Skype Down Today?

With well over 250 million people using Skype on iOS, Android and Microsoft devices to keep in contact with members of their family, friends as well as also making conference calls with business associates. With so many users using this service on a daily basis around the globe, you can imagine the upset when there’s problems, as of in the past reports have been coming in of logging issues, error codes popping up and screens freezing when in the middle of calls. If you’re currently witnessing any trouble, then you are in the right place to share with other users.

Skype Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If Skype is down today, then reports will be found below.

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David CJ Mailer
1 year ago

i have been using Skype for years and suddenly they take it down and advise its in you security interest…

Microsoft have messed up again.?……..i have sent the countless messages…what do i do next ?…Has any body got an idea
regards David C J Mailer uk and France

Robert Novak
1 year ago

Skype video disconnects after call starts
When placing a Skype to Skype call the video stops after 1-2 seconds. This can sometimes be fixed by turning off the remote user’s camera and then turning it back on, or by switching to the rear camera then back to the front camera. This has been a consistent problem for 6-8 weeks. Not all calls, but a vast majority if the other end had a slow connection. Previously it would take 2+ minutes to get video from a slow uplink from cell phone video. Now I see video for 2 seconds at the beginning of the call and then nothing.

Clarence Boleware
2 years ago

Is skype working in Philippine.

4 years ago

Skype is down in Italy from yesterday evening

4 years ago

Down in the UK at the moment, not too sure if it’s myself or the same for others. Just can’t seem to get it to work 🙁

4 years ago

If you had issues today with Skype, it weren’t just you as there’s been problems around the world, including UK.

Suzette Ford
6 years ago

Is Skype messaging down today cannot send messages May 1st 2018

Annelies MArtens
6 years ago

down in netherland too i can not hear my friend from canada he hear me but im not him.This sucks the new version of skype sucks better keep the old version. When will i be able to speak with my friend again?

6 years ago

can’t connect for calls/video calls from my laptop (windows 7) .it is happening tooooooo often now. I pay a monthly fee to call Italy landlines, and I am not able to use it,.

Patricia Forsyth
6 years ago

tried everything , uninstalling, reinstalling just not working on android. maybe we should tell the papers or the TV companies

Baali Venomax
6 years ago

Down in the UK again! It was fine a few days ago but now its telling me the same crap as it did last time “Cannot connect please check your internet connection” which by the way is fine. And its told me I’m already using the most recent version so there’s no update this time to fix it 🙁

Karolina Pilarska
6 years ago

I rely on Skype in my everyday work and cannot log in!

Brett Brohman
6 years ago

Skype problems today

bigmanwar veteran
6 years ago

Down in UK ;(

6 years ago

“Something went wrong right now and we can’t sign you in. Please try later ” ?

Doug Malgarin
6 years ago

Skype not working again

6 years ago

Today, 10/13, i cannot connect to Skype, (message says connexion in progress) but nothing happen, Macbook Air Sierra with skype 7.59(37). Works fine with Iphone ….
Any idea what is wrong ? i need to work….
Thanks, Eric

Graham Martin Cox
6 years ago

I can’t even shut if off, It won’t let me do anything

Pauline Myers
6 years ago

I have to shut down and restarted my computer several times when it reboots i am able to go to Skype chat but within minutes it won’t respond in any way. None.

Margaret Scott
6 years ago

I have today updated Skype on me Android and got the message “unfortunately Skype is no longer working”. Please advise how to fix this.

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