ROBLOX Problems

ROBLOX is a virtual game where players are able to build their own world and making it come to life. Although there’s nothing worse than creating something and half way having problems with the game due to their being maintenance and there’s nothing worse when it’s unscheduled and also has a longer downtime than expected. Alongside that, there has been other issues as well such as trouble login in, downloads to downloading properly, lag and connection errors.

ROBLOX Status insight for Friday 27th of May 2022

If ROBLOX is down today, then reports will be found below.

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ROBLOX Reports

@RightWingCope If we made it legal for Twitter to roblox people after a certain amount of stupid takes, a lot of conservatives would go away. We'd create new deaths, sure. But how could those new problems be worse? This is a thought experiment, not a recommendation.

@HATEDoz 25 is a good haul. I'm going for 25 total. Hatched 16 during event giving me 23 total. Over the last 9 days, since roblox did server maintenance on the 18/19th I haven't hatched anything with 2 accounts on full time. Did you notice a drop in luck the last week or so?

@AbstracDai_ Are you able to actually import that into roblox? I always have problems importing stuff due to, "too many triangles"

@Roblox I understand there has been a few problems with games just randomly being deleted. Are y’all working on the problem, and is it almost resolved?

Roblox has server problems when you join a game it gets a white screen @SharkBloxYT @Roblox_RTC

@Roblox bitch rather than making more clothing fix your god damn game so we dont need a monthly maintenance!

@blox_status So ay, im having issues. Few months ago roblox shows up as its on maintence. I tried it from a different pc, in my school to be exact, and it worked. Im not being able to do anything on the website, its like still in the maintenance status. I need help.

@mynutsitch45 no this reply was sent with a slight delay so you may or may not have had the time to enthusiastically check roblox just to realize it is still on maintenance i apologize as this is an accident and not planned out in any way

@robloxpredicts_ Roblox will go down worse than the great outage of 2021 due to an error of the servers so they had to go do maintenance. Just had this in my mind but I hope it won't happen.

Maintenance break on Roblox experience: Fun admin game we will be back soon!

DTT is on maintenance.. We're fixing scripts on it, Sorry...