Summoners War Down Today?

Summoners War is a strategic RPG game where 38 million other players are already on board either using their Android or iOS devices. The game runs rather smoothly most of the time, but as we all know Summoners War maintenance and updates can either slow the game down or totally take it offline due to servers going down.

It was on July 4, 2012 this game was released to iOS users and it took a further two years to release it onto Android on May 15, 2014, which wasn’t good for Android users.

Developed by Plaid Hat and Playdek, Inc the fantasy RPG is all about jumping into the Sky Arena where you battle it out to get the Mana Crystals, which are a vital resource.

There are over 800 different types of monsters to battle, 15 different Rune sets, best strategy to win battles, fight in PvP battles and so much more. Main problems occur when servers go down, getting kicked from games and apps crashing or not opening.

Have you got any Summoners War problems you wish to share?

Summoners War Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

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dian rio
2 years ago

i cant log out…

2 years ago

Shame on com2us on not fixing there bugs of there game like the loading screen bug I experienced it someone posed it on youtube too and many have complaint of this bug as well all over the internet even on random games that are not part of the topic. Com2us needs to learn to listen and fix there bugs especially the loading endless screen bug. If google takes down that persons videos of alot of loading screen bugs of summoners war then we know our videos are being censored by google.

4 years ago

My game was acting up so I thought best to reinstall it. Now it says successful installed but the page usually asking age n agreement to sharing info is blank. I can’t click on nothing to progress /move forward to game 🙁 pls help

Daniel Cuper
5 years ago
Reply to  PSYCH0TYK

Nope. They refunded me scrolls. Never the monster. And android….. and I don’t use internet…..

5 years ago

Is this error happening to everyone or a select few? Because of this, a lot of people miss out on events, guild wars etc and that isn’t fair. Compensation is deserved without a doubt!

5 years ago
Reply to  Daniel Cuper

Daniel cuper sounds like you just have a sheit device or internet. This has never happened to me and ive been playing since it came out on android in 2014. That or you are trying to get free stuff. Which com2us doesbt loom at these sotes make a complaint on the hive. But even when a summon fails you get the monster so stop lying and play xD

Daniel Cuper
5 years ago

They need to fix this game….. the b.s won’t load half the time and when I get a great 5* monster it will freeze some times and I won’t get my monster. They need to give us a. Legendary scroll light and dark scroll and a 1000 diamonds because this is b.s

Daniel Cuper
5 years ago
Reply to  Jessica

Yes. They need to fix there God damn game.

Daniel Cuper
5 years ago
Reply to  Cam

F that. Legendary scroll light and dark scroll and a 1000 diamonds

5 years ago

2nd time this month within a week, I feel we
should be compensated with a premium pack

5 years ago

im getting the message unable to connect to the network (please go to the device settings, set the time automatically and try again)…… anybody else getting this same message?

nathaniel mercer
5 years ago

August 9,2018 servee has been offline for me for over 18 hours what us going on its a everyday thing now this game used to be great

Kanishk Varshney
5 years ago

Failed to connect again … 9 august

5 years ago

summoners war network down again, now able to login today august 1.

5 years ago

Servers are down for many at the moment, anyone know when this is going to get fixed.

5 years ago

I cannot log in to my Summoners War, for some reason it is not connecting to the server.

taufik abdillah
6 years ago

Failed to connect with the network. Please try again later (-10)
Pls fix it, i have devilmon in my backpack
Pls i wan’t claim it

6 years ago

Been trying to connect for the past 4 days, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game about 10 times, cleared the cache etc and still says cannot connect to the internet when I have a stable WiFi connection. Doesn’t even work with my data turned on either. Help?!

6 years ago

Failed to connect with the network. Please try again later (7)

6 years ago

Failed to connect with the network. Please try again later (7) -.-

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