RBS Down Today?

Royal Bank of Scotland or simply known as RBS online banking can have problems, with the major ones being a total outage or Bankline login issues. In rare cases but it does happen the website and mobile apps do not load or crash upon opening. When things like these happen where do you go to complain, ask questions or just vent frustrations?

The answer to the above question is ‘HERE’, this is where you can report any issue you might be having with your RBS service, such as servers going down, issues with FacFlow, not being able to login to your account or maybe you just wish to ask a simple question about RBS servies such as opening times etc.

If you have a current, savings, business account or you have investments with RBS and having troubles please do report your service status right here with Down Today.

RBS Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If RBS is down today, then reports will be found below.

Report RBS Problems? Share your issues with Down Today's community.

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3 years ago

no login codes sent by text!

3 years ago

App once again is not working, thinking of moving as had nothing but problems this last few weeks!!!

harlan leys
5 years ago

RBS is down today, but there’s no reports tol be found below; this is a dud site.

Dina Mundt
6 years ago

Screen keeps freezing. Chat suggestions don’t work. May work first try in the morning to log in. Forget the rest of the day.

anthony todd
6 years ago

RBS Cannot sustain this way. Very poor service and will not fix the problem.

6 years ago

My money was supposed to go in on the on the 4th but it still isnt in my account. I needed this oney and now I ma overdrawn because of it. I asked my boss and he proved it went in.

6 years ago

Not letting me login online to my RBS account, what is the problem now?

7 years ago

Wow, i called RBS customer service today and was on the phone for like 10 minutes, a very quick call telling me there is nothing wrong. Well, let me tell you that there is as i cannot get my debit card to work. It keeps on getting declined when i have enough money.

7 years ago

Online banking is down for me, how many times is this going to happen.

7 years ago

Is RBS shutting down or just down sizing? So many branches closing down and mobile banking is terrible at the moment.

7 years ago

I fear that RBS online banking may just be coming to an end with me, i have been going to the branch and atms to check my balance because I cannot log on to my account.

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