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When there’s an outage with TalkTalk it can leave many customers feeling slightly annoyed with this specific service, especially if they’re witnessing issues with their broadband connection being down, mobile coverage, home phone or even TV. However, you’ve come to the right place, as by leaving a comment in the section below, we’ll be able to keep you updated with as much information as possible to help you resolve your current problem.

Some of the major issues, which have been reported in the past include of customers unable to login to their My Account, website is down due to a server outage or aren’t able to send or receive any emails on desktop, laptop or mobile.

TalkTalk Status insight for Monday 4th of July 2022

If TalkTalk is down today, then reports will be found below.

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TalkTalk Reports

This has got to be some kind of practical joke. @TalkTalk are down yet again. This is beyond ridiculous now. Sort. It. Out.

Credit where it's due. Broadband went down Wednesday. 1 call made to @VodafoneUK, engineer out on Thursday, all fixed. In comparison to @TalkTalk who took 11 days and 6 calls to get fixed at the other property. Surely will be switching.

@TalkTalk deffo changing provider soon as i can not paying £27 a month for this when i can get full fibre 500 down and 500 up for £25 a month and 3 months free

Nobody get fucking @TalkTalk full fibre it’s down more then it’s up and when it’s up it’s fucking useless. My 4G is better. #TalkTalk Disconnected while in middle of streaming and a fut champs game :) Happy Saturday

@TalkTalk Fkin pile of shit service, always down, DO NOT GO WITH THESE

@local9 @TalkTalk @Ubiquiti allready signed on to swap to @zzoommplc as soon as they finished instalation in my area. 450 up/down come to daddy

Hi @TalkTalk, my UFO broadband connection has gone down and I can no longer log in to my account to report or diagnose a problem. Can you help me please:

@TalkTalk internet has been down all night and is still down this morning! Help! Some of us have Stranger Things to watch!

Around 2 or 3 months ago my @TalkTalk broadband started to go down quite often. Before that it was brilliant, never failed me. Perhaps they are doing this because my contract is ending and they don't like me so the goal is to push me to change to a different supplier?

@TalkTalk I suggest you train your staff better on customer service skills! I want to make a complaint so I’m guessing that’s the reason one of your staff members put the phone down on me! Sort it out!