ROBLOX Problems

ROBLOX is a virtual game where players are able to build their own world and making it come to life. Although there’s nothing worse than creating something and half way having problems with the game due to their being maintenance and there’s nothing worse when it’s unscheduled and also has a longer downtime than expected. Alongside that, there has been other issues as well such as trouble login in, downloads to downloading properly, lag and connection errors.

ROBLOX Status insight for Saturday 24th of July 2021

If ROBLOX is down today, then reports will be found below.

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ROBLOX Reports

@Roblox_RTC If roblox can remove more than half of its problems then more concerts

Dear calculus, i don’t want to solve your problems, i have my own problems to solve! Do it yourself please!

How about instead of arguing over whether Bacons or those copy pasting and slenders whatever are better, everyone just becomes Bruce Willis? Solves all our problems! #Roblox

@marlonf88414829 @gingertheloser realistically 1. they want to be a metaverse so even if they should, NEVER HAPPENING 2. how would they tell whos a slender and whos not? some people use stitch face for good looking avatars 3. reverting to old roblox would create BIG problems, but im running out of words so yeah

Roblox you know what? Maybe you should remove voice chat. I know there would be lots and lots of problems with voice chat and imagine slenders swearing at kids IMAGINE THAT.

@Roblox_RTC Hey @Roblox_RTC I’m having problems buying robux every time I put in my Visa card it says “your payment has been cancelled” what do I do? Do I wait or contact Roblox support

@Sk1ppey @iGottic_Real @x_RuZe So this is basically my journey through making a conversion system between C4D, Roblox, and Blender. Which has a lot of hoops to jump through, and a lot of problems to solve. Mostly due to the issues with Blender's import/export. An FBX should be pretty universal right?

BREAKING NEWS:I Broke Roblox Test Site When I Typed Every Test Sites On Roblox I Just Found One Roblox Test… Its Offline They Said To Me "Be Back Soon!" Heres A Picture Of The Test Site.

Learn how to be doing some love! #Roblox Universe and show some necessary maintenance tonight starting around for dropping