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When there’s an outage with TalkTalk it can leave many customers feeling slightly annoyed with this specific service, especially if they’re witnessing issues with their broadband connection being down, mobile coverage, home phone or even TV. However, you’ve come to the right place, as by leaving a comment in the section below, we’ll be able to keep you updated with as much information as possible to help you resolve your current problem.

Some of the major issues, which have been reported in the past include of customers unable to login to their My Account, website is down due to a server outage or aren’t able to send or receive any emails on desktop, laptop or mobile.

TalkTalk Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If TalkTalk is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Jane Burke
9 months ago

I can’t even get on my own account.Very poor service

alan barton
1 year ago

Intermittent internet access connection is random and more off than on

suzie q
1 year ago

This company is a disgrace, customer service is unreal, used to be okay, but since my contract ended and then was supposed to renew, to orders “go live”, never happened, phoned up continually every month and still ongoing to sort it out, as been charged 50.00 so much more than usual contract, seemed to want to go inline with other companies like gas, electric and fuel, then brought prices down for contracts, not for loyal customers but just new customers, total disgrace, will defo not be renewing my contract, they probably want to blame covid or ukraine,

1 year ago

What a disgrace! I am changing provider and I won’t rest until all the people I know get rid of this useless service

1 year ago

Disgusting! The worst company ever !

2 years ago

Talk talk you need to sort this out before either myself or someone else sues you for false enclaimants. You can’t be accepting our money for subscriptions if you do not give us the access to the internet. The majority of customers have jobs and emails to respond to. Sort it out very quickly.

Julie Wills
2 years ago

My internet has not been working since this morning. I tried it when I got up, but I cannot connect to the internet. TalkTalk ‘s broadband connection is horrendous; I have constant problems, such as echoing, a screeching noise on the line and the audio breaks up. I want to leave.

Brian McGuire
2 years ago

No internet for 4 weeks now. Swindon.

Using phone data. Twice had to buy more data. Network Service Status says “unable to load necessary information please try again”.

If checking reported fault “We are working on this. Check back in a few days”.

Stephen Carey
2 years ago

I am having all sorts of problems trying to log into TT Web Mail, can anybody help??

Amy Bruce
2 years ago

My internet keeps dropping for prolonged periods. This has been happening for a number of days now. Are there any issues?

Bob Donkey
2 years ago

why cant i access my account

Carol Hunter
2 years ago

I’ve tried for weeks to access Talktalk My Account but can’t due to ‘technical issues’. What is going on? They should have had this sorted weeks ago.

t walker
2 years ago

completely useless internet connection,keeps dropping what a waste of money this is…for the last 2-3weeks consistent internet dropping

Susan Mendus-Edwards
2 years ago

I had a similar problem with log in. Forced to phone which involved hanging on and powers of persuasion. Far easier to pay direct bank account to bank account,far less hastle

2 years ago

No email

paul boustead
2 years ago

No net Hastings Sussex

Susan Hares
2 years ago

Can’t acres my emails

Susan Hares
2 years ago

Hi can’t access my emails

Sharon Holmes
2 years ago

Talk talk account down Newcastle upon Tyne

2 years ago

Talk talk down in Chester

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