OkCupid Problems

OkCupid is another popular dating website that uses math to get you a date and those behind the site claim it’s very accurate. They can experience server issues from time-to-time, which include login and app problems along with OkCupid going down.

If you are simply wondering is OkCupid down today? Then take a look in the comments below or report any outage you see, also you can report issues through official support channels on the right of this page.

OkCupid Status insight for Wednesday 30th of September 2020

If OkCupid is down today, then reports will be found below.

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OkCupid Reports

@okcupid hello mrs and mr cupid why is your app with so viele knöpfe

@okcupid Next time a dating app gets political, pull a William Wallace and cut it down.

@okcupid Why is the racist dating app on my feed???

@okcupid Okcupid is sort of like MySpace, only its considered a dating app that nobody uses, rather than a social media site.

@okcupid its been around 24 hrs since I paid for subscription without getting the services availed. Have asked for help from inside the app and mailed also with all the info but still no response. Please look into it.

@okcupid why does your app keep showing me people who are 7, sometimes 8 years younger than me when that doesn't match what I entered? weird that it's never 7 years older huh. bit creepy.

@okcupid Continue--> @okcupid, instead of hiring people to run your tweeter account, hire some technical people to fix your broken system. AND NO I don't want my money back, I want it to be fixed.

@okcupid hey @okcupid team, it's good to not be silent but first fix your broken system. This is not disturbing message, I've subscribed in your incognito subscription for a while and I see people like me left and right. You don't have phone number and you don't reply to messages.

The dating app @okcupid asks you if you would rather lose your right to bear arms or your right to vote. I immediately rule out anyone who picks the latter. Because what the fuck is wrong with those people? But I guess Amy Barrett is one of those people. twitter.com/ariberman/stat…

Hey @bumble @okcupid how many of the women on your app will display “Notorious ACB” phrases or merch before you suspend or block them? 🙄#AmyConeyBarrett

@DamonaHoffman @okcupid @MichaelKayePR Also i feel like you should understand how bad that sounds. I don't have to vote to get dates on that dating app, even though 60-70% of their users are extremely political and they have many questions that are political and mostly left intended, so what am i supposed to think?