Plenty of Fish Problems

Plenty of Fish, also known as POF, is a well known dating app with thousands of singles taking to the stage to find the one. As you’ll find the website rarely goes down, although every now and again there’s an outage leaving those who have accounts feeling confused and having problems. Most of the time it’s down to the server having issues however, it can sometimes be other things such as trouble login in and unscheduled maintenance.

Plenty of Fish Status insight for Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

If Plenty of Fish is down today, then reports will be found below.

Plenty of Fish Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Dan

    If you delete your account you shouldn’t still get emails about people messaging, anyone else?

  • sophie penn

    is there a problem with login in to POF?

  • john

    i live in western pa. it has not let me make a profile since April 2019. im pretty sure pof is gone for good

  • Hello Kitty

    503 error in the Oshawa/Toronto area, Monday at 11 am. Have tried logging in a few times and keep getting the same error.

  • Alex Fries

    down 5:02 in Eastern Pennsylvania. was just messaging this dime piece too gosh darnit.

  • Karen

    HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable. So tired of getting this when I try to log into the site ! Please either fix the site or take it down completely ! This site seems to be corrupted with scammers trying to take advantage of people or people looking for sex !

  • Stephen

    Is there problems with the login pof

  • Donald G. Frazier

    It’s down Thursday night 9:43 Mountain time in Idaho.

  • Elizabeth Bosse

    Was logged in last night then this morning sign in page comes up and can’t log back in

  • Katy

    Put your phone on airplane mode, go to settings and delete safari history then create your new account

  • Jay Mccallam

    Is it down again

  • ash82

    Profile deleted for no reason and i can’t even recreate a profile, keeps looping back after the annoying verification steps

  • Curly01

    Apps open hits binging my phone but when I tap anything just got a bubble blowing fish, what’s wrong?

  • Arek

    Can’t log on

  • Mark

    Not letting me log in this morning, been trying for like 20 minutes and nothing. The website is online and the app works but signing in does not.

  • Sue Arrowsmith

    I cannot login on app or laptop…error occurred message for past 3 days. Please help.

  • Emma

    Problems logging on

  • Nancy

    Problems with POF.

  • Nancy

    Plenty of fish problems.

  • Jane Withers

    I was chatting to someone then my signal went I went back to try again and it kept saying error occurred try again does any one know why

  • Donna Graham

    That’s POF

  • Donna Graham

    Is pic down today ? It just keeps saying error has occured try again. Its done this allday

  • sarahcammish no but

  • danny

    is pof down any one

  • tizzie

    all I keep getting is ” request rejected ” but occasionally it does let me log in !! been like this now on and off a few weeks, the site owner’s should be pulling their finger out and rectifying the problem .. what is the point of being a member or a subscriber if you simply cannot use the site or is this pof’s intentions in hope most will subscribe ???

  • Shahzad

    Same thing try to login but saying error occurred network no connection but I have internet full I don’t know

  • Kasia

    Wyj i can’t open new profile on POF I had few before but can’t remember details

  • dsm

    any luck anyone ?

  • john scott

    try too keeo log in online keep saying request reject all the time


    all im getting is a blank white screen when i click on anything profile or messages just a blank white screen

  • Kf

    I subscribed to pof and cannot find the details anywhere can’t even see my emails which I signed with I logged out and this has happened all I remember is my username I’m going to get advice about this shady site

  • Tanya

    I can’t log in even though password correct. Have asked to reset password but still no email

  • Susan

    Every time i go onto pof it says an error ocvurred please try later

  • Claire

    Cant log in even though details are correct whats happinibg

  • Brian Potts

    i like to know my self i think i found someone i might like and i would like to talk to her so when is it going to be up agin

  • Kevin Dobinson

    pof been down 4days county durham

  • TheMadScotsmanfromAberdeen

    Can’t understand why nobody is reporting/complaining the fact that POF has been down in the area of Scotland known as ‘Angus’ for 3 effin’ days now …….. surely I’m not the ONLY person who’s currently on POF in this area!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There doesn’t seem to be anyone from the entire UK on here reporting outages either …….. don’t know which site is wackier – THIS site or POF!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah Wadley

    mine has logged me out on phone and pc and also wont send a password reset to my email. nothing is happening. I just made a new profile too 2 days ago

  • Miss D Butterworth

    Any one know when POF will be up n running was midway through a conversation when it went down x

  • Emma

    Pof when is the site and app running up again? Having problems logging in was able to go on it about an hour ago and then it logged me out

  • Libby

    Not able to sign at all to PoF, all i see is error 503.

  • Jase

    I am getting http error 503 the service is unavailable.

  • Judith Williams

    I can’t log in this morning. Does anyone know if there is a problem .

  • Johanne

    Can’t sign in, get error message that password or username is incorrect, and when request reset password don’t get email to reset password.

  • anthony prattley

    hi cant log in my account it keeps saying invalid password or username but i no i am putting the right one in anybody help please

  • Martyn

    To whom this may concern in the POF team. Im trying to sign up for your services and open an account but it wont let me. When i type in all the email passwords and date of birth section it just keeps going back to the same screen and wont go to the next stage. Is the site down today ?? by any chance

  • nikita11italia

    yes in America in not able to sign In

  • Emma Lawrence

    I’m having trouble logging in today anyone else having problems

  • TheSpicyRooster

    Hi I dont know if you would be able to help but I cant log in to my PoF account. I did not violate the terms of service. I dont understand it. My Username was TheSpicyRooster.

  • Kal3a

    I have trouble to logging in…thanks

  • Furyous D

    my mum is having problems logging onto the app on her phone but i checked on my computer and she can login just fine on the website

  • POF Support +1855-844-0388

    services are up and running.

  • Sunar Sol

    Email problems
    Login issues
    Account issues.

  • you need help here

  • Karen

    I have just found a transaction on my online banking of £16.90 taken from my account?! I have not made a payment of this value to POF?????? It was taken from my account on Wednesday 16th May 2018. Has anyone else had an issue with this?? And, how do i get my money back??

  • Nicola Lakin

    16th May, can see messages, but when I select them to read and respond I get an error message. Been happening all morning.

  • Amanda

    Forgot all login details aswel as email address how can I find my account or login

  • Gareth Long

    I’m just about to join, but when I’m asked to enter my post code I’m getting a “postcode not valid message”

  • Rodley Thomas Jr.

    @@disqus_3gmD4FKFiW:disqus I can’t login & everything is gone as well as my password & email.What’s going on?

  • Serena

    Login problems with POF.

  • Serena

    Problem in login?

  • Alan Garnett

    i had the same problem so i got a friend to see if they could log in and they said my account has been deleted?????

  • BH

    The one’s would mean something else entirely and be for a very different dating site

  • BH

    The one*

  • Jacquie Paldin

    Jacquie Paldin
    I haven’t been able to sign in since yesterday~keeps saying INVALID Password & it’s the same password since day 1…what’s going on?

  • Teresa Brodie

    Can’t sign into my account. It keeps saying invalid password. Created a new account and I’m getting the same message when I try to log in .

  • Gordon Mullock

    Have trouble on the site cant load new pages and struggle to log in sometimes

  • Michael Cawley

    All the images and icons are tiny?

  • Marie Stewart

    Trying from day to get into my account but
    pof say try again error

  • Chris Bower

    Can anyone help pls. I’ve been trying to get into my Pof account for the last 6hrs and it just keep saying invalid username or password Iv tried setting new account up but it just keeps saying invalid username and password can someone help me get on my account be very difficult to grateful.

  • cliff


  • djvillan

    Logged in and can’t see my profile or send messages, it’s like I’m not a member when I am, weird.

  • Margaret Wenham

    19th March cannot retrieve my messaes..

  • Charlotte De la Fuente

    Tried to log on its saying wrong password or username and I haven’t changed my password

  • kelly

    Can’t login on iPhone. Kicked me off my acc yesterday and says it doesn’t exist today

  • Christine

    I have try to log into my correct username n password it wont let me into my account

  • Steven Murphy

    cannot log in, incorrect password or username…

  • Sarah

    Maybe it’s a good thing?

  • Pammie Anne


  • Rob

    This is not just an Android problem, I can’t get in on my Apple iMac, iPhone or iPad!

  • Kerrie Crank

    I made an account last Night, and gone to log in this morning and it’s saying my password or username is wrong and also won’t let me change password ECT as saying my email is wrong too….helppppppp

  • Sam DiBratto

    It seems to be we all have similar problems and we are all using Android devices. I had this problem twice. How can a fatingdating company this big with so many people world wide get “No Customer Service” for what they pay for. Once my membership expires I will never join again ~ Sam from Toronto, Canada !

  • Sam DiBratto

    I have the same problem on my Samsung 7 ! Did you find out how to fix it? Why are they not retrieving my email to fix this problem. How can this site take money off people and not give good customer service. This is twice it happened to me.

  • Hussein Salem

    While I was inside logged on everything was whipped out.
    Tried to refresh. Restart nothing.
    Tried to log on. Msg wrong signing user and pass word.
    When clicking can’t remember password. It tells me we sent u an email. To reset your password but nothing ever came…..What to do

  • Robin McFarland

    I opened the app on my Android today 02/01/2018 and it wants me to sign in. I never signed out and when i try to sign in it says my user name or password is wrong. Anyone else have this happen?

  • Clarita

    I’m travellong through Seoul on my back back to London and I’m not able to sign into POF. Is there a reason? It happened when I was passing through two weeks ago also

  • Sarah Cammish

    I only set it up yesterday and can’t get back on it. Hopefully they can get it sorted

  • Martin Saunders

    😉 welcome!

  • Martin Saunders

    exact same for me, im in Ireland.

  • Whoknows

    Same here also….

  • Gaynor Jones

    Is the pof mobile android site down? Wont let me log in but I can on the full site?

  • albiontyke

    I can’t get past the first page. I login, search and it shows all the girls on the first page, I click on the next page and it’s not showing anyone. My perimeters are women 57 to 63 within 35 miles of Lincoln, so that is covering a region with a couple of million people, so it’s not as if my search is too defined. Can anyone help? Thanks

  • Kelly Teske

    ive tried to sign up for pof since last night and everytime i click continue it just brings me back to the sign up page

  • Amy

    Same problem here. Can’t login, tried to reset password but got no email to change it. I’ve send an email to [email protected], no reply. I just want to delete my profile, it has my picture and information on it and I want it down! Fix this POF!

  • D

    I have been trying to get into the site via iphone and imac for a nearly a month, no joy. I have emailed to reset password on multiple occassions… nothing. I have sent an email to [email protected] to complain and ask what’s happening…and guess what… nothing.
    I care not about the site, there are plenty more fish in the sea (!), hundreds of dating apps, however I do want to know what’s happening with my personal details and photos. I want to delete my account but as I don’t have access I don’t know if my account and information is still live. Can anyone with a POF account check for me…. I’m globalcat. Many thanks.

  • Aurora

    I have emailed pof, with no response received. 6 times I’ve had to make a new account as my account has been deleted 6 times. Pof throws me out of the page, I have nice guys that I’ve been waiting to meet up with, but now I can’t and that will make me look like the bad person, I even had premium and my money was taken as they deleted my account. Longest I had to wait was 3 weeks till I could make a new account as the page doesn’t load. Pof sort it out, the team should know there’s an issue. So many people are complaining.

  • helen

    cant log in tried making a new profile but wont let me is the site down today

  • helen

    is pof down today

  • Zeluika

    Can’t log in, have tried setting up new accounts and still can’t
    Says it’s sending me an email and doesn’t
    I give up now, would rather be single than waste my time on there
    Shame cos had been talking to some nice gentleman

  • AW Whi

    Since the 23rd Dec I cannot log in even using new details. I don’t just use this site for dating but to support some guys who have huge problems and just need someone to talk to especially as this can be a lonely period for some. Can you please tell me what is happening I am concerned for my friends and need to contact them. Thank you.

  • Jonathan SK

    I have been struggled with login problem on POF during the holiday. Then I thought that there is a worldwide problem with POF. Unfortunately, I noticed that my friend
    can change the photo on the profile.

    Once your profile has been deleted, you cannot bring it
    back, too bad.

    You need to clear all the Cookies on your browser, only on
    POF page, (I hate those cookies), then create the new account with new password
    and new email. Please do not upload your photos (for your own safety) before
    you are sure that your new profile works perfectly. You have to wait at least 1
    or 2 hours to be sure that it will be not deleted automatically. For me, I waited for a day before I upload my pictures, and then I signed in and out for several
    times, also with POF app on the phone. I’m not sure what happens next but, right
    now, my profile works as my old one.

    PS : It’s not POF or Markus who deletes your profile but it is
    because of those cookies.

    Best of luck and Happy New Year

  • Jonathan SK

    I have been struggled with login problem on POF during the holiday. Then I thought that there is a worldwide problem with POF. Unfortunately, I noticed that my friend
    can change the photo on the profile.

    Once your profile has been deleted, you cannot bring it
    back, too bad.

    You need to clear all the Cookies on your browser, only on
    POF page, (I hate those cookies), then create the new account with new password
    and new email. Please do not upload your photos (for your own safety) before
    you are sure that your new profile works perfectly. You have to wait at least 1
    or 2 hours to be sure that it will be not deleted automatically. For me, I waited for a day before I upload my pictures, and then I signed in and out for several times, also with POF app on the phone. I’m not sure what happens next but, right now, my profile works as my old one.

    PS : It’s not POF or Markus who deletes your profile but it is
    because of those cookies.

    Best of luck and Happy New Year – Montreal Canada.

  • Faith

    I’ve had no joy since Xmas day getting online to pof , I’m locked out my account , l can’t even make a new one as it won’t allow me , l changed my email address , user name and still nothing , does anybody no why ?

  • Michael Clayton

    hi becca are you in ashford in kent?…if so I can see your profile is still live

  • Terry Mcguiness

    Still down 5 or 6 days cant get in ??? Opened new account same thing.

  • Becca

    I had over 30 messages today and I constantly get notifications I am always logged in on my phone. Today it asked me to put in my password. This have never happened before on my phone..I only use 2 passwords in general and neither worked. I messaged pof a few times. Tried to reset my password and I get nothing. No response. I have sent an email to customer care at pof dotcom but i never received an answer. I’m extremely frustrated. My username is Becca_xoxoxo can anyone find me?

  • Debs

    How can l get back into POF
    I can’t even open a new account ???

  • Michael Clayton

    I can view you Deb but I cant send you a message…something to do with your settings???.
    text me 07970209316

  • marc

    My new profile with the new email has been deleted this morning and I was using it last night for over 1 hour. now I wonder if its not Hotmail that is been targeted??

  • Deborah

    I found you in basic search but can’t find you when I log into POF! What am I doing wrong? Getting really annoyed and frustrated…can you find and message me? x

  • Jerry

    I’ve had this shutdown happen before and had to create a new account. Now I have to do it again. It’s impossible to get ahold of anyone at pof all numbers are false. Very frustrating!!!

  • Michael Clayton

    hi marc I think you will find that your old account has been unwittingly deleted …like thousands of other users…Ive had to do same as you…new profile is up and running…but Im not happy and I cant get a response from pof …awful customer service

  • Michael Clayton

    found you…im catchmenow58

  • Michael Clayton

    text me here Debs 07970209316

  • Deborah

    Am in South Wales. Am Debz9292. Tried user search, can’t find him on there. Bringing up profiles from all over world? Am gutted can’t find him…my old profile still down. Can’t find others either x

  • marc

    its been 4 day that I have been locked out of pof and now I have created another account it worked but I want my old account back !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and why is pof stafff not responding to questions, like for realll.

  • Michael Clayton

    where in the world are you Deb?
    Im in the uk…

  • Michael Clayton

    if he doesnt come up in the search then im afraid his account has been deleted also…

    let me know how you get on M.x

  • Michael Clayton

    Deb its free to do a search…just google it
    search in google for…. pof user name search….easy peasy…and it works

  • Michael Clayton

    i dont think you have to be a paid member to do a user search Deb
    After searching all day yes I finally found her…I text her and explained everything …Shes not logged on today so no reply as of yet….fingers crossed….
    theres a few on here quite happy pof is up again lol…keep searching sweet,youll find him Im sure xx

  • Deborah

    I’ve done that but no joy…can’t search for a user, am not an upgraded member. Did you find your lady? x

  • Michael Clayton

    keep searching..and if you know the area he comes from then refine your search…its a long shot, but do you know his user name?
    if so you can do a search for it…all the very best of luck to you x

  • Mark

    Pof is working now you have to change your email address, everyone it’s working yipee

  • Deborah

    Created a new profile which has been accepted, however my chats and favourites are all lost…devastated!! including my new man friend….Can’t find half of them so wondering whether they’ve got problems too and that’s why they’re missing?? POF still not done anything to fix the problems, it’s a joke.

  • Michael Clayton

    try again Deb I have got back on…allbeit a new profile but its working

  • Michael Clayton

    Hi Deb …try register again I just set up a new profile which has been accepted …I have put all my original photos up and profile … changed my username too…if you manage to get back on look me up…username is catchmenow58…keep me updated M.x

  • Michael Clayton

    I cant even register a new account under another email account..I tried 4 times, each time I got a verification email to say I was registered..I tried logging in but same thing happens everytime…”your password is incorrect”…takes the piss

  • Deborah

    I’ve Tweeted POF about the problem, bet I won’t get a reply!! Unbelievable, they claim to be the best online dating service..absolute joke!! Hope they get lots of bad press over this especially as you can’t contact them!!

  • Deborah

    Same problem still for me too!! Am devastated that I can’t say Merry Christmas to the man I was chatting to, let alone explain what’s happened!! All I hope is he’s got the same problem as us?? D x

  • Deborah

    Been 4 days now since POF went down and still can’t log back in with no emails to reset my password!! Am absolutely disgusted annoyed and angry that POF not doing anything to fix this problem!! Can’t chat to the man I met last week…devastated

  • Michael Clayton

    really pissed off now…3 days and nothing from pof…so unprofessional

  • Michael Clayton

    still no sign of pof working here Deb…so sad this morning…I cant even wish a merry christmas to the lady I was chatting to .Mx

  • Michael Clayton

    still not able to get back on….christmas day and I cant chat to the lady I met…so sad

  • Deborah

    I’ve just spoken to my friend who says same..he can log on with no profile has disappeared. Just hope the man I was talking to has the same problems as me!
    But, I’m still getting messages so my profile must be there somewhere?? Am really annoyed nothing is being done about this!!

  • Deborah

    Will do…hope for some good news soon

  • Kate

    Not been able to sign in for 2 days so bloody frustrating. Others can still get on it. POF as not bothering to do anything. Every time I request a forgot password email nothing comes through! Feed up with this now!

  • Aquilina Jay

    This is the 4th time I’ve tried to make a new profile because it keeps on logging me out and say that my user name or password is in correct… Ffs

  • Michael Clayton

    its really wierd yvonne…and very frustrating…I thought id been blacklisted for some reason…I cant even get hold of pof to find out the reasons.M

  • Michael Clayton

    I spoke to a lady friend that I know …shes 30 mins away from me…she is still able to get on pof but says I disappeared completley….ridiculous situation.M

  • Michael Clayton

    Please let me know if anything changes for you Deb…I’ll do the same M.

  • Deborah

    Exactly the same for me, although not everyone affected…seems POF not bothered trying to fix it?? Really frustrating

  • Michael Clayton

    having the same issues here Deb…2 days and still not able to connect

  • Michael Clayton

    what the heck is going on..not been able to access my account for 2 days even though I put in correct user and password….system just states I entered info incorrectly…tried resetting my password but no emails coming through…

  • pdjr71

    Any consolation I can’t log in either..
    Liverpool here…

  • Deborah

    WTF is wrong with POF?? No emails to reset password after loads of attempts !! Am getting messages from users so obviously issues not affecting everyone…was in the middle of a great conversation and now it looks like I’ve disappeared to him and could’ve lost my new man through this fiasco…GET IT SORTED SOON!!!!!

  • yvonne wilson

    i can’t access POF account – even with the saved password (England 23 Dec) is there a problem. I tried recreating my account and it crashed out and then wouldn’t let me sign in even though I had a new account email

  • Peter Hofmann

    You’re not the only one. I haven’t been rude, I can only think that as someone else suggested that some idiot on there puts in a fictitious complaint about you, and it seems they treat it as genuine without checking and blocks you ?

  • Dan

    Agreed it won’t log me in either… I created a new account and worked until I closed app and went to open it again and bosh it prevented me

  • Samantha

    I can’t remember email I used plz help

  • Samantha

    Help I can’t log in

  • Rehana

    I agree there’s an issue with WiFi connecting with POF every day

  • Natalie Fairclough-Burns

    It’s not, I’m not the only one it’s still faulty for either, there’s just a fish with bubbles coming out of its mouth

  • Troy Mason

    My inbox is still empty

  • Johanne Bonneau

    won’t let me register for some reason November 9th 2017 Canada

  • carol carroll

    I’m trying to sign in, but it won’t let me

  • carol carroll

    Trying to sign in, but

  • Tammie Barkus

    I can not log on it says my email and password is wrong

  • L B

    It crashed and won’t let me sign in today

  • Joanne Edwards

    Been unable to sign in to Pof since last night? Am from the UK but have been using it in Morocco last week until last night.

  • lisa hedditch

    Cannot sign in to pof ..everyday it’s doing it ..this is crazy ..and shouldn’t be doing this
    Plse sort this out asap ..

  • Michelle

    Is it still down? I tried joining today

  • Cassie Mcloughlin

    is Plenty of Fish down today because I can’t sign in its own of little but account and I have

  • Natalie Fairclough-Burns

    Can’t even sign up what’s going on?!

  • Kevin Sedman

    Been trying to get back on POF for about 16hrs starting to wonder if it’s even worth it
    No help at all getting back on

  • Kevin Mccubbin

    Doesn’t seem like I’m getting connection. It’s been like that most of the day as far as I can see it’s WiFi problem but, only with POF APP

  • Jasmine Sellings

    I can connect on 4g and wifi anytime of the day, anywhere… except at my flat: I can’t log in connected to my wifi until gone 9pm. Re-installed. Refreshed. Turned phone and wifi on & off…..

  • Tim Mac

    Its always down for me… like a few times a day i have to wait 10-20 minutes for it to come back online.

  • Cathy Fulcher

    I cannot log in. It say my username and/or Password is incorrect but it doesn’t send me info to my email. Help????

  • Hommem_sp

    Unaccessible in Brazil. Right now is down. The login into POF has been impossible since last friday.

  • Kallie Mcewan

    I was logged into my account last night then all of a sudden this morning it would not refresh anything and kept coming up with an error has occurred please try again why does it keep doing this I can’t get on at all!!!

  • Bruno Hotzenheimer

    If anyone pays for it they need a LOBOTOMY, never mind the REFUND!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bruno Hotzenheimer

    Well ……. I can get on when I’m in my kennel out in the garden, but can’t get on when I’m sitting down at my daddy’s feet in his living-room …….. any other family pet with this problem? “WOOF!” (that means ‘thanks’!)

  • T

    I have just created an account can anyone tell me why it’s saying I can’t login??does that mean the account has been deleted already?

  • tracey gough

    I cant log in been trying last 2 hrs. North wales

  • Marion spencer

    It won’t let me log in it keeps saying invalid pass word

  • Selina Arora

    We might as well start flirting on here at least this is working where you from boy ?

  • Selina Arora

    The worst is you have to create a new account set up new email address and post new pics the site is crap I hate you marcus!

    Your stopping me from meeting sexy hunky men

  • Selina Arora

    Get on FABSWINGERS guys NOW

  • Selina Arora

    I’m a sexy Transexual in northampton and this site disconnects me every week. But I rejoin and they disconnect me!!

    Erm … I think you will find you send msgs and if you look on your sent folder it’s not viewable

    The pics should be turning around in fours! The system is frozen

    You log in or join in and after few hours it asks you to log back

    Confusing !

    Pof men r the best this site is unbelievable !

    Anyway I thought it was cos I was different

    Believe me I’m sexy you should check me up

    Anyway guys have a good bank holiday wknd

  • fjff217

    Same issue with me.

  • fjff217

    I don’t think POF is working at the moment. Which is a shame…

  • Daisy Logan

    I can’t get loved in and I can’t get to change pass word but I know I have been using the right one to log in with I don’t understand why I have been frozen out but you can’t even get an email through to pof it stinks think I will just go and look for a new site but I will miss the friend I have been chatting to pof get your act together as you are being so rude

  • Sharon

    I’m having the same problem mines saying check my wifi but there’s nothing wrong with my wifi lol

  • MadMac

    It would help if folks actually ANSWER you when you ask a damn question ………..

  • Kon-Jordan Gardner

    Can not get into Plenty Of Fish -Does not recognize username or password, over & over again.

  • Adam

    Hey jen, im having the same problems. Where are you from?

    Love, Adam

  • MadMac

    Been down in Dundee City, Scotland, UK for the past 4 days. (posted 17/07/17)

  • Jennifer Aquilina

    I have been logged in for weeks and suddenly I have been logged out and can’t log back in using the correct password.

    I use Galaxy S7 Android App and I have tried my tablet and laptop. I decided to try and change the password but the email never arrives. I then tried to register again and it said my previous username is available which means my account must have been removed???? I never got an email to tell me this but also I have read all the rules and I didn’t break any :(((( So I tried to register again using different email addresses and different usernames, I click Continue and the page just reloads with no error so I can’t register! I am so annoyed as I was in the middle of conversations with a number of people!!!

  • Paul

    Can’t register tday.

  • Nick Critchlow

    Same here no idea wot to do

  • chris wilson

    Can someone help me get logged in as i have been unable to get on in months also created new accounts & get on for minutes then kicked off any suggestions

  • MadMac

    How long did yours go down for, just out of a matter of interest?

  • Nick Critchlow

    Can’t log in and says can’t recognise email address

  • chris wilson

    I habe been having this issue since beginning of 2017 it is taking the pish now & i tried emailing pof customer service aswell as there legal team 6 months still not heard anything

Plenty of Fish Reports

@PlentyOfFish I need to speak to someone at your company regarding a old account I deleted long ago apparently am accused of violation of your terms of service of a profile I no longer have . Something don't feel right I feel like a victim here .

@PlentyOfFish your site sucks. You charged me for tokens? I never ordered.You’ll be glad to know @AppleSupport has refunded me.I’ve deleted your app .

@PlentyOfFish How do I delete my account? Every time I follow the steps it just loads the main page and my account itsn't deleted.

@PlentyOfFish Now CS says: “Unfortunately, as memberships are non-refundable, deleting an account does not refund any remaining portion of the membership.” But I didn’t delete it!! POF deleted it. Take money. Delete account. What a scam!