PayPal Problems

Paypal is one of the most well know online payment systems, although in previous reports users have mentioned problems when trying to transfer money, signing into the app or even depositing money via a credit card. Plus, it’s not always the small issues, which can cause stress, it’s also when there’s sometimes an outage and the server has trouble with the connection.

PayPal Status insight for Tuesday 11th of August 2020

If PayPal is down today, then reports will be found below.

PayPal Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Brian Haigh

    I am trying to donate to a charity. I keep getting the message something is not right. But all my details are correct. So what is the problem with paypal?

  • D Reynolds

    Is pay pal down today??

  • David keen

    We havent used paypal for a while and our phone house number has changed and the email adress which i used in pay pal orange is no more. We cant remember anything bar the old email address and it wont change anything unless it can send a code to a non existant address or phone

  • liam Watkinson

    Im pressing pay now but nothing is happening help please

  • chenzuyue

    Why my paypal can not pay for shopping?? The tip is: We ran into a problem and PayPal isn’t available right now. Please select a different payment option.

  • john waite

    got same problem for 8 days now

  • Robert McLean

    Can’t get to the barcode page to put money on at a retailer. “Oops Try Again” shows up for 3 days! Called and said they will tell their tech department.

  • Kristina Blackfox-Bonelli

    Having issues logging in… My password isn’t working and it won’t let me transfer funds, I have triewd calling the customer service line and they deny anything is wrong with the website or app… I have my password written down and haven’t changed it, but it’s still not letting me log in… So I changed the password, wrote it down followed all the steps and it’s still not letting me log in to my account. WTHeck PayPal…. I need my $$!

  • Nadine

    Can not log in but I know the email and password.Help me.

  • Ron Penman

    Can’t withdraw money . keep getting message.”Sorry we are not able to process your request. Please try again later.

  • Helpline +(44)808-143-3686

    @ Services are up
    Contact us for issues and problems
    Thank You.

  • Sophie

    I was just wondering wether yours was resolved yet because mines doing the same thing!

  • Paul Stageplays

    PayPal Status Notifications
    IN-PROGRESS: Impact to DoDirectPayment API
    Impacted Products/APIs: Payments Pro, Online Checkout, Credit Card and SOAP & NVP API
    Incident Start Time: Aug 19, 11:35 UTC
    Update 1: We are continuing to work towards resolving the issue and will provide an update as soon as the issue is resolved.

    Aug 22, 01:04 UTC
    Initial Notification: We are experiencing an issue which is affecting DoDirectPayment API on the Production environment. Some PayPal Merchants may be experiencing a high than usual error rate for:

    10764 – This transaction cannot be processed at this time. Please try again later.

    Our technical teams have been engaged and are actively troubleshooting the issue.

    Aug 21, 18:17 UTC

  • cp-g

    Paypal won’t let me pay for item yet my card details are correct and credit card valid.

  • Barry Fountain

    When I try to buy something from ebay and select ‘paypal’ it asks me to log in (as normal) but then the paypal page appears and asks me to ‘add a card’. I put my card details into the relevant boxes and click ‘add’ the page then just refreshes still complete with my card info and won’t actually add the card. However this card is on the paypal system and has been also confirmed by entering the relevant code. So at the moment I can’t purchase anything on ebay via paypal.

  • YTimmer

    I can’t remeber my password, but everytime I enter my email-address for password recovery “something went wrong on their side”. It’s been a couple of days in a row now, why can’t I get a recovery mail?

  • Shirley Cara Tubera

    I cannot login to my Paypal account. Access Denied. Why? I used the same server when I opened the account yet now access is denied.

  • Brandon Orme

    I had the same issue, it goes straight into your bank account you used to pay with.

  • Jen Smith

    Hi i am waiting for a refund from an online store and 2 payments from eBay buyers. All of the transactions have been paid but no money is showing in my account. I’ve logged an issue with PayPal-no response!!

  • Daniel Lund Pedersen

    Me too

  • Marianne Cu Gomez

    Hello, I can’t login with my paypal account. I know my password is correct but the paypal does not allow me to login. Please help me.

  • Frankandbetty

    Paypal ‘fix issues’ but does not show me what the issues are and now unable to pay for ebay items

  • Eddie Stevenson-Kaatsch

    Both eBay and PayPal are experiencing extreme issues at the same time. While i appreciate they both lack a moral compass, possibly due to their common ancestry, I am inclined to believe that there is some sort of hack going on that has messed up their servers. The lack of admission and absense of customer contact is unforgivable and is just the kind of thing that could provide a tipping point which destroys their business. Too many people rely on these businesses for their livelihood and turnover, for it to be possible for them to wriggle out of their responsability by quoting disclaimer clauses. Gross incompetance is not a legal defence, rather a finger of guilt.

  • nena

    it seems paypal is down. ppl can not check out on my online store. I am losing money. have been trying for a week now. don’t know whats going on. trying to be patient.

  • Isaiah Zion Isarel Bajnath

    i have call customer support and the demand that give the my ssn and when i end the call they put a limit on my account and then they say how i have to wait 180 and then they go send me a message.. Paypal is a pain the ass at the since last year

  • Oleg

    PayPal is being a pain in the rear end at the wrong times. I made a payment and its saying it didn’t go through.

  • Bruce

    A buyer on eBay cannot seem to get a payment over to my PayPal. is PayPal down or something?

  • Clive

    I am living in the UK and need to send a payment to the USA, but its not working.

  • not yet 🙁

  • Andy Timms

    Keep getting – ‘We’re sorry, there seems to be a problem. Please try again later.’

  • GC

    Hi i cant remember my paypal password. Im trying to reset it but my phone number that was registered to paypal is no longer available. How can i reset my password?

  • Scott Chandler

    Rang paypal yesterday helped me change pass word so i can login no go been like this for a few days now paypal cant even help me whats going on tired of paypal

  • Julie Magee

    I’m trying to pay a money request as a guest with my credit card,which I’ve done numerous times in the past, but it keeps saying that it can’t complete the transaction. Anybody else have this problem? Any suggestions?

  • Del_Boy_Trotter

    Just managed to figure out a solution to the problem of not being able to log in as of today.
    Issue is linked it seems to fingerprint security.
    Uninstall the PayPal here app.
    Then set up fingerprint security on your phone and register a fingerprint.
    Reinstall PayPal here and log in on WIFI on your phone. On first use of installed app it will ask if you want to register a fingerprint for access.
    Select yes and scan your print and you should then find your app is working fully on your phone normally via 3g or 4g etc.
    This worked for me on my samsung galaxy S6 edge

  • Del_Boy_Trotter

    Cant log in on phone since update yesterday…
    Only working wirelessly.
    Hundreds of messages on google play app comments saying the same thing

  • Michael Hale

    Made a withdrawal but not showing in my account 12 hours later..

  • K Hollick

    can’t log in to my paypal account says some of my information is incorrect,i’ve tried changing password several times and it still will not let me sign in grrrrrrrrr

  • Sergey Sokolov

    I cannot pay for my Ebay order. The PayPay support phone is always busy.

  • Jhony Tee

    O…and no message just circulating icon on center of the gray screen!

  • Jhony Tee

    paypal not working on ebay 2017 jan. 3

  • robwaddington

    Why do i get this message every time i attempt to pay for something, Paypal authenticates my information and then it says ‘logging you in and then i get this: An error occurred during processing. Please try again. When i try again exactly the same.

  • Angela J.

    I have the same problem. I hope this gets fixed soon.

  • Soraya

    I have the same problem!

  • Jo

    My paypal still isnt working been over 2 weeks trying to log in an it says loop. A buyer as bought someting and i am unable to send him it and this is disstressing

  • korneta

    i have this error when trying to checkout and change conversion rate option: Things don’t appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later.


    Will NEVER use them AGAIN!! Once I Withdrawal ALL Money and Bank associations!!!!…PayPal?……Go to HELL!!!

  • Liane Benson

    The website has been down for 3 days. Now the phones are down too and I can’t access my money. This is shameful. Can this be reported to some governing body or Federal bureau?

  • Abdelaziz Ormigo

    i c’ant sign up with my phone number i live in belgium and i filled my correct number yet it’s invalid

  • Maddie I

    I have tried to login in multiple times on my main personal Paypal account and it keeps telling me my information is invalid and theres something wrong with my e-mail when in fact my email is working just fine. It just won’t let me into my account.

  • Lisa G

    I’m concerned that it’s telling me my information is not correct and won’t let me log in. I’ve changed password successfully twice then won’t accept the new information when I log in? Is this happening to others?

  • Pen E Lane

    It seems that they fixed it, for now anyway. I never contacted them, but I’m sure others have and hopefully yours will be fixed soon!

  • Karen

    Did u get the problem fixed? Mines doing that now.

  • Karen

    Did u get problem fixed? Mine isnt showing any transactions.

  • Pen E Lane

    I wasn’t able to see any payments received in my business account earlier today. Now I’m seeing most of them, but there are still some missing. I hate to ship until I’m sure the money is there.

  • Karen Rodger

    My activity shows no purchases….saying I’ve bought nothing in 3 years…. I certainly have…. Please look into this.

  • steve

    My activity including payments from ebay sales are not listed and the money hasn’t been added to my account total. Please fix this.

  • James carnall

    Yip I’ve tried paying for an item l have won on eBay,
    But it won’t let me pay by PayPal, instead it’s asking me to use a different option, pay by credit card, which sounds a bit dodgy, like someone may of hacked in and is asking people for there credit card details…

  • M.archer

    Im also unable to select paypal as a payment option on ebay. It only loads a blank screen. This is really frustrating

  • pothead-dayz

    As of 11-28-16, 10:40 AM. I assume PayPal is down because I can’t not LPG into my account or make any purchases checking out with PayPal. It was good for me last night no problems whatsoever.

  • Socer Miller

    me too ,it’s tow day ago.

  • Socer Miller

    Hi All , i can’t log in my PayPal account , and i can’t reset my password by their site , i don’t find any option which can help me , what i must do , any solution please ????

  • Blu FörlÃ¥t

    For the past 2 days I am unable to purchase anything with my paypal account on eBay or anywhere else, have contacted both paypal and eBay but neither of the them have responded, am getting very frustrated!

  • Ed Lopez

    You should contact them directly. I had the same problem and they resolved it the same day. This was something that was going on with many of them. Sometimes it is due to one of you credit cards expiring soon that may be connected to your account. That was my situation. There could be other reasons. Remember, this is for your protection. Some of the things that occur may be a reminder to stay connected and alert with all of your personal and business accounts. I don’t work for PayPal but I am a user and very rarely have problems with them but when I do they resolve it right away.

  • Lee

    Can’t use Paypal credit when purchasing from eBay!!!

  • Karen

    Still having problems paying money to a family member through paypal hope they resolve soon

  • Botond Bertalan

    The same here too

  • Kristy Marie Dzubiev

    Me aswellllllll! What the hell this is so annoying

  • Ann-Marie Reid

    Can’t log in to my Paypal account, even changed password, still cannont log in, what the hell is going on Paypal…..

  • Irina Ta

    I have the same problem.

  • Clare Gaster

    I know my password and email but it wont let me log in. Also i click ‘forgotten password’ (which i haven’t) i then reset it and STILL cant get in! I’m getting emails saying i have to contact them due to unusual activity and i have no way of knowing if they’re ligitimate emails anyway! I phone the 0800 number but its an automated system asking for the last four didgets of my bank card so that’s alerted me for a start! HELP. What on earth is going on!

  • JP

    My password is correct but i still cant log in. I then changed my password but still cant log in.

  • Pete

    Cannot send payment via eBay iPhone app. I get from eBay to PayPal, with the screen showing payment method (card) and how much is coming out, but every time I click on pay the screen goes blank and the bar at the bottom goes grey. Only thing I can do is to click cancel in top left corner.
    This has been happening for at least 5 hours and am trying to pay for things

  • Carol

    Not receiving money from payees that’s been three days or more now

  • Xedhadeaus

    I cant do anything with it either… ebay or kinguin…

  • tpool74

    The Paypal page won’t load at all on my mobile or laptop.

  • Jones

    sent payment to a relative. money went off my account but can’t see the transaction in my activity log. relative hasn’t received the money either. been over 2 hours now…….

  • lmp

    Unable to log into Paypal today and have tried changing password a number of times.

  • Waz

    Can’t purchase goods online using Paypal today. Transactions refuse to proceed to payment option once details have been completed. What is the problem?

  • johon

    I added my bank account and mobile number but no confirming transaction and message as well

  • Richard Lareau

    For about an hour now (12:30pm-1:20pmEST) SOMETIMES I can connect with PayPal, but while using I get “Problem loading page”.
    Other times I can’t even log in getting msg “Problem loading page”.

  • Carol Vile

    I can login to Paypal using Firefox only, it doesn’t work in Chrome or Edge. I made three purchases in Firefox yesterday, I didn’t get any confirmation emails but I see today that only one of those transactions apparently went through.

  • S Cruise

    I can’t even get their website to come up. Keep getting “server DNS address could not be found.”

  • fadi

    received un authorized transaction on my paypal account. guys change ur passwords. UK user

  • Ina M.

    UK user here, forgot to mention.

  • Ina M.

    Can’t use PayPal to pay on eBay 🙁

  • bob

    down on me. uk user

  • Graham

    What is going on with paypal right now, i was adding funds and then the app just crashed on me.

  • Carla

    PayPal is down for me, cannot seem to login via my app.

  • Jackie Jeffrey

    Internal Server Error message 8th Sept 2016 in the afternoon.

  • Karie

    How long will it be down

  • Lisa Bernstein

    i keep getting technical issue messages when i try to do a partial refund… says try again later…

  • david

    Paypall is down it look like they have not payed the bill and been cut of lol

  • Natalie

    A friend has sent payments via paypal to me about an hour ago and not one is showing in my paypal account. The payments were 100% sent to the correct email address. HELP

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