TalkTalk Problems

When there’s an outage with TalkTalk it can leave many customers feeling slightly annoyed with this specific service, especially if they’re witnessing issues with their broadband connection being down, mobile coverage, home phone or even TV. However, you’ve come to the right place, as by leaving a comment in the section below, we’ll be able to keep you updated with as much information as possible to help you resolve your current problem.

Some of the major issues, which have been reported in the past include of customers unable to login to their My Account, website is down due to a server outage or aren’t able to send or receive any emails on desktop, laptop or mobile.

TalkTalk Status insight for Tuesday 11th of August 2020

If TalkTalk is down today, then reports will be found below.

TalkTalk Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Jo Botting

    @TalkTalk contact me about below problems.

  • Jo Botting

    Can’t get into my webmail today – get a message telling me my email address is incorrect. I had to stop using outlook weeks ago as Microsoft won’t recognise my email address either. Time to finally ditch Talk Talk I think after years of such issues. Wifi won’t let me access certain sites due to ‘privacy errors’ as well – now it won’t let me get into the Talk Talk site! I’ve raised several issues with the community forum which have been passed up to technical but no response after several weeks. Total farce with Talk Talk! And web chat has been disabled so no one to help.

  • BobbyLinden

    Having trouble connecting any device to my internet, recently switched and has only happened since.

  • Nath

    My TalkTalk internet seems to be down again, Kent.

  • Ken Murray

    I cannot log in to my account and when i try and change my password there is no way of getting in. What a load of rubbish. There should be another way of changing passwords.

  • cynthia russell

    Why is it an UPGRADE always causes major logging on problems with webmail and my account. This timed out problem as happened so many times before and now its been 3 days without access to my emails on my lapt

  • cynthia russell

    AGAIN timed out over and over again on my laptop. I pay a lot of money for this service??????

  • mudlark2

    Cannot login as password is not recognised. Tried resetting password but it doesn’t work. What a truly useless service talk talk is.

  • Russell

    I am having the same proble. October 29 to November 1 2019. I can log in on my iPad and phone but timed out on my laptop whether I try to connect direct to webmail or via talktalk my account. Waiting for a call back but they keep insisting it’s my phone line, I don’t understand how it can be as it’s only my laptop. I can log onto any other web site without any problems at all. Any suggestions what it could be, talktalk font seem to have the answer.

  • Russell

    No, ongoing, can’t log onto webmail via laptop but can on iPad and phone. October 29th to November 1. Talktalk insist it’s my phone line, rubblish in my opinion.

  • Lynn

    Not able to access mail on PC. Fine on IPad and iPhone. This issue has been intermittent over many months. I use IMAP but the server is defaulting to SMTP. The password was not recognised by accessing my TALKTALK account first time even though it was the Google saved password. I tried again and then it recognised me. Very irritating. Told by TALKTALK that the problems were associated with the ongoing upgrade to their Mail server.

  • russell

    cannot log into webmail for two days, keep being told timed out. 29th and 30th October 2019

  • Ann

    I have been having this issue for a few weeks now trying to use webmail from a laptop. Did you get any resolution to the problem?

  • SardonicCynic

    I have been attempting to login into my Talk Talk email account (via Google Chrome) for the last seven days now, and all I get is a timed out message error message, stating that I should retry again.
    I have discussed this ongoing problem with at least six different operatives from Talk Talk and they have all been unable to rectify the fault.

  • Kim Muir

    I have been having problems logging into my account today and live chat says it is a known issue which engineers are working to resolve – anyone else having the same problem?

  • steve slater

    Live Chat ‘unavailable’ for the 3rd day now. Talk Talk needs to TALK & tell it’s customers the problem IE a data breach or 5G roll out nuisance?

  • steve slater

    Sick to death of this happening with TalkTalk. Even when I put my correct login details it won’t let me access my account.
    I suspect they’ve had another data breach?I’m sick of this.

  • Dave

    I have been trying to open TalkTalk website today without any success. I have a tiscali e-mail account and can’t access it.
    I have tried using ie; opera, firefox and chrome and can’t get through on
    Does any one have these problems as well?

  • pat h

    so fed up with talktalk – this slower than slow broadband has cost me money as I do paid work from home on my laptop – I really will change provider this time when my contract expires – up until now I have always been prepared to give them a second chance – Somerset

  • Trevor J Stammers

    I have had problems now for months.
    I have changed my router to the new wi fi hub, and still it is so painfully slow logging on to my email.
    The help I get from TalkTalk is all very well, but at the end of each help session I am told it is a problem with my eqipment.
    I now find I can access all other web pages with little or no problems, so it has to be TalkTalk at fault.
    I am no tech person, but they did have huge security problems some time ago.
    It may well be they have soooo much security now that we simply cannot log on as it time out all the time.

  • Dean

    Not long ago I purchased a new router because I was having serious issues with WiFi signal in the home reaching devices, but yet I am still having the same problems. I basically spent money for nothing after having faith in Talk Talk thinking it was the rubbish router, finds out its the company.

  • Danny

    TalkTalk Internet is down yet again and has been for over an hour so far. Fibre network yet keep dropping out, always when the weather changes it seems.

  • Ian Kerr

    Getting an error message saying that my password has changed and I can’t log on!

  • S P

    For the last week have only managed to log in to talktalk mail, once usually just times out. Using Win7 and Explorer 11 on an I5 laptop

  • aphrabet

    Webmail will not open in Thunderbird. Message says server has disconnected. Firefox working fine.

  • Malcolm Shucksmith

    Cannot access webmail site to even sign in. Just ‘times out’ every time no matter which route I take. If I go into Webmail via ‘My Account’ it shows an error message a couple of times or so before it eventually lets me in but when I get in it has not updated since 16.01.19.

  • David Paul Barbara Barbara

    Cannot access talk talk mail since early this morning. Keeps saying login/password error. How long until it’s fixed?


    Email down repeatedly after midnight

  • Neil SS

    Email not working
    Web mail not current

  • Helen Wallis

    I can’t access my email today – is there a problem? I can access it on my iphone but not on my desktop.

  • debbyreynolds

    I am sick and tired of Talk Talk’s unreliability as a provider. This evening, for the umpteenth time, I could not open my emails. I have complained to the company in the past but this is an impossible chore as I hate waiting in phone queues listening to boring music for long spells and when eventually reaching the right member of the Talk Talk call centre staff, invariably, I do not understand them because of their Asian accents (I know they work hard, get paid very little and generally do their best) but likewise, they do not always understand my Scottish accent which, incidentally, I tone down – I speak slowly and clearly – well, I am a teacher. I have had a reminder pasted on my email homepage reminding me that my Talk Talk email service is in the process of being updated and when completed I am led to believe that the service will be super-dooper. That notice has been there for weeks, perhaps months but nothing is convincing me that anything is actually happening in the way of improved service. Was this not the company that had breaches of security where customer identities were exposed about 5 years ago? Surely, in the wake of this, they should be making a bigger effort to provide a 100% reliable, top of the range, functioning service that we are all paying a lot of hard earned money for. Hang your heads in shame, Talk Talk.

  • Nigel Goodman

    I’m in Wellingborough and have had problems for the last few days: Log onto incoming mail server (IMAP): The operation timed out waiting for a response from the server. I’ve increased the waiting time from 30 seconds to 3 minutes but it’s made no difference. I also can’t connect to webmail: Secure Connection Failed

    The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
    Please contact the web site owners to inform them of this problem.

    And this on the same day as they tell me the cost of my “Service” is increasing by £4 a month because it’s so good!

  • Monica Kidney

    just had an upset with my daughter to-day, said she sent me a reply, nothing on my mac book mail just checked TalkTalk webmail it was there at 1-30 now after 6 pm and it has turned up,
    How many more has it not sent over? she had sent it, I hate checking my webmail it is so easy to look at mail on my apple mail, also what with the comp I had to enter?

  • DynoD

    anybody else having problems logging on to their email. all i am getting is a box asking if i want to join a competition and nothing else. getting fed up with talktalk and their never ending “improvements” which never seem to work.

  • David Armitage

    Cant access mail or my account AGAIN !! Looking for a carrier pidgeon which I`m sure would be more reliable than this outfit.

  • Peter Slade

    No connection, getting the message “Network Error (tcp_error) when I try to log on.

  • Patrick lacey

    Yes been trying all day not the first time this month

  • raymond

    yes for the last two days sign in all i get is log off !come on TALKTALK sort it out or a least tell us there is a problem !!!!!

  • 593jim

    Just tried for the fourth time today and magic! Logged in and got four emails on webmail and to my email in box.

  • 593jim

    Been reporting problems with accessing any talktalk services for weeks. Thursday ended a second discussion with a complains manager and gave up. I can access email using Blue mail on my phone but have only an intermittent connection on both Chrome and Dolphin on my Samsung tablet. Talktalk say there have been no outages and that the problem must be with my search engine even though I can access any other site and have a fast fibre download and upload rate. I have regularly cleared cookies and reset my router with not success. When it eventually connects then the emails are downloaded to my email service.

  • pat h

    anybody having trouble accessing their emails today ?

  • Maralyn

    Have you tried going onto TalkTalk’s FaceBook page and share your complaint?

  • Maralyn

    Yes – my phone is downloading them but I can not get onto webmail and they are not coming through on MS Outlook.

  • Debbie

    Morning. Is anyone else having problems logging on to their emails again .

  • m j Hedgley

    I’m in Coventry and I’ve had no access to emails all day. Very frustrating when you have work to do.

  • Roy Western

    Still Down, Wrexham Area, Do you think they will pay for lost business.Not in my Lifetime.

  • Alan Howells

    once again talk talk emails down all day in Durham -this is getting far to regular since they were
    since this morning till now 7.15 pm cannot get emails -rely on this for orders from customers
    disgraceful service

  • Gerard

    Terrible here in Pembrokeshire as well – I hope something will happen soon!!

  • Jill Dobson

    No email all day Somerset

  • Gerard

    No e-mail since 7:30am here in Pembrokeshire –

  • Jim Will

    No email today since 0717 in Aberdeenshire – not good enough when you cannot go about your business without it.

  • neil farmer

    email been down all day…Leeds

  • Nigel

    HI Bruce. Thanks for your reply. At least I eventually managed to speak to someone at TalkTalk who understood the situation (well I think she did) and she admitted that there were issued with the Tiscali email servers.

  • caroline

    down in cornwall no emails getting fed up with this its all the time waiting for important things

  • Nigel

    Hi Linda. You may have not seen my recent post. Here it is…….I have just contacted TalkTalk. Very difficult to speak with. When I
    signed up to TalkTalk they were then Tiscali who then transferred to TalkTalk and they transferred my account to Fleur Telecom because I live
    in a rural area. The person I spoke to confirmed that they have email outages but that these should be sorted out “in the next 2 to 3 hours”.
    If not I should phone again. Are they having a laugh? Don’t hold your breath- I will keep you posted……..

  • Bruce

    Finally, someone who has been passed around like me: Tiscali then Talk Talk now Fleur Telecom. No email either, I’m not holding my breath.

  • linda smith

    have not been able to login into my webmail for the last couple of hours , i live in east ayrshire , scotland , really annoying

  • Nigel

    I have just contacted TalkTalk. Very difficult to speak with. When I signed up to TalkTalk they were then Tiscali who then transferred to TalkTalk and they transferred my account to Fleur Telecom because I live in a rural area. The person I spoke to confirmed that they have email outages but that these should be sorted out “in the next 2 to 3 hours”. If not I should phone again. Are they having a laugh? Don’t hold your breath- I will keep you posted……..

  • B.Adams

    Can’t access my emails any one else in the Caerphilly area having same problem with TalkTalk?

  • Dee

    Talk talk webmail down all day so far. SERVER error messages. Am in Ireland but can see problem widespread

  • Meggitt

    I have been able to connect to my talktalk email account but not the lineone account which keeps coming up with “Could not connect to the specified mail server. Please check your account settings”. As it was working fine last night and I’ve not changed any settings what is going on?

  • angus macheath

    Tiscali E-mail problems (again) in SE London still ongoing @
    11.45am. Seems to be sending fine but can’t
    receive. Phone line & internet are
    fine. In Outlook the error message is ““Task
    “NAME” – Receiving’ reported error (0x80042108) : ‘Outlook cannot
    connect to your incoming (POP3) e-mail server. If you continue to receive this
    message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).”

    The problem isn’t with outlook as when we tried to log on to
    out account online the following message comes up. “Could not connect to the specified mail
    server. Please check your account settings.”

    Not sure when the problem started but sometime after 7.30am

  • Nick Banner

    No email or webmail at all today. Have already missed a couple of important communications

  • Pete Summers

    Problems with email since just after 7am this morning … need emails for travel confirmation …

  • Nigel

    I’ve got the same problem. However get different error message when I send/receive in Outlook 2016. Maybe they’re working on it ?????? 🙁

  • Nikki

    Grrrr tiscali email down again!!

  • Martin

    Tiscali email down again today,what a load of crap they are !!

  • Karen

    Tiscali email system Down today 18th May – server errors ! Thought they would have picked this up earlier. Not very impressed with IT monitoring or resolution.

  • ratimus2000 .

    What’s this Memova bollox? Wher’s my emails?

  • GreyDog

    Me too, noticed when I tried to log in Saturday. I rang them and they said International Rescue were working 24 hours a day on it right then.

  • Norman

    What has happened to e mail, I’m getting a strange page,and it is not recognising me

  • Debbie N Malc Boden

    Can’t log into e-mails been down since 4am this morning

  • Graham Futcher

    Cannot log into my Emails today, nothing off Talk Talk as usual, pathetic customer care again as usual, time to move on.

  • Jim Lloyd

    Can someone tel me the problem today with Talktalk. It doesn’t seem like Talktalk can contact their customers and let them know anything!!!

  • Lynn Winifred Blake

    I seem to be singing the same old song again talktalk is down for me error says server not found its about time you found that ruddy server talktalk and put it to work cos thats what im paying for isnt it and getting fed up with it now .

  • Julie

    Cannot access talk talk mail since earlyt morning. Keeps saying login/password error. How long until it’s fixed?

  • Tess

    I have been unable to get into my emails for about 3 days. Password not recognised Called yesterday …Tiscali aka talk talk has been useless…no sense of customer care. Anyone know what’s going on?

  • Nigel Curtis

    I am unable to send email fron my account, tried on multiple devices and through webmail & email client. Is anyone having issues today same as mine or is anyone aware of talktalk issues.

  • John Pearson

    Unable to load up on webmail so unable to send or receive emails

  • Catherine McGee

    Unable to view or read e-mails tried updating java nothing was working ok about 1 hour ago G53 are what is going on

  • SP

    Getting a message all day saying username/password incorrect ?? How do I resolve this?? Technical team are not sure of what they are doing.

  • Leonard Marchant

    I found yesterday, that my IP is blocked by AOL that says The reason for the problem: 554 5.7.1 : (RTR:BL)
    I have tried again today, with same result, yet I can send from my Yahoo a/c with no problem. Sending to other people (Non AOL) is ok.

  • Ann

    User name or password invalid message I cannot access my email this is happening regularly. This is happening on a regular basis and has been full of problems since you changed email system I am not fed up of it now totally!!!

  • Ted schofield

    User name or password invalid message I cannot access my email this is happening regularly. Phoned talktalk twice no help at all.

  • ja

    I have the webmail problem, Not being able to long on, then you can, But all my folders are empty, with the word NULL at the top, and no connection to server. Spent over half an hour on online chat, trying to change settings and mail names, Now can not get logged in at all. I’m in tears, thinking I have lost every email. Engineer is going to contact me back, I really hope so.

  • Josie Hobson

    my email won’t load again – spent 50 minutes talking to an ‘engineer’ to be told to clear my cache have a nice day – i havn’t time to mess with this anymore just now but it had better sort i’m waiting for important documents if i can find them for all the crap that comes and yes i mark it as spam and yes it still keeps coming

  • bernard

    I’m sick of TT – is the easiest remedy just to stop the direct debit and start afresh with another provider? I know if I call TT they will get me to speak with a techie – but I know hours, days or weeks down the line the same problems will occur.

  • Carol

    Oh dear oh dear, why did I just say I hadn’t had the invalid password etc. for a couple of days? Just tried to sign in yet again for about the 6th time after all the freezing problems, and lo and behold, what did I see? Yes, you’ve guessed it, invalid password etc. Time to consider moving to another provider methinks.

  • Carol

    what is wrong with TT??? I’m still having problems signing in, start entering email address and then it just freezes up. It seems to coincide with the wretched video type ads and it’s taken several attempts and up to half an hour at times. Haven’t had the invalid username the last couple of days but today got a message to say couldn’t connect to server and check my settings. Have now tried about 4 or 5 times – Happy Christmas Talktalk and make your New Year’s Resolution to improve your service to your customers – it’s dire at the moment

  • Andrew

    Can’t sign into emails it keeps saying username/password is invalid even changed password and it still says invalid arrrrr

  • Carol

    I’ve had same problem the last 2 days, says invalid user name/password. Also signing in page has been freezing for weeks, especially when the ads on the page are video type moving pics. I keep getting message saying Talktalk is not responding and trying to recover web page etc. About time TT got a grip – they could at least put a note on page so that we know what’s going on.

  • sabine

    Hello all, lost the ability to log into email today. Getmessages that either password or lusername is wrong. Spent some time talking to people, changed log ons (passwork), manged to get into mail, but it would not load messages, but there was a ‘note’ about not being able to link to server and to check settings.

    What is going on?

  • ROY

    cant access my email saying password and user not correct but they are correct this is over the last few days

  • Richard Maycock

    Can’t access my emails , keeps saying wrong password or user name when they are both correct.

  • wunnus

    The email problem is spreading. No connection to mail server problem. TalkTalk need to get a grip with new technology. My various free email accounts have not shown anything like the same amount of problems. I would also go with a call for a refund.

  • Val Keohane

    Can’t access webmail last two days. Says connection was lost (everything else works fine!) or it’s an unsafe connection!

  • Gary

    I am sick and tired of not being able to log in to talktalk webmail ..I log in and the circle just goes round and round for hours and for many days now I have not been able to access my acxcount. this over the years and months has been a REGULAR OCCURRENCE and I really dont know why I pay for a service which half the time is NOT AVAILABLE.. shouldnt we get refunds ????

  • Graham B

    Spent 40 minutes ‘Chatting’ this evening because I cant log into my Tiscali account info – zilch happening. I was told that Tiscali accounts are no longer supported blah even though I can access my Tiscal webmail no problem! Bizarre – someone go figure!

  • pineapplechunks10

    Yesterday the 18/10/2017 and again today no access to my talktalk mail account.Website not available is the message I receive, and to check my connections.
    Nothing wrong with my connections at all. I can access any other website I try. Its just dear old TalkTalk Mail yet again. BT much better.

  • Rufus Hunt

    Cannot seem to get into my email, I click on my Thunderbird shortcut but it opens with a pop up box for my password. Put that in but it fails & asks me for password again. After a couple of attempts it puts a box up saying the connection has failed. Spent the best part of an hour with back and forward chat with TalkTalk tech support but they failed to resolve it. Lots of sales patter on how sorry they are but they failed to cure the problem. Promised to send an email to webmail account on how to resolve it but this failed to come through.
    Pretty hacked off to say the least.

  • Derek

    Still can’t log into email unless i go to my account and that not working every time.

  • Derek Miles

    Can’t log into mail. say’s wrong email address or password.which is crap.
    As for speed can only get 8mps half of the 17mps advertised

  • Linda Evans

    I cant get into my account I log in and it goes to blank white page

  • Anna

    Can’t send or receive emails for the last 3 days, just keeps telling me wrong password or account etc when it’s not. This has happened before, very frustrating.

  • Hugh Gibbons

    For the past three hours can’t get or send emails – even at the Talktalk page.

  • Toni Sloan

    I am unable to open / log on to my email account and this started on Wednesday 13th September. I am unable to read any emails of course, I really need to retrieve them. Does anyone know what I can do.

  • Liz

    Having trouble logging into my emails. Just keep getting the message Address/Password incorrect, when they definitely aren’t! It was like that all day yesterday and still doing it this morning. My husband had no problem logging into his last night tho! Don’t know if its because my talktalk email address is quite old and his is quite new! Think it has happened before and is very annoying. Takes you through to re-set your password, and says we’ve emailed it to you . . . . but how are you supposed to get it if you can’t get in your emails! Think its time to change my email address.

  • Carol White

    I live in Newcastle and have had no email for 2 days – so happy they aren’t my broadband supplier now and never will be !!!

  • paula

    Talktalk WiFi intermittent since the weekend getting worse

  • Sue Lewis

    I too have been unable to access e mail. Very frustrating as unable to follow up with my business meetings. After 3 calls and 5 redirections have been told server is down and will be working after 4pm today ( Friday). The new CEO Tristia Harrison will not accept communication until you have a complaint number which is hard to get when they fob you off with excuses. It also of course masks the true number of complaints and dissatisfaction

  • Andy Chaffer

    Hi I have been unable to access my tiscali email since Monday morning. I have tried on my tablet and on a PC. On my tablet and on the PC I have only twice managed to even get the log in page up. What is going on?
    Andy Handsworth Birmingham

  • Alison

    I’m in Aberdeen and emails have not opened in 3 days.

  • Alison

    Unable to check emails 3 days

  • Alison Foster

    Still unable to log into emails 2 days now

  • Christine Try

    talk talk login not working – not receiving or cant send any emails

  • Carolanne

    They are now saying on Twitter that they have resolved the issue. But i beg to differ because mine is still not working.

  • Clint

    Looks like the webmail service is down, they are apparently working on restoring services now.

  • Major

    TalkTalk login is not working, been trying for the last hour and nothing.

  • Craig

    I am having serious TalkTalk webmail login problems right now, surely I am not the only one!

  • Garry

    Funny that because on the official TalkTalk Twitter page they say they are aware of the internet issues with browsing.

  • Clive

    TalkTalk is getting worse, just getting sick and tired of my internet and calls dropping all of the time. Net speeds just keep dropping to be slower and slower each day. I called them and they say there is not a problem.

  • Patsy

    I am having issues with my internet right now, what the hell is going on today?

  • Steven

    My mobile internet is not working again, i live in Belfast.

  • Xana

    Has TalkTalk been hacked again, seems to be an ongoing issue lately getting any good service from them.

  • Arran

    Internet is down in Nottinghamshire, I had trouble with my landline yesterday and now this.

  • Mark

    I am in Newport and do not have any TalkTalk internet. Trying to get this sorted because it really is not making my day go well.

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@TalkTalk My WiFi keeps going down . This has been going on since yesterday. Can you please help ?

@TalkTalk what’s going on with the internet today? Keeps going down and won’t reconnect.

@TalkTalk absolutely no response on email, DM online chat or the phone, internet down. Please put me through to.someone who can actually help me

@TalkTalk my wifi has been down for hours and i really cant do my job without it please help ???

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