OkCupid Down Today?

OkCupid is another popular dating website that uses math to get you a date and those behind the site claim it’s very accurate. They can experience server issues from time-to-time, which include login and app problems along with OkCupid going down.

If you are simply wondering is OkCupid down today? Then take a look in the comments below or report any outage you see, also you can report issues through official support channels on the right of this page.

OkCupid Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

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swati Nakshatra
5 years ago

Today 7 March 2019 okcupi creating an issue and a probke. to login my account… It shows suspended account due to tems voilance. Kindly solve the isssue so that we can login my account again. Kindly tell me how can resolve this problm

Thanks & regd

6 years ago

I have made three accts and cannot sign into even ONE. Keep coming up wrong password and email for two weeks now. My profiles are clean and non offensive. I still get mail from them of matches, but when I try to click on them, it takes me to the sign in screen. I have them send me an email for a password, but they ever do. This is by far the biggest scam ever. So over it

6 years ago

Just signed up but can’t upload a photo and get past this stage

6 years ago

I can’t log in into OK Cupid this evening, I am in Boston May10, 2017

Beatrice Pollard
6 years ago

help i need to log in and talk to all the people who never respond to my messages

6 years ago

Been down since this morning. Can’t log in via app, website, nothing.

Scott Wallace
6 years ago

down today

7 years ago

On Friday in the middle of working in the program in my phone it through up the message that said my phone connection was not private and would not let me access it…help…thanks

7 years ago

Down, down, down, down down.

This site is – down, down, down, down, down, down.

7 years ago

OK cupid down on 6th Nov. 2016 when will be start working it.

7 years ago

The OK Cupid website is down, is this for maintenance or something?

Kate Byrd
7 years ago

It is saying they are having technical difficulties to try later, has been like that since last night. Thought maybe it was my email or password and sent for new password just in case and got nothing from them. Is it up or down? I have no problem with any other websites.

8 years ago

All I ever have are login issues with this social media dating platform. It never acknowledges my username when Intry to sign in wth my password, but it always responses appropriately with my e-mail address. However, when I forget my e-mail adress then I experience trouble signing in.

8 years ago

I have nothing but issues with this website, logging in seems to be rather difficult at the best of times. Just seems to me that the OKCupid servers are naff.

8 years ago

not down, but .css does not load, so effectively down: no images, no ability to send messages.

Virginia Mullins
8 years ago

Site just went down. When will it be back up

Somebody's WATCHING Me
8 years ago
Reply to  Hannah

Yep i haven’t been able to log in for a week via internet. Never downloaded the app.

8 years ago

Anyone else’s app not working today? Says the server had a meltdown?

8 years ago
Reply to  Benny

Cupid is definitely better as far as quality of women. I’ve never had problems logging in until today Aug 6

8 years ago

Is ok Cupid down tonight
Saturday August 1

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