Netflix Problems

With millions of accounts activated, Netflix at some point will run into problems, as like most video streaming services due to unexpected demand, server issues or even planned maintenance. As you can imagine for those who have planned a night in can be slightly annoyed when any of these issues occur, especially if the downtime is longer than expected. Many have also reported that there’s also been distorted quality, having trouble loading, login in or even no connection for an unknown reason.

Netflix Status insight for Wednesday 30th of September 2020

If Netflix is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Netflix Reports

@notcgh I was watching French Netflix 2 days ago and now itโ€™s not working ๐Ÿ˜ญ

is netflix down or my shit not workin

Dear @netflix my @theflutterwave Netflix card is not working on your platform

Is anyone elseโ€™s Netflix not working ??? #netflixdown ??

Dear @FlwSupport & @theflutterwave your virtual Netflix card is not working why?

im having some trouble with my netflix payment, tried a lot of different card but it still not working :( could somebody else pls help me or at least tell me what to do :(

Brown grandparents: "you children just sit on the phone 24/7 and watch Netflix " Also brown grandparents: " WHY IS THE WIFI NOT WORKING!!!????"

@vincestaples "we at war" mfs not working, watching Netflix, then going to a violent protest all night and talk about how much of a warrior you are

Netflix really hating, yโ€™all know WentWorth back on and the shit not working, if you tryna tease me just say thatttt!!!

why my netflix not working oi

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@Netflixhelps netflix in metro manila, philippines is not working right now? Is it down?