Now TV Down Today?

Seeing the Now TV app having connection problems, or the service down today on your Smart TV, tablet or phone isn’t fun, especially when you get problems during a vital movie moment, sport or TV series. Common problems including freezing of the TV stream, or it could be a complete outage across the UK and even more confusing when working on one device but not another.

Now TV Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If Now TV is down today, then reports will be found below.

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2 years ago

Smart TV – NOW films and series go in and out of focus. Don’t have this problem with other streaming services. Anyone else experiencing this? We have fast broadband and is Cat6 wired.

3 years ago

I paid 9.99 today to Now TV UK. I did not receive the level of service that I was entitled to as Nov TV UK has not been responding since I made my payment. I am disgusted as I wanted to watch Augusta golf. Strange that Nov TV UK didn’t fail to take my money. I demand a refund straightaway.

3 years ago

Menu keeps on scrolling by itself and im not even in control of the remote…

3 years ago

Just been logged out of my account whilst catching up on some programmes, nightmare!

3 years ago

Been 3 days now I havnt been able to log in to now tv . Just says oops something went wrong. I couldn’t be logged in right now.. I’ve turn it off and on .it see if any updates restarted it few time still same . Havnt been able to watch anything. Please fix it

3 years ago

Problems signing into the Now TV website and app, is it down?

Sarah Finch
5 years ago

For the last couple of days I keep getting the message that sign in is not available and to try again later. Seems impossible to get in touch with now tv too!

Stephanie Hockly
6 years ago

The only problem I have is watching live entertainment channels, in particular the Gold channel. It jumps and then freezes and makes a buzzing noise during the few seconds. There are also static lines across the screen during the freezing. This does not happen on any other live streaming channel, just Gold. We thought maybe it was the tv but seeing as it’s just this one channel, we have isolated the problem to the internet which is also Now TV or the Roku stick. Any ideas how to fix?

Donna Hughes
6 years ago

Just started watching Recently added movie on now Tv and 15 minutes into it the playback changes completely to that of a very poor quality copy….the same thing happened last week with a different film ?

6 years ago

My Facebook app has gone and its not showing up anymore. My Photos on my Facebook were being used as a screensaver on my NOW TV. What??????

Stephanie Rushton
7 years ago

Now tv is rubbish tonight the 10th October

7 years ago

Should I change to full BT TV? Now TV is very good indeed when its working, lately it has not been working when trying to choose a movie.

7 years ago

It is immensely irritating to take out a day pass in order to watch a sporting event on Sky Sports on my PC (Win 10). Doesn’t work in Edge or Chrome, needs silverlight installed, eventually works on Firefox but you can’t just: go to an event on Sky Sports, click get a day pass, and watch just like that. At least, I can’t. Each time I try it, I have to go through several screens to get then activate a pass and then to get the blasted thing to load and stream can take several frustrated click cycles. for these reasons I now rarely try it at all, and will wait until it works properly, conveniently, and universally – it that ever happens. New users, be warned.

8 years ago

Having trouble accessing on ps4! Just a moment ago I was watching Rocky 4 lol it finished! Now it’s not working! It’s getting to this point that nothing in this world is ever going to be reliable!

8 years ago
Reply to  Jessica

Error code is something to do with sign up, but if you are already signed up, which I guess you are Jessica I have no clue as to why you are getting this code number.

8 years ago

I have been trying to watch stuff via my Sky Now TV box and nothing will play. I am getting error code 1014, what does this mean?

8 years ago

Won’t let me go into any shows,lists them but jumps straight back to homescreen when try to play anything. Streaming or box sets!! No problem with wifi and was working fine last night.

Richard Pye
8 years ago

My nowtv box is saying sorry the region you’re trying to watch in is not supported. Now tv is only available within the uk. Error 1301. Content geo blocked. I am in England . I live in Essex 5 minutes from London!!!!!!!!!!

8 years ago

Have had five days of it crashing. Cannot get anything on SS this afternoon. Essex v Yorkshire won’t stream. It is a hopeless service . I wish I hadn’t signed up for a year. I am going to be paying £300 for a very poor product.

8 years ago

Was watching footie and it just went back to channel select screen now can’t log on at all

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