Sainsburys Problems

Is down today? If you visit their website you may notice a maintenance message, see the app has crashed when trying to order and lose your basket, plus other online services may be offline and not working due to demand or server issues.

Sainsburys Status insight for Friday 18th of June 2021

If Sainsburys is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Sainsburys Reports

@sainsburys is there a problem with your payment line this morning? I’ve been cut off four times.

@smallfeet_a @spangoline @sainsburys Glad to here it. All for praise when THEY rectify THEIR problem. 🙏

@sainsburys So to confirm and I want a response to this. A problem that was caused by you, has resulted in my loosing money and now I have to drive 5 hours back to Brighton to sort?

@sainsburys I'm back in Plymouth now. So I have to drive the 5 hours just to resolve a problem you caused?

@JamesWh70571676 @toptottycentral @sainsburys @trussliz Sainsburys in Derby is the same. I shop after work and shelves are practically empty of fruit and veg. I asked if it was because of Brexit. He said no just a problem with their supplier

@sainsburys Cookies / cache is not the problem. The problem is the App. Please speak with your technical people to look at this issue

@sainsburys I tried that, and also on different browsers and different devices, and a different card. Still not working

@sainsburys It’s still not working after doing that, I’ve tried web browser and the Sainsbury’s app

@sainsburys Do you not think it makes more sense to put a notice up at the entrance of that store about the contactless not working, rather than at the check outs? Just a thought..

@sainsburys just spent 40 minutes in Sainsburys Charlton choosing my shopping.. only to find out when I went to pay that the contactless is not working.. would be helpful to know before I start as that’s all I had with me. #wasteoftime