Skype Problems

With well over 250 million people using Skype on iOS, Android and Microsoft devices to keep in contact with members of their family, friends as well as also making conference calls with business associates. With so many users using this service on a daily basis around the globe, you can imagine the upset when there’s problems, as of in the past reports have been coming in of logging issues, error codes popping up and screens freezing when in the middle of calls. If you’re currently witnessing any trouble, then you are in the right place to share with other users.

Skype Status insight for Tuesday 4th of August 2020

If Skype is down today, then reports will be found below.

Skype Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Richi

    Skype is down in Italy from yesterday evening

  • Oliva

    Down in the UK at the moment, not too sure if it’s myself or the same for others. Just can’t seem to get it to work 🙁

  • Dan

    If you had issues today with Skype, it weren’t just you as there’s been problems around the world, including UK.

  • Suzette Ford

    Is Skype messaging down today cannot send messages May 1st 2018

  • Annelies MArtens

    down in netherland too i can not hear my friend from canada he hear me but im not him.This sucks the new version of skype sucks better keep the old version. When will i be able to speak with my friend again?

  • Anna

    can’t connect for calls/video calls from my laptop (windows 7) .it is happening tooooooo often now. I pay a monthly fee to call Italy landlines, and I am not able to use it,.

  • Patricia Forsyth

    tried everything , uninstalling, reinstalling just not working on android. maybe we should tell the papers or the TV companies

  • Baali Venomax

    Down in the UK again! It was fine a few days ago but now its telling me the same crap as it did last time “Cannot connect please check your internet connection” which by the way is fine. And its told me I’m already using the most recent version so there’s no update this time to fix it 🙁

  • Karolina Pilarska

    I rely on Skype in my everyday work and cannot log in!

  • Brett Brohman

    Skype problems today

  • bigmanwar veteran

    Down in UK ;(

  • “Something went wrong right now and we can’t sign you in. Please try later ” ?

  • Doug Malgarin

    Skype not working again

  • ERPO

    Today, 10/13, i cannot connect to Skype, (message says connexion in progress) but nothing happen, Macbook Air Sierra with skype 7.59(37). Works fine with Iphone ….
    Any idea what is wrong ? i need to work….
    Thanks, Eric

  • Graham Martin Cox

    I can’t even shut if off, It won’t let me do anything

  • Pauline Myers

    I have to shut down and restarted my computer several times when it reboots i am able to go to Skype chat but within minutes it won’t respond in any way. None.

  • Margaret Scott

    I have today updated Skype on me Android and got the message “unfortunately Skype is no longer working”. Please advise how to fix this.

  • Ian Walton

    Skype has been down all day today.

  • Zubair Hussain

    Could you please tell us that when this issue be resolved

  • Zubair Hussain

    Skype isn’t working and other person can’t hear my voice as well.

  • Skype won’t connect today

  • Marija

    How do I put timer on when sending photos via Skype? How do I log out? Where are the settings? Where is my account info? I cannot find any options I use after today’s update? Can share gallery photos via Skype – it doesn’t come up as an option…

  • dan

    Skype keeps freezing up on me I rebooted my computer and it still happened is anyone having this problem today?

  • Kilian Sibera

    I am also using internet explorer 11….. I am stating all this because whoever is the admin of skype forums keeps asking the same questions and repeating the same solutions….. I am using explorer 11,i ‘ve already reset hosts file, i’ve checked my router and put exceptions for the two ports, checked firewall settings, windows 7 in already sp1, i have already reinstalled skype several times…. but still can’t connect properly to skype. Skype status keeps turning does not truly connect, friends can not see i am connected sometimes, and occasionally can have a video call but there is always a message saying ” you are not connected wait while we try to reconnect you ” even though I am already having a conversation with someone!!! Instant messaging does not seem to work properly either!!!So I repeat my question is skype not working properly since the beginning of march!!!!

  • Kilian Sibera

    Since the beginning of March ,and after latest update, I can log in skype windows app but the status circle keeps turning and I can not really connect to my account. Instant messaging does not work and calls can sometimes work but it keeps saying ” problem with connection wait while we try to reconnect you ” even though I am talking to someone!!! I’ve tried reinstalling skype , I have tried solutions posted on skype forums ( Check firewall, reset hosts file, Put execptions on router ….. nothing works. I am using Windows 7 and it is already sp1!!! Is Skype down Since microsoft changed it to Cloud technology???????

  • Kevin Hobbi

    I haven’t been able to sign in for 18 hours now!. Have followed all recommendations.

  • Emil Bakeev

    Down again…

  • Alan Wood

    The Skype phone works when calling via the landline option, but Not when using the actual Skype line option. Still down….

  • Keith Laidlaw

    Skype conversations are broken. Keep getting same message over and over. 9 times so far

  • Joy

    Can’t connect to skype today

  • summermon1

    Anyone still having the same dll issue? Would appreciate a fix please.

  • Peter Ritchie

    Since MS took over skype has gone steadily downhill nd this latest update is pants loads of folk having probbs because of a missing .dll Come on guys get it together and DON’T TRY TO FIX SOMAT THAT AINT BROKE!

  • a user

    anything later than version Often fails to connect so I dare not update.

  • Albert Dion

    It’s been solved, I guess.

  • VS

    Same here. – Laguna, PH

  • Albert Dion

    Hi, can’t make calls on Skype now.

  • Yssa

    This is from the Philippines. Cannot sign in on skype using the laptop since yesterday late afternoon (Dec. 29, 2016).

  • jake sanchez


  • Marcus Christiansen

    I have a problem with when I call somebody or someone call me, they can’t hear me, but i hear them. And also in this week I am ”invisible”-status on Skype and I can’t change…..

  • Francisco Scaramanga

    I have problem with update,also I do have the same problems as Walter

  • Francisco Scaramanga

    viber? but no c2c

  • Walter

    Nothing but problems with Skype the last few weeks, calls begin only to cut off as so to messaging, in a call i can hear them but they cannot hear me.

  • Jane

    Calls are disconnecting all of the time, is there a better alternative to Skype – and do not say whatsapp.

  • Theodore41

    Problem with iPad,no sound heard.

  • John Smith

    I can’t sign in into Skype. I was going to use the app as usual, but I noticed that I was signed out, and when I tried login in, it didnt allow me.

  • nicolas

    is Skype down in panama now?

  • dd

    Skype brakes up for last 6 days 9/30/15, no one can hear me. why is that. from Hawaii USA

  • tina harrild

    Is skype still down in afghanistan

  • beshay

    service is not down in skype web with your Microsoft account not skype name

  • Roy

    My family in Oz use google hangouts which is also free

  • sooon a new messenger to boycott skype 🙂

  • David Selig

    Has been down ALL DAY in France, since… 7 am

  • waqas

    Friends also down in Pakistan.

  • Basir

    Down in Afghanistan

  • Rosh

    yeah, Skype down in Philippines. got frustrated. I cannot login..good for you coz you can receive msgs

  • Tina

    Skype down in uk from last couple of hours. … frustrated. ….. is it going to be ok early or it will takes time? In this process I deleted Skype on my laptop. …. I don’t know what to do now ? Please help me if anyone has any answer. …

  • Sarah Rice

    down in WI and UK need it to keep in touch with my family Please tell me that this problem will be fixed soon?

  • Hadeer

    now I’m Online but its not stable .. it goes offline again


    down in India.. it kills small business..

  • koreen

    Down in the Philippines, can’t call but can receive messages.

  • Dan

    Down in UK

  • Arnas

    Down on lithuania.

  • Colin Hiom

    Down here in the UK. For an hour or so I would guess. Incoming calls not being diverted to voicemail either – which is even worse.

  • Farhan Gul

    use web version 😉

  • Farhan Gul

    However, You can use skype for web 🙂

  • Farhan Gul

    Down here too Pakistan it is…

  • Michael Gallano Lazarte

    In Manila Philippines, Its been 2 hours already and still down.

  • MrFluffy

    yeah.. Its down. Every contact I have is on offline mode, but I can still IM to other people on skype. It’s just like they are in the ‘appear offline’ mode

  • Joey

    im tryna skype, should give us warnings bru

  • Lakis Lalakis

    Down in Greece. Windows 10 client cannot sign in.

  • Goku Son

    Canada mine too all my laptops and iphone wont sign in

  • Chris Gauthier

    Down in Canada just now. TXT works yet nothing else. No calling out. Logged out and can’t get back in anymore. Both my laptop and iPhone are down. Huh…

  • Lindsay

    Is it still down? Will this take long? Hope it’ll be fixed asap. Thanks

  • Snickers

    It’s time to move back to ICQ!!!

  • Antonia

    Skype is down for me from 15 minutes, I have been trying to call my mum for a very important issue matter and it wouldn’t want to call at all… It’s down on my phone too! Please fix it quickly!

  • Ms. Kuting

    Re-logging in Skype was a huge mistake. Now it wont let me in. -_-

  • Snickers

    It will be funny is skype never starts again!

    Just imagine)))) LOL )))

  • Master

    Oops, something went wrong…

    We’re having technical problems. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Please try again after a few minutes.

    Thank you.

    If your issue is persistent then please kindly contact our Customer Support

  • Master

    Skype down please fix it asap!

  • Joey

    Yeah skype is down right now, me and some friends were having issues with it and now its not loading in

  • Rick Smit

    when you were talking with a very important man about bussines but skype is down xD pls fix it !

  • Kowcykowski

    i hope that it will be fast repaired…

  • Josh

    when will it be back up?

  • Chris1950

    Yes – Skype currently not showing as connected, although possible to send IM’s to contacts (but cannot make Skype calls)

  • Kiky

    Hi guys, there is some skype problems today. Are we going to go back online today?

  • ryan346

    skype status is not working correctly. but you can still send/received messages. once you have logoff you cannot login again.

  • Rudocii

    I updated my phone to Windows 10 and since doing so i am having issues connecting to video chat with my parents. Is there a glitch between W10 and Skype?

  • Scott58

    Using IPad, messages are not being received, but OK on laptop, also after reloading the app for IPad, some of my contact names have changed and photos not being shown. This started about the 31st July and is still ongoing. Also IPad sometimes does not ring on incoming calls but laptop does. When is a proper working app going to be available that mirrors the version for windows? frustrated!!!

  • Cindy Tong

    After updating the Skype for iPhone 6 : problem is a new message would show on the notification bar. Now we’re talking about that little pop up banner you get at the top of the screen. It shows me part of the message a contact sends to me. Now the problem starts when I open Skype and go to the conversation window. The problem is, is that the message doesn’t even appear in the chat window. I pull down notification center and the message my contact sent is literally right there, but when I swipe up the notification center, back to the conversation window, the message is nowhere to be found. I cannot send or revived message anymore . and it does not sync with other phone or desktop Skype anymore .

  • Henry

    Tried calling my mum and dad last night, which I do every Tuesday. But for some reason the video chat would not connect with them so used FaceTime on iPad. Actually works really well and may consider changing to that. Took me a while over the phone to teach my mum and dad how to use FaceTime though lol.

  • Zima Zimny

    Is there any problem today with Skype services?

  • Joyce

    Skype went down for a few hours yesterday, things are still running slow but at least I am online.

  • John

    Trying to get my Samsung smart tv to connect with the Skype app, it was already installed by default, but isn’t working for some reason. Maybe I should try deleting it somehow and reinstalling to fix the problems.

  • Pops

    My friend sent me a Skype text message yet i cant reply to it.

  • Sugar

    I am trying to download Skype onto my Mac Air but it seems to be taking for ever, let me rephrase that “IT IS taking for ever”.

  • Kendra

    Since I updated Skype i have had nothing but issues keeping conection during video chats.

  • Olivia

    Messages are not being sent via Skype, all I want to do is send a little message to someone on my contacts list. it only seems to happen to certain contacts not all of them.

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