Netflix Problems

With millions of accounts activated, Netflix at some point will run into problems, as like most video streaming services due to unexpected demand, server issues or even planned maintenance. As you can imagine for those who have planned a night in can be slightly annoyed when any of these issues occur, especially if the downtime is longer than expected. Many have also reported that there’s also been distorted quality, having trouble loading, login in or even no connection for an unknown reason.

Netflix Status insight for Tuesday 11th of August 2020

If Netflix is down today, then reports will be found below.

Netflix Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Scouser 1

    Still no netflix’s now 24hours. How long before it’s back.

  • Dan

    I’m just trying to see why Netflix is not working on my TV, but works on my laptop and through the app on an iPhone.

  • Ciaran O’Brien

    Guys, connect to a phone hotspot. Play the show/movie, put: re-connect home wifi and voila. Virgin should get it fixed by 9th Dec they say

  • Isobel

    Can’t get Netflix on Virgin Media this evening.

  • Kate

    Netflix allows me to play a movie or TV show but it plays for a bit then stops with the spinning wheel, basically stuck on buffering.

  • Caron

    All my friends asking me “is Netflix down” and the answer to that is yes and no, because it doesn’t know if it wants to be online or offline. When online I cannot play anything.

  • Ryan

    I have no Netflix, keeps trying to load and nothing. Basically keeps redirecting to a page and then it says they are having streaming issues.

  • Lilliam R. Perry

    watch “vice” only on this web …> MOVIESNEW002.BLOGSPOT.COM <…

  • Tom

    Not loading movies but TV series are working fine

  • brianzion

    netfix not opening on virgin media for 9hrs

  • Tracey hancock

    Keeps going on off, saying no internet connection despite internet been on. Buffers during programme then goes off. Sheffield.
    Reported to virgin media was okay for about 30 mins then off again.

  • Thomas Clancy

    Netflix stopping as soon as I load a programme . Tried 3 times and vigile media has had to restart 3 times. Really annoying !

  • daisy

    netflix stops every 2 mins to buffer! very irritating

  • daisy

    same here

  • Anne

    Netflix not working from yesterday say can’t connect and try again or visit help. Visit help displays a problem and won’t show help/support. Wifi and internet working fine. Is Netflix down all over?

  • Armookie Russell

    Netflix down in the UK leeds area

  • Sarah Towers

    I watch Netflix on my xbox 360 and for the past 4 days it keeps stopping and buffering then playing for a few mins then back to stopping. Its very frustrating. Is anyone else having this problem in South Yorkshire?

  • angela

    I get 30seconds into a show and it freezes then cuts off. Mainly in the afternoons and mornings. For the last month or two. I have mine via TiVo box.

  • Jozef

    Could not watch Netflix, and so did an Internet update for my Samsung tv. Worked afterwards but really slow loading !!

  • Lisa Sheraton

    I’m having same issue , blk screen

  • Rach

    It says that netflix can’t load a programme, loads to 25% and gives up and then now I can’t even log in to Netflix as it cannot load

  • Rambo Nuxoll

    Has been saying “we’re having trouble playing this title, for anything I pick, for two days now. What’s the problem???. Post falls, idaho

  • Katie

    I have the Apple TV and been trying to connect to Netflix but unable to. I can click on the Netflix app and it opens but the problem lies when trying to watch a movie, it just says, “sorry this title cannot be watched instantly at this time.”

  • Joan

    Is Netflix down May 16th?

  • Hope

    Literally like 3 a times a week Neflix shuts off and stops working. I wanted to load a decent show and it keeps getting stuck half way through. The whole screen has frozen now.

  • Jean

    I am trying to find the Evel Knievel documentary on Netflix but when i click on anything to do with the search nothing is happening.

  • Caz Jonty Kenyon

    Was watching Netflix and suddenly went off, when I tried to watch again won’t let me in, keeps saying that Netflix is initialising.

  • Linzi

    netflix loads then sticks at 25% on evry series I’ve already been watching, so annoying please hurry and fix

  • Ian Bower

    Netflix down for me ATM.

  • ura bum

    yea i cant even log into netflix on my samsung galaxy s7 can anyone help me. Logging into the browser is fine, but the samsung app just doesnt work.

  • Jo kirby

    netflix down sgain today 2 days in a row now keeps coming uo with ..unexpected error.

  • lginie

    error message “unexpected error, please reload” can’t watch anything at the moment

  • Charlie hollifield

    I am having a problem with Netflix on my smart TV

  • Sean Tenety

    Unable to access netflix for 2 weeks now on any device,canceling account tomorrow if they do not fix it. Down detector has it down every day now.

  • chromeronin

    I can’t even logon to the netflix site to log a problem with them. As soon as I authenticate, it gives me a permission error 403 forbidden, or from my samsung client it just fails to connect after I provide the login credentials.

  • Karen Rice

    Cannot login to Netflix on TiVo box error nw-3-16

  • Amazing

    Mine is down on my iPad it’s been down for ages. It keeps saying cannot connect to tittle. What does that mean???

  • Robert Cairns

    My Netflix is down on my Xbox 360, gets stuck at 25% and just stays there. Had just recently started working again and now this same error again

  • Scotty

    Issues getting Netflix App to launch on Xbox One since 5th Nov. Tried reinstalling app but no joy. Hard reboot of Xbox ( holding power button for ten seconds whilst on) rectified the issue as app launched straight after 🙂

  • Bevy v

    Can login into netflix on my smart TV… Xbox… firestick, kindle or phone. This is going on for 2 days now and I know that it hasn’t been cancelled. It keeps saying incorrect login/password. Does anyone have the same problem?? It’s frustrating!!

  • Peach bonici

    It won’t load the app to even get on the Home page this is happening threw my PS3 I’m in Essex

  • Chris Nazon

    Netflix freezes whenever I try to watch it on my PS3. This just started happening this morning

  • James Dennington

    This problem has been like this for the last 3 month you cannot get passed 25% and they are charging you more getting really pissed off, you don’t have this problem on Amazon

  • Mv

    Netflix error on iPad says can’t load this title try again later but works on computer and smartphone

  • Roberto

    Netflix is launching on my Apple TV, but then as soon as it does it crashes.

  • Molly

    I cannot get my Netflix to work on my television, I am located in Stoke on Trent.

  • Sandy

    I have a sharp device i bought back in 2011 and i seem to have streaming issues with Netflix.

  • Leanne

    Everything I watch on Netflix has an issue and can’t currently be played. Constant error messages in the middle of every single program and film. Now the bloody thing has frozen with 5 minutes left of a film. Fed up. I watch only on my tv.

  • Marianne Bienvenu

    Netflix is not working on any of my Fire devices. Works fine on my Galaxy S7 Edge and on my PC browser.

  • Charlotte Chapman

    Hi I live in Kent, virgin Tivo customer, titles either go to 25% or it will play then part way through it will come up with a message saying ‘were having trouble playing this title please try again later’ my friend also has this trouble. We find though using an app on a tablet or phone works fine though. Seems it’s a problem with the tivo boxes!!

  • Charlotte Chapman

    Netflix on my virgin tivo and my friends tivo keeps cutting out, we get the message that reads, ‘we are having trouble playing this title please try later’ we can press ok, then go straight back into it, but it keeps cutting out, but if you plan it on a tablet or phone and cast it on Chromecast it’s fine!

  • Erika

    Netflix is down for me, tried on the web, phone and PS4 and nothing.

  • Otis

    My Netflix app is not working on my Virgin Tivo box. So I decided to try it on my iPhone and its not working there either, i have checked my connection and its fine.

  • Keri Collins

    Amazon Fire. Netflix starts and then stops and buffers for a LONG TIME. Then it plays for 2-3 minutes only to stop again. It likes to buffer at 25 and 99%.

    Cedar Rapids,Ia

  • Gareth Reeves

    Been poor for months 25% buffering issue on a 150mbps onternet connection. Now will not play anything.

  • Robin Thomas

    Live Maesteg , Wales getting fed up with it now considering cancelling it. Keeps on stopping saying no connection only see half the film at a time. Shoot me now.

  • Jo

    2 nights of distorted screen and juddering and buffering every few minutes. All other wireless gadgets working fine, switched them all off too to stop so much demand and still no good. This is disturbing my Luther-a-thon!!!

  • Timothy Fudge

    I have sound but the screen is choppy green! In Sudbury Ontario!

  • SusieQ

    Having similar problems in Derbyshire. We have a Panasonic smart tv and btinternet wifi. Just had faster broadband installed too. Like to warch Suits and House of Cards and have given up at the moment. Really annoying.

  • Emma

    I live in Cambridge. My Netflix has been stuck buffering at 25% for most of the programmes. I’m using an Amazon Fire Stick and a Samsung Smart TV. I am a Virgin Media customer too (TiVo, very fast broadband – both of which are fine, so the Netflix issue seems to be with the sticks and the TV smart hub independently). It started about 2 weeks ago and in the past 24 hours has become virtually unwatchable – just buffers everything at 25%, although one gave me hope after buffering just as it got to 99% (!).
    Anyone got any ideas/solutions yet?

  • RobC

    We have the same Netflix problem with Virgin media, samsung TV. Tends to be really bad with House of Cards.

  • jeanette

    am having the same problem.

  • jeanette

    I now have sound but no picture. Is anyone else suffering the same problem. Was working earlier today

  • Sarah S

    Having exactly the same problem in Wollongong, Australia. No titles on Netflix will load past 25%. Been this way for the past 3 days. All my devices are having the same issue (Xbox one, PS4, and iPhone). Tried restarting, closing the application, updating. Called Netflix, they’re in complete denial of the problem. They say it’s my internet provider. I can stream online movies, watch YouTube, and online game with no issues at all. Lowest internet speed is >23mbps. My friends are having the same issue, different internet provider, different area. Still. Netflix say there’s no problem and have now advised me to call the manufacturer – Apple, Sony and Microsoft. What a joke.

  • kgbb

    For the last 5 days it keeps stopping to buffer/load, plays a few minutes, then does it again. This is streaming thru my PS3. Works fine on my laptop though. My speeds are in the 50 Mbps range, so it’s not my wireless speed.

  • Roz

    Anyone else had problems this week with Netflix? I can log on but its keeps telling me oops there seems to be a problem, any advice ?

  • Atheana

    Can’t log on

  • jose

    Am having trouble watching nexflex, it’s goes on and I can hear the movie but I can’t see the movie. Please responce I have nexflex on my Samsung note 3 phone. If anyone else is having the same issue plesse write back am in queens ny untied states

  • yvonne blair

    Is anyone else having issues with payment? My card expired, put in new details but wont reactivate account! There is enough money in my account to cover the payment. Been trying now for 24 hrs its driving me nuts

  • Gillian

    Netflix worked till 11 last night then stopped. Won’t load at all. Or this morning!

  • matt

    Netflix not working in abbotsford bc ps4 it logs in but when I click on a show or movie to watch it it just sits at 25% won’t do anything else

  • Cam

    Melbourne, Australia. This is driving me insane. Have Netflix acknowledged an issue here???

  • tatted up dreadhead

    Man I think everyone should get a free month. .I’m upset wtf

  • Pro_SC

    Netflix is not loading as of late this afternoon in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Samsung 8500 series smart tv, BUMMER!!!! I just get to the red screen and it just does not load!

  • Guy Davidson

    Netflix working on all my devices except my PS4. What’s up with that?

  • CFandHappy

    Fine yesterday, but today I get “App Temporarily Unavailable – (A01)” and that’s on my TIVO box!?? I’m in London, England.

  • Richy

    Netflix not working here in Scotland for the last 3 days.

  • kristi

    Netflix not working on xbox one in st thomas ontario

  • Dib

    In London SW5 Netflix on Tv has been unable to load any kind of film for the past 4 days! Message saying ‘please try again later’ internet connection is fine.

  • jessica

    Nextflix on my ps3 keep buffering n sometimes not even working help please

  • Cheryl

    Netflix is not playing for me, well i say that what i mean is it plays for all of about 10 minutes and then it cuts off. Then when I try to play again it comes up with an error where i cannot play and to try again later.

  • Karen

    In Dorset, not working on xbox 3 hours ago and now on tv. All very well with the problems, but paying for a service that isnt working as played up last night too. Its not in!!

  • netflix user123

    it was working a while ago but it stopped within the last hour, any ideas why?

  • Sam Butler

    Down yesterday and today on broadband connection provided by EE.

  • Ron

    Devon . Internet no problem Netflix only does 1 minute download then aborts, happened last three days

  • Aimee

    Doncaster, UK! Samsung Smart TV! Always saying no connection but ive checked the Internet turned everything off and still nothing

  • Elaine

    In Dumfries and Galloway. I have Netflix on the wii. It worked fine until a couple of days ago. App loads okay and I am able to select title but whatever I choose will not load. All other apps on the wii work fine.

  • Gem N Price

    Netflix loads app. But when wanting to watch a video it is stuck on the loading sign. Have re-set device and Internet works fine on other apps. Using iPhone 5c. In Wales, UK.

  • Z10

    Yeah I’m in aylesbury same problem netflix screen just keeps loading on my ps3 and Internet connection is perfect

  • Courtney

    Netflix was working about six hours ago. Checked internet to see if that was problem, but it’s not. Netflix stays on the ‘loading’ screen. It’s on the ps3…I’m in Barnsley, UK

  • Karkeys

    Netflix has been down in Chilliwack BC quite a few days nows. Kinda getting pist. What am i paying for?

  • Anne-Marie Hayes

    Where is Netflix? Come to bed early to watch a film and it won’t load on anything!!!

  • Denise

    Noooo just settled down to watch Netflix and it’s not working!! This is the first time this has happened….please fix as I need my nightly fix of The Good Wife..I’m in Hertfordshire, UK..

  • Chase

    In Trinity Florida and Netflix is not working on my Apple TV.

  • Mogan

    I am in Dorset UK and have no Netflix at all, having problems logging in with my email.

  • Kate

    Netflix is down in California, whats happening?

  • DeeDee

    It’s just went down for me in Michigan this SUCKS doesn’t work on my android phone or my smart t.v. how long will this last

  • Julie

    It’s been down for days for me! It keeps giving me the error message where I should try again later or choose another title. I pick like 3 different shows and it still gives me the same message. It’ll play the episode for less than 30 seconds then give me the error message. I tried EVERYTHING’nn I’m on a PS3, I updated, restarted the whole system and my wifi router, deleted the app and re installed it, I tried all of these multiple times and I’m STILL getting the same results time after time for about 3 or 4 days now. I’m going crazy over here someone help!!!!!!

    Located in Delaware County, PA

  • Crystal Campbell

    Down today on my wii…it start to load then it just stop loading please fix

  • Jean

    Down today…and down yesterday…

    I Run it on My XBOX 360

  • Tana

    Down in Las Vegas, NV 🙁 I need my American Horror Story

  • Joy

    Down in Upper Darby PA

  • Michelle M

    Oh yeah im back up and running c ya I need to finish watching vampire diaries

  • Michelle M

    Wow I’m looking at some of the post and this has been going on for a while I wonder if there going to give some kinda of credit .

  • Michelle M

    Down in buffalo ny 🙁

  • Chris

    Down in MT as well!!

  • Heike Jones

    It’s down in NC as well. Error 1011

  • Bella Robinson

    Down in RI. I am using a samsung chromebook. Oct 15 2015 at 5;35 pm est

  • Kimbrt

    It’s down in Merrillville, IN

  • Katie Joyanna

    My Netflix on my ps4 just stopped abruptly it says Netflix has encountered an error retrying in 179 seconds and its code nw-2-5 im in Outer Banks North Carolina please help !!urg

  • Kharma-Sel Turner

    Can’t access anything on my pc, it says there is an unexpected error. reload the page and try again. Done that a thousand times. Nothing. Seems to work OK on my Ipad though!

  • sdgfeeder

    On my PS4, Netflix loads to 25% then stops working, tried reinstalling still not working, and my Amazon prime is not working, can get to opening menus but as soon as I choose something gets to loading screen and won’t go know further. This has been happening for over 24 hours now.

  • BigMac

    Can’t process request on anything I try to stream on roku.

  • Asher Tabak

    Doesn’t load I tried closing the app and then opening it and I deleted it and downloaded it back

  • It says service unavailable when I go the website.

  • Amay

    Sept 20th, Sony blu-ray/3D player.

    “We’re having trouble playing this title right now….” (blah blah blah). Says that on everything. On the same day Amazon is having major site wide issues.

  • LisaL

    Sept 20th and down today….

    Here’s the error message I’m getting on my PC
    ” Netflix Error
    We were unable to process your request.
    Please go to the Netflix home page by clicking the button below.
    Netflix Home
    ZUUL “

  • Laquita

    Netflix Site Error and then downloads something

  • amy

    mine says that there is a netflix site error

  • CP

    Just updated netflix app on PS3 and now the X button does nothing on either of my controllers (in app only) and all videos stop loading at 25%

    App works fine on my Galaxy 5

  • James Gonad

    What does “wonna” mean. I’m from Liverpool

  • blanca

    Mine dnt work on any device says try again on all

  • Zeus o’ the North

    Netflix stopped working on my wii last night. Still works on my ps3, computer and ipad

  • Tracy Blanchard

    Mine is the same Richmondhill Ontario.

  • Daniel Severo Estrázulas

    After the last update netflix stops at 25% on ps4. Working good on desktop.

  • Same issue on each device. Also requested a password verification but did not receive email.

  • Sandy

    Mine takes me to the home page I put my email & password and it won’t let me log in it says something about having trouble try later I try sending an email as well but I get nothing

  • Fairy

    Cannot get Netflix to open from my Xbox One, is the service down or is it something else?

  • Sarah Turley

    This so annoying I got American Netflix on my ps4 but it won’t play it kept load till 25% than pop up say sorry can’t play please try other film but all exactly same thing so annoying please Netflix sorting it out you can see loads of people’s complaints about it

  • MilkyWay123

    Same issue as others. Loads show and plays for 10 minutes or so then stops and loads until 25%. When I go back to homepage it stops with the Netflex screen or may say can’t load -connection lost. Once in awhile it will start playing again after the 25% stop but will only play for another 5-10 minutes and repeat the process. Very annoying.

  • Anon

    Cant watch

  • paige

    loads to 25% then stops on every movie

  • Gothling

    I often watch on my mobile first thing in the morning but this morning was informed my mobile wasn’t compatible with the product or some such nonsense…..really? Coz it was yesterday 😠 Now I have to do stuff! Unhappy!!

  • Billie

    My netflix is down on my macbook and i need to watch the new season of orange is the new black :'(

  • AG12259

    Doesnt let me watch Naruto… Was on before… 21/06/2015

  • charlie

    mine says VIDEO ERROR then below This video is currently having technical issues. pls help

  • skinny

    Netflix Site Error

    We were unable to process your request.


  • Renee

    Netflix allows me to login, I can search and scroll through its content but the problem comes when trying to play something. It shows say a movie but will not stream.

  • rhys mcdonald

    it doesnt allow me to watch more than 10 seconds of certian series or films, the only good seriers of films there is

  • Elias Mcdermott

    “Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later.” I cant watch all the films I wonna watch, but the ones i can watch i dont like? Birmingham, England

  • Tin

    In Baltimore i try to load Netflix but does not load.

  • Constatine

    I am located in Kissimmee, FL and Netflix is not opening for me.

  • Clarissa

    So my Netflix keeps saying ” we are having trouble viewing this title, try something else, or try later” or whatever and it says that on every title . its been like this for 3 days.I have it on the ps4

  • Judith

    Netflix down now for 2 days, Vancouver BC Canada

  • Thomas

    We have our Modem at the far end of the house so we purchased a signal booster and it worked fine. I watched Netflix last night and had trouble switching profiles. This a.m. I got no access to Netfilx except their screen that offers their service at $9.00 per month. I paid up-to-date. Any ideas as to why Netflix does’t recognize me as an account holder?

  • Eric Wileaver

    So I switch profiles and it worked.

  • Eric Wileaver

    4/21 and 4/22
    Central Illinois
    “We’re having trouble playing this title right now. Please try again later or select a different title.”
    Going to log out and back in and see if that works.

  • Tonia

    On my Samsung smart tv for the record

  • Tonia

    Upstate NY here…. 2 days with every title coming up ” We having trouble with this title right now, please try something else”. Thanks I have and NOTHING is playing…..

  • Sandy Holliday

    Netflix down in Ohio

  • Amanda

    Netflix is not working for my Nintendo Wii. It started having problems with streaming and connection since last night.

  • Ron

    netflix down in nyc.

  • TheDorkOne

    Netflix isn’t working on my PS3 today.

  • Patricia

    I am in Alaska and Netflix is down.

  • Janus

    Netflix is down for me in St Louis, Missouri.

  • Jonas

    Its not working on the PS3 either Dora.

  • Dora

    Not able to get Netflix working on my xbox.

  • QD

    Netflix down in Camden Town, London

  • Les

    Mine down on laptop today – edinburgh

  • Jerry

    Netflix error code code nw-1-19, is anyone else getting this, what does it mean?

  • Randalph

    My movie stream stopped half way through, whats going on Netflix?

  • Jordan

    In the middle of a tv show and Netflix goes down on me.

  • Gill

    My Netflix down in Wellington, Somerset (14.3.15 /20.08 hours) -is there anything we can do?

  • Bob

    Some videos show a blank green screen, while others work fine. really strange.

  • Mel

    Is Netflix having problems today? It’s not working for me, was wondering if it’s down.

  • Bill

    Is Netflix Down today? Not able to login.

  • brittanie89

    I’m in Missouri and last night my daughters watched netflix on PlayStation intell 9ish , it was not even an 45 minutes after my daughters went sleep
    I went to Netflix on PlayStation It had to be updated before I could get on Netflix so I did the update and that Damn fast Netflix wasn’t working kept saying error can’t connect to Netflix so I pressed the PlayStation Button to check internet connection and everything was fine . so login into Netflix on my phone and was able to watch Netflix , figured surely by now its working on PlayStation wrong so login using my tablet surprise surprise it Worked . I did some research and lots of people was having the same issue , I decided to try what a gamer had suggested
    was to login into Netflix on PC or phone go to account settings and logout of all devices that was connected to Netflix, Guess what that didn’t work either , by this time I was pissed so i deleted Netflix on PlayStation reinstalled it and it started working ….. If I was able to login to Netflix on phone/tablets but not PlayStation does that mean its PlayStation error or is it Netflix ????

  • janet

    I could connect to Netflix last week but not yesterday or the day before. Not tried today. Error is that I am connected to the wireless network but not to the internet – but I can use ITVplayer and can get internet access on my PC etc.

  • Brian

    It won’t connect at all in Texas and a friend tells me it’s down in ocean county nj

  • Nathan

    This connection error is bugging me, especially considering I am paying for this service.

  • Shannon

    Netflix is down in Troy, MI.

  • Lex

    Nothing but a connection error screen.

  • Emily

    Once again, Down in jacksonville fl.

  • Branden

    Down in Kent, UK. Hopefully streaming will be back up soon.

  • Laurin

    Down in New Hampshire and the same for family in st louis mo.

  • Pete

    Down in Indiana, still not back for me.

  • Ron

    PC users also have Netflix problems today.

  • Lewis

    Netflix app down on Xbox One.

  • Mike

    Was catching up on some episodes I saved for just today, why is it still down?

  • Tony

    Cant get Netflix streaming, I am in London UK.

  • Kerry

    Nightmare, Netflix is down right now.

  • Bob

    The website has problems and I cannot connect with Netflix on my Apple TV as well.

  • joathan

    website down. down on 360, 3ds

  • Eli

    Down on the PS3 and my laptop browser in Long Island

  • Chris K

    Netflix seems to be out of action today for me in Bristol, is there anywhere I can get information?

  • Tristan Saunders-Moses

    Since the latest bug fix on Ipad it’s buggier than ever – keeps stalling at 99%, constant buffering issues and starting films in the middle. Bit crap really!

  • Unhappy in Tennessee

    having issues on PS4 in Tennessee but works on PC. Not happy at all.

  • Kara

    Here in England, Netflix’s has been down for about 3 weeks for me! Constantly takes forever to load, says there’s pkayback problems & constant errors. I’m paying for a service that I’m not even getting.. 🙁

  • Will

    Not working in Chicago, Christmas is coming Netflix, sort it out.

  • Kat

    Down in Salt Lake Utah. Hope it’s not having problems over the holidays.

  • Roy

    Netflix is down in dorset right now, I cannot load films

  • Mel

    No Netflix all day

  • Alan

    Just settled down to watch some Sunday night Netflix but can’t get logged in.

  • Justin Taylor

    Wasn’t working on my Tivo box, but after turning off and leaving it for a bit, normal service has been resumed.

  • Carol

    Why have I no Netflix , it will not load!! 2 days now!!

  • Ron

    Down for me in Austin Tx, so happy I have Amazon TV!

  • Chantel

    Still not working for me. NC USA

  • Paul

    All started to work again or me but now I get a green screen when I am watching a TV show

  • Cath

    Can’t watch anything In Eagle mountain ut
    Just now

  • Liz

    Not working, major problems today

  • Nolan

    Netflix is out again tonight in Plymouth, it seems it is down more than it is up lately!

  • Tony

    Netflix not loading. AGAIN. Manages to hit 25% then I loose connection every time. Netflix is becoming so unreliable for a paid service.

  • Sandy

    I’ve lost my star ratings too?? What’s going on with Netflix lately?

  • Jamie

    No idea how this happened, but my star ratings and all the My List have gone missing.

  • Rory

    Netflix still not working in Ulster tonight.

  • Mat

    No Netflix for me. Again.

  • Nathan

    Connection error on both the iPad and iPhone app for a few weeks now! It is working on my Apple TV and Wii.

  • Jon

    For 3 days i’ve had no Netflix, bet they still charge me for it though.

  • Ben Flemming

    Netflix loading screen stuck and nothing happening for last 3 hours. I don’t know what else to do.

  • Tony

    I keep getting this error “unfortunately netflix stopped”. Anyone know what the issue is?

  • Aiden

    The website isn’t loading in Costa Rica.

  • Holly

    I been getting this error message with Netflix for the last 5 hours, “We are having problems playing this title right now. Please try again later or select a different title.”

  • Mikey

    Cant watch any movies on Sunday, it just tells me to pick another movie to watch but none of the movies will play

  • Anna

    I’ve been unable to use Netflix since early this morning, it was working fine last night

  • Roderick

    I want a Netflix refund for the month of August.

  • Ash

    down for me too

  • James

    Netflix down for me

  • Karen Smith

    Can’t load DVD section properly, it is running really slow.

  • Linda

    I am having issues with the Netflix picture and I keep getting out of sync sound. Nothing I’ve tried is working.

  • Brandy

    I cannot get Netflix to work on ps3. I keep getting an error code saying Netflix Playback Error UI-113.

  • TommyT

    My streaming lags and the quality drops, not sure if it’s Netflix or my own network.

  • Sue

    Seems to buffering loads for the last 4 hours, although Netflix doesn’t seem to be offline.

  • Carroll

    I’ve not been able to load movies for a couple of hours, Netflix seems to be Down in Shelton, WA. This is really frustrating and I’m tired now.

Netflix Reports

@annatheanner i was worried for like two minutes when someone sent me an article saying how moira said netflix and cbc not working together wasn’t a problem i was a fool

Is Netflix down WTF?

My tv not working & I don’t wanna watch Netflix on my phone 🙄

My grandma gone call me asking me why the Netflix not working 😂 you mean cause I ain’t pay it lady

@ImGreenGuru Lol, what? I'm talking about passtimes, not work. You're obviously not working when you're whining on Twitter. That time could be spent watching Netflix or learning a musical instrument or something.

Everything and everyone is annoying MEEEE. Anxiety attack? Annoyed. My Netflix not working? Annoyed. If I breathe off rhythm? Annoyed.

43 ignored tweets? I'm about to outpace Talib. Can people really not tell when they're being ignored? I don't allow people to continuously ignore me. I take the non-verbal cues. Is Netflix down? I haven't checked. Imma D girl. Stop!

is anyone else's netflix not working um

Anyone else’s Netflix not working? 😢

Is my Netflix account the only one not working or wtf??????????? 😤😤😤

Amazon not working, neither is Netflix. What is PTA trying to block this time?

Anybody else’s Netflix not working?