RBS Problems

Royal Bank of Scotland or simply known as RBS online banking can have problems, with the major ones being a total outage or Bankline login issues. In rare cases but it does happen the website and mobile apps do not load or crash upon opening. When things like these happen where do you go to complain, ask questions or just vent frustrations?

The answer to the above question is ‘HERE’, this is where you can report any issue you might be having with your RBS service, such as servers going down, issues with FacFlow, not being able to login to your account or maybe you just wish to ask a simple question about RBS servies such as opening times etc.

If you have a current, savings, business account or you have investments with RBS and having troubles please do report your service status right here with Down Today.

RBS Status insight for Wednesday 28th of October 2020

If RBS is down today, then reports will be found below.

RBS Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

RBS Reports

@lightsupem @RBS_Help Oh that’s good, I’m guessing you contacted them? I’ll have to get onto them. It’s so frustrating, I’m just glad I remember to check my statements!

@RBS_Help please can you answer your phones !!! One hour on hold !!!!!!

Thanks to the staff @RBS_Help St Nicholas Aberdeen for being courteous and helpful despite one or two customers testing their patience this morning. People shouldn’t be shouted at just for doing a job especially now where they are looking after your health and safety too!

@RBS_Help Is RBS call centre now just putting the phone down when customers ring with problems? Whatever next?

@LloydsBank @santanderuk @HSBC @HalifaxBank @RBS_Help I hear that banks are introducing monthly fees ..... let me remind you about bitcoin ..... it's great, I think the banks gave been bailed out and earn enough already 🤷‍♂️ time to switch it up #Banking

@RBS_Help Yea my local branch is closing in March and then the closest will be 21 miles away. The local RBS Branch closed a couple of years back but the benefits is that the Cash deposits are instant from a post office with RBS. My family that has RBS accounts all recommended I go to RBS.

@RBS_Help hello hope you are well, I am looking to switch my TSB under 19 account and my TSB savings account over to RBS. So I am looking for information on how to do that if you would be able to supply that please.

@GarryWalker74 @Squirreltower @KenCrocket @RobinCampbellSM @SMCGuidebooks @bobgreid @ChrisBonington @aberdeenuni @HotAches @theiaincameron @RBS_Help @clydesdalebank @LloydsBank @Chris_Tiso No denying Patey's tales, but if you want laugh out loud climbing stories you have to go a long way to beat GF Dutton's Doctor stories.

@Squirreltower @Cairngorm22 @KenCrocket @RobinCampbellSM @SMCGuidebooks @bobgreid @ChrisBonington @aberdeenuni @HotAches @theiaincameron @RBS_Help @clydesdalebank @LloydsBank It’s not easy writing laugh out loud stories, especially concerning mountaineering, but l’affaire Tiso @Chris_Tiso or the Birmingham Scot or even the Cairngorm Club Calypso are genuinely funny. One Man’s Mountains is a work of some genius.