Sainsburys Problems

Is down today? If you visit their website you may notice a maintenance message, see the app has crashed when trying to order and lose your basket, plus other online services may be offline and not working due to demand or server issues.

Sainsburys Status insight for Wednesday 27th of January 2021

If Sainsburys is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Sainsburys Reports

@sainsburys Hello - sent you a DM with order problem details 20 hours ago. Could you give me an idea when I might hear back please? Thanks.

Looking at reviews from @sainsburys Edinburgh ex employees will make me give this company a wide berth. The core problem is management, stress, not getting paid for extra hours worked. Marching orders at a drop of a hat. Avoid !

@sainsburys Last visit was yesterday afternoon but the gulley has been blocked for years and it’s a continual problem with either ice or mud. It needs fixing!

The jumping onboard of the anti-sugar bandwagon years ago is why I no longer shop at @sainsburys 🙄 No problem with these ladies — at least they are honest and up front about it and don’t try and pressure folk 😉…

@SebastianWocker @sainsburys And this is the problem we still face to this day. No wonder the numbers are so high.

@sainsburys Thanks Ayesha. I know it’s a first world problem, but makes all the difference to my day in a time as monotonously this :)

@zatzi @sainsburys Completely mad! The ‘use by’ date problem is the one and only reason why I do not use on-line ordering and goodness me I could really do with it as I do live relatively remotely!

@zatzi @sainsburys Have the same problem with Morrisons.

@maguire_garry @JamieAudsley @ERSMedical @sainsburys @yourcroydon @ali_Croydon #pavementparking is a widespread problem. There's a car park outside the surgery with 5 spaces, all of which were empty and loads of *free* onroad parking along Auckland Road.

@JamieAudsley @AucklandRoadLTN @ERSMedical @sainsburys @yourcroydon @ali_Croydon I'm sorry @AucklandRoadLTN , you are complaining about medical supplies being brought to the doctor's surgery? And food being delivered to people who are in lockdown? How insensitive. The flytipping I agree is a problem though.

@GorillaoJustice @CostaCoffee @sainsburys That's the21st century for you. More places to slake your thirst less places to per! Believe me at my age that is a serious problem. Thank goodness for the Farmer's toilet! 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

Are @sainsburys having a last go at convincing us that #BrexitDeal was a mistake? Getting lots of calls and tweets pointing to their fruit and veg out of stock positions as proof. The truth is that none of the other supermarkets is having the same problem.