Now TV Problems

Seeing the Now TV app having connection problems, or the service down today on your Smart TV, tablet or phone isn’t fun, especially when you get problems during a vital movie moment, sport or TV series. Common problems including freezing of the TV stream, or it could be a complete outage across the UK and even more confusing when working on one device but not another.

Now TV Status insight for Wednesday 30th of September 2020

If Now TV is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Now TV Reports

@NOWTV do you know why is our app on BT Youview box not working for sports channels?

@Ofcom @nowtvhelp @NOWTV Thanks yes I will. I called the number on my mother's behalf but hit a stone wall. They failed to take any initiative to solve her problem because there was no password on the account. I'll raise an official complaint thankyou πŸ™

@NOWTV hi. Wondering if you guys know why the ap on LG Smart TV's seems to be not working much right now. Been like this for months now and it's not great. Same message being displayed every time and us rather nondescript. "Sorry the player has an error". Thanks

@NOWTV got a three month sport pass on mobile, not working??

@nowtvhelp @DailyMirror this is the lacklustre performance @nowtvhelp @NOWTV have been providing, total failure to show initiative and solve the problem. They're still charging a subscription though ££££

@NOWTV @nowtvhelp Big update since first contact: Internet still not working, but my mum's still paying for itπŸ‘ Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow folks. @DailyMirror any chance as my mum's preferred paper you might help her out a bit?

@Yewhoho @bouncerbeater @NOWTV @Plusnet yeah, this "thanks... 😊" is to make people think they're nice and helpful whilst failing to solve the problem. Note also the attempt to move it into DM to avoid people discovering their failure in a public forum

@bouncerbeater @NOWTV Yeah, true colours of a company show when you discover how they deal with problems. Her due date was close to a week ago, they've been told it's not working and they've told HER she has to act to get it fixed.

I've done everything asked of me @NOWTV 1. You say my speeds are the problem - I send proof that this is not true. 2. You make me sign out, uninstall, then reinstall, saying you will support me if this doesn't fix this issue. - Ive done this and the chat window closes?

@Paultvfan2020 @NOWTV Have NOWTV at least acknowledged this issue yet? Seeing loads of people reporting having the same problem. @nowtvhelp

@Marc_Burrows @NOWTV I'm having a problem with the football now lagging, I appreciate you have your own stick but come on sort the App out for @AppleTV

@TomB_1993 @NOWTV I've narrowed it down to not working on my home wifi connection. I'm now watching it on 4G on my phone, in low res, burning through my data allowance. This is clearly absolute nonsense @NOWTV – what's up?