OkCupid Problems

OkCupid is another popular dating website that uses math to get you a date and those behind the site claim it’s very accurate. They can experience server issues from time-to-time, which include login and app problems along with OkCupid going down.

If you are simply wondering is OkCupid down today? Then take a look in the comments below or report any outage you see, also you can report issues through official support channels on the right of this page.

OkCupid Status insight for Tuesday 4th of August 2020

If OkCupid is down today, then reports will be found below.

OkCupid Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • swati Nakshatra

    Today 7 March 2019 okcupi creating an issue and a probke. to login my account… It shows suspended account due to tems voilance. Kindly solve the isssue so that we can login my account again. Kindly tell me how can resolve this problm

    Thanks & regd

  • Rm

    I have made three accts and cannot sign into even ONE. Keep coming up wrong password and email for two weeks now. My profiles are clean and non offensive. I still get mail from them of matches, but when I try to click on them, it takes me to the sign in screen. I have them send me an email for a password, but they ever do. This is by far the biggest scam ever. So over it

  • Tj

    Just signed up but can’t upload a photo and get past this stage

  • bostonbeans

    I can’t log in into OK Cupid this evening, I am in Boston May10, 2017

  • Beatrice Pollard

    help i need to log in and talk to all the people who never respond to my messages

  • yethica

    Been down since this morning. Can’t log in via app, website, nothing.

  • Scott Wallace

    down today

  • HELP

    On Friday in the middle of working in the program in my phone it through up the message that said my phone connection was not private and would not let me access it…help…thanks

  • SarahTratch

    Down, down, down, down down.

    This site is – down, down, down, down, down, down.

  • MAS

    OK cupid down on 6th Nov. 2016 when will be start working it.

  • Jamie

    The OK Cupid website is down, is this for maintenance or something?

  • Kate Byrd

    It is saying they are having technical difficulties to try later, has been like that since last night. Thought maybe it was my email or password and sent for new password just in case and got nothing from them. Is it up or down? I have no problem with any other websites.

  • Chris

    All I ever have are login issues with this social media dating platform. It never acknowledges my username when Intry to sign in wth my password, but it always responses appropriately with my e-mail address. However, when I forget my e-mail adress then I experience trouble signing in.

  • Marty

    I have nothing but issues with this website, logging in seems to be rather difficult at the best of times. Just seems to me that the OKCupid servers are naff.

  • not down, but .css does not load, so effectively down: no images, no ability to send messages.

  • Virginia Mullins

    Site just went down. When will it be back up

  • Somebody’s WATCHING Me

    Yep i haven’t been able to log in for a week via internet. Never downloaded the app.

  • Hannah

    Anyone else’s app not working today? Says the server had a meltdown?

  • km

    Cupid is definitely better as far as quality of women. I’ve never had problems logging in until today Aug 6

  • Linus

    Is ok Cupid down tonight
    Saturday August 1

  • Benny

    Is OK Cupid better than Plenty of Fish? Because at the moment OK Cupid is playing up. Profiles not showing, sometimes cannot even login and page loading up to slow.

  • Kiley

    I can login to OK Cupid but no profiles are showing up for me. The site is not down i know that, but why are the profiles not showing up for me?

  • Timmie

    The website had an connection error message for me, seems to be up and running again. Hopefully a one off glitch today.

  • Delores

    OkCupid website was down for me just now. I got all panicky and then it came back online after about 5 minutes.

  • Cougarkillz

    OKcupid is down for me too. I can’t get on at all.

  • Lou

    Is ok Cupid down for anyone else tonight?

  • Ryan mulholland

    How do I fix my saving on gta 5 online

  • me

    OK Cupid is down today around 10 am. Indonesia, Feb 16, 2015

  • MerAlene

    OK Cupid is down for me today – can’t get on android app or full site. I’m in the US, however. – January 7, 2015

  • Claire99

    Okcupid Can log on but no profile or dating info?

  • Daniel

    So, OK Cupid is not working out how I thought it would. Any alternative other than Tinder?

  • Jane

    It’s not working for me today.

  • Joey

    I’m having problems signing in, anyone else? I’m in the UK, London.

  • Sue

    Looks like there has been a few problems today with OkCupid, I’ve not been able to connect to their website and think it is down. May 8th, 2014.

  • Emilia

    Not had any problems since the OkCupid servers went down on April 25th, 2014.

OkCupid Reports

@okcupid Tired: Lame Tweets, that distract from a broken website. Wired: Not intentionally destroying the website, stop banning users without telling them why, fix search.... not be a jackass.

Can we have a lgbt poc dating app type situation? @okcupid is just real...ya know. 🤦🏾‍♀️

@allesevolution How about creating an AI that could filter out dickpics? It could greatly improved your UX for women. "Dear user, the image you received is with 77% likelihood a dickpic. Do you want to see it?" @okcupid @Tinder @bumble @happn_app

@blkophelia @penofrage @hydrothemc @MerleneKayleigh @MuvaofGotti @colttaine @okcupid @BLS_gov @pewresearch Maybe women are forced to stay home with their kids and that causes the gap. If true, women with no kids should be working the same amount as men in the workforce as there is no reason not to since there is no reason to be on call and no extra household or child care duties.

@blkophelia @penofrage @hydrothemc @MerleneKayleigh @MuvaofGotti @colttaine @okcupid @BLS_gov @pewresearch Other @BLS_gov data (see below) indicates that 61% of families have both parents employed (bls.gov/opub/ted/2017/…), but does not indicate whether the mothers are working full-time or part-time. The American Time Use Survey does have an answer in Table 8B. Let's check that out. pic.twitter.com/CsvEJDo7xL

@blkophelia @penofrage @hydrothemc @MerleneKayleigh @MuvaofGotti @colttaine @okcupid @BLS_gov @pewresearch American Time Use Survey (with 2017 as an example) shows that women on average are not spending enough more time with their kids, doing chores, or anything else to justify women's lack of time working. On average, men just work more in America (considering both paid and unpaid). pic.twitter.com/bshXWHKPMD

@DavidMajer @okcupid Yes it’s normal practice. If you read other tweets and app reviews, people have been having issues for years with them randomly shutting down accounts without saying why. Even with people who paid for A-List. Customer service is non-existent. Likely never to get a response either

Dating apps need to stop annoying us with stuff like this. I need to know when I get a match and when someone messages me. I don’t need the app advertised to me everyday. @bumble @Tinder @okcupid pic.twitter.com/IchzE7m2h4

@okcupid the app is also so incredibly touch sensitive that im violently swiping people just lightly touching the screen or briefly forgetting that you tap instead of scrolling photos, please fix this?

@okcupid Yeah not with your terrible app. I know you guys don't actually care about your users, but of all the dumb things this company has done these past few years, this takes the cake

Your app is truly trash @okcupid like what am I supposed to do with this, and I get about 15 swipes per day before I’m cut off... pic.twitter.com/KWwQ6Ltrvs

@johnlewinski @MichaelKayePR @Forbes @okcupid For the record, @okcupid users hate the new design. It’s made it impossible to to find matches. What was once the best dating site out there, is now a poor version of Tinder. Just check out the reviews on Google + and the Apple App Store.