PlayStation Network Problems

PlayStation Network is the well known online gaming service that connects owners of the PS3, PS4, and soon the upcoming PS5 Sony game consoles. The service is enhanced further with a subscription to the PS Plus package that delivers a number of benefits. PSN problems could be due to scheduled maintenance or other error codes, login and connection issues, match-matching multiplayer issues and more.

PlayStation Network Status insight for Wednesday 8th of December 2021

If PlayStation Network is down today, then reports will be found below.

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PlayStation Network Reports

@AskPlayStation I have done all the steps included and still the error persisted. It would be great if you could guide me through another way to resolve this matter.

@AskPlayStation i am recieving error WS-43709-3/WS-43709-0 when i want to purchase a game on the ps store.Taking into consideration that i have purchased items on the store with the same card before.

@AskPlayStation So I tried through the app as well. Both for diablo 2 and PlayStation now. It's saying "an unidentified error occurred. Try again in a few minutes." Everything matches. I even re-entered my card. It also wouldn't log me into PayPal.

@AskPlayStation I just logged in today and couldn't access psn so I logged out and when I want to log back in it give me this error please help

👀 🤦🏾This is bad never a good time when WE as Gamers can’t play Our Games hopefully it gets sorted out soon for all My Sony Gamers #Sony #PS5 #Gamer #GamerNews—————————————PSN Down Reports Surfacing This December 7…

@RockstarGames @PlayStationUK @AskPlayStation why am i getting an error when trying to load San Andreas from the trilogy definitive edition? Worst £50 i have ever spent and yes its all up to date

@AskPlayStation Hey, you know how you know you're a bot? I didn't mention a crash resulting in error code. I said the PSN server is slow. Kinda like the idiot that programmed you.

PSN down or something??

PSN Down Reports Surfacing This December 7…

@AskPlayStation I’m playing only on ps5 digital edition and I will run around everything around me freezes for few seconds and than keeps going. No error codes it’s mid game freezing.

Can't get my PSN to connect, it's undergoing maintenance or something. Anyways, just finished The Heist Dlc, and it was pretty good. In love with Felicia, I want to play as her in her own game. Got two more dlc to play then on to miles

@AskPlayStation Well there's no error. I'm just wondering how does one purchase Spiderman Remastered after owning the standard Miles Morales and Spiderman on Ps4? I don't see Spider-Man Remastered on the PSstore