ROBLOX Problems

ROBLOX is a virtual game where players are able to build their own world and making it come to life. Although there’s nothing worse than creating something and half way having problems with the game due to their being maintenance and there’s nothing worse when it’s unscheduled and also has a longer downtime than expected. Alongside that, there has been other issues as well such as trouble login in, downloads to downloading properly, lag and connection errors.

ROBLOX Status insight for Friday 22nd of January 2021

If ROBLOX is down today, then reports will be found below.

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ROBLOX Reports

@AsheWoIfix hey! here's my uh homestore link, I tried to fix the donation board, but apparently it's on lockdown/maintenance or summ but at the store of my group, I should have gamepasses, if you want to check those out heres the link!…

roblox you guys are a billionaire company, how do you have this much problems, do you have that little amount of employees or are you just not paying them enough? I'm not the one to talk here for a broke ass kid who uses their mom's credit card, but jesus christ roblox

@GELPlayz Roblox is in their own world lol, they didn't fix the problems with account security and made this lmao

@Roblox You have not only accomplished to desecrate and disappoint an entire community of creatives making clothing for your users but made more problems than solutions for anyone, including yourselves. I suggest reverting this new fee and update ASAP. Thank you.

@Maxgenadiy @asimo3089 For most problems like these I use a keyboard and mouse plugged into the usb slots at the back of the console. Roblox blocked custom input on xbox to prevent custom chat boxes from working and it broke things that use custom input.

Going off for a while, maybe some weeks or even a month. So many problems im facing irl. I might not be here to see the future updates for AX or even come back to roblox in general. Just wanna say if i dont ever come back, thanks to everyone and my friends :) .

@AlvinBlox I’m not doing 6 problems this is like a test wtf This is roblox bruh

@Roblox good evening is anyone having problems with gift cards when trying to activate

@puzzledpenguin4 8/10 Nice, clean username Problems: 1. a little bit big. little easy to forget, if its your first time on roblox. 2. the "e" doesnt go well.

Is it just me or is roblox having problems scanning shirt templates? #Roblox #RobloxShirt #RobloxClothing

If you guys aren’t aware why my roblox account isn’t name 1zeekey, I had a account named 1zeekey made back in 2016. However, I had some personal problems in my life which made me make stupid decisions. In this case, I purposely got my account terminated because I felt terrible.