all to new phone, now when trying to log in I keep getting a message that they are struggling to get a connection even though I have full WiFi showing and connection is fine on anything else

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