Samsung TV Smart Hub Problems

The Samsung TV Smart Hub is used worldwide, so it’s a global nightmare when problems occur and even more if the interactive television service goes down completely. We have seen Samsung Smart Hub TVs run into DNS issues in the past and these require a fix to the normal address on occasion, although this is a rare event.

There’s hundreds of apps available through the Samsung TV Smart Hub, so naturally if the server status changes and goes down today, then this will impact many 3rd party services. Through this hub you can load apps like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, and many more that will not be working if the main software cannot load.

If you have problems with the Samsung TV Smart Hub, or find the servers down and not working we want to hear about it. Status updates from the community should be left below, also see reports framer readers to see if you are not alone with certain bugs.

Samsung TV Smart Hub Status insight for Thursday 4th of June 2020

If Samsung TV Smart Hub is down today, then reports will be found below.

Samsung TV Smart Hub Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Jobey

    Not able to log on to the server today, looks like Netflix it is for today via Apple TV.

  • Hazel H

    IPlayer and itv hub not working on new Samsung smart tv.

  • Delboysok

    amazon prime app no longer present. Can reload it from apps menu but Smart Hub “updates” and deletes it again!! What’s going on?

  • Rockin Rob

    iplayer now insists on sign in – will not sign in – enter the code on a mobile device as instructed but it just says “there has been a problem – try to sign in again”. Now stuck in a loop and cant use iplayer any more

  • Kaz

    Updated all 4 catch up yesterday but it’s not working now pressed blue button to reinstall the hub like someone suggested but it didn’t work please help

  • Elinor Whitlock

    Yesterday, Spike, 4music and 4seven aren’t working on my Samsung 4K. Any suggestions please? We have tried retuning to no avail.

  • dbabe

    iplayer not working

  • Jonathan Reeves

    I used the contact Samsung, via the TV menu. They telephoned me and fixed it over the phone via remote access to my TV. Must say i am very impressed.

  • Keith Bryant


  • Keith Bryant

    Same as me happened about 2 weeks ago i have a hu8500 with a sek3500 all other apps fine just gets to loading on iplayer

  • Lee Smith

    My smart hub is not working other than the web browser

  • Ïmmαҫ B. ♕ Reno

    Hi. Anyone using tvPlayer app on Samsung smart TV? I’m in a bad signal reception area so can’t use outdoor aerial. I have installed the tvPlayer app but I can’t seem to find the live channels section. Please help!!!

  • Mark

    Can’t get itv hub , iPlayer or All 4 apps to work today

  • Ian

    BBC iPlayer gets to ‘LOADING’ page but goes no further – on my UE48JU6400 – been like it since resetting Smart Hub 2 weeks ago – everything else working fine – anyone any ideas ?

  • Stacey Harris

    Hello I have a UE55J6300AKXXU Smart Tv. My smart hub isn’t working and won’t let me click on certain apps.

  • Nicholas Partridge

    Pretty much all apps except youtube are not working

  • Jonathan Reeves

    UE40JU6400KXXU not loading BBCI player

  • Lucinda Burtwhistle

    My ITV hub is asking me to sign in (again) then get a message saying there is a problem, last night and today.

  • joerg meyer-glass

    BBciplayer worked fine yesterday morning. In the afternoon it stoped loading and nothing happened since. ITV, My5 and all4 working fine

  • Sethcat

    itv on demand, iplayer, my 4, all of them today and yesterday playing but in a very small box on the top left of my tv screen. Any ideas please? I have tried for hours to solve the problem but to no avail. Netflix is working on full screen.

  • RW

    iplayer and itv and channel 4 and channel 5 are no longer playing on my tv through Samsung DVD player/recorder, but in the top left corner of the screen. It was working three days ago when I last used it. What can I do please?

  • Jill Evans

    4 On Demand, My 5, ITV player and BBC iPlayer are not available for the first time today 7th May 2018 on either of two Samsung Smart TVs or Amazon Fire TV Box connected to the largest one. We also have an Amazon firestick connected to an older Panasonic tv but that’s not working either so no Catch Up available in any form.

  • corrigenda

    I have only used the My5 App on Samsung once but now get a server error message every time I try. I then deleted the App and tried to reload it but even that produces a server error. What should I do? Anyone know of a solution?

  • Phil J Chapman

    My Samsung UE48JS9000TXXU Version Per No :01
    TV Serial Number : 07BD3SAGC00664H has decided to stop working.

    It is not responding to remote control commands from the standard remote control at all. The Tv will turn on / off using the Smart Hub (pointer ) remote control but will not change channel or respond to any other commands.

    I have a black screen , with a horizontal blue/ grey band across the middle stating in white “Services not Available” .

    Has anyone else encountered this problem ?

    How canI fix it ?


  • Louise Seddon

    ITV player not working on my Samsung tv… any ideas anyone?

  • Phil

    I have a Samsung series 7 smart tv , internet is fine but can’t get BBC player or ITV to load , it just buffers , All other devices eg iPad are fine
    Any ideas

  • David Bunnell

    No ITV Player today

  • Crystal Santos

    While on the terms and conditions screen, press MUTE+VOL UP+CH UP+MUTE. A menu should pop up allowing you to change your country. I had the same problem on Guam.

  • Ian Gormlie

    I bought a Samsung Smart tv in Australia for use in Vanuatu.
    The tv wont load the terms and conditions and tells you to contact Samsung help. When i did that it was not helpful – telling me there is no solution as i am using the tv in a different country than i bought it.
    If anyone has a fix i would love to hear it.

  • Peter

    Have Samsung model UE40D7000LU can no longer receive bbc iplayer or itv hub . Trying to find reasons but getting no answers from Samsung.

  • Lin

    BBC I player has suddenly stopped loading programmes on Samsung 5 series TV – Have reset smart hub, but still not working. ITV hub is still working, have sent in request to Samsung support, but no response as yet. E2001 come up and says try again later – but still nothing

  • Elaine

    My tic hub stopped working two days ago . The hub comes up as it is going to play
    A Error sigh pops up

  • Colin Rigby

    The hub is down today cant get any of the catch up channels

  • Mark

    Unable to create an account with Samsung to be able to use plex. Keep on getting unable to connect to server message for two weeks now.

  • Lynne Roberts

    Had problems for days on new Samsung QE with itv hub just not responding. Anybody any ideas/solutions

  • silva fox

    I have a Samsung smart tv ITV Netflix run OK but the BBC I player is a pain have reset TV rebooted rooter etc but still freezes and have to switch off TV to reset and continue anybody got a fix?

  • boopoo

    Reset internet and tv but only Netflix and Amazon prime apps working for past 2 days.
    Error messages and cannot install bbciplayer or all4 or itv or access YouTube etc

  • Emsy brownlow

    no apps working on hub today. Anyone else?

  • Karen Francis

    Can not connect to internet on TV. Always have had problems with sound bar keeping connected to TV. In the knowledge but can not work it out. Help please

  • John Guild

    Iplayer is only playing in the top left corner of my tv screen any idea of a fix please.

  • Sadie Hicks

    Mine is doin the same have you had any luck in fixing it?

  • Sadie Hicks

    Is smart hub down..can not load anything says being updated. Have reset hub setting and still nothing.

  • Ade

    Is smart TV down? Mines been down for 2 days

  • Ade

    Is smart hun down? Mine ain’t been working for two days

  • Michael Blake

    I had this problem with one of the newer models last month after 6 months use: it affected ATV, All 4 and 5 players too.
    The only solution that I found works for me was to call Samsung support. They directed me to the settings area and initiate access for them. They then directly connected to the TV, removed all apps, updated some settings and restored them, then ran some checks with me to check I could access everything I wanted..
    That fixed it all.

  • Julian Shala

    Anyone has ever had an issue with tv just freezing when you attemp to change channels, lower/raise volume? It becomes non responsive and the only short term fix is to switch off at the plug and on again…..until you change the channel and it freezes again. Called samsung and they gave me number to call for tv repairs, just thought someone here might know a cheaper way to fix??
    Many thanks

  • Sarah Davison

    I’ve had great same. Done a factory reset, updated the smart hub. When I go to view the apps it says the the smart hub is updating! It’s just updated….

  • Nigel Brock

    iPlayer, itv hub,my4 etc all stopped working today. Had to resort to Amazon firestick for all these.

  • mark rigby

    My ITV Hub stopped working on my Samsung TV last night. How can I fix it

  • ate1963favourites

    I haven’t (yet) bought a Samsung TV, but a guy from Richer Sounds told me iplayer etc isn’t really working on samsungs because their tv plus is trying to offer the same as freeview – but without coughing up the fees for the service, so net result is you get some inferior service, courtesy of tv plus. No idea if that’s true? Or if this was a problem with older samsungs that’s now been fixed? Any views?

  • Joan

    I have had this problem for weeks

  • Karen

    All 4 not been working for a few days. I’ve deleted app and installed again still not working.

  • Jacqui Russell Collins

    My hub just will not work…ive updated it etc…theyre all there but when I select a channel it says updating please try later…this has been for weeks…any ideas ??
    Telly fine …pic okay…i have fibroptic WiFi…its driving me mad…

  • Ellie Green

    I’m having this problem too – any advice?

  • Jo Green

    BBC iPlayer not working..have spent an hour with Samsung support..any help out there please??

  • John Holding

    My Samsung tv will play bbc i player for roughly 10 minutes then freeze and go down. Says then some crap about fault being temporary. I wont load channel 4 catch up at all.

  • Fiona T

    Same! It keeps playing the audio but not the video. the adverts manage to play perfectly each time, so why can’t the programme. So frustrating. If anyone has any solutions they would be very welcome.

  • Elliot Smith

    Have you found a fix for this yet?

  • Elliot Smith

    I am having the exact same problem, except it skips randomly through the episode as well as after the ads. Have you found a fix for this?

  • Anna Barnes

    I have the same problem

  • andrewtull55

    Having a similar problem – after the ads it goes on to the next programme in the series

  • Norman McLeod

    After a week of frustration, contacting Channel4 via mail and phone, eventually decided to phone Samsung support. It took a while but in the end very good. The problem was that unable to log in to All4 services on SmatHub. It was solved by a very helpful Customer Service Lady whose patience was that of Job! As you all know the slowness of log on with the remote, she waited for some time for me to enter, after resetting SmartHub, unplugged from power completely, allowed complete load of Apps, tried log in – and Eureka at long last we can watch Bake Off. Thanks to the agent. Try it if you have the same trouble – CS will need name, postcode and address, – TV detail (onscreen in menu) will probably ask for remote management.

    Excellent service, Samsung I’m impressed.

  • Alan Morris

    All 4 crashes after adverts and doesn’t give a resume option, so you have to go back to the start of the programme.

  • Latest issue is that when I go onto All4 after watching a programme it asks me to re-register email address and password each time- despite it saying ‘you will only need to do this once’!!

  • Ethel James

    My smart hub is not working today

  • .BARRY

    Latest software update 1501 is pathetic, its all over the place ,tv doesn’t do all its obviously made an meant to do, has anyone had problems with this latest 1501 update. Samsung is load of crap

  • Ïmmαҫ B. ♕ Reno

    All my USB ports on UE50KU6000kxxu stopped working. The usb options don’t even show up on the source list. Also, all4 hasnt worked for a few days now and I had to access it through my Amazon fire stick. Samsung sucks. Always problem after problem!!!

  • J.D. Jordan

    Thanks Jane- overnight, my Smarthub did reset and is now OK (i.e. I can get all my freeview players, including All 4).

  • Jane Rebecca Hughes

    Just had exactly the same issues and were stuck with ‘Smarthub updating’ message. The following has just worked: Click ‘Smarthub’, ‘Samsung apps’, this will bring up all the recommended apps – BBC, C4 etc., Click on the app icons and they will all refresh. You will need to re-enter login/passwords for Netflix etc.

  • J.D. Jordan

    -Should add; found this morning that my Smart Hub HAD updated, so the fix described by Abbas works (for me anyway). -I can get all the freeview ‘players’ again, including All 4. Hope Louise Wagstaff and all you guys with similar problems find the same. You do have to log back in to each of your players. I didn’t have to do anything regarding network / internet connectivity. It does seem that some Smart Hubs take several hours to update, though, which is a bit disconcerting in this day and age. -Thank you Abbas for your advice (posted below on 07/08/17).

  • J.D. Jordan

    Exactly right! (I posted my experience on 18/08). Has your ‘updating’ problem resolved yet?

  • J.D. Jordan

    Haven’t been able to get All 4 for three days; tried to re-upload the app., got a “not available” report on the TV. Tried to update the TV software: got a message that no updates were found- but on opening Smart Hub and clicking on the ‘apps’ symbol I got a screen saying something like “It’s time to update your software, 5 apps to be deleted, 1 installed”- but the ‘progress bar’ didn’t shift from its’ start point no matter how long I waited. With misgivings, I reset my Smart Hub; now (having waited approx. 1 hour) I keep getting the message “Smart Hub updating. Please try again later”. I get the impression from elsewhere on the web that problems accessing All4 are becoming widespread, with additional problems happening if you try to recover All 4. My Samsung LED 32 has been great up ’till now; but that’s no compensation for the frustration that I’m currently feeling.

  • Lynda Gardner

    we have not been able to access anything on catch up for several days. service is always erratic and often breaks mid programme . fed up now as we have been away fro a few days and would like to catch up on several of our favourites .what can we do when broadband is fine and we are just getting “no internet connection ” etc constantly now matter what we try

  • Jane Taylor-Richardson

    We couldn’t get All 4 for over a week so reset smart hub 3 days ago. I now can’t get onto any apps as its saying smarthub is still updating. Any ideas Thanks

  • Grace

    I’m having the exact same problem!

  • Abbas

    Found a solution, go to menu, smart hub, reset smart hub and it resets the whole thing, you’ll have to put passwords back into Netflix, Facebook etc. And reconnect your smart hub to your wireless network etc but just follow the steps, its like starting it again when u bought the to. Hope that helps xx

  • Abbas

    Same with mine, dunno what to do tried updating, deleting etc

  • Jon Field

    Thank you Lynn – i’m wondering if the technical team are simply “technologiy challenged” or just plain lazy, as All4 catch-up is still unavailable? The question is .. how long ago did they know there was a problem before you contacted them, & how much longer are we going to wait whilst they fiddle & scratch their heads?

  • Monique.

    All OK can’t load all4 nit been working for over a week.

  • Taylor

    BBC hub is rubbish,just keeps freezing,so frustrating!!!

  • Gail Douglas

    All working apart from ALL 4

  • Ryan Arnold

    Itv hub keeps losing connection and pausing my show.

  • Alicia Sledge

    Our samsung TV too. although only noticed yesterday after we had to retune it for all the freeview channels. Glad it’s not just us but very frustrating.

  • Lynn Simpson

    I’ve contacted channel 4 and they are aware of the problem and have a technical team looking into it.

  • Gints

    Me too!! Been like this for 2 weeks now

  • Lynn Simpson

    Snap, I thought If I posted my problem here Samsung would look into it

  • Carole Hunter

    All working apart from All 4.

  • Jon Field

    What’s the use of implementing this DownToday community (“if you have problems .. we want to hear about it”), if nobody from Samsung’s Smart Hub department is actioning the problem? Is anyone listening? It can clearly be seen from previous posts there is a problem now (for over a month) with accessing catch-up content via the AllFour app .. so what is the point of it all when “in space, nobody can hear you scream”?

  • Katie

    All4 not loading past the initial loading screen been like this for over a week very frustrating!!

  • Gra

    All4 not opening again today . same as yesterday . Having Reset App and Samsung T.V … can get to 4all Samsung APP ok on Samsung DVD player with the other Samsung APP apparently working ok too.

  • Louise Wagstaff

    Hummm… How long does it take for Smart Hub to update :/ because mine has been updating since 6am (7hrs!) Oh well, no catching up for me today lmao

  • Lynne

    Both ITV and bbc iPlayer load eventually but will only play for seconds and then freeze and replay again for seconds and freeze. Very frustrating.

  • david

    I have the same problem which started a few days ago and I have not been able to solve. All the other TV apps work ok on my Samssung smart tv . What to do next?

  • Dc

    Cannot get beyond initial page on All 4

  • Louise Wagstaff

    Apps keep freezing, buffering or just won’t open whatsoever (4od & iPlayer not opening at all) … Been a pain for a few days now on all apps.

  • Linzi

    None of my apps will work at all. Can’t even sign into my Samsung account via tv. Have checked internet connection. All fine. Advice please.

  • Siobhan Huston

    Hi 4od never loads so I cannot access it to watch my programmes on catch up. It just stays on the main 4od page and loads but never comes on. Can I ask why?

  • Mark

    None of my apps are working on my series 6 Samsung tv, they were working last night but not now. It won’t even let my phone connect to it either. The TV can see my Internet but just doesn’t connect, all the phones and tablets in the house work fine.

  • sally barlow

    Can’t get All4 to open

  • Shaun

    My samsung hdd dvd blu ray player gets ch4 app up but just won’t load ?

  • Susan Taylor

    Done the reset twice but still not working

  • Tony peer

    blue line has appeared in the middle of the screen what can i do.

  • Kate

    Samsung apps not working either saying something went wrong or not loading then going back to tv mode

  • David Crossley

    My ALL4 App worked perfectly and now wont open. All other Apps ok. Fortunately I use a Humax Sat box and this also has internet tv options.

  • Bruce Park

    No iPlayer for me for weeks now. Is this problem being worked on to be resolved?

  • quark

    Can you believe it. The sign in option for BBC iplayer has been removed temporarily, as it doesn’t work. BBC are working on it apparently. You would think that as they are going to make signing in compulsory they would get it right. Technology eh! Fine when it works. A nightmare when it doesn’t.

  • Gemini

    The All4 app on my Samsung Smart TV hasn’t worked in weeks! BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub work fine

  • Andrew Sharp

    This seems to be a general problem. Can’t sign in since yesterday on my Samsung Smart TV. Had been working previously. Have tried to reset the smart hub and then the whole TV. Did not help.

  • Tratts

    We have 3 samsung TVs in the house, All 4 working fine on 2 TVs but since the update on 17.7.2017 All4 now just hangs on the loading screen on newest TV. Smart Hub reset made no difference. All other apps working, just not All 4. Very frustrating and time consuming. What should I do?

  • quark

    I cannot sign in to the BBC iplayer via the Samsung smart TV app. This is a fiasco as soon, we shalll have to sign in otherwise we’ll be unable to access BBC iplayer. I can sign in via my PC browser and the browser built into the Samsung TV. Apparently the BBC saves cookies and keeps you signed in. No it doesn’t! BBC get your act together please or lose goodwill.

  • Ïmmαҫ B. ♕ Reno

    BBC iPlayer is glitchy and not working properly. I cant sign in either since yesterday. First I reset just the smart hub and then reset the tv but problem still persists. Just fed up!!! So frustrating.

  • Melissa

    Hmm well not sure what settings you had on your TV, it took us 10 mins MAX to rescan for all the TV channels, set up the smart hub and connect to wifi etc. Not sure how it can take 1 hour, but at least even if it takes you an hour your smart hub now works.

  • obel15k

    Trying to work up the energy to do a full reset – took me over an hour to put all the settings back when I last did it.

  • obel15k

    Same problem on my TV. Reset Smart Hub made no difference. Trying to work up the energy for a full reset followed by restoring all the settings. Can’t believe Samsung don’t provide an easy way to save them anywhere.

  • obel15k

    Resetting doesn’t take long, it’s restoring all the settings that takes the time.

  • obel15k

    Same problem for me – All 4 working fine the other week, now just hangs on the loading screen. Smart Hub reset made no difference. All other apps working, just not All 4.

  • obel15k

    Unfortunately Samsung designates a set of apps as “recommended”: On my TV it’s iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, Wuaki tv, Netflix and Amazon Instant Video – none of these can be deleted.

  • Chyna

    None of my apps are showing up on my smart hub at all and the ‘reset’ option isnt available, when I click it it just pulls up a ‘not available’ box. What can I do to fix this?

  • Margaret Aitchison

    We had the same iplayer problem. Resetting the tv worked. Worth a try.

  • David

    IPlayer not available on my Samsung Smart TV, fed up!

  • Ïmmαҫ B. ♕ Reno

    Melissa says above that we should reset the tv but don’t wanna go thru all of that. It’s just so tedious. To make it worse, u can’t uninstall the app because it’s a basic app. Just fed up!!! I don’t want to be resetting my TV everytime this happens

  • Keith Stannard

    This works!

  • Bill

    All 4 had stopped working, reset smart hub as people keep stating. Now it works, but the iplayer dosen’t.
    Sort it out Samsung for christ sake 🙁

  • Mark

    Have reset tv apps still not working

  • Michael Crabb

    Exactly the same problem. What to do?? So annoying

  • Mark

    Last week all4 app stopped working now BBC I player not working on Samsung TVs how do I get them to work again

  • Annoyed

    Also having problems with iplayer on Samsung TVs. Worked about 1 hour agonies not list any programs….. very annoying

  • Melissa

    You need to reset your smart hub settings, if this fails as it did for us then go to menu and reset the whole TV. The password will most likely be 0000 unless you’ve set your own up.

  • Melissa

    You need to go to menu, and reset all settings so that you set your TV up as new. The pin code it will ask for will most likely be 0000. We have had this problem for 2 weeks and finally fixed it today by resetting the whole TV. Doesn’t take that long, 10 mins max.

  • Christine Lacy

    Trying to use bbciplayer on my Samsung Smart TV and having problems

  • Ïmmαҫ B. ♕ Reno

    Smart hub unstable of late. Now BBC iPlayer doesn’t load anything at all. When the app is open, all I get is a blank page with just the top menu: my account, home, channels, search but doesn’t load any shows. What load of BS is this! I regret buying Samsung. No support at all.

  • Karen

    I’ve had the same problem with the stv app so I deleted the app and then reinstalled it …it worked. !!

  • Craig White

    Yes i am aswell for weeks

  • Bushkate

    Me too, am currently resetting the hub

  • Peter F

    I had the same. Fix is as follows:
    Menu, Smart Hub, Reset Smart Hub.

  • Andy

    Yep ditto. WHat the hell is going on?

  • Paul Kelley

    Not so smart Samsung!!!! Poor way to treat customers get this fixed before we all boycott Samsung

  • Salsa8680

    Please can we get some feedback on these issues

  • Salsa8680

    TV Hub not loading ITV catchup for weeks

  • Lucy Micciolo Brogden

    Never buying samsung again! Can’t get correct picture size when using Netflix or Amazon prime!

  • James

    Same here, app gets stuck on the loading scree


    Have had this for the last 3 days also.

  • Paul Davison

    All 4 not working on Samsung TV for last week

  • Sandra from Edinburgh

    All4 app on my Samsung TVs won’t load anyone else having the same problem?

  • Linda Newberry

    Unable to get All 4 for the past two days.

  • John Williams

    Tried to use Smarthub this evening and can’t get into any apps, said no internet connection. How do we get it reinstated? Thanks in advance

  • Kurtis

    Smart hub not working at all for the past 3 weeks.

  • Rainy Roo

    Only just bought tele for 289 pound and its rubbish with netflix and smart hub !

  • teshka

    Iplayer and netflix have become unstable on my samsung smart hub. Sometimes loads sometimes does not. Seems to crash regularly when it does work. What’s going on.

  • Joan Forrester Russell

    Itv hub stopped working three days ago now bbc iplayer not working. Only All 4 working so far. It’s so annoying what’s the point of a smart tv if it can’t update without causing problems.

  • Giles Laughton

    ITV hub hasn’t worked for several days, all other apps including iPlayer working; Have reinstalled & reset everything but no joy

  • peter mccandless

    I couldn’t get all4 on my Samsung smart TVs. Tried updating and now I can’t get into any apps. It just says updating and doesn’t do anything

  • Angela Pryke

    I haven’t been able to get 4od on my Samsung TV for a few days

  • Noreen Milne

    Samsung smart hub not working. Can’t get catch up. Will this be fixed soon?

  • Linda Harrison

    just a black screen for netflix. All other apps are working fine. How do I reset the smart hub without having to do a factory reset?

  • alan

    That’s about the time my connection went down and have had all the same messages about system needing updating etc. After an hour with Samsung techie today I am convinced they haven’t a clue either.

  • alan

    i have been trying for weeks now, downloaded updates to USB stick but system said no data on stick. Had an hour on phone with Samsung techie today, went through remote management still not progressed. Having read all the posts, see no hope of resolution!

  • chrissie

    Been having the same trouble. Updated apps and ~Smart hub. Impatient woman on the phone was very little help – strong foreign accent which, with my hearing problems, makes life difficult and she got very impatient. Sympathise with her mind you, but I want to get ALL4

  • John Rowlandson

    Living in North West Liverpool / Manchester both my Samsung Tv’s not receivein Smart today. Hope it’s fixed soon.

  • Helen Porter

    Cannot get Samsung TV smart hub to work, nothing new then

  • Helen Porter

    I don’t use it that much but every time I have tried to access the TV smart hub in the last few days/week, then it doesn’t work. Really frustrating. Why did I buy this TV? Just like other household products, Samsung promise a lot but cannot deliver even a little

  • Mandy

    I had the 4od problem so I’ve reset the smart hub on the tv as suggested and now can’t access any apps – just says smart hub being updated, please try later. Anybody had the same and any fix suggestions?

  • Richard Townsend

    Cant get ITV player to work on Samsung TV, any idea on a resolution

  • Charlotte

    My itv ratio on the tv is either ridiculously tint or ridiculous close up

  • jen

    no iplayer or youtube – anyway of fixing it?

  • Nisha

    I’m really annoyed !!! I haven’t been able to use Netflix etc on my Samsung tv as it says network is not connected. My BT broadband is working with everything else !

  • Matthew Pallett

    When loading All4 the TV gives a message to say it’s not working. I previously reset the Hub due to several apps ‘freezing’ during the updating phase. Fresh install solved nothing.

  • Helen

    I TV Hub not working on my Samsung TV tonight. Anyone got any ideas how to fix?

  • Steve

    Had the all4 problem for the last few days. Fixed it by resetting the smart hub.

  • David Heggie

    IPlayer my5 all4 not working for days. Itvplayer works though.

  • Nigel

    I have a Samsung smart TV and can get everything but 4OD/all 4 for the last 2 days.anyone know a way to fix it?

  • S

    All4 app has been not working for about 2 weeks now. Just hangs on the opening screen.

  • Michael Kenward

    Another report of All 4 going AWOL. This time on a “smart” Samsung Blu-ray player. (I don’t own a TV.) Other channels are fine.

  • A

    My samsung smart hub automaticly updated last week ever since it updated. My All 4 App is not working. When I click on it it just shows the loading sign and it never works since the recent update.

  • DeeDee Dixon

    I very noticed over the last few days the I can only get itv player?? Where is bbc and 4 gone??? What’s going on now???

  • Christine Richardson

    Samsung smart TV apps not updating this evening, it says it needs to delete 6 and install one, but nothing happens. I found out when the bbc
    red button failed to work. The message when I press that is my tv apps need updating or/and my firmware. So no extra Glastonbury coverage for
    me. And why is the youtube app not being supported anymore? I saw that message running across the top of the screen the other day. I don’t really want a TV that’s a pain. I thought it was my internet connection (though nothing else affected) when iplayer kept freezing and refusing to restart a couple of months ago, now I’m pretty sure it was the smart part of this TV. I am disappointed Samsung and I’ll be speaking to you tomorrow.

  • Adrian

    Several days now where both All4 and Netflix have been bugging on Samsung TV. Plus the whole system runs slow and takes forever to acknowledge that I’ve clicked something. WTH? You’ve had DAYS to fix this!

  • Heather Gleed

    Hi anyone else having trouble with apps on Samsung smart tv tonight? Can’t get itv hub, bbc I player, Facebook or you tube tonight. Tried usual fixes turned on and off more than once reset wi fi but still nothing please help!

  • Gary Plant

    Select iplayer and it just goes back to the channel I was watching prior to connecting to the smart hub. Two days of this now.

  • Clare

    This is the same as me!

  • Scott Innes

    All4 seems OK, apart from the opening screen. Going to ‘catch-up’ seems fine. Iplayer just slips back to a TV channel and never opens. Smart TV is rubbish now: No RedBull, no Blinkbox, no Iplayer, 5OD rubbish. Netflix is the only real useful app that works. Anybody feel were getting forced to buy an add-on box?

  • Matt

    Who do we contact to sort issues, Samsung Or BBC

  • TimD

    Been trying for 2 days to open the All4 app on my Samsung tv. Just get the logo but nothing else loads.

  • louie

    Same. Cannot connect to youtube and facebook. Cannot download new apps.

  • Matt

    I can’t load iPlayer on Samsung either. Just a blank screen.

  • Me too! Be trying I-Player these last several days just hung at the loading screen. Where does the problem lie, with Samsung?

  • Linda Carey

    Cannot access All4 gets stuck trying to load software up to date.

  • Jon Wood

    Yep, me too, since 15th June as well. iPlayer webpage acknowledges it but says it has been fixed. I sent them a message to say it isn’t fixed

  • Alan Haerche

    Same with me on 16th June 2017. Click on the I player but does not connect stays with TV channel.

  • Jon Long

    Same. Any answers?

  • Graham Moger

    Yes, exactly the same since 15th June.

  • Chris Mac

    Can’t connect to iPlayer or Google on my Samsung TV telling me to update software but softwear is up to date

  • Roobs

    My Samsung stopped connecting to Iplayer yesterday. All I get is a black screen. All other players are OK. Anyone else?

  • Ruth Hirst

    My Samsung curve tv says cannot connect to Samsung server, update software. But software is up to date. It won’t let me download new apps

  • Martin Glarvey

    BBC iPlayer Loading in permanent freeze. Anyone aware of known issues – 14th June 2017

  • bardsljr

    My sound is cutting in and out- hiccuping- on Netflix and Amazon: anyone else having this problem? What is the fix?

  • Just noticed another ‘issue’ with my 40: Samsung- the handset FFW & RWF <> operate in reverse. The fast forward makes the recording/iPlayer etc go backwards and vice versa!! ANyone else experienced this?

  • sue

    Can’t get My5 on SmartHub

  • john edwards

    bought a new samsung curved ultra hd 4 k 49 inch curve tv my freeview is cutting off and being asked to rescan every so often
    does not always find chanels on rescan…very bad HELP

Samsung TV Smart Hub Reports

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