Outlook Problems

If you are running into Outlook problems, then you might find the service totally down today via their website, Android and iOS apps, or through other services. If Outlook.com isn’t experiencing an outage, you could be having sign-in related issues or you aren’t able to receive or send mail. Although if you do find something else, that’s happening, by leaving a comment below our writers will be able to guide you along the way until everything back up and running again.

Outlook Status insight for Sunday 19th of September 2021

If Outlook is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Outlook Reports

@Outlook This seriously the last straw. You're losing people to google all the time and you don't even have the decency to have a customer support number when your own program has issues? That's pathetic. Straight pathetic. I don't have the patience to deal with you anymore.

@MicrosoftHelps hello! Updated my husbands Xbox and it’s completely black and won’t work. He’s tried all the help online but doesn’t work. He’s tried requesting a call back with the virtual agent but gets the message “somethings gone wrong at our end”. Can you help?

@NicoleBarbaro @Outlook If you are on MacOS there’s a bug that causes the search issues. There is a fix albeit tedious

Anyone having @Outlook issues today? I thought I got fired because I couldn’t access one account 😂 but I keep getting email notifications. 🤦🏻‍♀️ #mondaythoughts

@MicrosoftHelps I just hope that I won't read any news from Microsoft concerning their engagement for the planet environment. Because THIS doesn't help it but heh... It won't be written on the reports since this is the CUSTOMERS who will do the work ! You deserve every existing slur.

@MicrosoftHelps I can't get Company Portal to work on my Samsung Note 20 Ultra. It worked a few days ago.... now it won't connect :( ??

Someone save me from @Microsoft's #sync technology! @MicrosoftEdge #favorites and @Outlook contacts have sync issues but they don't act on feedback. Initially, had major issues with @onedrive syncing. Time to go back to #Google...don't think I had any issues ever, @satyanadella!

@ohchantelle @Facebook @Outlook I experienced similar issues with my account, didn’t think anything could be done until I met @lardygod07919 on Twitter who helped me out in recovering my account.

🔔 #Outlook down? 🔗 Real-time status: servicesdown.com/services/outlo… 🔁 RETWEET if you are affected too. #OutlookDown #OutlookOutage (Possible problems since 2021-09-10 22:57:02)

@SusanWCockrell @OfficeInsider @Outlook Thank you Susan I have tried it, do they have any response time for blocking issues? I was not able to do appointments for more than 1 days span back then I have asked. TY again.