Netflix Problems

With millions of accounts activated, Netflix at some point will run into problems, as like most video streaming services due to unexpected demand, server issues or even planned maintenance. As you can imagine for those who have planned a night in can be slightly annoyed when any of these issues occur, especially if the downtime is longer than expected. Many have also reported that there’s also been distorted quality, having trouble loading, login in or even no connection for an unknown reason.

Netflix Status insight for Sunday 7th of March 2021

If Netflix is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Netflix Reports

Not my Netflix not working when I’m trying to waste time to avoid all the school work I still have to do

Not working out because my body wouldn't be able to handle the pressure yet. I was tempted to watch Yin Yang Master on Netflix (hey, I got myself smart TV last Xmas!), but I didn't fall into temptation

i just reread one of my all time fav fics and i wanna write a really long comment but for some reason my english is..not..working right now so before i‘m able to write that here’s a netflix cover instead:

is netflix down for anyone else rn?

lol is netflix down or what? I cant watch 😭

@Chris86767838 Havent seen Dark, but as I'm not working atm, ploughing through Netflix at a rate of knots 😀

Disney+ not working. Neither is Netflix. I may as well go to bed! 😣

Is Netflix down or is mine just being a wee cunt?!

is netflix down for everyone else

Youtube is not working anymore on my 8 yr old apple tv. Has anyone an alternative lying around with working youtube and netflix? My buget is € -20,-.

i’m sick so im not working :)) the only thing i do is im watching netflix series and after every episode i open youtube and stream some bts mvs and go to watch next ep 🪴