Outlook Problems

If you are running into Outlook problems, then you might find the service totally down today via their website, Android and iOS apps, or through other services. If Outlook.com isn’t experiencing an outage, you could be having sign-in related issues or you aren’t able to receive or send mail. Although if you do find something else, that’s happening, by leaving a comment below our writers will be able to guide you along the way until everything back up and running again.

Outlook Status insight for Saturday 15th of May 2021

If Outlook is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Outlook Reports

@Outlook Also, in app support FAILED to resolve issue and closed ticket for 2nd time. How do I reopen? Why is it taking 3 months to resolve Feb update issues? #customerexperience

@pauldambra @Outlook I spent most of last week trying to debug cross-domain cookie issues and saw this error a lot... I'd bet you a cookie it's something to do with adblock (or whatever variant you use). There's been a lot of subtle config changes in what they count as 'acceptable trackers' lately

@DigitalTrends has an update on the recent #outlookdown situation. Our tech desk was flooded with calls yesterday. Your fix should be working now. #WeFixComputers digitaltrends.com/news/microsoft…

@MIH_Dee @123regHelp @123reg @Outlook Oh that’s good your sorted 👍 mines definitely 123reg smtp issues but it’s intermittent. All emails have been sent now 🙃🤪

@NirvanaChocolat @123regHelp @123reg @Outlook It wasn’t actually a 123-reg problem. Microsoft’s new outlook has issues on Mac and it stops the emails coming through. If you use that, revert to old look and restart. :)

🔔 #Outlook down? 🔗 Real-time status: servicesdown.com/services/outlo… 🔁 RETWEET if you are affected too. #OutlookDown #OutlookOutage (Possible problems since 2021-05-12 03:57:35)

A strange thing happened with my desktop @Outlook emails. Incoming emails are invisible, and outgoing turn invisible as soon as I hit the return key. Turns out, I'm not alone. It's really annoying. @MicrosoftHelps itnews.com.au/news/microsoft…

So I take it Melinda got @Outlook in the divorce settlement. #outlookdown

Outlook stops displaying email content. Rollback the Office version to fix it, here's how. #USA #Microsoft #Outlook #outlookdown #NewYorkCity #INFO bit.ly/2SNoGRD pic.twitter.com/THe1FazR1c