Sainsburys Problems

Is down today? If you visit their website you may notice a maintenance message, see the app has crashed when trying to order and lose your basket, plus other online services may be offline and not working due to demand or server issues.

Sainsburys Status insight for Friday 27th of May 2022

If Sainsburys is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Sainsburys Reports

@sainsburys No problem, I’ll just refuse the delivery and they can pick, pack & deliver it all again tomorrow :-)

@sainsburys just had a really unhelpful lady on the phone at your customer service. I needed help with my mums account and login. My mum is disabled.She said call back when you have correct details and I know they were. I’m still no further with my problem.

@sainsburys Every time I shop at my local store the alarms go off as I leave. I never have anything which should cause a problem. Out of sheer desperation today I returned all the items in my trolley for a refund. I am so upset at being made to look like a thief.

@sainsburys I’m very disappointed that having waited a considerable time at the kiosk ( which is fine) that the sales woman said “it’s not my problem” rather than just saying “sorry for your wait” Leek branch

@sainsburys good morning… delivery problem. Item damaged. Several deliveries have had damaged items now, food items open are not items I can use. Numerous DMs still outstanding aswell.

@reppossess That branch of @sainsburys seems to have form..... They have a problem with Black children! What to expect when Sainsbury's hire henchmen who are endorsed by the racist Home Office!! 🤔

@Antiochean @LordOfVillainy @sainsburys Keith, do you believe everything you read in the media? I think we've found the problem. You could go to a pride or ask LGBT+ people. You probably have people in your congregation with LGBT+ family and friends who've been.

@sainsburys Local have a serious staff problem Their staff are anti-black (inc “POCs”). I’ve had frequent run ins I have a pending grievance bc the security guard ws close to hitting me. When I took it further they lied that they lost security tape. I’m not finished w/them…

@sainsburys your automated DMs are not working, can you please take a look at my message. Thanks

@sainsburys It's more about the non-visible part of the pizza having zero meat than a problem with the packaging. I'll DM the requested info.

@Keir_Starmer @sainsburys @jreynoldsMP WTF they are making a killing with their profits but of course Starmer just part of the problem not the solution.