Plenty of Fish Down Today?

Plenty of Fish, also known as POF, is a well known dating app with thousands of singles taking to the stage to find the one. As you’ll find the website rarely goes down, although every now and again there’s an outage leaving those who have accounts feeling confused and having problems. Most of the time it’s down to the server having issues however, it can sometimes be other things such as trouble login in and unscheduled maintenance.

Plenty of Fish Status insight for Tuesday 18th of June

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2 years ago

Like Jill, I am also trying to make an account and get error fetching data on the interests screen. From the mobile app, tablet browser, and a regular computer browser. I can not get past the interests. As soon as I hit next, it kicks me out and I have to try to log back in and start from scratch again

2 years ago

I have the same problem. It won’t let me progress from Interests to the next screen

2 years ago

I’m trying to make an account but is stuck on interests

Kerry Mccoy
2 years ago

I’ve just paid a months pof and it’s not working , can’t receive or send messages !!

3 years ago

Waste of time joining up with this site if you can’t even use it!

carl giles
3 years ago

i am only getting a blank white screen after i log in?

Rosie Powell
3 years ago
Reply to  Dan

Yea i had that problem before but think you need to do it properly on the Internet not your phone!

Rosie Powell
3 years ago

I don’t understand that my pof account was fine yesterday when I was at my mums and today now is saying that an error has occurred. Please try again. I’ve uninstalled it thinking it might be that then installed it again and tried to log in but it just says the same thing! I mean I don’t know if POF is down again because my wifi is fine! Tried reloggin in at 17:20

4 years ago

If you delete your account you shouldn’t still get emails about people messaging, anyone else?

sophie penn
4 years ago

is there a problem with login in to POF?

4 years ago
Reply to  Alex Fries

i live in western pa. it has not let me make a profile since April 2019. im pretty sure pof is gone for good

Hello Kitty
4 years ago

503 error in the Oshawa/Toronto area, Monday at 11 am. Have tried logging in a few times and keep getting the same error.

Alex Fries
4 years ago

down 5:02 in Eastern Pennsylvania. was just messaging this dime piece too gosh darnit.

4 years ago

HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable. So tired of getting this when I try to log into the site ! Please either fix the site or take it down completely ! This site seems to be corrupted with scammers trying to take advantage of people or people looking for sex !

4 years ago

Is there problems with the login pof

Donald G. Frazier
4 years ago

It’s down Thursday night 9:43 Mountain time in Idaho.

Elizabeth Bosse
4 years ago

Was logged in last night then this morning sign in page comes up and can’t log back in

4 years ago
Reply to  ash82

Put your phone on airplane mode, go to settings and delete safari history then create your new account

Jay Mccallam
5 years ago

Is it down again

5 years ago

Profile deleted for no reason and i can’t even recreate a profile, keeps looping back after the annoying verification steps

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