ROBLOX Problems

ROBLOX is a virtual game where players are able to build their own world and making it come to life. Although there’s nothing worse than creating something and half way having problems with the game due to their being maintenance and there’s nothing worse when it’s unscheduled and also has a longer downtime than expected. Alongside that, there has been other issues as well such as trouble login in, downloads to downloading properly, lag and connection errors.

ROBLOX Status insight for Wednesday 21st of April 2021

If ROBLOX is down today, then reports will be found below.

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ROBLOX Reports

I've been undergoing problems of my own and within the family. I have lost motivation to build and develop on ROBLOX, and even as far as to serve Him. -sigh-

Good afternoon @TeamAdoptme @AdoptMeSupport I have some problems with my roblox account. I can't claim my human bubble, booster, and orange cat. I have enough and more stars to claim it, I'm sending a screenshot here with evidence. My username is: I_Guz. Tysm

Woah!? A cool rig where can I get one!? Well, it's finally here, My first ever rig.. I PRESENT TO YOU PandasBlockyRig! He is an R15 Roblox Blender Rig easy for GFX begginers! Keep in mind this is my first ever rig so if u have any problems give me a dm!

@TkK1ng @DudeOnDaInterne @Roblox_RTC dude just face the fact that alot of people have problems with the game, no reason to continue and argument over it.

hi! sorry for being inactive and not announcing the ocean egg giveaway winners yet, i’m having problems with my wifi and cant get onto roblox because of it 😢 it’ll hopefully be fixed tomorrow so i hope i’ll be able to do it then!

My sis was playing funky friday on roblox with someone and that mf decided to die for 10 seconds. Literally. Apparently the have heart problems 😀

My son is obsessed with Pokémon and plays all the knockoff Roblox games until they get a Copyright strike. I don’t have time to keep starting over, but this is what he likes to play with me. I may be buying a switch to solve the first worldliest of first world problems.

So... big I'm Daniel but u can call me Felix •Male •Minor •Ur epic •Professional Idiot •Class Clown •Has Eye and Ear problems •Why am I still going? •Plays Roblox, Nintendo, Indie Games and probably some others lol •Noob

@Roblox_RTC @railworks2rblx ok this isnt related to this tweet but i need help with my family. im having abuse problems just please help

hey @Roblox , fix your verification system. You made a game for kids and you expect them to do 10 math problems in a limited amount of time. I'm 14 and cant even finish the 2nd one. Bruh.