Sainsburys Problems

Is down today? If you visit their website you may notice a maintenance message, see the app has crashed when trying to order and lose your basket, plus other online services may be offline and not working due to demand or server issues.

Sainsburys Status insight for Monday 8th of August 2022

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Sainsburys Reports

@kdey @sainsburys No, I’m not. I am interpreting the law as it was intended to be interpreted. Over 200 other businesses have agreed with me, including major supermarkets. Only Sainsbury’s is the problem and they accommodated emotional support animals in 2004!

@dudleysonline @JJsViews @BBCNews @sainsburys @AmexUK @JohnLewisRetail Do it! I worked for Argos for 10 years the last 4 years it was taken over by Sainsburys and your toes would curl if you knew what went on in there central offices, they are soulless, rudderless juggernauts. The problem is no one really owns and loves them so no one cares 😔

@sainsburys there seems to be an issue with verifying payments for online orders for some cards. Had to cancel an order last night & still not working. I have been able to use the same card elsewhere.

@GrannyA71 @sainsburys I’m having the same problem. Awful service from sainsburys recently. I don’t think it’s worth shopping with them anymore!

@sainsburys Had the craziest substitution ever on our last order. 1 unit of washing liquid £4.50, substituted for 4 different bottles at a cost of £32 (£8 per unit). Driver was very apologetic and stunned ! Problem with your computer algorithms I think.

@sainsburys have you got a problem with amending orders on app and website. I’ve been getting the same error message all afternoon? I can make new orders with no issue!

@sainsburys I’m trying to book a delivery slot in Anglesey for 13 days time and every single slot is unavailable and on virtually every other day. Have you got a staffing problem? We’ve used Sainsburys every year there without problems, looks like we need to go for Tesco

@PhoenixEvolve @StoatlyL @thenorfolkcoast @waitrose @aldi @marksandspencer @Tesco @sainsburys @Morrisons @asda @jake_fiennes I know the feeling - but there is a big problem that needs fixing. I am sad that the solution will spoil the fun of the very few responsible users, but unfortunately there are so many irresponsible ones that I feel this is the only option.

@sainsburys waste of time click and collect and even more waste of time your online customer service. Problem not resolved or even asked me what happened ?? So you can keep your vouchers that never work and stick them somewhere, I'll just go elsewhere.…

@sainsburys Gateshead team valley. There aren't spaces for more sizes or types so I doubt it's store specific. Period poverty is a very real problem and lack of choice as bad as this contributes.

@sainsburys Thank you Charlotte, would be good to see it back in situ as litter is always a problem here!

Dear @sainsburys, I ordered 2x heads of broccoli in my shopping order and I've just been charged for 2.3kg of broccoli! One of my 12 eggs was also cracked. I haven't got the time to spend ages on the phone - hence this pathetic tweet. Please resolve my first world problem ASAP.