PayPal Down Today?

Paypal is one of the most well know online payment systems, although in previous reports users have mentioned problems when trying to transfer money, signing into the app or even depositing money via a credit card. Plus, it’s not always the small issues, which can cause stress, it’s also when there’s sometimes an outage and the server has trouble with the connection.

PayPal Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If PayPal is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Brian Haigh
4 years ago

I am trying to donate to a charity. I keep getting the message something is not right. But all my details are correct. So what is the problem with paypal?

Jacqueline Lynette Wyatt
4 years ago

Is paypal not working today 22/6/19. I have tried to login through my laptop and it says “You don’t have permission to access “” on this server”
I also tried my mobile and it won’t my password.

D Reynolds
5 years ago

Is pay pal down today??

David keen
5 years ago

We havent used paypal for a while and our phone house number has changed and the email adress which i used in pay pal orange is no more. We cant remember anything bar the old email address and it wont change anything unless it can send a code to a non existant address or phone

liam Watkinson
6 years ago

Im pressing pay now but nothing is happening help please

6 years ago

Why my paypal can not pay for shopping?? The tip is: We ran into a problem and PayPal isn’t available right now. Please select a different payment option.

john waite
6 years ago
Reply to  Robert McLean

got same problem for 8 days now

Robert McLean
6 years ago

Can’t get to the barcode page to put money on at a retailer. “Oops Try Again” shows up for 3 days! Called and said they will tell their tech department.

Kristina Blackfox-Bonelli
6 years ago

Having issues logging in… My password isn’t working and it won’t let me transfer funds, I have tried calling the customer service line and they deny anything is wrong with the website or app… I have my password written down and haven’t changed it, but it’s still not letting me log in…
** Edited**
So I changed the password, wrote it down followed all the steps and it’s still not letting me log in to my account saying my password is wrong. WTHeck PayPal…. I need my $$!

6 years ago

Can not log in but I know the email and password.Help me.

Ron Penman
6 years ago

Can’t withdraw money . keep getting message.”Sorry we are not able to process your request. Please try again later.

Helpline +(44)808-143-3686
6 years ago

@ Services are up
Contact us for issues and problems
Thank You.

6 years ago
Reply to  YTimmer

I was just wondering wether yours was resolved yet because mines doing the same thing!

Paul Stageplays
6 years ago

PayPal Status Notifications
IN-PROGRESS: Impact to DoDirectPayment API
Impacted Products/APIs: Payments Pro, Online Checkout, Credit Card and SOAP & NVP API
Incident Start Time: Aug 19, 11:35 UTC
Update 1: We are continuing to work towards resolving the issue and will provide an update as soon as the issue is resolved.

Aug 22, 01:04 UTC
Initial Notification: We are experiencing an issue which is affecting DoDirectPayment API on the Production environment. Some PayPal Merchants may be experiencing a high than usual error rate for:

10764 – This transaction cannot be processed at this time. Please try again later.

Our technical teams have been engaged and are actively troubleshooting the issue.

Aug 21, 18:17 UTC

6 years ago

Paypal won’t let me pay for item yet my card details are correct and credit card valid.

Barry Fountain
6 years ago

When I try to buy something from ebay and select ‘paypal’ it asks me to log in (as normal) but then the paypal page appears and asks me to ‘add a card’. I put my card details into the relevant boxes and click ‘add’ the page then just refreshes still complete with my card info and won’t actually add the card. However this card is on the paypal system and has been also confirmed by entering the relevant code. So at the moment I can’t purchase anything on ebay via paypal.

6 years ago

I can’t remeber my password, but everytime I enter my email-address for password recovery “something went wrong on their side”. It’s been a couple of days in a row now, why can’t I get a recovery mail?

edrix espena
6 years ago

I cant login to Paypal account though my password is correct
it says,

You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.
Reference #18.68051c78.1498454163.32663be8

Shirley Cara Tubera
6 years ago

I cannot login to my Paypal account. Access Denied. Why? I used the same server when I opened the account yet now access is denied.

Brandon Orme
6 years ago
Reply to  Jen Smith

I had the same issue, it goes straight into your bank account you used to pay with.

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