Netflix Down Today?

With millions of accounts activated, Netflix at some point will run into problems, as like most video streaming services due to unexpected demand, server issues or even planned maintenance. As you can imagine for those who have planned a night in can be slightly annoyed when any of these issues occur, especially if the downtime is longer than expected. Many have also reported that there’s also been distorted quality, having trouble loading, login in or even no connection for an unknown reason.

Netflix Status insight for Tuesday 18th of June

If Netflix is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Bill Mair
11 months ago

Netflix not launching on my TV.
Works on my phone.

1 year ago

My Netflix not work connect damn.. we excited watch evening.. same everyone problem?

2 years ago

I have a family plan and paying top-end and Netflix is not working on Virgin; restarted everything, and no joy. NETFLIX!!!?? What is GOING ON¿¿¡¡¡ YOU CANNOT CHARGE FOLKS ANY NOT HAVE A SERVICE AVAILBLE ON ANYONE OF OPTIONS TO VIEW. We have a contract in place which says you will provide a service on many different viewing devices (viewing not seats).

I am very annoyed!

Dawn hodge
3 years ago

My Netflix keep going off when I turn it in all the time

Dawn hodge
3 years ago

My Netflix go’s off when watching all the time

Scouser 1
4 years ago

Still no netflix’s now 24hours. How long before it’s back.

4 years ago

I’m just trying to see why Netflix is not working on my TV, but works on my laptop and through the app on an iPhone.

Ciaran O'Brien
4 years ago

Guys, connect to a phone hotspot. Play the show/movie, put: re-connect home wifi and voila. Virgin should get it fixed by 9th Dec they say

4 years ago

Can’t get Netflix on Virgin Media this evening.

5 years ago

Netflix allows me to play a movie or TV show but it plays for a bit then stops with the spinning wheel, basically stuck on buffering.

5 years ago

All my friends asking me “is Netflix down” and the answer to that is yes and no, because it doesn’t know if it wants to be online or offline. When online I cannot play anything.

5 years ago

I have no Netflix, keeps trying to load and nothing. Basically keeps redirecting to a page and then it says they are having streaming issues.

Lilliam R. Perry
5 years ago

watch “vice” only on this web …> MOVIESNEW002.BLOGSPOT.COM <…

5 years ago

Not loading movies but TV series are working fine

5 years ago

netfix not opening on virgin media for 9hrs

Tracey hancock
6 years ago

Keeps going on off, saying no internet connection despite internet been on. Buffers during programme then goes off. Sheffield.
Reported to virgin media was okay for about 30 mins then off again.

Thomas Clancy
6 years ago

Netflix stopping as soon as I load a programme . Tried 3 times and vigile media has had to restart 3 times. Really annoying !

6 years ago

netflix stops every 2 mins to buffer! very irritating

6 years ago
Reply to  Sarah Towers

same here

6 years ago

Netflix not working from yesterday say can’t connect and try again or visit help. Visit help displays a problem and won’t show help/support. Wifi and internet working fine. Is Netflix down all over?

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